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Face: By his viscosity,

600 “ His oleosity, and his suscitability.

Sub. How do you sublime him ?

Face. With the calce of egg-shells. " White marble, talc.

Sub. Your magisterium, now ? " What's that?

Face. Shifting, sir, your elements, Dry into cold, cold into moist, moist into hot, hot

into dry." Ana. Oh, Oh ?

Sub. This is Heathen Greek to you still. What is Your lapis philosophicus ?

Face. 'Tis a stone, and not
A stone; a spirit, a soul, and a body;
Which if you dissolve, it is dissolved;
If you coagulate, it is coagulated;
If you make it to fly, it fieth.

Sub. Enough.
This is Heathen Greek to you-
What are you, sir ?

Ana. Please you, a servant of the exil'd brethren,
That deal with widows' and with orphans' goods, 621
And make a just account unto the saints;
A deacon.

Sub. Oh, you are sent from master Wholsome, Your teacher ?

Ana. From Tribulation Wholesome, Our very zealous pastor.

Sub. Good. I have

[Exit Face.

Some orphans' goods to come here.

Ana. Of what kind, sir?

Sub. Pewter and brass, andirons and kitchen-ware; Metals that we must use our med'cine on; Wherein the brethren may have a penn'orth, For ready money.

Ana. Were the orphans' parents " Sincere professors ?

Sub. Why do you ask?

« Ana. Because “ We then are to deal justly, and give, in truth, " Their utmost value.

640 Sub. 'Slid, you'd cozen else, “ An if their parents were not of the faithful. “ I will not trust you, now I think on’t, “ Till I ha' talk'd with your pastor.” Ha’you brought

To buy more coals?

Anna. No, surely.
Sub. No! How so?

Ana. The brethren bid me say unto you, sir,
Surely, they will not venture any more,
Till they may see projection.

Sub. How!
Ana. You have had
For the instruments, as bricks, and loam, and glasses,
Already thirty pounds; and for materials,
They say, some ninety more: and they have heard since,
That one at Heidelberg made it of an egg,
And a small paper of pin-dust.

Sub. What's your name?
Ana. My name is Ananias.
Sub. Out, the varlet

That cozen'd the apostles! Hence, away,
Flee, mischief I Had your holy consistory
No name to send me of another sound
Than wicked Ananias? Send your

elders Hither, to make atonement for you, quickly, And gi' me satisfaction; or out goes The fire, and down th’alembicks, and the furnace, “ Piger Henricus, or what not. Thou wretch, “ Both Sericon and Bufo shall be lost, « Tell 'em. All hope of rooting out the bishops, “ Or th’antichristian hierarchy, shall perish,” If they stay threescore minutes. The aqueity, Terreity, and sulphureity, Shall run together again, and all be annullid, Thou wicked Ananias.

[Exit Ananias. This will fetch 'em, And make 'em haste towards their gulling more. A man must deal like a rough nurse, and fright Those that are froward to an appetite.


Enter Face and DRUGGER. Face. He's busy with his spirits; but we'll upon him. Drug. Where are they? Face. Hush! Sub. How now? What mates, what baiards ha’we here?

Face. I told you he would be furious. Sir, here's Nab, Has brought y’another piece of gold to look on.

(We must appease him. Give it me) and prays you, You would devise- What is it, Nab?

Drug. A sign, sir.
Face. Ay, a good lucky one; a thriving sign, doctor.
Sub. I was devising now.

Face. 'Slight, do not say so;
He will repent he gave you any more. [Aside to Sub.

say you to his constellation, doctor? The Balance ?

Sub. No, that way is stale and common.
A townsman born in Taurus, gives the bull,
Or the bull's head ; in Aries, the ram ;
A poor device. Come hither, Abel.
No, I will have his name
Form’d in some mystic character, whose radii, 700
Striking the senses of the passers by,
Shall, by a virtual influence, breed affections,
That may result upon the party owns it:
As thus-

Drug. I don't understand it.
Face. Nab!
Sub. He shall have a bell, that's Abel.
Drug. And so it is.

Sub. And by it standing one whose name is Dee,
In a rug gown; there's D, and rug, that’s Drug;
And right anenst him a dog snarling er;
There's Drugger, Abel Drugger.

Drug. My name!

Sub. That's his sign.
And here's now mystery and hieroglyphic !

Face. Abel, thou art made.
Drug. I do thank his worship.

Face. Six o'thy legs more will not do it, Nab.
What'st got there, Nab?
Drug. A pipe of tobacco.

Face. A pipe of tobacco! Give it me.
He has brought you a pipe of tobacco, doctor.
Drug. Yes, sir-Captain Face, captain Face, your

worship. Face. What dost


Drug. I have another thing I would impart
Face. Out with it, Nab.

Drug. Sir, there is lodg'd hard by me,
A rich young widow-

Face. Good; a bona roba!
Drug. But nineteen at the most.
Face. Very good, Abel.

Drug. Marry, she's not in fashion yet; she wears A hood; but 't stands acop.

Face. No matter, Abel.
Drug. And I do now and then give her a fucus-
Face. What! dost deal, Nab?
Sub. I did tell you, captain.
Drug. And physic too, sometimes, sir; for which

she trusts me With all her mind. She's come up here of purpose To learn the fashion,

740 Face. Good; on, Nab. Drug. And she does strangely long to know her


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