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ILLINOIS-Continued. 1899 Crescent Life Assn....

E. St. Louis, 12 Collings-
well ave

Jos. B. Messick... Wm. C. Hockaday 1899 *Daughters of Columbia.

Chicago, Masonic Temp. Edwin D. Peifer.. N. J. Hein 1898 *Farmers Federation

Springfield, O. F. Bldg Thos. W. Wilson.. M. B. Garber 1897 *Firemens Mut. Aid & Benefit Ass'n. Chicago, City Hall. E. C. Anderson... Arthur J. Kelly 1903 *Fraternal Army of Loyal Am...... Taylorville, Ill....... Edwin F. Smith.. Ira J. Bell 1899 *Fraternal Reserve Life Assn.. Peoria

P. G. Rennick.. C. N. Carsons 1897 *Fraternal Tribunes..

Rock Island

K. M. Witham Robert Rexdale Fraternity of Pilgrims..

Mattoon, 111.

I. B. Craig... W. B. Hines 1898 Fun. Ben. Fund, Gr. Orange Lodge. Chicago. 2853 Archer av R. F. Brown...... Rob. J. Millar 1899 *German Amer. Fed. of Illinois Chic., 1632 W. Irving

Pk. Boul.

Chas. H. Glende.. E. A. Bode 1877 *German Order of Harugari Chic., 355 W. Chicago av Christ Koch. ...... Louis Wreden 1898 *Grand Carniolian Slavonian Catholic Union....

Joliet, 903 Scott st... John R. Stervenz. Michael Wardjen Grand Guild of America.


Ernst Dittmann.. (Mrs.) A. M. Engel Grand Orange Lodge of Ill., Mutual Benefit Fund..

Chic., 2853 Archer ave Sam'I J. McCarrell Robert J. Miller 1896 Hermann Schwestern, Order der... Chic., 986 W. 13th st... Elsbeth Kern..... M. Oberwinter 1863 Hermann's Sons of Illinois, Order of Chic., 550 Larrabee st.. Carl Comilsen.... Oscar Jander 1900 Hibernian Life Ins. Assn.

Chic., Opera House Blg. John J. Mahoney. John E. Long 1899 *Home Frat. League.....

Rockford, Mas. Temple W. G. Brown... Chas. J. Kinnie 1901 *Ideal Union....


J. S. Grim.

J. H. Wallis 1895 | *Independent Western Star Order.. Chicago, 214 W. 12th st.. Wm. A. Jonesi .... I. Shopin 1903 Knights and Ladies of the Red Cross Waukegan.

C. C. Edwards....C. J. Wrightman 1877 *K. of P., Endowment Rank (D.C.).. Chic., Manhattan Bldg. C.F. S. Neal S. M. Smith 1903 K. of P., Grand Lodge of 111., Bene

ficiary, N. A., S. A., E. A. & A.... Chicago.. Knights of the Valley..


G. J. Keim.... J. L. Piergue 1900 Knights of the White Cross, Grand Lodge...

Chic., 105 N. Humboldt E. Godoger...... Henry Tolzien 1884 * Knights Templars and Masons L. Indem. Co....

Chic., Masonic Temple. Geo. M. Moulton.. W. H. Gray 1889 *Low German Grand Lodge of U.S. of North America....

Chic., 885 N.Halstead st J. H. Mueller... Louis E. Brandt 1698 Loyal Sons of America.


Ira J. Bell.

E. F. Smith Luxemburger Brotherhood of Am.. Chic., 4843 Clark st...

J. W. Watrey

Nicholas Mills 1901 Mayas, Order of.....

Chicago, 163 State st... Geo. B. Abbott... Edw. C. Nettles 1897 *Modern American Fraternal Order Effingham

W.B. Wright.. Geo. M. Le Crone 1902 Modern Aztecs..

Chic. 322 Ogden ave...

W. R. Davis, T. F. McIntyre 1883 Modern Woodmen of America.

Rock Island......

A. R. Talbot. C. W. Hawes 1878 *Mutual Aid, Indep. Order of.. Peoria...

Geo. E. Doying... Chas. D. Brajnard 1871 Mutual Benefit & Aid Society.. Chic., 59 S. Clark st. Lorenz Schlegel.. Jos. Sieben 1897 *Mutual Protective League... Litchfield

E. E. Burson, V.P.J. R. Paisley 1896 *Mystic Workers of the World. Fulton

George Lewis.. Edmund Jackson Nat. Ass'n of Stationary Engineers. Chicago.

J. B. Berkley, Mgr. 1895 *North American Union....

Chicago, Tacoma Bidg. Robert S. Iles.... G. Langhenry 1899 *North Star Ben. Assn......... Moline, Library Bldg.. P.C. Pearson... G. L. Peterson

Northwestern Kranken Unter, Ver. Chicago. 1878 *Order of Mut. Protec., Sup. Lodge. Chicago, 159 La Salle st John Hahn... G. Del Vecchio 1901 *Pike County Mutual Life Ass'n.. Perry

W. A. Lidgard.... L. S. Johns 1908 Pioneers of America...


John Fitzgerald.. I. P. Mautz 1898 *Pioneer Reserve Ass'n....


103 N Centre st.

J. W. Rodgers....W. E, Stone 1881 *Polish National Alliance.. Chic., 102 W. Division st S. Rokosz.. Theo, M. Helinski 1887 *Polish R. C. Un. of Amer...

Chicago, 519 Noble st... Leon Sropinski... Thos. Krolick Polish Womens Alliance of America 927 N. Washtenaw ave.,


Anna Nuemann.. A. Frabranska Reformed Ainerican Mutual Union. 51-58 Morgan street,


Carol Koellner...R.F.Muehlhausen 1883 *Royal League.....

Chicago, Mas, Temple. Wm. E. Hyde.... C. E. Piper 1895 *Royal Neighbors of America.. Rock Islaná...

E. A. Enright.... Myrtle E. Dade 1881 Select Knights of America.... Chicago. 1257 W, 17th st G. W. Livingston Fred. W. Smith 1891 *Sons of St. George, Order of Chic., 1704 Wabash av.. Wm. Turner Chas. C. Meurisse 1901 *Svithoid, Independent Order of Chicago, 122 LaSalle st. Olof Pearson John Sandgrim 1888 | Taborites, Nat'l Sup. Lodge, Soc. of Chicago, 400 N. 18th st. Joseph Kroc..... A. J. Zahrobsky 1868 Treu Bund, Independent Order of.. Centralia

Hans Schwarz.. Max Prill 1900 United Brotherhood..

Chicago, 3245 State st.. Dan. H. Williams J.S. Madden 1897 United Presbyterian M. B. Ass'n... Monmouth, Quimby bk Russell Graham. H. R. Moffett 1898 U.S. Frat. League, Fed.

Coun. Chicago, 21 Quincy st.. J. A. Eiffert. F. C. Goodman 1901 Vesta Circle...

Chicago, Mas. Temple. Chas. L. Moak.... F. H. Knapp

* Over one million dollars in force.

+ Receiver appointed June 1, 1903.

[blocks in formation]

ILLINOIS-Continued. 1896 Vikings, Independent Order of Chicago, 1002 Racine av A. W. Johnson.... Eric Forsell 1903 Washington


J. W. Jones. J. F. Gebke 1877 *Western Catholic Union.

Quincy, 214% N. 6th st.. H. F. Jochem John Schauf 1900 *White Cross. Order of, Sup. Coun. Joliet 1891 *Womens Catholic Ord. of Foresters Chicago, 79 Dearborn st Elizabeth Rogers. Catherine Hughes 1898 *Yeomen of America......

Aurora, 108 Fox st.. Wm. A. Colledge. C. M. Coats INDIANA. 1898 *American Plowmen (Nat'l Coun.... Logansport.

B. E. Hayes... L. J. Burdge 1873 *A. O. U. Workmen of Indiana.... Evansville.

T. D. Neal... Fred Baker 1901 Benevolent Order of Colonials. Indianapolis.

W. A. Stolts. J. H. Onstad 1894 *Ben Hur, Supreme Tribe of. Crawfordsville, Main st D.W. Gerard F.L. Snyder 1900 Catholic Benevolent League of Ind. Fort Wayne.

John H. Welsh...J. F. Francke 1902 Fraternal Assurance Society.. Fort Wayne

P. A. Randall F. L. Jones 1902 Fraternal Ins. Co. of North America Fort Wayne

N. W. Gilbert.. F. L. Jones 1908 Frontiersmen, Supreme Lodge..... Hartmetz Bldg., Evans

ville 1899 *Ind. Order of Foresters of America Crown Point...

Thomas Hall.... J. P. Young 1877 *Kts. & Ladies of Honor, Sup. Lodge India'lis, Lemcke Bldg. L. B. Lockard. Geo. D. Tait 1895 | *Knights & Ladies of Columbia. South Bend

Ormond Kennedy John Roth 1898 | *Modern Samaritans of the World Elkhart

C. G. Conn...... H. S. Chester 1902 Parliamentarians, Ind. Order of... South Bend, 128 N. Main W. o. Rennoe. A. D. Rose Royal League...


N. R. Howard... Charles Darling IOWA. 1873 *A. O. U. W. of Iowa..

Des Moines, Citizens
Bank Bldg.

Will M. Narvis... B. F. Rehkopf 1902 Bankers' Beneficiary Brotherhood. Davenport..

J. Z. Benson. 1902 Bankers Pioneer Association.. Davenport..

J. Z. Benson. J. C. Grobbe 1897 *Brotherhood of American Yeomen Des Moines, 410 8th st.. 1. E. Paul.

W. E. Davy 1903 Church Federation of America......Vail.....

Rev. M.G. Albrook C. C. Vail 1903 Degree of Honor, A. O. U. W.... Burlington.

Mrs. C. Morcomb. Mrs. I. M. Shryock 1901 Fraternal Bankers Reserve Soc'y.. Cedar Rapids..

J. W. Roe..

G. F. Johnson 1901 Fraternal Pilgrims of America.. Albia

M. A. Roberts...-W.Taunton (Asst) 1900 Fraternal Protective Ass'n.... Des Moines, 5th & Mul


Thos. J. Newbury L. I. Kellogg 1898 *Highland Nobles

Des Moines, Observa-
tory Bldg.

L. C. Rose

O. A, Rose 1894 *Ind. Workmen of America...... Sioux City:

John Hermann... C. E. Yates 1879 *Iowa Legion of Honor.....

Cedar Rapids, Masonic

E, H. Burlingham J. H. Helm
Iowa Rural Mail Carriers Ass'n.... Wadena

G. P. Clark 1874 *Iowa Workman (Grand Lodge).... Waterloo, 224% E. 4th..G. L. Godfrey. H. B. White 1895 *Kts. & Ladies of the Golden Precept Clinton, 926 4th St. George A. Smith. M. S. Rizer 1903 Loyal Legion of Plymouth


Hon. J. F. Leech. M. G. Duncan 1897 *Modern Brotherhood of America. Mason City.

T. B. Hanley E. L. Balz 1903 Modern National Reserve Ass'n. Charles City

V. A. Young ......

J. E. Lee 1879 *Mut. Aid Soc'y of the German Synod of Iowa..


A. Kranshaw..... G, A. Grossman 1899 *Mystic Toilers...

Des Moines, Locust and
4th Sts...

H. A. Miller...... J. F. Taake 1902 Peoples Fraternal Reserve..

Des Moines..

A. L. Morgan..... T. N. Neiman 1897 *Western Bohemian Fraternal Ass'n Supreme Lodge...,

Cedar Rapids.

Anton Novotny. Alois Blaha 1899 *Western Bohemian Catholic Union Spillville..

L. J. Kudrna..... J. J. Kovarik KANSAS. 1898 American Annuity Ass'n.

Wichita, 248 N. Main st. A. L. Tuttle 0. S. Shirk 1879 *A. O. U. W. of Kansas..

Emporia, 419 Commer-
cial st...

R. W. Turner..... E. M. Forde 1902 Annuity Union..


H. H. Miller W. M. Glass 1901 Equitable Union

Kansas City

J. W. Briedenthal. Geo. W. Clark 1890 *Fraternal Aid Ass'n..

Lawrence, 148 Mass, st. H. E. Don Carlos. T. J. Edmonds 1902 Fraternal Union...

Topeka.. 1900 Home Builders Union.


J. S. Hileman. W. P. Hazen 1904 Imperial Aegis....


0. A. Kimball A. J. Sanders Kts. and Daughters of Tabor (col'd) Little Rock. 1903 Knights and Ladies of the Orient... Topeka 1903 Knights & Ladies of Protection.. Topeka...

James Beck.

P. C. Thomas 1892 *Knights & Ladies of Security - Topeka, 611 Kans, ave. W. B. Kirkpatrick J. M. Wallace

Kts. of Honor of the World (colored) Warren 1899 *Knights of the Protected Ark. Topeka..

J. B. Amos.

S. R. Kutz 1895 *Life and Annuity Ass'n..


G. H. Flintham... W.F. Shale Mosaic Benefit Association..


* Over one million dollars in force.

[blocks in formation]

more, Md..

Mosaic Templars of America..

Little Rock...... 1908 National Home Protectors


W. E. Williams .. O. J. Wilcox 1896 *Occidental M. B. Ass'n

Salina, 101 S. Santa Fe

T. D. Fitzpatrick | A. E. Nickelson 1902 Patriotic Legion of America.. Topeka..

W. S. Metcalf. T. H. Rogsdale *Pyramids, Anc. Order of.

Topeka 1902 | Samaritans of America..


J. B. Amos.. S, R, Kutz 1881 Select Knights and Ladies.

KansasCity, 611 Minn.avi c. C. Rogan Ed. H. Wheeler 1897 *Sons and Daughters of Justice Minneapolis

J. T. Scherer. W. W. Walker, Jr. 1896 *Triple Tie Benefit Ass'n

Clay Centre, 5th and
Dexter sts.

A. L. Woodford. G. M. Stratton
U. B. and S. of the Mysterious Ten. Little Rock.

KENTUCKY. 1878 *A. O. U. W. of Kentucky.


John W. Baker... J. G. Walker 1880 Catholic Knights & Ladies of Amer. Louisville, Columbia


Chas. O'Donnell.. John J. Duffy
National Fraternal Union....... Murray

Thomas P. Cook.-J. B. Hay
Mutual Aid and Protective Ass'n... New Orleans.

MAINE. 1901 | * A. O. U. W.


C. S. Cummings.. A. G. Andrews 1887 | Maine Central R.R. Kelief Ass'n.. Portland, 238 St. John st Elton A. Hall... Edwin G. Foster 1874 *Maine State Relief Ass'n.


Edw. C. Revnolds Wyer Greene 1888 O. F. Graded Mutual Relief Ass'n... Norway

Alfred S. Kimball. A. L. F. Pike 1877 Patrons Mutual Aid Society.. Auburn

E. H. Libby J. M. Jackson MARYLAND. *American Funeral Benefit Ass'n.. 1409 Myrtle ave.. Balti

Harry F. Brown. L. L. Johnson American Masons...... 1880 *A. O. U. W. of Maryland.... Baltimore, North and

Lexington sts. H. M. Stevenson. A.F. Colbert 1881 *Frat. Legion, Sup. Camp.. Balt., 823 St. Paul st.. M. J. Block S. John Lion 1878 *Heptasophs, Sup. Conclave, Imp. Baltimore, Cathedral & Order of.....

Preston sts

M. G. Cohen...... S. H. Tattersall 1885 *Legion of the Red Cross..... Balt., 1417 Hollins st.... Chas F. Geissler. J. B. Triebler, jt. 1898 | American Masons

Balt., 228 N.Fremont av Jas. W. Gailey.... Gustav Fredericks 1886 *Shield of Honor....

Balt., North and Lex-

E. P. Strang... Wm. T. Henry MASSACHUSETTS. 1893 *American Benefit Society

Boston, 2 Park square.. Wm. H. Carberry N. P. Cormack 1897 American Exp. Emp. Aid Society. Boston

Charles T. Bush. Frank L. Pearson 1878 *American Legion of Honor. Boston, 200 Hunt'gt'n av P. F. McGowan Adam Warnock 1892 *American Order of Frat. Helpers.. Boston, 120 Tremont st. Chas. A. Merriam Patrick W. Curry 1908 Americo Vespucci M. B. Ass'n.. Boston..

B. Corleto

Nicola Mercurio 1879 *Anc. O. of U. W. of Mass..

Boston, 12 Walnut st... Carlan A. Brown. J. Edw. Burtt 1902 Assn. of Benev., S. Mary of Carmine Boston.

Gennaro Solone. M. Bellusci 1902 Birsen Ass'n Ind. Bro. (Inc.).


Harry Silverstein Morris Sigel 1882 Boston Firemens Mut. Relief Ass'n. Boston

John A. Mullen... Wm. T. Cheswell 1888 Boston Fruit & Produce Exchange Beneficiary Ass'n.....


A. Warren Patch. Ben. F. Southwick 1903 Boston Ice Company Employees Relief (Inc.).


David N. Ward... John E. McKee 1885 Boston & Maine R.R. Relief Ass'n.. Boston

C. E. Copp.. W. H. Smith 1889 Boston Let. Car. Mut. Ben. Ass'n.. Boston

John J. Murphy.. Chas. H. Norton 1902 Boston Junk Collectors Ass'p (Inc.) Boston

B. Weinstein H. Fishman 1890 Boston Teachers Mut. Ben. Ass'n... Boston ...

M. P. White.. Julia F. Baker 1901 Bowler Bros. Benevolent Ass'n..... Worcester

J. F. Barry. C. E. Reuther 1894 Brockton Mas. Ben. Ass'n..


Edward Parker. Geo. E. Bryant 1887 Brookline Firemens Relief Ass'n... Brookline..

Geo. H. Johnson.. E. F. Proctor 1887 Brookline l'olice Mut. Aid Ass'n. Brookline.

J. J. O'Connell.. Chas. T. Watterson 1884 Cambridge Police Mutual Aid Ass'n Cambridge

D. F. Connihan... David H. Walsh 1891 Cath. Ass'n, Corpora, of the Mem of Lowell

Albert Bergeron. Henri Daigle 1878 Chebra Bency Jacob.


M. F. Lewenberg. G. B. Radlo 1878 Chelsea Mutual Benefit Ass'n. Chelsea

A. E. Hall,

pro tem Geo. T. Roberts 1889 Chelsea Police Relief Ass'n..


David M. Hudson Chas. H. Gooding 1879 Coachmens Benevolent Ass'n.. Boston

J. S. Shepherd.... M. O'Neill 1899 Colonial Life Ass'n


Joseph J. Wall... G. E. Whittem 1901 Comm'l Traveler's Boston Benefit Ass'n (Inc.)..


Edwin A. Towne. Lauris J. Page 1882 | Daughters of Rebekah M. B. Ass'n. Lynn...

L. C. Keazer......

Eva S. Moody

* Over one million dollars in force.

[blocks in formation]

MASSACHUSETTS-Cont. 1878 East, Mass. Masonic Relief Ass'n... Boston

Hy. Kenney Wm. P. Stone 1896 Everett Firemans Relief Ass'n Everett

F. A. Sutherland.) B. C. Kinnear 1892 Fall Riv. Firemens Mut. Relief As'n. Fall River ....

Wm. C. Davol Joseph Bowers, Jr 1894 Family Protective Union..


I. K. Mackenzie E. E. Knight 1903 Federation Franco-American (Inc.) New Bedford..

Louis Jean..... Phil. Berthraume 1879 *Foresters (Mass.) Catholic Order of Boston, 17 Worcester st T. B. Reardon.. John J. Leonard 1892 Praternal Helpers, American Order Boston, 62 Boylston st.. Chas. A. Merriam Patrick W. Curry 1900 *Golden Star (Incorporated), United Order of the

Boston, 27 School st.... Charles Steere.... Arthur Beale 1882 *Good Fellows, Royal Soc'y, Sup. Assembly

Boston, 200 Summer st. Thos L.. Ferris... Arthur J. Bates 1881 Harugari, Order of.......


M. H. Heerde.... Carl Gerber 1887 Haverhill Firemans Relief Ass'n... Haverhill.

Geo. F. Walker... Geo. N. Whiting 1901 Hermann's Benefit Ass'n..... Holyoke

Max Schwotzer... Otto Knodel 1890 Hibernians Widows Orphan Fund.. Boston ...

John M. Hayes... Wm. McNally 1903 Holy Mary of Carpignano ven in Grottaminardo.

Italy, (Inc.).

M. Dalviscoro F. Loconto 1879 | *Home Circle, Sup. Council of the.. Boston, 120 Tremont st. Chas. P. Battelle . Julius M. Swain 1903 Italian Benefit Society of North Adams

North Adams.

L. Du Pace....... A. Fressola 1902 Italian Catholic Soc., S. Gaetano.


R. D. Guarente... G. De Stefano 1903 | Italian M. R. and B. C. Society St. Antonio of Padooa.


I. Simonelli.. C. D'Alelio 1901 | Italian Workmen Victor Emanuel III. Soc'y (Inc.)..

Fall River

D. Olivieri. V. Pettine 1889 Italia, Societa di Mutuo Soccorso. Boston

R. Scaramella.... V. Di Stefano 1902 Knights of S. Stanislaus.


Jos. Niemoec Frank Szetela 1878 Lawrence F. Dept., Mut. Relief Assn. of the...


C. G. Rutter E. L. Merrick 1902 | Lawrence Perchers Relief Ass'n.... Lawrence

Andrew Halstead John F. Murray 1889 Lawrence Police Relief Ass'n. Lawrence.

F. P. Devlin C. P. Vose 1901 Lawrence Wool-Sorters Benefit Association (Inc.)......


Wm. Wilkinson.. A. Goukroger 1896 | Licensed Carriage Drivers Indep. Ben, & Protec. Ass'n...


David Herlihy.... Wm. J. Ryan 1901 Lithuanian D. L. K. Algirdo Frat. Benf. Corp....


S. Vyskoezka.. Leon Kleinot 1889 Lowell Firemans Fund Ass'n.


Edw. L. Hosmer.. Chas. Stackpole 1889 Lowell Police Relief Ass'n


John Hickson Hugh Downey 1895 Loyal Knights & Ladies ....


Geo. L. Briggs.... Fred W. Calkins 1886 Loyal Orange Institution, Grand Lodge of Mass..


H. M. Storms.... James J. Hickie 1886 Lynn Fire Departm't., Relief Ass'n. Lynn.......

hos Holbrook.. B. Frank Moody 1876 Masonic Mutual Relief Ass'n of Central Mass...


Josiah Pickett.... F. A, Beane 1893 Mass. Portugese Benevolent Soc'y.. Boston

R. S. Carvalho.. J. R. de Carvalho 1878 Methodists Min. Relief Ass'n. Boston, 88 Bromfield st N. T. Whitaker.. J. H. Mansfield 1885 Monte Pio Luso Americano Corp.... New Bedford.

C. A. Scrpa. Manuel de Simas 1901 Montifiore Benefit Corporation.


Moses Lewin Joseph Kirshen 1902 Mutual Aid & B. of Orient Heights.. Boston........

G. Giviosa

Cataldo Pasquale 1902 Mutual Succor Corporation


A. P. Delfino.. F. Musolino 1895 New Bedford Firemens M. A. Soc'y New Bedford

J. A. Sweet Nelson L. Pike 1890 New Bedford Police Ass'n

New Bedford

H. E. Raymond... T. J. Taft 1877 New England Com. Trav. Ass'n Boston, 70 Franklin st. L. Pearsall. Walter P. Tilton 1891 New England, Order of...


William E.Bartlett Fred'k S. Mann 1887 *New England Order of Protec. Boston,20Pemberton sq. J. W. Chapin Daniel M. Frye 1882 IN. Y., N. H. & H. R.R. Ben. Ass'n. Boston

Frank A. Tilton.. Ira B. Goodrich 1900 Odd Fellows Ben. Corp. of So, Mass. New Bedford.

C. B. Hi nan E. A. Jenkins 1892 Odd Fellows Death Benefit Ass'n.. Brockton

H. B. Badoitt.. Wm. E. Patch 1881 Odd Fellows Mutual Benefit Ass'n.. Charlestown.

E. P. Oakes. A. L. Kimball 1881 Odd Fellows Mutual Benefit Ass'n.. Chelsea

Alex. Leslie.. Frank B. Endicott 1881 Odd Fellows Mutual Benefit Ass'n.. Lynn ....

Wm. Stone..

Geo. H. Williams 1877 Odd Fellows Mutual Relief Ass'n of Worcester County ...


B. A. Maynard ... Forbes B. Fay 1891 Odd Ladies Relief Fund Ass'n. Somerville

Mary E. Knowles. A. F. Smith 1879 *Pilgrim Fathers, Un. Order. Lawrence, 292 Essex st. Edw. P. Lincoln.. Nathan Crary 1902 Polish Benefit & Social Society. New Bedford..

W. Niziankowicz. Jos. Wesoly 1900 | Polish Frat. Ben. Soc. of St. Stanislaw Bishop (Incorp.);...


Thos, Drewniany. Thos. Drewniany 1899 Portugese Frat. of U. S. of A. New Bedtord.

J. H. Silva... A. C. Vieira 1877 *Royal Arcanum.

Boston, 407 Shawmut av A. S. Robinson... W. O. Robson

* Over onc million dollars in force.

Formerly Old Colony Benevolent Association.

[blocks in formation]

MASSACHUSETTS--Cont. 1895 Salem Police Relief Ass'n..


John B. Skinner.. George H. Blinn 1889 | *Scottish Clans, American Order of. Boston, 134 Summer st. W. H. Steen..... Peter Kerr 1890 Somerville Firemens Relief.


James R. Hopkins John E. Hill 1882 Somerville Police Relief Ass'n... Somerville.

Robert R. Perry.. Eugene A. Carter 1897 | South End Ladies Soc'ty Ind. No. 1. Boston

David Levy... Julius Hirsh 1882 Southern Mass. Masonic Mutual Relief Ass'n


George H. Rhodes Geo. F. Pratt 1893 Springfield Police Relief Ass'n.. Springfield

D. A. Atkins. George H.Tiffany 1891 St. Antonio, Society of


John D. Rose. C. J. Rebello 1896 St. Casimir, Society of.


Wm. Cosskie. Joseph Savage 1897 St. Francis Ben. Ass'n.


J. Malinowski J. Mieczkowski 1888 St. Jean Bap. Society


Godf'y Bromlette I. P. L'Ecuyer 1894 St. Jean Baptiste Society.

North Adams.. Edmond Vaduais. Tuusaint Robert 1889 St. John Bap. Benev. Soc'y.

Indian Orchard

C. Lavigne...... Leand. P. Daigle 1891 St. John Baptist Society.


Hubert Authier .. Albert Remie 1892 St. John the Baptist Benev. Soc'ty.. Lowell

1. Jalbert.... W. Bouthillette 1891 St. John the Baptist National Benevolent Union.


Chas. Cornellier... L. N. Berube 1897 St. John Baptist Mut. Ben. Ass'n .. Salem.....

N. Levesque.....

A. Gagnon 1902 St. Joseph Brotherh'd Benefit Ass'n (Inc.)


Frank Gesing.... Jacob Wodz 1902 St. Joseph Polish Society


Frank Solomon.. Stanislaw Ziemba 1902 St. Joseph's R.C. Lithuanian Society (Inc.)....


C. Milenski. Jos. Keris 1897 St. Joseph's Mutual Benefit Ass'n.. Salem..

Frank H. Pelletier Octave Le Brun 1892 St. Michael the Arc., Society of.. Boston

M. Rizzo

M. Celata
St. Michael Autonomic Ben. Ass'n


A. A. Rebello..... Anthony George 1899 St. Michael Autonomic Ben. Ass'n (!ncorp.)...

Fall River

M. P. Camara.....J. de Vasconcellos 1899 St. Michael Antonomic Ben. Ass'n (Incorp.).....


R. M. Peseira.... Anthony George 1902 St. Rocco of Montpellier..


Enrico Scalzilli...R. V. Maiellano 1902 Sudilkover Benefit Society (inc.). . Boston

Sam'l Brenner.... Pincos Klayman 1902 Tafereth Achem B. C.


A. Greenblatt.. Chas, Wolf 1893 Teachers Annuity Guild..


G. A. Southworth Chas. W. Morey 1903 Teachers Annuity Guild


G. A. Southworth G. M. Wadsworth 1876 Tifereth Israel


M. Simons. Simon Goldberg 1892 'l'ufts, Jas. W., Mutual Aid Society.. Boston

J. W. Fanjoy F. J. Hudson 1893 * Union Fraternal League

Boston, 185 Sumner st.. John Merrill. Jas. F. Reynolds 1903 Union Relief Society


G. L. Gordon... A. M. Goodell 1902 Union St. Joseph...


Wilfred Lorrain..J. A. Plante 1889 Union St. Joseph..


A. Menard...... J. O. Herbert 1902 United Brotherhood Ind. Order of Worcester (Inc.)


I. Friedman.. Sam'1 Kauter 1883 United Workman


C. A. Brown. J. Edw. Burtt 1903 Warsaw Benefit Association


A. Rosenthal.. M. Silberkasten 1883 Wenham Mut, Ben. Ass'n.


Simeon Dodge, Jr. J. B. Brown 1889 Winchester Firemens Relief Ass'n. Winchester.

B. T. Morgan..... Wm. J. Smith 1883 Winchester Mutual Benefit Ass'n.... Winchester.

David N.Skillings Wm. A. Snow 1878 Worcester Firemens Relief Ass'n... Worcester

J. A. Lavene G. S. Coleman 1902 Worcester Hebrew Benev. Assn.. Worcester..

Maurice Fine Davis Rosenthal 1889 Worcester Police Relief Association Worcester

M. J. Walsh.. P. O'Day 1893 * Workmen's Benefit Ass'n

Boston, 74 Boylston st.. T. V. Mott.. James H. Cutten 1901 Zouaves (Inc.).......

New Bedford.

Louis Jean

E. Marchesseanlt MICHIGAN. 1891 *Amaranth, Order of the

Detroit, 504 Gratiot ave. Wm. H. Elsey. John A. Stenger 1902 American Buffaloes...


W. J. Carbaugh.. G. W. Sherman 1902 American Equity Association Owosso

Chas. S. Williams Thomas Kerwin 1887 * A. O. U. W. Míchigan,

Detroit, 15 Wilcox st... F. C. Wetmore Geo. Latcham 1898 * Deg. of Honor A. 0. U. W. Coldwater, 29 W. Pierce Nellie G. Hewitt. Mary A. Pratt 1897 Deutsche Orden Von Detroit (Grand Lodge).

Detroit, 891 24th st.. John Rogge. Wm. Kolpcke 1896 Eastern Star Benev. Fund of Amer. Detroit,89W Elizab'th st Wm. E. Sexton... Mollie E. Crowe 1886 German Order of Harugari... Detroit, 1648 Michigan

J. R. Trojanowski Carl Bauer 1894 * Gleaners, Ancient Order of.. Caro

Ara Collins. G. H. Slocum 1901 *Gold Reserve Life Ass'n ...

Mt. Pleasant

Michael E. Kane . Fred Russell 1902 Great Western Indemnity Ass'n... Grand Rapids

F. J. Bolitho. C. W. De Young 1901 Home Indemnity Society.

Detroit, 140 1st st. W.F. Gibson.. E, R. Merethen 1894 * Ideal Reserve Association.. Detroit, Majestic Bldg. A. O. Wheeler... E, B. Newcomb

ave., N.

* Over one million dollars in force.

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