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You'll meet the captain's worship?
Sur. Sir, I will.

[Exit Face. Now, I am sure it is a bawdy-house ; “ I'll swear it, were the marshal here to thank me;" The naming this commander doth confirm it. Don Face! why 'tis the most authentic dealer l' these commodities—The superintendant To all the quainter traffickers in town. Him will I prove, by a third person, to find The subtleties of this dark labyrinth ; Which, if I do discover, dear sir Mammon, You'll give your poor friend leave, though no phi

losopher, To laugh; for you that are, 'tis thought, shall weep. 480

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Enter Face.
Face. Sir, he does pray, you'll not forget.

Sur. I will not, sir.
Sir Epicure, I shall leave you.

[Exit. Mam. I follow you, straight.

Face. But do so, good sir, to avoid suspicion : This gent’man has a parlous head.

Mam. But wilt thou, Ulen,
Be constant to thy promise ?

Face. As my life, sir.
Mam. And wilt thou insinuate what I am, and

praise me, And

say I am a noble fellow? Face. Oh, what else, sir? And that you'll make her royal, with the Stone,

An empress, and yourself King of Bantam.

Mam. Wilt thou do this?
Face. Will I, sir!

Mam. Lungs, my Lungs !
I love thee.
Face. Send your stuff, sir, that

my master May busy himself about projection.

500 Mam. Th’ hast witch'd me, rogue ! Take, go. Face. Your jack and all, sir.

Mam. Thou art a villain--I will send my jack, And the weights too. “ Slave I could bite thine ear.” Away; thou dost not care for me.

Face. Not I, sir.
Mam. Come, I was born to make thee, my good

weasel ;
Set thee on a bench, and ha’ thee twirl a chain
With the best lord's vermin of them all.

Face, Away, sir.
Mam. A count, nay, a count-palatine-
Face. Good sir, go.
Mam. Shall not advance thee better; no, nor faster.

[Exit Mam.

Enter SUBTLE and Dol.
Sub. Has he bit ? Has he bit ?

Face. And swallow'd too, my Subtle.
I ha' given him line, and now he plays, i'faith.

Sub, And shall we twitch him?

Face. Thorough both the gills.
A wench is a rare bait, “ with which a man

“ No sooner's taken, but he straight firks mad. 520

Sub. Dol, my Lord What'shum's sister, you must now Bear yourself statelich.

Dol. Oh, let me alone.
I'll not forget my race, I warrant you.
I'll keep my distance, laugh, and talk aloud :
Have all the tricks of a proud scurvy lady,
And be as rude as her woman,

Face. Well said, Sanguine,
Sub. But will he send his andirons ?

Face. His jack too;
And's iron shoeing-horn; I ha’ spoken to him. Well,
I must not lose my wary gamester, yonder.

Sub. Oh, monsieur Caution, that will not be gullid?

Face. Ay; if I can strike a fine hook into him, now. The Temple Church, there I have cast mine angle. Well, pray for me; I'll about it.

[One knocks. Sub. What more gudgeons ? Dol, scout, scout? stay, Face, you must go to the door.

[Exit Face. Pray Heaven it be my Anabaptist. Who is't, Dol? Dol. I know him not. He looks like an end of gold and silver-man,

540 Sub. God's-so! 'tis he; he said he would send What call you him? The sanctified elder, that should deal For Mammon's jack and andirons-Let him in. Stay, And help me off with my gown Away, Madam, to your withdrawing chamber. Now,

[Exit Dol.


In a new tune, new gesture, but old language. This fellow is sent from one negociates with me About the stone too; for the holy brethren “ Of Amsterdam, the exil'd saints, that hope “ To raise their discipline by it." I must use him • In some strange fashion now, to make him admire


Enter Face and ANANIAS, Where is my drudge ?

Face. Sir.

Sub. Take away the recipient,
And rectify your menstrue from the phlegma.

it o'the sol, in the cucurbite, And let them macerate together.

Face. Yes, sir;
And save the ground?

Sub. No; terra damnata Must not have entrance in the work. [Exit Face. Who are you?

[To Ananias. Ana. A faithful brother, if it please you.

Sub. What's that? A Lullianist, a Ripley, filius artis ? “ Can you sublime and dulcify? Calcine ? “ Know you the sapor pontic? Sapor styptic ?" Or what is homogene, or heterogene ?

Ana. I understand no Heathen language, truly.

Sub. Heathen, you knipper-doling! Is ars sacra, " Or chrysopëïa, or spagyrica, " Or the pamphysick or panarchick knowledge,"

rithen language ?


Ana. Heathen Greek, I take it.
Sub. How! Heathen Greek?
Ana. All's Heathen but the Hebrew.

Enter Face.

Sub. Sirrah, my varlet, stand you forth, and speak

to him Like a philosopher: answer i' the language, Name the vexations, and the martyrizations

580 Of metals in the work.

Face. Sir, putrefaction,
Solution, ablution, sublimation,
Cohobation, calcination, ceration, and

Sub. This is Heathen Greek to you now. “ And whence comes vivification ?

Face. After mortification. " Sub. What's cohobation?

Face. 'Tis the pouring on " Your aqua regis, and then drawing him off, “ To the trine circle of the seven spheres.

Sub. What's the proper passion of metals? « Face. Malleation. Sub. What's your ultimum supplicium auri: Face. Antimonium. Sub. This is Heathen Greek to you. And what's

your mercury ? Face. A very fugitive; he will begone, sir. " Sub. How know you


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