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not right. --You are a wise man, and a conscien« tious man ; a searcher into obscurity and futurity; « and, if you commit an error, it is with a great deal " of consideration, and discretion, and caution.

« For. Ah, good Mr. Scandal. Scand. Nay, nay, 'tis manifest; I do not flatter

you.—But Sir Sampson is hasty, very hasty—I'm “afraid he is not scrupulous enough, Mr. Foresight. “-He has been wicked; and Heaven grant he may

mean well in his affair with you ! -But my mind gives me, these things cannot be wholly insignifi. “ cant. You are wise, and should not be over“ reached: methinks you should not.

For. Alas, Mr. Scandal-Humanum est errare!

Scand. You say true, man will err; mere man " will err—but you are something more.-There « have been wise men ; but they were such as you

-men who consulted the stars and were observers “ of omens.--Solomon was wise ; but how? by his “ judgment in astrology.-So says Pineda, in his third " book and eighth chapter.

For. You are learned, Mr. Scandal.

« Scand. A trifler-but a lover of art.-And the 6 wise men of the east owed their instructions to a “ star; which is rightly observed by Gregory the “ Great, in favour of astrology! And Albertus “ Magnus makes it the most valuable science--be

cause, says he, it teaches us to consider the causa“ tion of causes, in the causes of things.

For. I protest, I honour you, Mr. Scandal.--I

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“ did not think you had been read in these matters. “ — Few young men are inclined “ Scand. I thank my sfars that have inclined me,

-But I fear this marriage and making over the “ estate, this transferring of a rightful inheritance, “ will bring judgments upon us. I prophesy it; and “ I would not have the fate of Cassandra, not to be “ believed. Valentine is disturbed; what can be the

cause of that? and Sir Sampson is hurried on by

an unusual violence fear he does not act “ wholly from himself; and methinks he does not " look as he used to do.

For. He was always of an impetuous nature.« But as to this marriage, I have consulted the stars ; “ and all appearances are prosperous,

Scand. Come, come, Mr. Foresight ; let not the “ prospect of worldly lucre carry you beyond your “ judgment, nor against your conscience. You are “ not satisfied that you act justly.

« For. How!

Scand. You are not satisfied, I say.--I am loth “ to discourage you—but it is palpable that you are << not satisfied.

For. How does it appear, Mr. Scandal? I think “ I am very well satisfied.

Scand. Either you suffer yourself to deceive “ yourself, or you do not know yourself.

“ For. Pray explain yourselt.
Scand. Do you sleep well o’nights!
For. Very well.

Scand. Are you certain ? you do not look so. “ For. I am in health, I think.

Scand. So was Valentine this morning; and « looked just so.

For. How! Am I altered any way? I don't per«ceive it.

Scand. That may be ; but your beard is longer " than it was two hours ago.

For, Indeed? bless me!"

Enter Mrs. Foresight. Mrs. For. Husband, will you go to bed ; it's ten “ o'clock. Mr. Scandal, your servant.

Scand. Pox on her, she has interrupted my de. « sign--but I must work her into the project. You “ keep early hours, madam.

Mrs. For. Mr. Foresight is punctual ; we sit up " after him.

For. My dear, pray lend me your glass, your “ little looking-glass.

i Scand. Pray lend it him, madam—I'll tell you “ the reason-[She gives him the glass : Scandal and she whisper]-My passion for you is grown so vio“ lent—that I am no longer master of myself— I was “ interrupted in the morning, when you had charity “ enough to give me your attention; and I had hopes “ of finding another opportunity of explaining my“ self to you—but was disappointed all this day; and " the uneasiness that has attended me ever since, “ brings me now hither at this unseasonable hour.

Mrs. For. Was there ever such impudence, to “ make love to me before my husband's face? I'll swear, I'll tell him.

1 Scand. Do. I'll die a martyr rather than disclaim

my passion. But come a little farther this way; " and I'll tell you what project I had to get him out “ of the way, that I might have an opportunity of " waiting upon you.

[IV hisper. Foresight looking in the glass. For. I do not see any revolution here.-Me. " thinks I look with a serene and benign aspect,“ pale, a little pale-but the roses of these cheeks “ have been gathered many years-Ha, I do not like “ that sudden flushing-gone already !-Hei, hem, “ hem! faintish. My heart is pretty good; yet it “ beats: and my pulses, ha l-I have none-mercy i " on me!-hum!-Yes, here they are.-Gallop, “ gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop, gallop ! hey, whither “ will they hurry me ?-Now they're gone again" and now I'm faint again ; and pale again, and, “ hem! and my, hem l-breath, and, hem!-grows “ short ; hem! he, he, hem!

Scand. It takes : pursue it, in the name of love « and pleasure.

Mrs. For. How do you do, Mr. Foresight?

For. Hum, not so well as I thought I was. Lend " me your hand.

Scand. Look you there now. Your lady says your sleep has been unquiet of late. 6. For. Very likely!


Mrs. For. O, mighty restless! but I was afraid to “ tell him so. He has been subject to talking and “ starting

Scand. And did not use to be so ?

Mrs. For. Never, never; till within these three "nights, I cannot say that he has once broken my “ rest since we have been married.

For. I will go to bed. Scand. Do so, Mr. Foresight, and say your prayers

-He looks better than he did. “ Mrs. For. Nurse, nurse! “ For. Do you think so, Scandal ?

" Scand. Yes, yes; I hope this will be gone by “ morning : take it in time.

For. I hope so,

you may dream.

" Enter NURSE. “ Mrs. For. Nurse, your master is not well; put « him to bed.

Scand. I hope you will be able to see Valentine " in the morning. You had best take a little diaco“dium and cowslip water, and lie upon your back; may

be For. I thank you, Mr. Scandal ; I will.-Nurse, “ let me have a watch-light, and lay The Crumbs of

Comfort by me.
Nurse. Yes, sir.

[Exit. For. And-hem, hem! I am very faint. Scand. No, no, you look much better, . For. Do I? And, d'ye hear~-bring me, let me


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