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A curse will follow, yea, and overtake
Your subtle, and most secret ways.

Mam. I know, sir.
You shall not need to fear me.

I but come,
To have you to confute this gentleman.

Sur. Who is,
Indeed, sir, somewhat costive of belief
Toward your Stone; would not be gull’d.

Sub. Well, son,
All that I can convince him in, is this :
The work is done ; bright Sol is in his robe.
We have a medicine of the triple soul,
Thanks be to Heaven,
And make us worthy of it. Vlen Spigel!
Face. [Within.] Anon, sir.
Sub. Look well to the register,
And let your heat still lessen by degrees,
To the Aludels.
Face. Yes, sir.
Sub. Did you

"O'the Bolt's head yet?

Face. Which, on D, sir ?


" Sub. Ay.

“What's the complexion ?

Face. Whitish.

Sub. Infuse vinegar “To draw his volatile substance, and his tincture; “ And let the water in glass E. be filter’d, " And put into the Gripe's egg.” Lute him well; And leave him clos'd in balneo ;


And bring me the complexion of glass B.
Face. I will, sir.

[Exit Face. Sur. What a brave language here is!. next to

canting! Sub. I have another work, you never saw, son, 220 That three days since pass'd the philosopher's wheel, In the lent heat of Athanor; and is become Sulphur of Nature.

Mam. But 'tis for me?

Sub. What need you?
You have enough, in that is perfect.

Mam. Oh, but
Sub. Why, this is covetous !

Mam. No, I assure you,
I shall employ it all in pious uses,
Founding of colleges and grammar schools,
Marrying young virgins, building hospitals,
And now and then a church.

Enter FACE. " Sub. How now?

Face. Sir, please you, “ Shall I not change the feltre?

« Sub. Marry, yes, And bring me the complexion of glass B. [Exit Face.

Mam. Have you another?
Sub. Yes, son, were I assur'd

240 “ Your piety were firm, we would not want “ The means to glorify it. But I hope the best : “ I mean to tinet C in sand-heat to-morrow, " And give him imbition,

Mam. Of white oil ? Sub. No, sir, of red. Fis come over the helm too, " In St. Mary's Bath, and shews laç virginis. "I sent you of his faces there calcin’d. “ Out of that calx, I have won the salt of mercury. ·

Mam. By pouring on your rectified water ?" Sub. Yes, and reverberating in Athanor.” How now? What colour says it?

Enter Face
Face. The ground black, sir,
Mam. That's your crow's head ?
Sur. Your cocks-comb's, is’t not?
Sub, No, 'tis not perfect, would it were the crow.
That work wants something.

Sur. Oh, I look'd for this.
The hay's a pitching.
Sub. Are you sure you loosed them

260 In their own menstrue? Face. Yes, sir, and then married them, put

them in a bolt’s head, nipp'd to digestion, According

as you bade me, when I set The liquor of Mars to circulation, In the same heat.

Sub. The process then was right.
Face. Yes, by the token, sir, the retort brake,
And what was sav'd was put into the pellicane,
And signed with Hermes' seal.

Sub. I think 'twas so.
We should have a new amalgama.


Sur. Oh, this ferret Is rank as any pole-cat.

Sub. But I care not. Let him e’en die ; “ we have enough beside, " In embrion. H has his white shirt on?

" Face. Yes, sir. “ He's ripe for inceration : he stands warm “ In his ash fire." I would not, you should let 280 Any die now, if I might counsel, sir, For luck's sake to the rest. It is not good.

Mam. He says right.
Sur. Ay, are you bolted ?

Face. Nay, I know't, sir,
I have seen th' ill fortune. What is some three

ounces Of fresh materials ?

Mam. Is't no more.

Face. No more, sir,
Of gold, t'amalgame, with some six of mercury.

Mam. Away, here's money. What will serve ?
Face. Ask him, sir.
Mam. How much?
Sub. Give him nine pounds : you may give him ten.
Sur. Yes. Twenty, and be cozened, do.
Mam. There 'tis.

Sub. This needs not. But that you will have it so, 'To see conclusions of all, “ for two “ O'four inferior works are at fixation. " A third is in ascension." Go your ways. Have you set the oil of Luna in Kemia ?



Face. Yes, sir.
Sub. And the philosopher's vinegar?
Face. Ay.

Sur. We shall have a sallad.
Mam. When do you make projection?
Sub. Son, be not hasty. I exalt our med'cine,
By hanging him in balneo vaporoso,
And giving him solution, then congeal him,
And then dissolve him, then again congeal him :
For look, how oft I iterate the work,
So times I add unto his virtue.
Get you your stuff here against afternoon,
Your brass, your pewter, and your andirons.
Mam. Not those of iron ?

Sub. Yes you may bring them too.
We'll change all metals.
Sur. I believe


in that. Mam. Then I may send my spits ? Sub. Yes, and your racks. Sur. And dripping pans, and pot-hangers, anul


hooks Shall he not?

Sub. If he please.
Sur. To be an ass.
Sub. How, sir!
Mam. This gent’man you must bear withal !

he had no faith.
Sur. And little hope, sir;
But much less charity, should I gull myself.
Sub, Why, what have you observ'd sir, in our art,

I told

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