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Oil, Turpentine.

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To be in daplicate: one copy to be retained by the officer, one sent with the Quarterly Return to the Quartermaster General.

Horse medicines and dressings expended in the public service by the Quartermaster will be accounted for on Form No. 39, and entered on this Abstract.

The number of animals for which the expenditure is made will be certified on the Voucher.

Transfers to be entered on Abstract K.

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I CERTIFY that the above requisition is correct, and that horse medicines and dre Apprured:


Received at

on the ..

day of ..... quarts liquid blister, ... pounds blue stone, pounds borax, pounds calon mercurial ointment, .... bottles Mustang liniment, bottles Powell's liviment, salts, .... pounds sulphur, .... pounds saltpetre, quarts street spirits nitre, ... pounds sponge, omces silk, for ligature.

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