Report on the Foreign Service

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National civil service reform league, 1919 - Consuls - 322 pages

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Page 240 - No officer or employee of the Government shall, directly or indirectly, instruct or be concerned in any manner in the instruction of any person or classes of persons, with a view to their special preparation for the examinations of the United States Civil Service Commission or of the boards of examiners for the diplomatic and consular services.
Page 288 - The President is authorized to prescribe such regulations for the admission of persons into the civil service of the United States as may best promote the efficiency thereof, and ascertain the fitness of each candidate in respect to age, health, character, knowledge, and ability for the branch of service into which he seeks to enter; and for this purpose he may employ suitable persons to conduct such inquiries, and may prescribe their duties, and establish regulations for the conduct of persons who...
Page 199 - Affairs, and that there shall be a principal officer therein, to be called the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, who shall perform and execute such duties as shall from time to time be enjoined on or intrusted to him by the President of the United States...
Page 258 - No one shall be examined who is under twenty-one or over fifty years of age, or who is not a citizen of the United States, or who is not of good character and habits and physically and mentally qualified for the proper performance of consular work, or who has not been specially designated by the President for appointment to the consular service subject to examination.
Page 255 - The names of candidates will remain on the eligible list for two years, except in the case of such candidates as shall within that period be appointed or shall withdraw their names. Names which have been on the eligible list for two years will be dropped therefrom and the candidates concerned will not again be eligible for appointment unless upon fresh application, designation anew for examination, and the successful passing of such second examination.
Page 210 - President is hereby authorized to make such appointments, which shall be submitted to the Senate at the next session thereafter for their advice and consent; and no compensation shall be allowed to any charge' d'affaires or any of the secretaries hereinbefore described who shall not be appointed as aforesaid.
Page 282 - Cushing says, the President has power by the Constitution to appoint diplomatic agents of the United States of any rank at any place and at any time in his discretion, subject only to the constitutional condition of the relation to the Senate, yet it would be very difficult for the President otherwise to break away from the established practice under which for years he and his predecessors have been expected by Congress to make appointments. Any change in this respect should come by general consent....
Page 117 - You have had enough experience in politics to know how valuable workers are when the campaign is on, and how difficult it is to find suitable rewards for all the deserving.
Page 233 - That any foreign service officer may be assigned for duty in the Department of State without loss of class or salary, such assignment to be for a period of not more than three years, unless the public interests demand further service, when such assignment may be extended for a period not to exceed one year.
Page 199 - Constitution, relative to correspondences, commissions or instructions to or with public ministers or consuls, from the United States, or to negotiations with public ministers from foreign states or princes, or to memorials or other applications from foreign public ministers or other foreigners, or to such other matters respecting foreign affairs, as the President of the United States shall assign to the said department...

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