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Perable of the ten virgins S. Matthew. and of the talents.

48 But and if that evil ser. But the wise answered, vant shall say in his heart, saying, Not so ; lest there be My lord delayeth his coming; not enough for us and you ;

49 And shall begin to smite but go ye rather to them that his fellow-servants, and to eat sell, and buy for yourselves. and drink with the drunken; 10 And while they went to

50 The lord of that servant buy, the bridegroom came; shall come in a day when he and they that were ready went looketh not for him, and in an in with him to the marriage; hour that he is not aware of, and the door was shut.

51 And shall cut him asun 11 Afterward came also der, and appoint him his por- the other virgins, saying, tion with the hypocrites; there Lord, Lord, open to us. shall be weeping and gnashing 12 But he answered, and of teeth.

said, Verily I say unto you, I CHAP. XXV.

know you not. 1 The parable of the ten vir. 13 Watch, therefore, for ye

gins, 14 and of the talents. know neither the day nor the 31 Also the description of hour wherein the Son of man the last judgment.

cometh. THEN shall the kingdom 14 | For the kingdom of of heaven be likened unto ten heaven is as a man travelling virgins, which took their lamps into a far country, who called

and went forth to meet the his own servants, and deliv. , bridegroom.

ered unto them his goods. 2 And five of them were 15 And unto one he gave wise, and five were foolish. five talents, a to another two,

3 They that were foolish and to another one; to every took their lamps, and took no man according to his several oil with them :

ability; and straightway took 4 But the wise took oil in his journey. their vessels with their lamps. 16 Then he that had re.

5 While the bridegroom ceived the five talents went tarried they all slumbered and and traded with the same, and slept.

made them other five talents. 6 And at midnight there was 17 And likewise he that a cry made, Behold, the bride had received two, he also gaingroom cometh ; go ye out to ed other two, meet him.

18 But he that had received hay Then all those virgins one went and digged in the arose and trimmed their lamps. earth, and bid his lord's mo

8 And the foolish said unto ney. the wise, Give us of your oil; a Talent. A talent is thought to for our lamps are gone out. be worth 830 dollars.

of the faithful and Chap. XXV. unfuithful servants.

19 After a long time the knewest that I reap where I lord of those servants cometh, sowed not, and gather where I and reckoneth with them. have not strewed:

20 And so he that had re- 27 Thou oughtest, thereceived five talents came, and fore, to have put my money to brought other five talents, say. the exchangers, and then at my ing, Lord, thou deliveredst un coming I should have received to me five talents ; behold, I mine own with usury. b have gained besides them five 28 Take, therefore, the tatalents more.

lent from him, and give it un21 His lord said unto him, to him which hath ten talents. Well done, thou good and 29 For unto every one that faithful servant; thou hast hath shall be given, and he been faithful over a few things, shall have abundance; but I will make thee ruler over from him that hath not, shall inany things; enter thou into be taken away even that which the joy of thy lord.

he hath. 22 He also that had receiv- 30 And cast ye the unproed two talents came, and said, fitable servant into outer darkLord, thou deliveredst unto ness; there shall be weeping me two talents; behold, I have and gnashing of teeth. ' gained two other talents be- 31 7 When the Son of man sides them. .

shall come in his glory, and all 23 His lord said unto him, the holy angels with him, then Well done, good and faithful shall he sit upon the throne of servant; thou hast been faith- his glory: ful over a few things, I will 32 And before him shall be make thee ruler over many gathered all nations; and he things; enter thou into the shall separate them one from joy of thy lord.

another, as a shepherd divid24 Then he which had re. eth his sheep from the goats : ceived the one talent came, and 33 And he shall set the said, Lord, I knew thee that sheep on his right hand, but thou art an hard man, reaping the goats on the left. where thou hast not sown, and 34 Then shall the King say gathering where thou hast not unto them on his right hand, strewed:

Come, ye blessed of my Father, 25 And I was afraid, and inherit the kingdom prepared went and hid thy talent in the for you from the foundation of earth; lo, there thou hast that the world : is thine.

35 For I was an hungered, 26 His lord answered and and ye gave me meat; I was said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou 6 Usury, interest.

Of the last judgment. S. Matthew. The rulers' conspiracy. thirsty, and ye gave me drink; 45 Then shall he answer I was a stranger, and ye took them, saying, Verily I say unme in :

to you, In as much as ye did it 36 Naked, and ye clothed not to one of the least of these, me; I was sick, and ye visited ye did it not to me. me; I was in prison, and ye46 And these shall go away came unto me.

into everlasting punishment; 37 Then shall the righteous but the righteous into life eteranswer him, saying, Lord, nal. when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, CHAP. XXVL and gave thee drink?

1 The rulers conspire against 38 When saw we thee a Christ; 14 Judas selleth stranger, and took thee in ? or him. 17 Christ eateth their naked, and clothed thee?

passover. 39 Or, when saw we thee AND it came to pass, when sick, or in prison, and came Jesus had finished all these unto thee?

sayings he said unto his disci.40 And the King shall an- ples, swer and say unto them, Verily 2 Ye know that after two I say unto you, In as much as days is the feast of the passo. ye have done it unto one of ver, a and the Son of man is the least of these my brethren, betrayed to be crucified. ye have done it unto me. 3 Then assembled together

41 Then shall he say also the chief priests, & the scribes, unto them on the left hand, and the elders b of the people, Depart from me, ye cursed, unto the palace of the high into everlasting fire, prepared priest, who was called Caiafor the devil and his angels. phas,

42 For I was an hungered, 4 And consulted that they and ye gave me no meat; I might take Jesus by subtilty, was thirsty, and ye gave me and kill him. no drink:

5 But they said, Not on the 43 I was a stranger, and ye feast-day, lest there be an uptook me not in; naked, and ye roar among the people. elothed me not; sick and in prison, and ye visited me not. a The Passover was a feast of the

44 Then shall they also an- Jews, instituted in commemoration swer him, saying, Lord, when of the deliverance of the Israelites saw we thee an hungered, or from Egyptian bondage. See Exod. athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and

6 Elders, Senators. The seventy did not ministerc unto thee? who composed the Sanhedrim, or c Minister, to wait on, to serve, assist. chief council of the Jews.


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A woman anoints' Chap. xxvi. Christ's head. 69 Now when Jesus was 16 And from that time he in Bethany, in the house of sought opportunity to betray Simon the leper, .

him. y There came unto him a 17 Now, the first day of woman having an alabaster- the feast of unleavened bread, e box of very precious ointment, the disciples came to Jesus, and poured it on his head as saying unto him, Where wilt he sat at meat.

thou that we prepare for thee 8 But when his disciples to eat the passover ? saw it they had indignation, 18 And he said, Go into the saying, To what purpose is city to such a man, and say this waste ?

unto him, The Master saith, 9 For this ointment might My time is at hand; I will have been sold for much, and keep the passover at thy house given to the poor.

with my disciples. 10 When Jesus understood 19 And the disciples did as it he said unto them, Why Jesus had appointed them; and trouble ye the woman ? for she they made ready the passover. bath wrought a good work up- 20 Now, when the even f on me,

was come, he sat down with 11 For ye have the poor al- the twelve. ways with you; but me ye 21 And as they did eat he have not always. . said, Verily I say unto you,

12 For in that she hath That one of you shall betray poured this ointment on my me. body, she did it for my burial. 22 And they were exceed

13 Verily I say unto you, ing sorrowful, and began every Wheresoever this Gospel shall one of them to say unto him, be preached in the whole world, Lord, is it I ? there shall also this, that this 23 And he answered and woman hath done, be told for said, He that dippeth his hand a memorial of her

with me in the dish, the same 14 ( Then one of the twelve, shall betray me. called Judas Iscariot, went un- eThe feast of unleavened bread was to the chief priests,

an appendage to the Passover, or it 15 And said unto them, was a feast, which in connexion Wās What will ye give me, and I immediately to succeed it. It conwill deliver him unto you? tinued seven days, during which no And they covenanted c with leavened or fermented bread was to be him for thirty pieces of sil- eaten, to commemorate the Hebrews' ver. d

basty departure from Egypt, before

their dough could be leavened. See + Covenanted, agreed.

: Exod. xii. and xxiii. Lev. xxiii. 6d A piece of silver, about 50 cents; 14. Num. ix. 9-14. & xxviii, 17, 25. 80 that our Saviour was betrayed for f Even, evening about 15 dollars.

The Lord's Supper. S. Matthew. Christ prayethe

24 The Son of man goeth, 33 Peter answered, and said as it is written of him; but unto him, Though all men wo unto that man by whom shall be offended because of the Son of man is betrayed! thee, yet will I never be offendit had been good for that man ed. if he had not been born.

34 Jesus said unto him, Ve 25 Then Judas, which be- rily I say unto thee, That this trayed him, answered and said, night, before the cock crow, Master, is it I? He said unto thou shalt, deny me thrice. him, Thou hast said.

35 Peter said unto him, 26 And, as they were Though I should die with thee, eating, Jesus took bread, and yet will I not deny thee. Likeblessed it, and brake it, and wise also said all the disciples. gave it to the disciples, and 36 | Then cometh Jesus said, Take, eat; this is my with them unto a place called! body.

Gethsemane, and saith unto 27 And he took the cup, and the disciples, Sit ye here, while gave thanks, and gave it to I go and pray yonder. them, saying, Drink ye all of 37 And he took with him it:h

Peter and the two sons of Ze28 For this is my blood of bedee, and began to be sorrowthe new testament, which is ful, and very heavy. shed for many for the remission 38 Then saith he unto them, of sins.

My soul is exceeding sorrow29 Bat I say unto you, I ful, even unto death; tarry ye will not drink henceforth of this here, and watch with me. fruit of the vine, until that day 39 And he went a little farwhen I drink it new with you ther, and fell on his face, and in my Father's kingdom. prayed, saying, O my Father,

30 And when they had sung if it be possible, let this cup i an hymn they went out into pass from me; nevertheless, the mount of Olives.

not as I will, but as thou wilt. 31 Then saith Jesus unto 40 And he cometh unto the them, All ye shall be offended disciples, and findeth them abecause of me this night; for sleep, and saith unto Peter, it is written, I will smite the What! could ye not watch Shepherd, and the sheep of the with me one hour? flock shall be scattered abroad. 41 Watch and pray, that ye - 32 But after I am risen a- enter not into temptation; the gain I will go before you into Galilee.

i Let this cup pass from me. Take . & Thou bast said, which means, It is this cup of bitterness away from me;" b Drink ye all of it ; All ye, drink that is, my excruciating sufferings on

the cross, which now await me.

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