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Subport H-Environmentol Review Procedures for Solid WCISłe Demonstrotion Projects

§ 6.800 Purpose.

This subpart amplifies the procedures described in SubpartS A through D by providing more Specific environmental review procedures for demonstration projects undertaken by the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response.

[44 FR 64177, Nov. 6, 1979, as amended at 51 FR 32613, Sept. 12, 1986]

§ 6.801 Applicability.

The requirements Of this Subpart apply to Solid waste demonstration projectS for resource recovery Systems and improved Solid waste disposal facilities undertaken pursuant to Section 8006 of the ReSource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976.

§ 6.802 Criteria for preparing EISs.

The responsible Official shall assure that an EIS will be prepared when it is determined that any of the conditions in $6.108 exist.

[44 FR 64177, Nov. 6, 1979, as amended at 50 FR 26323, June 25, 1985]

§ 6.803 Environmental review process.

(a) Environmental information. (1) Environmental information documents Shall be Submitted to EPA by grant applicants or contractors. If there is a question Concerning the need for a docunment, the potential Contractor Or grantee should consult with the appropriate project officer for the grant, or COntract.

(2) The environmental information document, Shall Contain the Same Sections specified for EIS’s in subpart B. Guidance alerting potential grantees and COntractorS Of the environmental information documents shall be included in all grant application kits, attached to letters Concerning the Submission of unsolicited proposals, and included with all request.S for proposal.

(b) Environmental review. An environmental review will be COnducted before a grant or contract award is made. This review will include the preparation of an environmental assessment by the responsible official; the appropriate Regional Administrator’s input

Will include his recommendations on the need for an EIS. (c) Notice of intent and EIS. Based on the environmental review if the Criteria in $6.802 of this part apply, the reSponsible Official will assure that a notice of intent and a draft EIS are prepared. The responsible official may request the appropriate Regional Administrator to assist him in the preparation and distribution Of the environmental documentS. (d) Finding of no significant impact. If the environmental review indicated no Significant environmental impacts, the responsible Official will assure that a FNSI is prepared which lists any mitigation measures necessary to make the recommended alternative environmentally acceptable. (e) Timing of action. Pursuant to § 6.401(b), in no Case Shall a contract or grant be awarded until the prescribed 30-day review period for a final EIS has elapsed. Similarly, no action shall be taken until the 30-day Comment period for a FNSI is completed.

§ 6.804 Record of decision.

The responsible Official shall prepare a record of decision in any case where final EIS has been issued in accordance with 40 CFR 1505.2. It shall be prepared at the time Of COntract Or grant award. The record of decision Shall list any mitigation measures necessary to make the recommended alternative environmentally acceptable.

Subport l—Environmentol Review Procedures for EPA Focility Support Activities

§ 6.900 Purpose.

This Subpart amplifies the general requirements described in subparts A through D by providing environmental procedures for the preparation of EISS on Construction and renovation of Special purpose facilities.

§ 6.901 Definitions.

(a) The term special purpose facility means a building Or Space, including land incidental to its use, which is wholly or predominantly utilized for the Special purpose of an agency and not generally Suitable for other uses, as determined by the General Services Administration. (b) The term program of requirements means a Comprehensive document (booklet) describing program activities to be accomplished in the new special purpose facility or improvement. It inCludes architectural, mechanical, Structural, and Space requirements. (c) The term Scope of work means a document Similar in content to the program of requirements but substantially abbreviated. It is usually prepared for Small-scale projects.

§ 6.902 Applicability.

(a) Actions covered. These procedures apply to all new Special purpose facility Construction, activities related to this Construction (e.g., site acquisition and Clearing), and any improvements Or modifications to facilities having potential environmental effects external to the facility, including new conStruction and improvements undertaken and funded by the Facilities Engineering and Real Estate Branch, FaCilities and Support Services Division, Office of the ASSistant Administrator for Administration and Resource Management; Or by a regional Office .

(b) Actions excluded. This subpart does not apply to those activities of the Facilities Engineering and Real EState Branch, Facilities and Support Services Division, for which the branch does not have full fiscal responsibility for the entire project. This includes pilot plant Construction, land acquisition, Site clearing and access road construction where the Facilities Engineering and Real Estate Branch’s a Ctivity is Only Supporting a project financed by a program Office. RespOnSibility for Considering the environmental impacts Of Such projectS rests with the Office managing and funding the entire project. Other Subparts of this regulation apply depending On the nature of the project.

[44 FR 64177, Nov. 6, 1979, as amended at 51 FR 32613, Sept. 12, 1986]

§ 6.903 Criteria for preparing EISs.

(a) Preliminary information. The reSponsible Official Shall request, an environmental information document from a COnStruction COntractor Or Consulting architect/engineer employed by

EPA if he is involved in the planning, Construction Or modification of special purpose facilities when his activities have potential environmental effects external to the facility. Such modifications include but are not limited to facility additions, changes in central heating Systems or wastewater treatment Systems, and land Clearing for a CCess roads and parking lots. (b) EIS preparation criteria. The reSponsible official shall conduct an environmental review of all actions involving Construction of Special purpose faCilities and improvements to these faCilities. The responsible Official shall aSSure that an EIS will be prepared when it is determined that any of the Conditions in § 6.108 of this part exist.

[44 FR 64177, Nov. 6, 1979, as amended at 50 FR 26323, June 25, 1985]

§ 6.904 Environmental review process.

(a) Environmental review. (1) An environmental review Shall be conducted when the program of requirements or SCOpe of work has been Completed for the construction, improvements, or modification Of Special purpose facilities. For special purpose facility conStruction, the Chief, Facilities Engineering and Real EState Branch, Shall request the assistance of the appropriate program Office and Regional Administrator in the review. For modifications and improvement, the appropriate responsible Official Shall request aSSistance in making the review from Other Cognizant EPA Offices.

(2) Any environmental information documents requested Shall contain the Same Sections listed for EISS in Subpart B. Contractors and consultants shall be notified in Contractual documents when an environmental information document must be prepared.

(b) Notice of intent, EIS, and FNSI. The responsible Official Shall decide at the COmpletion Of the Environmental review whether there may be any significant environmental impacts. If there Could be Significant environmental inpact.S, a notice Of intent, and an EIS Shall be prepared a CCOrding to the proCedures under Subparts A, B, C and D. If there are not any significant environmental impacts, a FNSI Shall be prepared according to the procedures in subparts A and D. The FNSI shall list any mitigation measures necessary to make the recommended alternative enVironmentally acceptable. (c) Timing of action. Pursuant to $6.401(b), in no Case shall a contract be awarded Or COnStruction activities begun until the prescribed 30-day wait period for a final EIS has elapsed. Similarly, under § 6.4000d), no action Shall be taken until the 30-day Comment period for FNSIs is completed.

§ 6.905 Record of decision.

At the time Of Contract award, the responsible official shall prepare a record of decision in those cases where a final EIS has been issued in accordance with 40 CFR 1505.2. The record of decision shall list any mitigation measures necessary to make the recOnmended alternative environmentally acceptable.

Subport J–Assessing the Environmentol Effects Abrood of EPA Actions

AUTHORITY: Executive Order 12114, 42 U.S.C. 4321, note.

SOURCE: 46 F.R. 3364, Jan. 14, 1981, unless Otherwise noted.

§ 6.1001 Purpose and policy.

(a) Purpose. On January 4, 1979, the President signed Executive Order 12114 entitled “Environmental Effects Abroad Of Major Federal Actions.” The purpose of this Executive Order is to enable responsible Federal officials in Carrying Out or approving major Federal actions which affect foreign nations Or the global commons to be informed Of pertinent environmental considerations and to consider fully the environmental impacts of the actions undertaken. While based on independent authority, this Order furthers the purpose of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.) and the Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA) (33 U.S.C. 1401 et seq.). It Should be noted, however, that in fulfilling its responsibilities under Executive Order 12114, EPA shall be guided by CEQ regulations only to the extent that they are made expressly applicable by this subpart. The procedures set

forth below reflect EPA’s duties and reSponsibilities as required under the Executive Order and satisfy the requirement for issuance of procedures under Section 2–1 of the Executive Order.

(b) Policy. It shall be the policy of this Agency to carry out the purpose and requirements of the Executive Order to the fullest extent possible. EPA, Within the realm of its expertise, shall work with the Department of State and the Council on Environmental Quality to provide information to other Federal agencies and foreign nations to heighten awareness of and interest in the environment. EPA shall further COOperate to the extent posSible with Federal agencies to lend speCial expertise and assistance in the preparation of required environmental dOCument.S under the Executive Order. EPA Shall perform environmental reviews of activities significantly affecting the global commons and foreign nations as required under Executive Order 12114 and as Set forth under these procedureS.

§ 6.1002 Applicability.

(a) Administrative actions requiring environmental review. The environmental review requirements apply to the activities of EPA as set forth below: (1) Major research Or demonstration projects which affect the global commons Or a foreign nation. (2) Ocean dumping activities carried Out under Section 102 of the MPRSA which affect the related environment. (3) Major permitting or licensing by EPA of facilities which affect the global Commons or the environment of a foreign nation. This may include such actions as the issuance by EPA of hazardous Waste treatment, Storage, or disposal facility permits pursuant to Section 3005 Of the Resource Conserva– tion and Recovery Act (42 U.S.C. 6925), NPDES permits pursuant to section 402 of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. 1342), and prevention of Significant deterioration approvals pursuant to Part C of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7470 et Seq.). (4) Wastewater Treatment Construction GrantS Program under Section 201 Of the Clean Water Act, when activities addressed in the facility plan would

have environmental effects abroad. (5) Other EPA activities as deter

mined by OER and OLA (see $6.1007(c)).

§ 6.1003 Definitions.

As used in this subpart, environment means the natural and physical environment and excludes social, economic and other environments; global commons is that area (land, air, water) outside the jurisdiction of any nation; and responsible official is either the EPA Assistant Administrator or Regional Administrator as appropriate for the particular EPA program. Also, an action Significantly affects the environment if it does significant harm to the environment even though on balance the action may be beneficial to the environment. To the extent applicable, the reSponsible official shall address the considerations set forth in the CEQ Regulations under 40 CFR 1508.27 in determining Significant effect.

§ 6.1004 Environmental review and assessment requirements.

(a) Research and demonstration projects. The appropriate ASSistant Administrator is responsible for performing the necessary degree of environmental review on research and demOnStration projectS undertaken by EPA. If the research Or demonstration project affects the environment of the global Commons, the applicant Shall prepare an environmental analysis. This will assist, the responsible Official in determining whether an EIS is necessary. If it is determined that the action significantly affects the environment of the global Commons, then an EIS shall be prepared. If the undertaking Significantly affects a foreign nation EPA shall prepare a unilateral, bilateral or multilateral environmental study. EPA shall afford the affected foreign nation or international body or Organization an Opportunity to participate in this study. This environmental study shall discuss the need for the action, analyze the environmental impact of the various alternatives Considered and list, the agencies and Other parties Consulted.

(b) Oceam dumping activities. (1) The ASSistant Administrator for Water and Waste Management, Shall ensure the

preparation of appropriate environmental documents relating to Ocean dumping activities in the global commons under Section 102 of the MPRSA. For Ocean dumping site designations prescribed pursuant to Section 102(C) Of the MPRSA and 40 CFR part 228, EPA Shall prepare an environmental impact Statement Consistent with the requirement;S Of EPA’s Procedures for the Voluntary Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements dated October 21, 1974 (see 39 F.R. 37419). Also EPA shall prepare an environmental impact Statement for the establishment or revision of Criteria, under Section 102(a) of MPRSA. (2) For individual permits issued by EPA under Section 102(b) an environmental assessment shall be made by EPA. Pursuant to 40 CFR part 221, the permit applicant Shall Submit with the application an environmental analysis Which includes a discussion of the need for the action, an Outline of alternatives, and an analysis of the environmental impact of the proposed action and alternatives consistent with the EPA Criteria, established under Section 102(a) of MPRSA. The information submitted under 40 CFR part 221 shall be Sufficient to Satisfy the environmental aSSessment requirement. (c) EPA permitting and licensing activities. The appropriate Regional Administrator is responsible for Conducting COncise environmental reviews with regard to permitS issued under Section 3005 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA permits), section 402 of the Clean Water Act (NPDES permits), and Section 165 of the Clean Air Act (PSD permits), for Such actions undertaken by EPA which affect the global Commons or foreign nations. The information Submitted by appliCants for Such permitS or approvals under the applicable Consolidated permit regulations (40 CFR partS 122 and 124) and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) regulations (40 CFR part 52) shall Satisfy the environmental document requirement under Section 2– 4(b) of Executive Order 12114. Compliance with applicable requirements in part 124 of the consolidated permit regulations (40 CFR part 124) shall be sufficient to Satisfy the requirements to

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