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pensation for holiday work) provided by said act may be paid only to the extent that it does not cause the aggregate compensation for a given pay period to exceed the rate of $10,330 per annum.


In accordance with the provisions of sec. 604 (d) of the Federal Employees' Pay Act
of 1945, as amended, 5 U.S. C. 944, the rates appearing in this table have been computed
as follows:

The annual rate has been divided by 26 and the result adjusted to the nearest cent to
derive the biweekly rate;

The adjusted biweekly rate (40-hour week) has been multiplied by 6 percent and the
et result adjusted to the nearest cent to derive the Civil Service Retirement Act deduction;

The biweekly gross salary has been multiplied by 122 percent and the result adjusted
to the nearest cent to derive the Federal Insurance Contributions Act deduction.

Compensation for fractional pay periods for any cause, including separations, retirements, or leave without pay, will be computed by multiplying the hourly rate shown in the salary table by the number of hours or fractions of hours

For lump-sum payments, the annual leave, first, will be reduced to full pay periods and the regular biweekly rate (40-hour week) applied thereto. The hourly rate shown in the salary table will be applied to any remaining hours or fractions thereof.



The adjusted biweekly rate has been divided by 80 and the result adjusted to the near
est cent to derive the hourly rate;

If a daily rate is desired in any particular instance, the same may be obtained by mul
~ tiplying the adjusted hourly rate by 8.

ce and


In accordance with the provisions of sec. 201 of the Federal Employees' Pay Act of
1945, as amended, 5 U. S. c. 911, the adjusted hourly rate has been multiplied by 113
and the result adjusted to the nearest cent to derive the overtime hourly rate in those
instances where the basic annual rate is less than $2,980. In those instances where the
basic annual rate is $2,980 or more, the formula appearing on page 11 of H.R. Report No.
726, 79th Cong., has been applied-that is, 7.6782 percent of the amount by which the
basic annual rate is in excess of $2,980 is subtracted from $894 (the overtime rate for 416
hours at $2,980)—this result has been divided by 416, and the final result has been adjusted
to the nearest cent to derive the overtime hourly rate.

Pursuant to sec. 603 (b) of the Federal Employees' Pay Act of 1945, as amended, 5
U.S. C. 943, additional compensation (overtime pay, night-pay differential, and com.

The amount appearing in italics in each instance is the tax withholding deduction. The
amount directly below this figure is the net to pay if the employee is subject to the Civil
Service Retirement Act. The third amount shown in each block is the net to pay if
the employee is subject to the provisions of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act,
as amended.

The FICA deduction applies to the first $3,600 paid by each agency, or agent thereof,
deemed a separate employer under the

provisions of sec. 203 (c) of the Social Security
Act Amendments of 1950. With respect to wages in excess of $3,600 paid by each agent
in any calendar year, the net to pay amount should, in such cases, be increased by the
related amount in the “123 percent FICA DED." column.

NOTE: Wherever the number of exemptions claimed reduces the tax withholding deduc
lion to zero, no further amounts are shown for that particular rate inasmuch as the net pay
would remain constant from that point on. For example, CPC Grade 1a with 3 exemptions
shows no tac deductions, and the net to pay (65.44 or 68.58) remains the same whether there
are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or more eremptions, and therefore is not repeated in the table.





See Leaves of Absence.


Accounts current:
Forms and procedure:

Acctg. Sys. Memno. 18, July 10, 1951.....
Acctg. Sys. Memo. 18, Supp. 1, June 10,

Prescribed for settlement officers, De-
fense Department-Acctg. Sys.

Memo. 16. Supp. 1, Sept. 6, 1951.-.--.
Reconciliation-Acctg. Sys. Memo. 15,

Supp. 1. June 10, 1952...
Deposit Fund Accounts:
Transfers-procedure--Acctg. Sys.

Memo. 9-Second Rev., Supp. 3, Nov.

6, 1951
Depository-statement of account and re-

port of checks drawn-forms and proce-
dure-- Acctg. Sys. Memo. 8, Supp. 2, Apr.

23, 1952..
Receipt accounts:
Transfery-Acctg. Sys. Memo, 9-Second

Rev., Supp. 4, Nov. 16, 1951.-------
Trust fund receipt accounts:
Acctg. Sys. Memo. 17, Supp. 1, Sept. 18,

Correction of errors-Acctg. Sys. Memo.

12. Supp. 2, July 17, 1951...
Symbols and titles:
Appropriation, fund and limitation ac-
counts-Gen. Regs. 84-Second Revi-

sion, Supp. 3, Dec. 3, 1951...
Trust fund accounts-Gen. Regs. 84-Sec-

ond Revision, Supp. 2, July 18, 1951....


Page | ADVERTISING-Continued

Rates-space measurements-when line

rates for advertising are quoted and spec-
ified as space lines on S. F. No. 1144,

Rev. Public Voucher for Advertising,
778 they are interpreted as standard of 14

agate space lines to inch without regard

to size of type actually used or name of
type inserted in space designated there-

for on voucher, so that for each inch of

space required in newspaper advertising

payment may be made for 14 lines, also

space in classified ads. is to be measured
from rule to rule, that is. from one black
measuring line to other black measuring
line with fractions of quarter of inch

being considered as next higher quarter

Vouchering, etc., procedure-Gen. Regs.

109—Revised, Supp. 2, Aug. 27, 1951....

Forest Service- Appropriations. See Appro

priations, Agriculture Department Forest


Grants for development of airports:

Allowability of project costs-- Administra-

tive determination requirement-under

sec. 13 of Federal Airport Act, 1946, as

amended, providing Federal aid for
development of public airports, it is
responsibility of Administrator of Civil

Aeronautics to determine in first instance

whether cost incurred in carrying out

project is cost which is allowable to
738 sponsor, and determination should be

made before any question relating
thereto is presented to Comptroller

General for advance decision...

Construction of unrelated facilities-ap-

propriation availability-under Federal
Airport Act, which provides for “estab-
lishment of Nation-wide system of public
airports adequate to meet present and
future needs of civil aeronautics," dis-
cretion given Administrator, Civil Aero-
nautics Adm., to obligate Govt. under
grant agreement to supply Federal funds
on matching basis for construction of
facilities of municipal airport does not
extend to approval for construction of
public auditorium, or swimming pool -
as distinguished from reservoir needed
for fire protection purposes-such facil-

ities bearing no relation to purposes of



Certificate re method or absence of-revi-

sion-Gen. Regs. 51-Supp. 14, Feb. 11,

Necessity or non-necessity-statutory au-

thority to negotiate - Armed Services Pro-
curement Act of 1947-in view of sec. 2 (c)
(1) of Armed Services Procurement Act of
1947, authorizing negotiation of contracts
without advertising when determined by
Agency head to be necessary in public in-
terest during period of national emergency,
and fact that such emergency was pro-
claimed by President on Dec. 16, 1950,
military establishments may award con-
tracts for supplies and services at prices
other than lowest which might be obtain-
able, upon proper determination that
award is necessary in public interest......


Grants for development of airports-Con.

Improvements, land costs, etc.—while

Cost-of-living allowancesContinued
under Federal Airport Act, 1946, as

Territorial allowance Continued
amended, which provides Federal aid

considered in computing aggregate
for development of public airports, value

compensation limitation that may be
of land donated to sponsor may be con-

paid to secretaries and law clerks of
sidered as part or all of sponsor's share

judges under Judiciary Appro. Act of
of project cost, such value may not be

1952, as amended....

enhanced by value or cost of improve-

Retroactive salary payments-under in-
ments to land, otherwise unallowable,

creased compensation amendment to
which had previously been added by

Classification Act of 1949, employees


who between effective date of amend-

ment and its approval received over-
Head taxes-refunde-official travel abroad

time compensation, night differential

and foreign or territorial cost-of-living
by alien employees-travel expense item-
head tax assessed under sec. 2 of Immigra-

allowances based on percentage of
tion Act of Feb. 5, 1917, as amended, upon

gross basic pay must have their status
alien employee of Weather Bur. reentering

for pay purposes reconstructed and
U. S. from official business trip to Europe,

necessary adjustments made to reflect

net results bad amendment been ap
which is not refundable under resident
alien exemption provisions of Immigration

plied currently at time compensation
was paid..

regulations, may be considered necessary
travel expense incurred in connection with

Temporary duty-employee who is as-
official travel and, as such, may be reim-

signed temporary duty stations in
bursed to employee...

Territories of U. S. may not receive

Territorial cost-of-living allowance,

prescribed pursuant to authority con-

tained in E. O. No. 10000 for increased
Cost-or-living allowances:

living costs in Territories, for same
Retroactive salary payments—under in-

period employee receives per diem al-
creased compensation amendment to

lowance in lieu of subsistence.......
Classification Act of 1949, employees who

Gratuities. See Gratuities.
between effective date of amendment

Military, naval, etc., personnel:
and its approval received overtime com-

Station allowances:
pensation, night differential and foreign
or territorial cost of living allowances

Availability of Government mess-per

diem station allowance, authorized
based on percentage of gross basic pay
must have their status for pay purposes

under regulations and circulars of uni-
reconstructed and necessary adjustments

formed services for personnel who per-
made to reflect net results had amend-

form duty outside continental limits
ment been applied currently at time

of U. 8. or in Alaska, may not be paid
compensation was paid....

to officer for period during which Govt.

Territorial allowance:

quarters and messing facilities were
Concurrent subsistence per diem pay.

available at his post of duty, and com
ments-employee who is assigned tem-

manding officer may not by denying or
porary duty stations in Territories of

purporting to deny officer permission
U. S. may not receive Territorial cost-

to eat meals at otherwise available
of-living allowance, prescribed pur-

organization mess confer on officer
suant to authority contained in E. O.

vested legal right to per diem station
No. 10000 for increased living costs in

allowance for subsistence.....
Territories, for same period employee

Availability of Government quarters
receives per diem allowance in lieu of

per diem station allowance, authorized


under regulations and circulars of uni
Inclusion for aggregate compensation

formed services for personnel who per
limitation purposes-judicial posi-

form duty outside continental limits of
tions--payment of differential (cost-of-

U. S. or in Alaska, may not be paid to
living allowance) to law clerks of U. S.

officer for period during which Govt.
Dist. Ct. for Dist. of Hawaii under 28

quarters and messing facilities were
U.S.C. 604 (a) (5), which authorizes

available at his post of duty, and com-
Dir., Administrative Office of U. S.

manding officer may not by denying
Cts., to fix compensation of law clerks

or purporting to deny officer permis
and other employees of court whose

sion to eat meals at otherwise available
compensation is not otherwise fixed by

organization mess confer on officer
law, is to be regarded as "additional

vested legal right to per diem station
compensation," and therefore, must be

allowance for subsistence.......







positions of special agent and special
Post differe tials-Foreign differentials

employee are subject to promotion restric-
temporary assignments, details, etc.-

tions of other provisions of that section...
foreign post differential authorized under Initial salary rates. See Compensation, rates
part I of E. O. No. 10000 as recruitment

new appointees.
incentive to employees stationed outside

Postal Service-rates. See Compensation,
U.S. may not be paid to employee who is

Postal Service, rates.
detailed outside U. 8. for temporary

Withdrawals-Veterans Preference Act vio-

614 lations--inasmuch as appointment of vet-
Travel allowance. See Travel Allowance.

erans to higher grades under Classification

Act of 1949, from non-civil service register
Attorney positions--non-civil service reg.

established for attorneys by Federal Trade
isters-promotion restriction exception-

Com. prior to completion of at least one
under provisions of sec. 1310 (c) of Sup-

year's service in next lower grade is not

authorized under provisions of sec. 1310 (c)
plemental Appro. Act, 1952, prohibiting
promotion or transfer of any person whose

of Supplemental Appro. Act, 1952, offers
position is subject to Classification Act of

of such appointments to veterans may be
1949, as amended, to higher grade under

withdrawn without violating provisions of

Veterans Preference
act unless he has served at least one year

Act of 1944, as

in next lower grade or is within reach for

appointment to higher grade position on
competitive civil service register, persons

Accounts-withdrawals and credits--Acctg.
with prior service in such positions who

Sys. Memo. Second Rev., Supp. 4, Nov.

16, 1951...
have not completed required period in
grade when reached for appointment to

Adjustment-correction of errors in charges
higher grade position of attorney on non-

and credits-Gen. Regs. 116, Mar. 17, 1952.
civil service register, established by

Agriculture Department-Forest Service-
Federal Trade Com., may not be ap-

cooperative range improvements-amounts
pointed to higher grade..

208 available-words "amount available" as
Effective date-constructive date for appoint-

used in appropriation for Forest Service

for “Cooperative Range Improvements"
ees who lost appointment opportunity due
to military service-appointments of lower

contained in Dept. of Agriculture Appro.
eligibles by direct certification from reg.

Act, 1952, limiting amount which may be
ister-erroneous conversion of lower

expended from appropriation for coopera-
eligible from war service appointment-

tive range improvements on particular
under act of July 31, 1946, as amended,

national forest to matching base of one-to-
providing for placing in appropriate

three, refers only to deposits or credit of
status of veteran who lost opportunity

funds, so that value of "other contribu-
for probational appointment in Postal

tions," such as improvements by permit-
Service because of being in military service,

tees, may not be considered as "amounts
it must be established that veteran actu-

available" to meet one-to-three matching
ally lost opportunity for probational

requirement of statute..
appointment because of being in military

American Battle Monuments Commission-
service, and therefore, veteran is not

public building improvements-moderni-
entitled to benefits of act where lower

zation of lighting system in building ac-
eligible received probational appointment

quired by Dept. of State in Paris, France,
not as result of direct certification from

and occupied solely by American Battle
register of eligibles, but because of er-

Monuments Com's. European Office may
roneous conversion from

war Service

be considered as one of "necessary ex-

592 penses" essential to effect purposes for
Federal Bureau of Investigation special

which Com's. 1952 appropriation for
agent and special employee positions-

salaries and expenses was made..
non-civil service registers--promotion re-

striction exception-inasmuch as appoint-

Compensation losses of Selective Service
ments to positions of special agent and

registrants-employee of Military Sea
special employee in F. B. I. from Bureau's

Transportation Service who was unable
competitive register, which positions are

to sail on his assigned vessel due to local
excepted from classified civil service, are

selective service draft board ordering
not to be regarded as appointments from

him to remain in U. S. pending physical
"competitive civil service register" within

examination is not entitled to compen-
meaning of that term as used in sec. 1310

sation lost as result of such action, there
(c) of Supp. Appro. Act, 1952, excepting

being no law making appropriated funds
civil service register appointments from

available for payment of compensation
promotion restrictions of said section,

losses sustained by selective service regis-



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