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Books and references followed by a call number, "Law library" or “N. Y. S. L." are in the New York state library. Pamphlets and books with a class number but no book number have not yet been added to the card catalogue; those lacking both class and book number have not been personally examined.

Abbreviations have been used for other libraries in which books and references were examined as follows:


Library Scien

Z 1007



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are separated by a colon; e. g. 11:319 means v. 11, p. 319.

Books analyzed are not elsewhere entered in full; municipal monopolies, patents and reports of law suits have not been included. The bibliography is chiefly confined to publications between 1895 and 1899, but a few 1900 publications have been added.



Annual literary index, 1895-99

Beach, Charles Fisk. Recent articles in leading periodicals on modern trust combinations. (see his Treatise on the law of monopolies and industrial trusts. 1898. p. 733-34)

Boston public library. Catalogue

List of books on social reform in the library.


Bullock, Charles Jesse. Literature on monopolies. (see his Introduction to

the study of economics. 1897. p. 328)

Works analyzed

Cumulative index to periodicals. 1896-May 1900

Engineering magazine. Index to leading articles on industrial sociology. 1895-99

Harvard university library. Catalogue

Hastings, C. H. comp. Bibliography of important books dealing with various lines of social work. (see American journal of sociology. 1896-date, v. 1date)

Index to the periodicals of 1895-99

Published by Review of reviews office.

Indiana—State library. Bibliography of works relating to labor in the library.

(see its Bibliography: 1 Insurance: 2 Labor. 1898. p. 15–31)

Labor annual, 1895-97. v. 1-3. Manchester 1895-97

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Legal intelligencer. Topical index of current law magazines. 1895-99
Marot, Helen.

Handbook of labor literature. Phil. 1899

Massachusetts-State library. Catalogue

New York-State library. Special reference list no. 2, Trusts

Palgrave, Robert Harry Inglis, comp. Dictionary of political economy. v. 2-3.


Park, Orville A. comp. Index to the publications of the various bar associations. 1899

Poole, W: F: & Fletcher, W: I: comp. Index to periodical literature. 3d supplement from Jan. 1, 1892-Dec. 31, 1896

Quarterly journal of economics. Recent publications upon economics. 1895–99 Topics of the hour: trusts; a list of books and articles on trusts. (see Chautauquan, Dec. 1900, 30:237-38)

Wright, Carroll Davidson. References on regulation of organizations. (see his Outline of practical sociology. 1899. p. 404)



Bascom, John. Social theory, a grouping of social facts and princi-
ples. 550p. D. N. Y. 1895. Crowell $1.75. (Library
of economics and politics, v. 7)
301 B29
Bemis, Edward Webster, ed. Municipal monopolies, a collection
of papers by American economists and specialists. 691p. pl. D.
N. Y. 1899. Crowell $2. (Library of economics and politics,
v. 16)
Bliss, Rev. William Dwight Porter, ed. Encyclopedia of social
reform. 1439p. Q. N. Y. 1897. Funk $7.50 net. R303 qB61
Bullock, Charles Jesse. Introduction to the study of economics.
511p. D.
N. Y. 1897. Silver $1.40.

352.2 B42

330.2 B87 Cook, William W. Treatise on the law of corporations having a Ed. 4. 3v. O.

capital stock.

Chic. 1898.

Crocker, Uriel H.
Bost. 1896.

Cause of hard times.
Little 50c net.

New ed.

Callaghan Law library

110p. S. 338 C871


Elliott, Byron K. & Elliott, W: F. Treatise on the law of Works
4v. O.
Indianapolis 1897. Bowen-Merrill $24.
Law library

Elliott, Charles B. Treatise on the law of private corporations. Ed. 3.
748p. O.
Indianapolis 1900. Bowen-Merrill $6. Law library
Giddings, Franklin Henry. Democracy and empire, with studies
of their psychological, economic and moral foundations. 363p.

N. Y. 1900. Macmillan $2.50.

304 G36

0. Gladden, Washington, D. D. Social facts and forces, the factory, the labor union, the corporation, the railway, the city, the church. 235p. D. N. Y. 1897. Putnam $1.25.

304 G45 Ryder lectures 1895-96. Gronlund, Laurence. The new economy, a peaceable solution of the social problem. 364p. D. Chic. 1898. Stone $1.25. 330 G89 Hadley, Arthur Twining. Economics, an account of the relations between private property and public welfare. 496p. O. N. Y. 1896. Putnam $2.50. Halstead, William Riley. Christ in the industries. 179p. D. Cin. 1898. Curts & Jennings 75c.

330 HII

261 H16

succession of

Hirschl, Andrew J. Combination, consolidation and
corporations. 590p. O. Chic. 1896. Callaghan $6. Law library
Hoffman, Frank Sargent. Sphere of the state; or, The people as a
body-politic, with special consideration of certain present problems.
Ed. 2. 275p. D. N. Y. 1895. Putnam $1.50.

Lusk, Hugh H. Our foes at home.
Doubleday & McClure Co. $1.

297p. D.

320.1 H67 N. Y. 1899.

330 L97

Means, David MacGregor. Industrial freedom, with an introduc

tion by D: A. Wells. 248p. D.

Newcomb, H. T. Railway economics.

Railway world pub. co. $1.

N. Y. 1897.

Appleton $1.50.
331 M46

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330 P19

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Pantaleoni, Maffeo.

Lond. 1896.

Pure economics; tr. by T. B. Bruce. 315P.

The commerce clause
Chic. 1898. Cal-
Law library

0. Ń. Y. 1898. Macmillan $3.50. Prentice, E. Parmalee & Egan, J: G. of the federal constitution. 386p. O. laghan $5. Sanders, George A. Reality; or, Law and order vs anarchy and socialism; a reply to Edward Bellamy's Looking backward and Equality. 239p. O. Cleveland 1898. Burrows $2. 813.49 B41z Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate, ed. United States of America. 2v. pl. map, O. N. Y. 1894. Appleton $10. 917.3 qShi Stimson, Frederic Jesup. Handbook to the labor law of the United States. 385p. D. N. Y. 1896. Scribner $1.50.

338.9 St5

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