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Face. God'slid, Nab, send her to the doctor hither. Drug. Yes, I have spoken to her of his worship

already : But she's afraid it will be blown abroad, And hurt her marriage.

Face. Hurt it! 'Tis the way
To heal it, if 'twere hurt; to make it more
Follow'd and sought. Nab, thou shalt tell her this:
She'll be more known, more talk'd of; and your widows
Are ne'er of any price till they be famous,
Their honour is the multitude of suitors.
Send her, it may be thy good fortune. What,
Thou dost not know?

Drug. No, sir, she'll never marry
Under a knight. Her brother has made a vow.

Face. What, and dost thou despair, my little Nab, Knowing what the doctor has set down for thee, And seeing so many of the city dubb’d? “ One glass o'thy water, with a madam, I know 760 " Will have it done,” Nab. What's her brother? A

knight? Drug. No, sir, a gentleman, newly warm in his land,

sir. Scarce cold in his one-and-twenty, that does govern His sister here, and is a man himself Of some three thousand a year, and is come up To learn to quarrel, and to live by his wits, And will go down again, and die i’ the country, When he can't live any longer here.

Face. How! to quarrel ?

Drug. Yes, sir, to carry quarrels,
As gallants do; to manage them by line.

Face. 'Slid, Nab, the doctor is the only man
In Christendom for him.

Drug. Is he?

Face. He has made a table,
With mathematical demonstrations,
Touching the art of quarrels.

Drug. Has he ?

Face. He will give him
An instrument to quarrel by.

780 Drug. Will he ?

Face. Go, bring 'em both,
Him and his sister. And for thee, with her
The doctor haply may persuade. Go to.
Sha't give his worship a new damask suit
Upon the premises.

Sub. Oh, good captain

Face. He shall:
He is the honestest fellow, doctor-Stay not;
No offers; bring the damask and the parties.

Drug. I'll try my power, sir.
Face And thy will, too, Nab.
Sub. 'Tis good tobacco, this. What is't a pound?
Drug. I'll sell your worship a hogshead of it.
Face. He'll send you a hogshead, doctor.

[Abel runs out, and Face brings him back. Sub. Oh, no!

Face. He will do't:
It is the goodest soul-Abel, about it.

Thou shalt know more anon. Away, begone. Drug. I'll give him a pound. --I'll give him two pound.

Exit. Face. A miserable rogue, and lives with cheese, 801 And has the worms. That was the cause, indeed, Why he came now. He dealt with me in private, To get a med'cine for them.

Sub. And shall, sir. This works.

Face. A wife, a wife for one of us, my dear Subtle :
We'll e'en draw lots, “ and he that fails shall have
“ The more in goods, the other has in tail.”
But Dol must ha'no breath on't.

Sub. Mum.
Away you to your Surly, yonder; catch him.

Face. Pray Heaven, I ha'not staid too long.
Sub. I fear it.




These chastisements are common to the saints;
And such rebukes we of the separation
Must bear with willing shoulders, as the trials
Sent forth to tempt our frailties.

Ana. In pure zeal,
I do not like the man. He is a Heathen,
And speaks the language of Canaan, truly.

Trib. I think him a prophane person, indeed,


" Ana. He bears “ The visible mark of the beast in his forehead, " And for his stone, it is the work of darkness, " And with philosophy blinds the eyes of man.

Trib. Good brother, we must bend unto all means “ That may give furtherance to the holy cause.

« Ana. Which his cannot: the sanctified cause “ Should have a sanctified course.

« Trib. Not always necessary : “ The children of perdition are oft-times “ Made instruments even of the greatest works. “ Beside we should give somewhat to man's nature, “ The place he lives in, still about the fire, " And fumes of metals, that intoxicate “ The brain of man, and make him prone to passion. “ Where have you greater atheists than your cooks? “ Or more profane, or choleric, than your glassmen? « More antichristian than


bell-founders ? " What makes the devil so devilish, I would ask you, “ Satan, our common enemy, but his being “ Perpetually about the fire, and boiling “ Brimstone and arsenick? “ You did ill to upbraid him « With the brethrens'blessing of Heidelberg, weighing " What need we have to hasten on the work, « For the restoring of the silenc'd saints, " Which ne'er will be, but by the philosopher's stone; “ And so a learned elder, one of Scotland, - Assured me.

Ana. I have not edified more, truly, by man,

“ Not since the beautiful light first shone on me, “ And I am sad my zeal hath so offended.” 40

Trib. Let us call on him then.

Ana. The motion's good, And of the spirit; I will knock first. Peace be within.

Enter SUBTLE. Sub. Oh, are you come ? 'Twas time. Your three

score minutes Were at the last thread, you see, “ and down had gone Furnus acedia, turris circulatorius: “ 'Lembick, bolts-head, retort, and pellicane “ Had all been cinders.” Wicked Ananias! Art thou return'd ? Nay, then it goes down yet.

Trib. Sir, be appeased; he is come to humble
Himself in spirit, and ask your patience,
If too much zeal hath carried him aside
From the due path.
Sub. Why, this doth qualify.

Trib. The brethren had no purpose, verily,
To give you the least grievance ; but are ready
To lend their willing hands to any project
The spirit and you direct.

Sub. This qualifies more.

Trib. And for the orphans' goods, let them be valued, Or what is needful else to the holy work,

61 It shall be number'd. Here, by me, the saints Throw down their purse before you.

Sub. This qualifies most!
Why, thus it should be; now you understand.


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