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All day distract you with a thousand fears;
And when by night thou vainly seek'st repose
They'll gather round and interrupt your slumbers
With horrid dreams and terrifying visions.

Rox. Add still, if possible, superior horrors.
Rather than leave my great revenge unfinish'd
I'll dare 'em all, and triumph in the deed;

[Holds up the dagger.
Stat. Hold hold, thy hand advanc'd in air:
I read my sentence written in thine eyes;
Yet oh Roxanal on thy black revenge
One kindly ray of female pity beain;
And give me death in Alexander's presence.
Rox. Not for the world's wide empire should'st thou

see him.
Fool! but for him thou might'st unheeded live;
For his sake only art thou doom'd to die.
The sole remaining joy that glads my soul
Is to deprive thee of the heart I ’ave lost.

Enter Slave.

Slave. Madam, the king and all his guards are come,
With frantick rage they thunder at the gate,
And must ere this have gain'd admittance.

Rox. Hal
Too long l’ave trified. Let me then redeem
The time mispent, and make great vengeance sure.

Stat. Is Alexander, oh ye gods! so nigh,
And can he not preserve me from her fury?

Rox. Nor he nor heaven shall shield thee from my

justice. Die sorc'ress, die, and all my wrongs die with theel

[Stabs her. Alex. [Without.) Away, ye slaves! stand off-quick

let me fly With lightning's wings I nor heav'n nor earth shall

stop me.


Ha! oh my soul! my queen, my love, Statira!
These wounds I are these my promis'd joys ?

Stat. Alas!
My only love, my best and dearest blessing !
Would I had died before you enter'd here;
For thus delighted, while I gaze upon thee
Dea'h grows more horrid, and I'm loth to leave thee.

Alex. Thou shalt not leave me~Cruel, cruel, stars! Oh, where's the monster, where 's the horrid fiend, That struck at innocence and murder'd thee

Rox. Behold the wreich who, desperate of thy love, In jealous madnes gave the fatal blow; A wretch that to possess once more thy love Would with the blood of millions stain her soul.

Alex. Todungeons, tortures, drag her from my sight.

Stat. My soul is on the wing : oh come my lord, Haste to my arms, and take a last farewell. Thus let me die. Oh! oh!

Alex. Look up my love. Oh Heaven I and will you, will you, take her from mei

Stat. Farewell, my most lov'd lord: ah mel fare.

well I Yet ere I die grant this request.

Alex. Oh speak, That I may execute before I follow thee! Stat. Leave not the world till Heaven demands

you-Spare Roxana's life-'Twas love of you that caus’d The death she gave me. And oh! sometimes think, Amidst your revels, think on your poor queen: And ere the cheerful bowl salutes your lips Enrich it with a tear, and I am happy. [Dies. Alex. Yet ere thou tak'st thy fight--She's gone,

she's gone! All, all is hush’d, no music now is heard; The roses wither, and the fragrant breath That wak'd their sweets shall never wake 'em more!

Rox. Weep noi, my lordl no sorrow can recall her. -
Oh turn your eyes, and in Roxana's arms
You'll find fond love and everlasting truth.
Alex. Hence from my sight, and thank my dear

That yet thou art alive. .

Rox. Oh, take me to your arms:
In spite of all your cruelty I love you ;
Yes, thus I 'll fasten on your sacred robe,
Thus on my knees for ever cling around thee,
'Till you forgive me, or 'till death divide us.
Alex. Hence, fury, hence : there's not a glance of


But like a basilisk comes wing'd with death.
Rox. Oh speak not thus to one who kneels for

mercy !
Think for whose sake it was I madly plung'd
Into a crime abhorrent to my nature.

Alex. Off, murd'ress, offl for ever shun my sight;
My eyes detest thee, for thy soul is ruin.

Rox. Barbarian! yes, I will for 'ever shun thee.
Repeated injuries have steel'd my heart,
And I could curse myself for being kind.
If there is any majesty above
That has revenge in store for perjur'd love,
Send, heaven, the swiftest ruin on his head!
Strike the destroyer I lay the victor dead !
Kill the
But what are curses ? curses will not kill,
Nor'ease the tortures I am doom'd to feel.

Alex. Oh my fair star, I shall be shortly with thee!
What means this deadly dew upon my forehead?
My heart too heaves.

Cas. The poison works.

Eum. Pardon, dread sir I a fatal messenger :
The royal Sysiganibis is no more.
Struck with the horror of Starira's fate
She soon expir'd, and with her latest breath
Left Parisatis to Lysimachus.
But what I fear most deeply will effect you,
Your lov'd Hephestion 's-

Fraser, W. Esq. Wimpole-street.
Fraser, Hugh, Esq.
Fraser, Mr.
Frith, Mr.
Freemantle, Esq. Bond-street.
Fry, Esq. Somerset-Place.
Fry, Esq. St. John's-Square.
Fryer, Dr. Newman-street.
Flexney, Mr. White Hart-Court.
French, P. H. Esq. Temple.
Fuller, J. T. Esq.
Fullerton, Rev. Mr. Brook-street.
Fuller, Mr. Tavistock-row.
French Ambassador.
Furnival, Miss, Boswell-Court.
Forbes, James, Esq. Pall-Mall.
Fane, F. Esq. Parliament.street.
Fox, Mr. Dartmouth-street.
Fowler, Mr. Covent Garden-Theatro.
Fleming, Mr. R. Tottenham Court,
Fenwick, Mr. Bridges, street.

Gordon, Dutchess of
Grosvenor, Earl of
Galway, Countess of
Grantham, Lady, Privy-Gardens.
Gilbert, Mrs.
Green, Mr. Christ's Hospital.
Gray, Mr. Albion-street.
Gubbins, Mrs. Albion-Flace.
Gardiner, Mr.
Garret, Mr.
Gawler, J. B. Esq. Lincoln's«!1.1.
Gaselee, Esq. Gray's-Inn.
Geary, Mr. Finsbury-Place,
Gill, Mr. Gray's-Inn.

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