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1. Cost-sharing of permanent conservation practices under long-term contracts with farmers and ranchers in designated counties in the 10 Great Plain States.

2. Cost-share programing and contract administration and technical assistance to help make needed land use adjustments and Install conservation measures specified in basic conservation plans in accordance with contract schedules.

Resource Conservation and Development Program

Section 102 of the Food and Agriculture Act of 1962 (Public Law 87-703), (16 U.S.C. 1010-1011) provided authority to assist locally sponsored Resource Conservation and Development Projects to conduct programs of land conservation and use in areas where acceleration of present conservation activities are needed and where projects add economic opportunities to the people. The FY 1982 budget proposes to phase out the current program. Activity for FY 1982 will be limited to:

1. Technical assistance and cost-share assistance to sponsors, local groups, and individuals to complete work started in prior years.

2. Loan services for resource improvements and developments in approved projects. Loans are made on an insured basis from the Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund administered by the Farmers Home Administration.

Program Administration: The Soil Conservation Service maintains its central office in Washington, D.C. Most of its activities are carried out in about 3,050 field offices in the SO States and Puerto Rico. Four technical service centers provide program coordination and technical support. This includes services such as engineering, watershed planning, cartographic work, soil mechanics laboratories, information, professional help in agronomy, soils, biology, forestry, plant Materials, range conservation, and other technical work. As of September 30, 1980, there were 13,198 full-time employees and 2,552 part-time, intermittent, and other employees. Of these, 440 full-time employees and 59 other employees were located in the Headquarters.

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Available Funds and Staff years, 1980 and Estimated 1981 and 1982 - Continued

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Total, Soil Conservation
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1980 and Estimated 1981 and 1982

Personnel Compensation:


11 Total personnel compensation Other Objects:

12 Personnel benefits-civilian..

13 Benefits of former personnel.

21 Travel

22 Transportation of things

23.1 Standard level user charges..

23.2 Communications, utilities,

and other rent

24 Printing and reproduction....

25 Other services

Construction contracts

26 Supplies and materials

31 Equipment

32 Lands and structures

33 Investments and loans

41 Grants, subsidies, and


42 Insurance claims and


44 Refunds

Total other objects

Total obiigations

Position Data:

Average Salary, GS positions

Average Grade, GS positions

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