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TENNESSEE-Continued. Galilean Fishermen, G. Uni'd Order Bristol 1876 *Golden Cross, United Order of the. Knoxville

John D. Young... W. R. Cooper 1903 Knights of Pythias, Endowment Bureau...

Nashville.... 1903 Methodist Benevolent and Fraternal Association...


H.M.DuBose, D.D.J. H. Shumaker 1898 Sailors..


S. L. Pendleton...1 P. Sherry 1891 * U.S. Letter Carriers M.B. Ass'n.. Nashville,918 Haslam st Chas. P. Kelly... Wilmot Dunn.

and Treas TEXAS. 1902 Acme Protective Association. Dallas. 1901 Afro-American Benevolent Ass'n Fort Worth.

Wm. Coleman 1900 Alamo, Order of the..


F. C. Bailey. 1908 Alpha Tau Mutual Benefit Order.. Cameron

J. H. Bickett. A. E. Pool 1900 American Knights of Liberty Beaumont

Geo. W. McIntosh 1900 | American Mutual Benefit Ass'n..... Galveston

S. M. Hopping. J. E. Drisdale 1900 *A. O. U. W. of Texas ... Dallas.

Will A. Hassell 1903 Army of Loyal Knights and Ladies. Austin

Chas. H. McCord. E. J. Cavileer 1895 Bohemian Rom. Cath. Union of Tex. Union..

Fra. A. Parma... B. Kallus...... 1902 Brothers & Sisters of Love & Charity Houston 1897 Colored Friend-In-Need Society.... Austin

W. H. Holland... Louis L. Lyons 1901 Colored Helping Hand Society. Austin

R. T. Scott... 1900 Colored Knights and Ladies of Honor of Texas..


C. H. Thomas.....
Colored Knights of Honor.


C. H. Thomas 1898 *Colored Knights of Pythias of Tex. Waco

W. R. Hill... A. J. Moore 1902 Comfort Mutual Aid Ass'n


C. Lindeman.. W. Fellbaun 1902 | Ellis County Home Relief Ass'n.. Waxahachie

J. H. Miller. W. J. Bine
1902 Ennis Mutual Benefit Association Ennis
Family of Friends in Deed.

Family Protective Benefit Ass'n Dallas..

J. B. Laski

R. P. Clay
Fannin County Beneficial Ass'n.... Bonham

Pat. Henry 1895 Friend-In-Need Society of Austin.. Austin

A. M. Maddox... G. A. Wheatley 1900 Friend-In-Need Society of Texas. Austin

F. Heireman W. G. Eyres
Gate City Burial Ass'n.....

W. H. Halton
German-American Protective Assn. Dallas.

A. C. Riley 1902 Globe Indemnity Co..


P. Arnold.. 1902 Globe Mutual Benefit Society. Dallas,

W. O. Myers... G. W. Gibbs 1902 Good Samaritan Society...


R. W. Malone.. W.D. Hale 1902 Golden Rule, Lodge No. 1


B. Williams. 1902 Grayson County Mutual Ins. Club.. Sherman 1903 Guaranty Funeral Benefit Co....

Waco. 1901 Home Benefit Society


J. T. Gillett.. J. B. Cooper 1900 Home Circle Society


J. P. Woolsey S. W. Ellis 1903 Home Indemnity Association. Waco...

John Mangum.. J. B. Cooper 1901 Home Insurance Co.....


S. S. Walker O. Kennedy 1902 Home Mutual and Sick Benefit Ass'n Greenville Home Protective Ass'n.

Beaumont 1902 Home Protective Association Decatur

W. L. Rush
Home Relief Association

R. K. McAdams 1903 Home Relief Society....

Dublin. Hotel Men's Mutual Benefit Ass'n.. San Antonio 1897 Ind. American Knights of Liberty - San Antonio.

Eva McIntosh 1895 Knights and Daughters of Tabor... Dallas.....

C. E. W. Day
Knights and Knights and Ladies of
Honor of Texas..

R. H. Hudson 1902 Knights and Ladies of Golden Fleece Beaumont 1903 Lone Star Ready Relief Fund. Cleburne

J. R. Ransone, Jr. 1902 Manhattan Mutual Benefit Ass'n.. Galveston..

L. A. Murff. E. S. Cox Mechanics Home of America.. 1963 Mexico Zaragoza.

Waco. 1898 *Modern Order of Pretorians. Dallas, Pretorian bldg. C. B. Gardner Geo. G. Taylor Mutual Aid Association..

1903 Mutual Aid Fund Ass'n.
San Antonio

C. L. Cazel, Agt
Mutual Benefit Society.

W. H. Townsend 1902 Mutual Benevolent Association. Austin 1901 Mutual Life Association..


J. L. Rodgers Jesse L. Rogers 1902 Mutual Life of America. Hillsboro

C. M. Smithdale 1902 Mutual Life and Indemnity Ass'n.. Waco 1903 Mutual Relief Ass'n of Caryell Co. Gatesville National Benefit Ass'n.. Dallas

F. W. McGuire

* Over one million dollars in force.

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WASHINGTON. 1892 *A. O. U. W. of Washington. Seattle..

J. M. Hitt.

J. H. Hemer 1902 Degree of Honor...

Seattle 1908 Fraternal Knights and Ladies.. Seattle. 1903 Madrona Benefit Association.... Seattle

H. B. Cochran 1901 Puget Sound Mutual Life Ins. Co... South Park.

John V. Edson... Geo. W. Haigh 1902 Sons of Herman.....

1895 A. O. U. W. of W. Va...

S. M. Hathaway Fairmont Fraternal Ins. Assn. Fairmont...

WISCONSIN. 1902 Aid Assn. of Lutherans in Wis..... Appleton

G. D. Ziegler...-Albert Voecks 1877|*A. O. U. W. of Wisconsin..... Fond du Lac, Forest av.

and Macy st

Chas. Oellerich... F. M. Givens 1902 *Beavers Reserve Fund Fraternity. Stoughton..

J. I. Hutson. B. E. Wait 1890 *Bohem. R. C. Cen. Un. of Wis.. Mil'kee, Germania bldg John Paulu... V. Spika 1897 | *Equitable Fraternal Union.. Neenah

E. A. Williams.... M. L. Campbell 1902 *Fraternal Reserve Ass'n..


E. R. Hicks.... C. M. Robinson 1893 *Foresters, United Order.

Milwaukee, Hathaway

H. L. Southworth S. W. Dennison 1888 Gegenseitige Unterstuetzungs Gesellschaft Germ'a...

Milwaukee, 828 B'way.- Joseph Hauk Ignatz Wetzel 1891 *Good Templars Mut. Benefit Ass'n Mil.. 208 Oneida st. H. A. Porter. B. T. Parker 1869 *Hermann's Sons of Wisconsin... Milwaukee, 809 3d st.. Louis Aaron.... Fritz Reuter 1899 Ind. Scandinavian Workingmens As Eau Claire....

Martin Bergh.. John Erickson 1886 Knights of the White Cross, Order of Milwaukee, 105 North

Humboldt st... E. Godager.. H. Tolzien 1902 *National Fraternal League... Green Bay..

B. L. Parker P. G. Wright 1895 *Polish Ass'n of America..

Milwaukee, 728 7th ave. S. Caplewski Ignatz Gorski 1888 Turners Mutual Benefit Ass'n of the Northwest .....

Mil., Turnverein Hall.. Fred Tegmeyer. Wm. R. Knell 1891 United Aid of Sheboygan..... Sheboygan, 1835 Mary

land ave..

G. A. Geisler...... Louis Grasse 1900 Wisconsin Widow & Orphan Donation Society...


H. L. Gordon.....R. E. Muenchard

CANADA. 1892 *A. O. U. W. of British Columbia... Victoria, B.C..

J. T. McIlmoyl 1892 * A. O. U. W. of Man. & N. W.T.. Winnipeg, Man.. John Stevens.. J. M. Matthew 1879 A. O. U. W. of Ontario (Ind. Juris). Toronto...

Joseph Gibson... M. D. Carder 1894 *A. O. U. W. of Qu. & Mar. Prov Montreal.

A. T. Patterson 1892 A. O. U. W., Manitoba....


Alex, A. Aird. J. M. Matthew 1885 Canadian Home Circles...


J. S. Deuch J. M. Foster, B.A. 1880 *Catholic Mut. Ben. Ass'n of Canada Kingston, Ont.

M. F. Hackett John T. Behan 1887 *Chosen Friends, Canadian Order of Hamilton, Ont., 7 Hugh.

son st., S.

H. I. Allen... Wm. F. Montague 1871 Commercial Trav. Ass'n of Canada. Toronto, 51 Yonge st... Geo. Anderson... Etta M. Rowley 1885 Commercial Travelers Mut. Ben. Socy of W. Ontario....

Lon., Ont., Mas.Temple Geo. Anderson...Etta M. Rowley 1879 *Foresters, High Court, Can.Order of Brantford, Ont.,205 Col

borne st..

J. A. Stewart...... Geo. Faulkner 1871 Foresters of the Dominion of Canada, Ancient Order...

Tor.,88 Richmond st., W S. H. Kent........ W. Williams 1881 | *Foresters, Supreme Court, Indep. Order of ...

Tor., Bay & Richmond. Oronhyatekha, MD J. A. McGillivray 1864 K. of P. of Ont., Grand Lodge.. Toronto, Ont., 157 Deni.

W. E. Rispen... Geo. H. Mitchell 1886 O. F. of Ont., Indep. Order.... Tor., Canada L. Bldg. C. C. Lyman. J. B. King 1852 *Odd Fellows, Canadian Order of Toronto, 49 King st., w W. H. Shaw.... Robert Fleming 1874 Odd Fellows Relief Ass'n

Kingston, Ont., 394
King st.

R. F. Elliott....... R, Meek 1884 *Royal Templar of Temperance Hamilton, Ont., 36 King

William st

F. Buchanan...... J. V. Emory 1877 | *Societe Des Artisans......

Montreal, 115 St. Fran

cois Xavier st Alfred Lambert.. Germain Beaulieu 1874 Sons of England Benevolent Soc'y. Toronto, 28 Yonge St.


F. Cook..

John W. Carter 1876 Sons of Scotland Benevolent Ass'n. Tor., Canada L. Bldg.Alex. I'raser...... D. M. Robertson 1868 St. Joseph Union Society ........ Ottawa..

Oliver Durocher.. 1881 Un. Protestant Benevolent Ass'n... Hamilton, Ont., 419 King

st., E.

John W. Morrow. William Derby 1893 *Woodmen of the World (Canadian Order)..

London, Ont.,Mas. Tem.C.C. Hodgins. W.C. Fitzgerald

[blocks in formation]

1903 American Accident Ass'n.... Lincoln, Neb..

J. S. Kirkpatrick. M. D. Hatch 1908 American Accident Ins. Co.... Youngstown. O.... Elias Jenkins.... J. H. Silliman 1908 American Health & Acc. Ass'n... Creston, la

J. I. Thompson.. C. H. Thompson 1903 Atlas Casualty Co...

Lake Mills, Wis.... F. Kemeys-Tynte N. H. Palke 1898 •Bankers Accident Ins. Co......... Des Moines, Ia., Young

erman Block

W. E. Statler... W. F. Leech 1903 Bay State Accident Ass'n..... Boston, Mass... 1901 Bramwell Accident Co....

Bramwell, W. Va. 1902 Carolina Insurance & Casualty Co.. Columbus, s. C.. A. M. Meetze L. W. Moorhouse 1908 Central Mutual Benefit Co.

Evansville, Ind.

J. H. Hammond.. A. E. Hammond 1902 Chippewa Valley Casualty Co Eau Claire, Wis.. J. T. Joyce........ John F. Roberts 1889 Columbian Accident Ass'n... Seattle, Wash.

E. W. Andrews.. R. T. Holland 1889 Commercial Mutual Acc. Co..... Phila., Pa., Girard Bldg A. H. Ladner.. H. B. Meininger 1894 *Commercial Travelers Eastern Ac cident Association.......

Boston, Mass., 178 Dev.
onshire st.

Edwin A. Towne. Lauris J. Page 1889 -Commercial Travelers Mutual ACcident Ass'n of Amer...

Utica, N. Y., 2d Nat'll
Bank Bldg...

Henry D. Pixley..
1892 *Commercial Travelers Mutual Ac-
cident Ass'n of Indiana... Indianapolis, Ind., Ste-

venson Building.. J. A. Dugan......Carey McPherson 1892 Employers Mutual Indemnity.... Philadelphia, Pa.. J. T. Bailey... T. B. Dallas 1892 *Equitable Accident Co....... Boston, Mass., 181 De

vonshire st.

Albert C. Smith.. D. T. Montague 1896 Equitable Mutual Accident Ass'n Omana, Neb..

Geo. B. Bell.......

Arthur L. Sheetz 1896 *First National Accident Co.... Milwaukee, Wis., 230

Grand av.

John T. Kelly R. J. McMillan 1892 *Fort Wayne Mercantile Acc. Ass'n. Fort Wayne, Ind., Ar

cade Building... R. D. Hudgle.....L.H. Ransom 1887 *Fraternal Accident Ass'n of Am... Westfield, Mass... James Noble, Jr.. H. N. Kingsbury 1901 Praternal Accident Society. Cedar Rapids, Ia. Geo. N. Frink.. R. A. Moses 1895 Fraternities Accident Order. Phila., Pa., Witherspoon


D. E. Stevens. Edwin S. Cook 1903 Grand Rapids Acc. & Health Ins.Co Grand Rapids, Mich. W. M. Palmer.. George Munger 1895 Great Western Accident Ass'n.... Des Moines, Ia.,Crocker


H. B. Hawley

R. D. Emery 1900*Home Accident Ass'n

Fordyce, Ark..

J. E. Hampton.... J. R. Hampton 1892 Illinois Commercial Mens Ass'n. Chicago, Ill., Masonic


Geo. W. Smith... R. A. Cavenaugh 1908 International Travelers Ass'n.. Dallas, Tex.

C. A. Waterman..Price Cross 1902 Iosco Protective Association... Au Sable, Mich.. F. C. Ebling W. H. Leith 1880 *Iowa State Trav. Mens Ass'n. Des Moines, Ia....

H. B. Hedge. F. E. Haley 1898 Maine Casualty Ins. Co....... Portland, Me., 185 Mid

dle st.

Philip J. Larrabee G. E. Snow 1902 Masonic Mutual Accident Co.... Springfield, Mass... R H. Kneil..... S. W. Munsell 1888 • Massachusetts Mutual Accident Association ..........

Boston, Mass., 181 Dey-
onshire st.

Geo. L. Stevens.. G. L. McNeill 1903 Metropolitan Acc. Co. of Minnesota St. Paul, Minn.. Jas. Drummond. | Thomas P. Swan 1802 Michigan Health & Accident Ass'n Owosso, Mich... Geo, W. Detwiler. E. E. Henderson

*Michigan Home & Acc. Ass'n.. Grand Rapids, Mich.. Cyrus E. Perkins. E. B. Fisher i90i Ministers Casualty Union...... Minneapolis, Minn., AR

drews Block.

Wm. Pielder W. P. Hobart 1902 Miners Insurance Co.....

Elkhorn, W. Va.. S. E. Stafford... W. M. Watts 1890 Minnesota Accident Insurance Co. St. Paul, Minn., Endi

cott bldg..

C. A. Van Duzee . G. E. Schnabel 1885 - National Accident Society... New York, 820 B'dway. Chas. H. Webb... Jos. I. Barnum 1889 * National Masonic Accident Ass'n. Des Moines, Ia., M. Tem Alf. Wingate... H. C. Alverson 1901 New England Casualty Co.... Boston, Mass., 100

Boylston st..

R. H. Kneil....... M. E. Coughlin 1877 New England Com. Trav. Ass'n Boston, Mass., 93 Sum.

mer st.

John L. Pearsall.. Walter P. Tilton 1886 i New York Casualty Company..... New York, 86 Nassau st Geo, E. Green H. B. Heylman 1902 North American Accident Ass'n....Saginaw, Mich.. H. C. Warrant.... A. E. Moore 1898 *North American Casualty Company Minneapolis, Minn., N.

Y. Life bldg.

J. W. Sullivan.... H. M, Little Northern Acc. & Benefit Ass'n. Oshkosh, Wis. *Northwestern Casualty Co..... Milwaukee, Wis., Hath

away Bldg.

Adolph H. Meyer. C. A. Miller 1901 Peninsular Accident Society.. Bay City, Mich..

Wm. Kerr ....

Wm. O. Cliff 1902 •Pennsylvania Life & Acc. Ass'n... Phila., Pa., 608 Chest

G. I. Dean, Ac.M.. Wm. Barnes

nut st..

* Over 1000 certificates in force.

[blocks in formation]

1903 Peerless Casualty Co......

Keene, N. H. Physicians' Casualty Assn..

Omaha, Neb. 1908 Postal Accident Ins. Co...

South Bend, Ind.. C. A. Wilcox...... Geo. B. Warren 1989 * Preferred Accident Association... Detroit, Mich., Opera

House Bldg...

L. 0. Chatfield... F. E Gowling 1902 *Protective Disability Co....... Boston, Mass.

E. D. Merrow.. R. W. Osgood 1880 Protective Life Ass'n (Acc. Dep't).. Rochester, N. Y., 249

Powers Bldg.

O. N. Crane. Geo. M. Forbes 1904 Provident Accident Ass'n... Omaha, Neb.

W. H. Christie. John G. Lund 1903 Provident Accident Ins. Co...... Wheeling, W. Va... 1903 Provident Life & Acc. Ins. Co... Chattanooga, Tenn. Thos. Maclellan...D. E. Maclellan 1887 *Red Mens Fraternal Accident Association of America......

Westfield, Mass.,Powers

Robert H. Kneil.. Robert Gowdy 1902 Sault Health & Accident Ins. Co.... Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Otto Fowle...... C. E. Chipley Texas Life and Accident Assn. Brownwood, Texas....

C. H. Jenkins 1887 Traders and Travelers Accident Company of New York

N. Y. city, 90 Nassau st| Jas. J. Phelan.. Henry Spratley 1903 Travelers Health Ass'n...

Omaha, Neb... 1890 Travelers Protective Ass'n.. St. Louis, Mo., Union

Trust Bldg..

E. C. Barrows ....L. I. La Beaume 1903 Twin City Life and Casualty... Minneapolis, Minn. 1902 *Union Accident & Benefit Ass'n... Oshkosh, Wis.

Geo. E. Tyrell.... Z. C. Dockstoder 1901 Union Health and Accident Co.. Boston, Mass.,

100 Boylston st.

W. A. Blossom.... Geo. W. Starbird 1896 *Union Mutual Insurance Co.... Duluth, Minn.,

806 Palladio.

F. H. Lounsbury. D. D. Mclonis 1901 *Universal Indemnity Co......... Syracuse, N. Y. R. C. McGennan.. C. H. Reynolds 1897 *U. S. Accident Ass'n of Detroit.... Detroit, Mich., McGraw


Jacob Guthard... J. W. Haugsterfer 1903 United States Casualty & Ins. Co... Pueblo, Colo.

A. L. Price.. W. E. Buchanan 1903 Usona Indemnity Society.

St. Louis, Mo.

B. F. Gray, Jr..... Robert W. Idman 1902 Virginia Accident Ins. Co.

Tazewell, Va.

A. St. Clair

Wm. H. Werth 1892 *Western Travelers Accident Ass'n. Omaha, Neb., 109 S. 10th

Arthur L Sheetz 1840 *Woodmen Accident Ass'n....... Lincoln, Neb., Frater

nity Bldg...

A.O. Faulkner ... C. E. Spangler 1903 Workingmen's Mutual Protective 1908 Ass'a.

Benton Harbor, Mich.. F. M. Witbeck.... A. Ross Arford 1903 Workmen's Industrial Casualty Co. Boston, Mass. 1908 World Accident Ass'n.

Omaha, Neb.

H. J. Root..... Chas, Callanan


cott sq...

lac sq.::

American Beneficial Insurance Co. Richmond, Va.. W. F. Graham.... B. H. Peyton 1894 *American Benevolent Association St. Louis, Mo., Mo. T.


L. A.Cunningham E. G. Norris 1884 *American Casualty Ins. Co........ Buffalo, N. Y, 885 Elli

David E. Thomas Peter Patterson 1901 American Checkweight and Voluntary Relief Association....

Kearney, Pa.

B. B. Chisolm..... A. A. C. LePage 1903 American Health & Acc. Ass'n.....Crestun, ia..

J. I. Thompson...C. H. Thompson 1898 American Health and Acc. Ins. Co. Detroit, Mich., Cham

ber of Commerce G. F. C. Eyre .....C. A. Bush 1897 | American Mutual Aid Ass'n.... St. Louis, Mo., Wain

wright bldg..

C. H, Stone ... P. A. Griswold 1899 American Mut. Aid Society..... Detroit. Mich., 5 Cadil

Geo. F. Clark... G. D. Corbin 1895 *American Mutual Benefit Ass'n.... Chicago,808 Tacoma blg J. P. Thurston.. F. A, Bossard 1900 | American Relief Society.

Bay City, Mich.. Israel Ruelle. Arthur D. Bailey 1899 Ann Arbor R. R. & S.S. Emp. Relief Ass'n...

Durand, Mich..

H. A. Beech A. H, Dumond 1902 Ann Arbor Sick & Acc. Benefit Ass'n Ann Arbor, Mich.. Gottlob Luick Chas. A. Ward Ant Sick Benefit & Life Ins. Co.... Clarksville, Texas.

J. S. Jackson 1901 *Badger Protective Ass'n.

Green Bay, Wis., 219 N.

Washington St.. C. 0. Gage...... J. J. Hellby 1894 *Beuefit League.......

M'n'apolis, Minn., Syn-
dicate Arcade

W. F. Black....... Wm. C. Scott 1902 Berkeley Industrial Ins. Co Holly Hill, S. C... W. B. Gross. J. E. Singletary, 1892 Brotherhood Accident Co.... Boston, Oid South Bldg. John D. Whipple. Jay B. Crawford 1903 Brotherhood Sick

& Acc. Ins. Ass'n. Mullins, S.C.. Capital City Benefit Society.. Washington, D. C.. 1902 Carolina Mutual Benefit Society.... Lawrence, s. C... C. E, Gray. J. K. Vance

* Over 1000 certificates in force.

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