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1120. Enabling Legislature of Hawaii to authorize city and county of Honolulu

to issue park-improvement bonds.
1121. Enabling Legislature of Hawaii to authorize city and county of Honolulu

to issue flood-control bonds.

1122. Enabling Legislature of Hawaii to authorize city and county of Honolulu

to issue public-improvement bonds.

1123. Extending corporate life of Inter-American Affairs Institute.

1124. Conference report on bill providing for additional circuit and district judges.

1125. District court for central division of southern district of California to hear

claim of Mabel Colliver.

1126. District court of California to hear claim of Eunice Hayes, Kathryn Hayes,

and Florence H. Gaines.

1127. Conference report on bill relating to military rental housing.

1128. Rename game sanctuary in Harney National Forest as Norbeck Wildlife


1129. Liquidation of emergency feed and seed loans.

1130. Relief of Howard E. Giroux.

1131. Providing for advance planning of public works.

1132. Control of emergency outbreaks of insects and plant diseases.

1133. Authorizing Kentucky to use lands in Dawson Springs State Park for

eductional purposes.

1134. Importation of foreign agricultural labor.

1135. Stimulating exploration for strategic and critical ores, metals, and minerals.

1136. Attendance of joint committee to represent Congress at final encampment

of Grand Army of the Republic.
1137. Consideration of bill amending act authorizing construction of experi-

mental submarines.
1138. Incorporating Tax Court into judicial system.
1139. Authorizing the President to provide for performance of certain of his

functions by others.

1140. Amending Natural gas act.

1141. Making temporary appropriations, 1950.

1142. Conference report on bill reorganizing fiscal management in National Mili-

tary Establishment.

1143. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1144. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1145. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1146. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1147. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.

1148. Cotton acreage allotments and marketing quotas.

1149. Extending time within which legislative employees may come within pur-

view of Civil service retirement act.

1150. Eliminating premium payments in purchase of Government royalty oil

under existing contracts.

1151. Rehabilitation of Gros Ventre and Assiniboine tribes of Indians on Fort

Belknap Reservation.

1152. Rehabilitation of Chippewa Cree Tribe and utilization of resources of Rocky

Boy's Reservation.

1153. Ratify act 251 of session laws of Hawaii, 1949, to extend franchise of Hilo

Electric Light Co., Ltd.

1154. Amending Veteran's preference act of 1944 with respect to certain re-

married mothers of veterans.

1155. Discharge of fiduciary obligation to Iran.

1156. Alaska Delegate to House of Representatives to serve as member on Mer-

chant Marine and Fisheries Committee.

1157. Consideration of bill relating to cotton acreage allotments and marketing



1158. Consideration of bill to merge national banking associations with State


1159. Exempting volatile fruit-flavor concentrates from tax on liquors.

1160. Conveying portion of Fort Schuyler to New York State.

1161. Secretary of Army to proceed with construction at stations of Alaska com-

munication system.

1162. Secretary of Defense to lend equipment to Boy Scouts of America for 2d

National Jamboree.

1163. National Military Establishment lands act of 1949.

1164. Presentation of hospital to people of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, in recog-

nition of heroic services.

1165. Federal fair employment practice act.

1166. Conference report on bill for control of emergency outbreaks of insects and

plant diseases.

1167. Amending act to regulate business of life insurance in D. C.

1168. Authorizing District of Columbia commissioners to appoint contracting


1169. Concerning common-trust funds in D. C. and to make uniform law with

reference thereto.

1170. Clarifying exemption from taxation of certain property of National Society

of Sons of American Revolution.

1171. Relief of Isaiah Johnson.

1172. Relief of Mary Capodanno and legal guardian of Vincent Capodanno.

1173. Relief of Gluckin Corporation.

1174. Relief of Sarah E. Thompson.

1175. Relief of Joe D. Dutton.

1176. Posthumous promotion of John S. McCain.

1177. Amending life insurance act of District of Columbia.

1178. Exchange lands and improvements in Grand Rapids, Minn., for lands in

Chippewa National Forest.

1179. Extending to Puerto Rico full benefits of Extension Service.

1180. Exchange of lands in East Tawas, Mich., for lands within national forests

of Michigan.

1181. Transfer agricultural dry-land and irrigation field stations to States in

which such stations are located.

1182. Consideration of bill amending Natural gas act.
1183. Consideration of bill to provide for performance of certain functions of the

President by others.
1184. Consideration of res. providing for participation in international exposition

at Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

1185. Creating Select Committee on Lobbying Activities.

1186. Construction of Weber Basin reclamation project.

1187. Accept buildings, etc., on Buffalo Rapids project lands.

1188. Making surplus property at Wingate Ordnance Depot available for Indian


1189. Facilitating work of Forest Service.
1190. Conveying lands taken from W. W. Stewart by United States to his estate.

-1191. Amending act to supplement existing laws against unlawful restraints and


1192. Facilitating deportation and providing for detention of certain aliens.

1193. Conference report on bill transferring tower on Lower Souris National

Wildlife Refuge.

1194. Amending Perishable agricultural commodities act relative to marketing


1195. Educational exchange program to be financed out of payments to United

States on Finland's debt.


1196. Reserve land for addition to Summit Lake Reservation.

1197. Exchange Navajo tribal Indian land for Utah State land.

1198. To reserve certain land on public domain in Utah for addition to Goshute

Indian Reservation.

1199. Relating to timber on Flathead Reservation.

1200. Leasing of restricted Indian lands.

1201. Additional benefits for certain postmasters, officers, and employees in postal

field service.

1202. Issuance of patent in fee to Leo F. Glenn.
1203. Issuance of patent in fee to John Grayeagle.
1204. Adverse report on res. disapproving Reorganization plan no. 2, transferring

Employment Security Bureau, etc.

1205. Consideration of Fair labor standards act of 1949.

1206. Relief of Josephine Lisitano.

1207. Relief of Wade H. Noland.

1208. Relief of estate of Maurice G. Evans.

1209. Relief of Carl C. Ballard.

1210. Relief of W. P. Bartel.

1211. Relief of J. D. Lecky.

1212. Relief of Mrs. Jack J. O'Connell.

1213. Relief of Belle Isle Cab Co.

1214. Extension of patents held by veterans of World War II.

1215. Permitting use, for public purposes, of certain land in Hot Springs, N. Mex.

1216. Relief of Ghetel P. Kahan, Magdalena L. Kahan, and Susanna Kahan.

1217. Relief of Eiko Nakamura.

1218. Relief of William (Vasilios) Kotsakis.

1219. Relief of Roman Szymanski and Anastosia Szymanski.

1220. Relief of Manuel Uribe.

1221. Relief of Fernando Aboitiz.

1222. Relief of Hilda De Silva.

1223. Relief of Claudia Weitlanner.

1224. Relief of Toshiko Keyser.'

1225. Relief of estate of Dick Walook, Alfred L. Woods, and Edward Kimoktoak

1226. Relief of Jacob Brown.

1227. Relief of King V. Clark.

1228. Relief of Frank G. Moore.

1229. Relief of Morris Tutnauer.

1230. Relief of Doris M. Faulkner.

1231. Relief of Cecil E. Gordon.

1232. Relief of estate of Elmo Sodergren.

1233. Relief of Max Schlederer.

1234. Relief of Katherine H. Clagett.

1235. Relief of Fred B. Niswonger.

1236. Relief of Vivian N. Price.

1237. Relief of Fisher Brewing Co.

1238. Regulating collection and disbursement of moneys of Seneca Indians of

New York.

1239. Transfer of land in Albuquerque, N. Mex., to Bernalillo County, N. Mex.,

for hospital site.

1240. Granting renewal of patent relating to badge of Holy Name Society.

1241. Agreeing to conference on Foreign aid appropriation bill, 1950.

1242. Consideration of bill to provide for importation of foreign agricultural




JULY 6, 1949.—Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State

of the Union and ordered to be printed

Mr. BECKWORTH, from the Committee on Interstate and Foreign

Commerce, submitted the following


(To accompany S. 2551

The Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, to whom was referred the bill (S. 255) to amend section 205 of the Interstate Commerce Act, relating to joint boards, having considered the same, report favorably thereon without amendment and recommend that the bill do pass.

This proposed legislation has the approval of the Interstate Commerce Commission, as will appear from letter attached dated July 1, 1949.

This bill would make two amendments to section 205 of the Motor Carrier Act (pt. II of the Interstate Commerce Act). This bill is identical with S. 2216 of the Eightieth Congress. A hearing before the Senate committee was scheduled on S. 2216 for April 2, 1948. At that time a statement was filed by counsel for the National Association of Railroad and Utilities Commissioners, on behalf of the Stato commission membership of the association, supporting the bill. No one appeared in opposition to it. Counsel for rail and motor carriers present before that committee on April 2 for hearings on other legislation stated, in response to an inquiry by the chairman, that they had no objection to S. 2216.

In 1940 section 205 was amended provide that the failure of a joint board member to participate in any hearing of the board, after notice thereof, should be considered a waiver of action on the part of the State from which such member was appointed. As the law was later administered, such failure of attendance of one member of a joint board is given effect to terminate the status of the remaining members or member, and of the board itself, as to the matter before the boerd. There has been some question concerning the legality of

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