Virginia Medical Journal, Volume 6

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Ritchie and Dunnavant, 1856

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Page 524 - When death unveils eternity. Say, did these fingers delve the mine, Or with its envied rubies shine ? To hew the rock, or wear the gem, Can nothing now avail to them; But if the page of Truth they sought, Or comfort to the mourner brought, These hands a richer meed shall claim Than all that waits on wealth or fame. Avails it, whether bare or shod, These feet the path of duty trod ? If from the bowers of joy they fled.
Page 436 - Each State, county and district medical society entitled to representation shall have the privilege of sending to the Association one delegate for every ten of its regular resident members, and one for every additional fraction of more than half that number...
Page 436 - ... this number. The Faculty of every regularly constituted medical college or chartered school of medicine shall have the privilege of sending two delegates. The professional staff of every chartered or municipal hospital, containing a hundred patients or more, shall have the privilege of sending two delegates, and every other permanently organized medical institution of good standing shall have the privilege of sending o'ne delegate.
Page 524 - Nor love, nor joy, nor hope, nor fear, Has left one trace of record here. Beneath this mouldering canopy, Once shone the bright and busy eye; But start not at the dismal void, If social love that eye employed...
Page 524 - But, start not at the dismal void —• If social Love that eye employed, If with no lawless fire it gleamed, But through the dews of kindness beamed, That eye shall be forever bright When stars and suns are sunk in night.
Page 510 - ... nature of diseases and accidents, and, indirectly, for the formation of an original, a vigorous, and an independent national medical literature. Resolved, That we venerate the writings of the great medical men, past and present, of our country, and that we consider them as an important element of our national medical literature. Resolved, That we shall always hail with pleasure any useful or valuable work emanating from the European press, and that we shall always extend to them a cordial welcome,...
Page 80 - Southgate's ware-house were about equally distant from the vessel — say 15 or 20 yards — one on the east, the other on the west side of the dock.
Page 435 - The secretaries of all societies, and other bodies entitled to representation in the association, are requested to forward to the undersigned correct lists of their respective delegations, as soon as they may be appointed; and it is earnestly desired by the committee of arrangements that the appointments be made at as early a period as possible.
Page 513 - DC, on the measures to be adopted to remedy the evils existing in the present mode of holding coroners' inquests ; Dr. J. Marion Sims, of New York city, on the treatment of the results of obstructed labor ; Dr. JB Flint, of Louisville, Ky., on the true position and value of operative surgery as a therapeutic agent ; Dr. G. Volney Dorsey, of Piqua, Ohio, on the causes and cure of indigestion, especially in relation to the therapeutic indications to be derived from the chemical composition of the deposits...
Page 436 - The latter clause, in relation to delegates from the army and navy, was adopted as an amendment to the Constitution, at the meeting of the Association held in New York, in May, 1853.

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