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81st Congress, 1st Session

(January 3-October 19, 1949)


VOL. 5




970. Amending Motor carrier act relative to joint boards.

971. Amending Interstate commerce act relative to carriers.

972. Amending Civil aeronautics act to regulate transportation, packing, mark-

ing, and description of explosives.

973. Conveyance of portion of Vigo plant to Prisons Bureau for use of U. S.

Penitentiary, Terre Haute, Ind.

974. Approving repayment contracts negotiated with Belle Fourche Irrigation

District, etc.

975. Conference report on Housing act of 1949.

976. Relief of James A. Gordon.

977. Relief of Lacy C. Zapf.

978. Relief of Southern Fireproofing Co.

979. District court for eastern district of Michigan to hear claim of Edward

Gray and others.

980. District court for southern district of New York to hear claim of Miguel A.


981. Relief of John J. O'Mara.

982. Relief of Maurice J. Symms.

983. Relief of Jacob Ornstein.

984. Relief of Grace L. Elser.

985. Relief of Auldon A. Aiken.

986. Relief of public utility district no. 1, Cowlitz County, Wash,

987. Relief of Mary T. Schiek.

988. Secretary of Interior to transfer building in Juneau, Alaska, to Alaska

Native Brotherhood and/or Sisterhood.

989. Relief of Knickerbocker Insurance Co. and Atlas Assurance Co., Ltd.

990. Relief of Mary L. W. Dawson.

991. Ratifying act 4 of session laws of Hawaii, 1949, relating to revenue bonds.

992. Relief of New York Quinine & Chemical Works, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc.,

and Mallinckrodt Chemical Works.

993. Modifying limitation affecting pension of incompetent veteran without

dependents during hospitalization.

994. Adjusting effective date of certain awards of pensions, etc., payable by

Veterans Administration.

995. Extending for 2 years authority of administrator of veterans affairs

respecting leases and leased property.

996. Continuing until close of June 30, 1950, suspension of duties and import

taxes on metal scrap.

997. Authorizing Eastern band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina to lease

certain lands for 40 years.

998. Agricultural act of 1949.

999. Removing restriction relating to granting of privileges within Kings Canyon

National Park.

1000. Authorizing Secretary of Army to purchase property in Morgan County,


1001. Relating to sale of old Louisville Marine Hospital, Jefferson County, Ky.
1002. Providing for conveyance of land to Norfolk County Trust Co. in Stough-

ton, Mass.

1003. Providing for liquidation of trusts under transfer agreements with State

rural rehabilitation corporations.

1004. Fixing U. S. share of costs of installing high-intensity lighting on CAA-

designated instrument-landing runways.

1005. Amending Federal airport act relative to minimum wage rates to be

specified in contracts.

1006. Amending Federal airport act so as to limit increase of amount stated as

obligation under grant agreement.
1007. Consideration of bill to protect consumers against misbranding, false ad-

vertising, and false invoicing of furs.
1008. Consideration of bill for construction of Eklutna project and investigation

of natural resources of Alaska.

1009. Increasing mortgage purchase authority of Federal National Mortgage


1010. Crediting military service performed by postal service employees.

1011. Proposing amendment to Constitution of U. S. providing for election of

President and Vice President.

1012. Consideration of bill to amend United Nations participation act of 1945.

1013. Providing terminal leave pay for certain officers of Navy and Marine Corps.

1014. Authorizing advances of pay to personnel of armed services upon perma-

nent change of station.

1015. Adjusting lineal positions of certain officers of naval service.
1016. Amending sec. 1452, Revised statutes, rel. to Presidential action on pro-

ceedings, etc., of Navy retiring boards.

1017. Suspension of deportation of certain aliens.

1018. Suspension of deportation of certain aliens.

1019. Suspension of deportation of certain aliens.

1020. Suspension of deportation of certain aliens.

1021. Amending reserve retirement provisions of Public law 810, 80th Congress.

1022. Removing restrictions on land conveyed to Porter Academy by act of Mar.

8, 1888.

1023. Bridge across Rio Grande near Rio Grande City, Tex,

1024. Amending act to provide for adjustment of irrigation charges on Flathead

Indian irrigation project.

1025. Empowering courts to remit or mitigate forfeitures of vehicles seized in

Indian country.

1026. Transferring control over Indian tribal funds to Indian tribes.

1027. Price support for tung nuts and honey.

1028. Continuing until June 30, 1951, authority granted by Philippine rehabili-

tation act of 1946.

1029. Compensation of postmasters at 4th-class post offices.

1030. Authorizing sale of trust allotment of Paul Bighead, deceased Winnebago


1031. Relief of William H. Tickner.

1032. Relief of Poon Lim.

1033. Relief of Ethel B. MacDonald.

1034. Relief of Leon L. Konchegul.

1035. Relief of Alfred Baumgarts.

1036. Relief of Annie Balaz.

1037. Relief of Francesca Lucareni.

1038. Relief of Giustina S. Lomoriello.

1039. Relief of Chinese students in United States.

1040. Consideration of bill promoting rehabilitation of Navajo and Hopi Indians.

1041. Amending Civil service retirement act relative to disability retirement


1042. Declaring that U. S. holds lands in trust for Pueblo Indians and Canocita

Navajo group in New Mexico.


1043. Complete construction of irrigation facilities and contract with water users

on Buffalo Rapids project.

1044. Amending Organic act of Puerto Rico so as to fix salaries of Supreme Court


1045. Transfer of vessel Black Mallard to Louisiana.

1046. Amending Road act of 1928 relative to construction of roads entering and

crossing Indian reservations.

1047. Settlement contracts with Sioux Indians for Indian lands acquired by

U. S. for Oahe Dam and Reservoir.

1048. Expenses of Judiciary Committee in investigation of matters pertaining to


1049. Payment to Congressional, Inc., for hotel service provided Elizabeth T.


1050. Expenses of investigations by Expenditures in Executive Departments


1051. Relief of Arletta B. Roberts, widow of Parker A. Roberts.
1052. On-the-spot audits by GAO of fiscal records of Office of Sergeant at Arms

of House of Representatives.
1053. Printing copies of publications entitled 100 things you should know about

communism, and Spotlight on spies.
1054. Erecting memorial to memory of Mohandas K. Gandhi.
1055. Continuing anthropological research among American Indians and natives

of lands under U. Š. jurisdiction.

1056. Preparation of plan for celebration of 100th anniversary of building of

Soo Locks.

1057. Consideration of Agricultural act of 1949.
1038. Revising and codifying laws of Canal Zone regarding administration of

estates, etc.

1059. Amending Canal Zone code.*

1060. Removing requirement of residence in D. C. for membership on D. C.

Commission on Mental Health.

1061. Providing for admission of pay patients to Home for Aged and Infirm of

D. C.

1062. Issuance of license to practice chiropractic in District of Columbia to

Abraham J. Ehrlich.

1063. Increasing compensation for World War I presumptive service-connected

cases, etc.

1064. Reorganizing fiscal management in National Military Establishment.

1065. Additional judges of Municipal Court for District of Columbia, etc. 2 pts.

1066. District of Columbia business corporation act.

1067. Participation in international exposition at Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

1068. Conference report on State, Justice, and Commerce Departments and the

judiciary appropriation bill, 1950.

1069. Amending Civil service retirement act rel. to referees in bankruptcy.

1070. Bridge across Ohio River near Shawneetown, Ill.

1071. Bridge across Mississippi River between St. Louis, Mo., and East St.

Louis, Il.

1072. Reenacting act creating City of Clinton Bridge Commission to construct

bridges across Mississippi River.

1073. Sending Braille writers through mail.

1074. Exchange of land with Plumas County, Calif.

1075. Federal land bank short term credit.

1076. Relief of Pearl S. O. Pape.

1077. Relief of Margita Kofler.

1078. Relief of John Sewen, also known as John Seven.

1079. Relief of Nicholas C. Kalcoutsakis.

*Corrected print.

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