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* Consolidation of National Mutual Life and Northwestern Life as of February, 1901, + Decrease in insurance in force due to cancellation of assessment policies, which are no longer issued. # Includes $31,304 reinsurance premiums. $Includes $33,591 premiums overdue and in course of collection. d The company is incorporated under the stipulated premium law of Mionesota and operates under the "old line" laws of several States. Includes insurance in force in National Mutual Life at time of consolidation. 2 Reincorporated under Ohio stipulated premium law, but plans not complete until fall of 1902. s Includes business of Northwestern Lile and Savings; reinsured August, 1903. t Heavy lapse caused by reinsurance of Georgia Mutual L. and A.



We present herewith a list of assessment associations, accident, sick benefit, and fraternal societies, numbering nearly 1000. This list includes all organizations whose figures are given in the Year Book, and also the names of many whose statistics were not obtainable. As a rule, the names of the officers come to us direct from the association, and can be relied upon as correct. Assessment Life companies prefaced by a star (*) have over one million dollars of insurance in force, and Assessment Accident and Sick Benefit companies prefaced by a (*) have over 1000 certificates in force.


Year Or




of President.


of Secretary

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1870 Albany Masonic Relief Ass'n Albany, N.Y., Mas. Tem. T. A. Williamson. William B. Fitch 1886 Albany Woman Teachers Rel. Ass'n Albany, N.Y.,1348. Swan Kate Stoneman. Leonora Farnham 1902 American Annuity Association.... Detroit

Thomas G. Craig. Lou Burt 1902 American Beneficial Ins. Co..... Richmond, Va.

W. F. Graham.. B. H. Peyton American Home Life Ins. Co..... Washington, D. C.... 1903 American Life and Accident Co..... Denver, Colo..

I. G. Harris. C. E. Gouske 1885 *American Mutual Life Ins. Co.. Elkhart, Ind., 314 S. Main Wm. M. Barney.. Samuel Stewart 1888 American Protective Ass'n.. B'klyn, N.Y., 21 Oakland Jas. G. La Roe. Edw. North 1899 *American Temperance L. Ins. Ass'n New York, 253 B'dway.. Frank Delano.... Geo. E. Godward 1879 *Bankers Life Ass'n.

Des Moines, Ia., Equit.

Edwd. A. Temple H. S. Nollen 1902 Benevolent Protectiye Ass'n.. Britton, S. D.

P. W. Creaser..... S. L. Crockard Carolina Benevolent..

Raleigh, N. C. Carolina Mutual.

Raleigh, NC 1884 *Cath. Knights of 111., State C'ncil of. Carlyle, Ill.

D. E. Sweeney... J. M. Menchaus 1904 Central Union Life.

Indianapolis, Ind. Robert McOuat... C. S. Heilliker 1880 *Cleveland Com'ı Travelers Ass'n.. Cleveland, O.

F. A: Kress... C. A. Nesbitt 1898 Columbia Life & Ann. Ass'n.... Washington, D. C. 1897 Commercial Mutual Life Ins. Co...- Jersey City, N. J., 18-20

Exchange pl.. Arthur Van Siclen Louis E. Carr, Jr. 1881 *Com. Trav. Mut. Ben. Ass'n Toronto, Can.

W. B. Dack... Miles W. Green 1904 Continental Life Ins. Co.... Chicago, Ill. *Cosmopolitan Life Ins. Ass'n.. Freeport, Ill..

Geo, H. Kraft..... J. C. Wilson 1885 De Witt Clinton R.R. Ass'n..... New York, 234 W. 21st.. Wm. R. Polson.... O. B. Wilson 1887 *Elkhart Masonic Mut. Life Ass'n... Elkhart, Ind., 107 S.


James E. Holland Dr. L. M. Barney 1882 | *Empire Life Ins. Co...;

New York, 200 B'dway. Evelyn L. Bissell. Stacy Wilson 1902 Empire Mut. Ann'ty and Life Ins. Co Atlanta, Ga., Peters bldg 1886 *Empire State Deg. of Hon.

Stockton, N. Y

E. L. McCullough W. H. Wakeman 1882 Eureka Mutual Aid Society. Balt., Md., 232 St.Paul st W. S. Gillespie... R. W. Griffin 1869 *Expressmens M. B. Ass'n..

New York, 65 B'way... E. A. Stedman.... C. M. Nixon 1897 *Farmers Life Ass'n.....

Des Moines, Ia.,.

Youngerman Block.. F. W. Sprague.... T. H. Knotts Farmers Life of North Carolina..... Fort Barnwell, N. C.... 1902 Farmers Mutual Life Ins. Co..... Yorkville, S.C.. W. S. Wilkerson.. D. E. Boney 1902 | Finnish Mutual Life Ins. Co.

Hancock. Mich

J. H. Jasberg Joseph Gaberson 1900 Fraternal Wedge M. B. Ass'n.. York, Neb..... 1887 *German-American Equation Premium Life Ass'n.

Burlington, Ia., Main &
Valley sts.

Frank S.Churchill F. H. A. Koch 1875 *German Mutual Benefit Ass'n...... Chic., Ill., 189 La Salle st. Henry Lemcke... Ferd. Langbein 1895 Globe Mutual Life Ins. Ass'n... Chic.,I11.,816 Dearb'n st. Thos. F. Fortune. Thos. F. Barry 1878 *Gold & Stock L. Ins, Ass'n.. New York, 195 B'dway. G. W.E. Atkins.. William J. Dealy 1884 Golden Eagle Ass'n.

B'klyn, N.Y.,1810 B'way David E. Terry..S. H. Devore 1901 Great Northern Life Ins. Co....... Chicago, Ill..

E. P. Murdock. F. Spies 1908 Great Northern Mut. Life Ins. Co... Pittsburg, Pa........ Hon. Walter Lyon E. E. Rogsdale 1902 Guarantee Fund Life Ass'n..... Omaha, Neb., Bee Bldg. J. W. Wehn. J. C. Buffington 1884 *Home Friendly Society

Balt., Md., 100W.Fayette George A. Chase. B. L. Talley 1902 Home Fund Life Insurance Co... Greenville, S. C

G. H. Mahon. D. B. Houston 1898 Home Mutual Benefit Ass'n.

South Bend, Ind. J. D. Henderson.. F. H. Goodman 1879 *Hotelmens Mutual Benefit Ass'n of the U.S. & Canada....

Chicago, Ill., 7 Monroe. Geo. W. Sweeney. J. K. Blatchford 1897 *Illinois Bankers Life Ass'n. Monmouth, Ill.. Wm. H. Woods... Wm. A. Sawyer 1908 Industrial Life Ass'n of America.. Boone, la..

A. L. Bradley B. H. Smith 1872 Ins. Clerks Mut. Ben. Ass'n.. New York, 32 Nassau st| Geo. W. Hoyt. C.E.W.Chambers

* Over one million dollars in force.

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mer ave....

1903 Interstate Life Ass'n........ Des Moines, Ia., Good


W. S. Goodell.... N. M. Gunn 1902 Kentucky Central Life and Acc. Co. Louisville, Ky...... F. J. Walker T. O. West 1884 *Knights. T. & M. Life Ind. Co Chic.,I11., Masonic Tem. Geo. M. Moulton. W. H. Gray, 8. m 1878 *K'ts Temp. & Masonic M. A. Ass'n. Cincin., 6., 612 W. 6th st. Wm. B. Mellish... Arthur J. Davies 1901 Latta Life Annuity Association..... Des Moines, Ia., 528

Good Block.... Wm. J. Latta..... W. M. Read 1903 Life and Casualty Ins. Co...... Nashville, Tenn, A, M. Burton A. L. Haralson 1878 *Life Ins. Co. of Pennsylvania.. 117 N.Broad st., Phil., Pa H. S. Campbell... S. B. Bledsoe 1875 Masonic Life Ass'n of Oswego. Oswego, N.Y., Mas. Tem. C. H. Treadwell.. S. B. Wilcox 1872 *Masonic Life Ass'n, West. N.Y.. Buffalo, N.Y., Mas. Tem. E. C. Knight. Nelson 0. Tiffany

Masonic Mutual Benefit Association Toledo, O.... 1894 Merchants Life Ass'n.....

Burlington, la., Nati

State Bank Building: J. J. Seerley. A. B. Hawkins 1879 *Minn. Scan. Relief Ass'n........... Red Wing, Minn., 205

Main st.....

Peter Nelson..... A. G. Rosing 1879 Mut. Aid Soc'y of German Lutheran Synod, of lowa and other States.. Waverly, Ia., 111 Bre

O. Kraushaar... G. A. Grossmann 1893 Mut. Aid Soc'y of Lutherans.. Toledo, O....

F. L. Burman.. F. E. Buttke 1887 Mutual Benefit Ass'n of the Fifth Ave. Baptist Church.....

Troy, N. Y., 514 Fulton st Henry A. Kenney Jerome H. Payne 1876 *Mutual Benefit Ass'n, Suffolk Co... Riverhead, L. I., N. Y.. c. M. Blydenburg John Bagshaw 1896 *Mutual Life Ass'n of Iowa... Red Oak, la...... John Hayes. O. P. Worsley 1901 Mutual Life Ins. Ass'n of Georgia.. Athens, Ga...

Hon. L. J. Webb John A. Darwin National Benefit Association.. Washington, D. C..... Robert W. Brown S. W. Rutherford 1883 National Mutual Aid Soc'y of Va... Alexandria, Va... Wm. C. Wibert... Robert H. Coward 1898 *Nebraska Mutual Life Ins. Co....... Stromsberg, Neb. Alex. Scott A. M. Little 1868 *N. Y. Physicians Mutual Aid Ass'n. New York, 17 W. 430 st. Wm.F. Mittendorf John V. D. Young 1883 N. Y. Safety Reserve Fund.. Painted Post, N. Y..... B. H. Link A. E. Gokey

North Carolina Mutual and Provid't Durham, N. C..
North Carolina Mutual Aid & H. P. Gastonia, N.C......

Northwestern Annuity Life Ass'n.. Omaha, Neb.
1871 *N'western Ohio Mas.'Relief Ass'n. Toledo, O., Valentine


Lafayette Lyttle. John Paul Jones 1875 *Northwestern Trav. Mens Ass'n... Chic., 111.,69 Dearborn st willís Young..... D. K. Clink 1875 Odd Fellows Provident Ass'n........ Br'klyn, N. Y.,

443 Hancock st..

Enoch Jacobs Leonard Beasley 1891 Old Dominion Life Insurance Co.I.Richmond, Va....... J. J. Crutchfield.. Samuel Cohen 1883 *Old Wayne Mutual Life Ass'n..... Indianapolis, Ind.,Com

mercial Club Build'g. L. C. Stewart..... M. W. Breeden 1899 Patrons Life Ins. Co..

Sellwood, Ore.... W. M. Hillery...-A. F. Miller 1870 Pelican Mutual Life Ins. Co... Philadelphia, Pa., 276

Bullitt Bldg...

Chas. H. Wolf

Joseph A. Conroy 1885 Penna. Mutual Life Ins. Co..... Philadelphia

J. M, Doyle. J.C. Andrews Peoples Benevolent and Relief.. Charlotte, N. C..... 1901 Peoples Life and Casualty Co...... Minneapolis, Minn... Wm. M. Wighar. Wm. E. Ellis

Peoples Mutual Benevolent.... Raleigh, N. C... 1902 Peoples Mutual Life Ins, Ass'n... Syracuse, N. Y. C. Bachman W. H. Peck 1904 Puritan Life Insurance Co... Washington, D. C.. Geo. M. Pryor.

Henry H. Carter 1902 *Peoria Life Ass'n.....

Peoria, iii....

E. J. Case..

T. G. Murphy Piedmont Mutual Life.

Greensboro, N. C...... 1895 *Postal Empl’ys Mut. Aid Ass'n.. New York, G. P. O.. Edw, S. Post...... Francis R. Roome 1880 *Protective Life Ass'n...

Rochester, N. Y., Pow-
ers B'lg:

0. N. Crane Geo. M. Forbes 1886 Protective Life Assurance Society.- Buffalo, N. Y., Pruden

tial Bidg:

W. H. Farnsworth L. H. Knapp 1883 Provident Ass'n of Newtown, L. I.. Maspeth, O'ens Co., N.Y. Geo. W. Cadwell. Ansel L. Freeman Provident Relief Ass'n ....... Washington D, C., 472

Louisiana av. 1893 St. Andrews Benevolent Society.. Groton, Vt...

A. Allyn Olmsted S. A. Blodgett 1902 *Scandia Mutual Life Ins. Co.. Chic., Ill., 159 La Salle st A.G. Abrahamson C. H. Boman

Scandinavian Mutual Aid Ass'n.... Minden, Neb... 1882 Seventh Regt. Vet. & Active League New York, 139 W.129th st Robert McLean.. Wilbur F. Brown 1908 Southern Mutual Life Ins. Ass'n.... Atlanta, Ga..

Allen D. Cacdier. H. W. Bell 1868 *Southern Tier Masonic Relief Ass'n Elmira, N.Y., Mas. Tem. 1877 Stafford Benefit Ass'n

Stafford, N.Y.

James A. North. E. M. Pamphilon 1903 Sterling Life Ins. Co.....

Springfield, Iil Alfred Orendorff. J. C. Lamphier Street Railway Employes Ass'n... Detroit 1898 •Surety Fund Life Co.

Minneapolis, Minn., An-
drus Bidg..

L. C. Lane

W. P. Hobart

* Over one million dollars in force.

Formerly Old Dominion Beneficial Association.



Year Or-11 ganized.

1896 *Swedish Baptist M.A. Ass'n of Amer Chicago, I11., 723 Reaper


N. P. Severin John Berg 1878 *Swedish Methodist Aid Ass'n.. Chicago, Ill., 152 Oak st. John L. Alstrin.. Frank A. Johnson 1902 *Swedish Mut.Aid Society (Scandia) New York, 108 Park row G. Nelsenius.... Elias Johnson 1896 Tecumseh Mutual Life Ass'n..... Springfield, I11

J. C. Perdue F. E. Dooling 1867 *Telegraphers Mut. Ben. Ass'n...... New York, 195 B'dway. Belvidere Brooks. M. J. O'Leary 1870 Temperance Mutual Benefit Ass'n.. Philadelphia, Pa...- L. A. Tyler. A. E. Philips 1887 *Tradesmens Life Ins. Co..... New York, 253 B'way - Geo. Merrill... E. S. Johnson Union Insurance Co...

Washington, D.C. 1904 United States Life Endowment Co. 100 Washington st., Chi

cago, Ill.

James McCartney R. E. Mabrey 1880 *U. S. Ry. Mail Ser. Mut. Ben. Ass'n Chic., 111., 324 Dearb'n st John R. McCoy..W. S. Corning 1898 Virginia Beneficial and Ins. Co.. Norfolk, Va.

I. C. Norcom... Geo, R. Moore *Western Commer. Trav. Ass'n. St. Louis, Mo...... Chas. W. Sargent John C. Wilkinson 1899 Western Industrial Ass'n..

Wash.,D.C., Warder Big S. J. Masters. N. A. Smith Western Life and Accident Co. Colorado 1886 *Western Masons Mut. Life Ass'n... Los Angeles, Cal.

G. F. Stevenson 1884 Western N.Y. Relief Ass'n.... Sherman, Chautau. Co.,

N. Y.

C. H. Corbett... O. L. Dorman 1902 Western Union Life Insurance Co.. Chicago, Il!

James W. Powers Alfred Morgan 1888 Winona Mutual Benefit Ass'n... Winona, Minn., 402 E.

Sanborn st..

John Harders..... L. F. Zuelow 1886 Work’gmans Co-operative Ass'n of the Ŭ.I.L. of N. Y..

New York, 50 Union sq. Fred Marquard H. B. Salisbury 1903 Workingmen's Co-operative Ass'n.. Washington, D.C....-C. E. Gresham..F.D. Farr 1900 *World Mutual Life Ass'n.... Des Moines, Ia., Young

erman Block... James P. Hewitt - Henry Pyle 1908 Young County Relief Ass'n. Graham, Tex..

R. E. Mobry. E. C. Stovall 1878 *Young Mens Mutual Life Ass'n.. Cincin., 'o., Carew Bldg James

C. Ernst. Lewis G. Hopkins 1894 | Young Mens Protestant Ben. Ass'n. Toronto, Can..

Wm. Derby... J. W. MOrow


* Over one million dollars in force.


ALABAMA. 1898 Great Southern Home Indus. Ass'n Birmingham

W. L. Lauderdale E. D. Coleman Heralds of Liberty

Huntsville. 1903 Stonewall Mutual Aid Association. Mobile ....

ARKANSAS. 1898 *Amoreans, Ancient Order..... Little Rock

P. D. English.. Col. W. Sparling 1896 *A. 0. U. W.


H. L. Cross.
Eastern Star Benefit Association... Helena.
Knights and Daughters of Tabor. Little Rock..

Knights of Honor of the World... Pine Bluff. 1891 Masonic Benefit Association.... Prescott..

M. A, Clark. S. T. Boyd
Mosaic Templars.

Little Rock.
Odd Fellows Benefit Association.. Fort Smith..
United Brothers of Friendship and
Sisters of the Mysterious Ten..... Little Rock...

1877 *A. O. U. W. of California.
San Francisco.

F. S. Poland 1897 *Fraternal Brotherhood

Los Angeles...

C. P. Dandy. E, A. Beck 1894 | *Pendo, Order of........

San Francisco, 1812 Mar-
ket st...

A. P. Tugwell Ernest Duden 1899 Sentinels of the Universe...... San Francisco.

H. A. Krouse.. George S. Clinton COLORADO. 1901 American Woodmen (Sup. Camp)... Cooper Bldg., Denver.. J. K. Shireman... J. C. Kennedy 1882 *A. O. U. W. of Colo., N. Mex. and Arizona..... Denver

Wm. T. Boyd 1899 Beneficiary Degree Jr. A. O. U. W.. Boston Block, Denver.. Amos L. Gray. Stephen Collins 1896 *Fraternal Union of America.. Denver,1430 Champa st. F. F. Roose. S. S. Baty 1903 Independent Order of Maccabees... Denver 1899 *Junior Order of United American Mechanics (B. D.)..

Denver, Railroad Bldg E. H. Godfrey... D. C. Whitney 1900 *Royal Mystic Tie.

Tabor Bldg., Denver .-E. H. Godfrey , A. E. Martin 1897 *Women of Woodcraft.

Leadville, 104 W. 4th st. C. C. Van Orsdall John L. Wright 1890 *Woodmen of the World (Pac. juris.) Denver, 1447 Tremont st|F. A. Falkenberg. I. I. Boak

* Over one million dollars in force.

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New Haven..

Hugh A. Keenan. James A Knox 1902 American Mutual Life Society. New Haven

Hon. S. J. Bryant Henry F. Hosley 1895 Chevaliers de St. Louis Amerique, L'Ordre des


Francis Beique... Adelard Morin 1900 *Fraternal Benefit League..

New Haven, 89 Clinton

John J. Howard.. F. P. Tyler 1892 Frat. Order of Connecticut.. Hartford, 2 State st.. H. E. Willmore.. Geo. M. Deming 1882 *Knights of Columbus,

V. Haven, 23 Church st. Edward L. Hearn Daniel Colwell 1903 Mutual Benefit Ass'n for Masons.. New Haven

F. G. Bassett..... F. S. Bradley 1874 Ord. Un. Am. Mech. Fun, Aid Ass'n Bridgeport, 922 Main st. Chauncey Seeley. Henry J. Seeley

DELAWARE. 1894 *A. O. U. W. of Delaware.. Wilmington

C. E. Woods 1895 Delaware Beneficial Association. Wilmington....

Peter Cooper Charles Hayward DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. 1899 American Fraternity.. Wash., Warder Bldg...

W. F. Partlow 1897 Astrea, Order of..

Wash., 1845 Penn. Ave.. J.C. Stoddard.... 1898 Columbian Fraternity Ass'n..... Washington.

Ellis E. Waring 1902 Famobrosis Society.


Joseph Clark, Jr.. 0. Corwin Sabin 1908 Knights and Ladies of the Hand-inHand Fraternity....


J. W. Kinsley..... Ethel Johnson.... 1891 Knights of the Golden Cross.. Wash., 1420 N. Y. ave.. Gen. L. W. Colby. 1898 Lone Star Ben. Ass'n..

Wash., cor. 9 & Penn.ay J. P. Vierbuchen.. J. Fred Repertus Masonic Mutual Relief Association. Washington, D. C,, 12th and F sts., N. W.

Wm. Montgomery Modern Workmen of the World... Washington, D. C... 1904 Peoples Mutual Benefit Association Washington

Wm. H. Russell.. W. W. Chiswell 1897 *Prudent Patricians of Pompeii....- Washington

Hon. W. S. Linton David Swinton 1897 *Royal Benefit Society

Washington, 902 F st.,
N. W

C. W. Keyes, M.D. D, F. Pennington 1902 United Americans......

Afro-American Industrial and Ben-
efit Association......

American Assurance Association.. Gould Bldg., Atlanta..

E. P. Burns....... 1878 *A. O.U W. of Ga., Ala., Miss., North & South Carolina & Fla... Albany

Jos. Ehrlich 1902 Bonded Benefit Society. 1903 Eminent Household of Columbian Woodmen


N. J. Northern.... E. H. Thornton... 1903 Home Provident Assn. of America. Prudent'l Blg., Atlanta Julius Magath.... W. B. Parks, MD. 1898 Masons Annuity, Supreme Lodge of Atlanta..

James L. Mayson. G. E. Argard 1904 Mutual Life and Wage Guaranty Association.


Henry S. Jackson. Jas. F. Alexander Savannah Benevolent & Aid Ass'n.. Savannah. 1902 Union Mutual Relief Association.... Atlanta.... 1902 United Benevolent Society... Atlanta...

ILLINOIS. 1897 | *American Fraternal League... Chicago, 180 Dearborn. Frederick Peake.. Clayton C. Pickett 1897 •American Home Circle.

Springfield, I. O. O. F.

T. W. Wilson... S. M. Rogers 1903 American Stars of Equity.

Freeport, ill..

B. F. Fry...

A. M, Smith 1901 Ancient Order of Shepherds Ashland Block, Chicago T. W. Cosgrove.. W. T. Newmans 1875 *A. O. U. W. of Illinois.. Paris, 218% N. Main st. E. H. Eich

Charles P Hitch 1905 Archeon Union

Rockford, 413 W. State. R. K. Welsh N. C. Bement 1870 *B'nai B'rith, Independent Order, District Grand Lodge...

Chicago, 59 N. Clark st. J. L. Strelitsky... E. C. Hamburger 1899 *Bohemian Amer. Foresters, High Court ...

Chicago, 626 W. 18th st. Matej Kara. A. F. Jaruska 1883 *Bohemian Slav. Frat. Ben.-Union.. Chicago, 583 W. 18th st. Frank Haut Ant. J. Zabrobsky 1892 *Bohemian Slavonian Kts. & Ladies. Chicago, 615 Loomis st. Frank Dostal. Karel Musil 1899 Brotherhood of Amer. Workmen, Ben. Order


C. R. McCord.... D. P. Barker 1873 *Brotherhood Locomotive Firemen. Peoria, Niagara Bidg. J. J. Hannahan F.W. Arnold 1894 *Capitol Life Ass'n..


Jas. W. Jefferson. Grace Fancher 1889 *Catholic Order of Foresters. Chicago.

Thos. H. Cannon. Thos.F.McDonald 1901 Chicago Fraternal League

Chic., 109 Randolph st. C. A. Vogel....... R. D. Schuettge 1895 *Columbian Knights, Order of.. Chicago, Mas. Temple. B. F. Foster....... Edwin D. Piefer

Confederation of Bohemian Ameri.
can Ladies

Chicago. 1040 S. Homan. F. Czajkowski... Anna Koch 1895 *Court of Honor.

Springfield, C. of H.Bdg A. L. Hereford. W. E. Robinson

* Over one million dollars in force.

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