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Retired. NAME OF COMPANY. 1888–Alabama Gold Life, Mobile; failed.

1902—Economic, . Wilmington, Del.; reinsured in 1868–Alabama Mutual, Selma; failed.

Metropolitan Life, New York. 1877–Alliance Mutual, Leavenworth; capital 1873-Economical, Providence; reinsured in Re$100,000; retired.

public; capital, $100,000. 1890-American, Philadelphia; capital, $500,000; 1869–Empire Mutual, Chicago; reinsured in Interfailed.

national. 1896-American Life and Accident, New Orleans; 1872—Empire Mutual, New York;, capital, $100,reinsured in Life Insurance Company of

000; reinsured in Continental, New York. Virginia.

1872—Empire State, Watertowa;.capital, $100,000; 1873-American Mutual, New Haven; reinsured in

reinsured in Life Association. American Life and Trust.

1889-Equality, Richmond. 1875-American National Life and Trust, New 1852–Equitable Life and Trust, Philadelphia; re Haven; capital, $100,000; failed.

insured in Ætna. 1877–American Popular, New York; capital, $284,- 1873–Excelsior, New York; capital, $125,000; re 500; failed.

insured in National Life of the U. S. 1871-American Tontine, New York; reinsured in

1871-Farmers and Mechanics, New York; capital, Empire Mutual

$100,000; failed. 1901— American Union, New York; reinsured in 1882—Franklin, Indianapolis; retired. Security Trust and Life.

1869–General Life and Accident Mutual, New.

ark. 1872-Amicable, New York; capital $130,000; rein. sured in Guardian Mutual.

1870-Georgia Mutual, Macon; reinsured in Cot1872-Anchor, Jersey City;

ton States.
capital, $130,000;

..German Mutual, Cincinnati. 1873– Asbury, New York; capital, $180,000; failed.

1874-Government Security, New York; . capital, 1877-Atlantic Mutual, Albany; capital, $110,000;

$100,000; reinsured in North America. failed.

1857-Globe Life and Trust, Philadelphia. 1901 – Atlantic Mutual, Greenfield, Mass.; rein.

1879—Globe Mutual, New York; capital $100,000;

failed. sured in Boston Mutual Life.

1870-Great Western, Chicago; reinsured in 'Re 1893–Atlas, Indianapolis; capital, $100,000; rein.

public. sured in Fidelity Mutual.

1870-Great Western, New York; capital, $100,000; 1872-Atlas, St. Louis; reinsured in St. Louis Mu

failed. tual.

1865—Greenborough Mutual, Greenborough; failed. 1877—Baltimore, Maryland; reinsured in Equit

1873—Guardian Mutual, New York; capital $100,able.

000; failed. 1870—Ben Franklin, New York; reinsured in

1872-Hahneman, Cleveland; capital, $200,000; re United States.

insured in Republic. 1901—Brooklyn Life, New York; reinsured in Equitable of New York.

1874-Hand-in-Hand, Philadelphia; wound up.

1873–Hercules, New York; capital, $150,000; failed. 1902–Brotherhood Reserve Life, Des Moines; re

1892–Home, Salt Lake City; retired. tired.

1871—Home Mutual, Cincinnati. 1872—California Mutual, San Francisco; reinsured 1880— Homestead Bank and Life, Pittsburg; failed. in Republic

Homestead, Cincinnati; capital, $100,000. 1873–Carolina, Memphis; reinsured in Southern 1890–Homestead' Building and Loan, Indianapolis; Life, Memphis.

retired. 1869–Central Life and Accident, Newark; rein. 1887–Homeopathic Mutual, New York; retired. sured in New York Life.

1872–Hope Mutual, New York; capital, $215,500; 1901–Central Life of Missouri, St. Louis; rein.

reinsured in New JerseyMutual. sured in Metropolitan Life of New York. 1886–Charter Oak, Hartford; capital, $200,000;

1853–Hope Mutual, Stamford; failed.

1856—Howard, New York; reinsured in United failed.

States. 1877—Chicago, Chicago; failed.

1892–Imperial, Detroit;

capital, $118,000; reinsured 1903—Chicago Life, Des Moines; reinsured in

in National of Hartforu. Des Moines Life.

1899—Indiana Life, Indianapolis, Ind.; capital, 1864–Chicago Mutual, Chicago; reinsured in Union

$100,000; consolidated with American Cen. Mutual.

tral. 1871-Cincinnati Mutual, Cincinnati; reinsured in 1888–Industrial, Mobile; retired. Union Central.

1888-Industrial Life and Accident, Baltimore; re 1900-Citizens Mutual Life, Newark, N. J.; retired.

tired. 1893-Columbia Mutual, Providence; capital, 1894–Industrial Mutual, Minneapolis; retired.

$100,000; reinsured in Commercial Alliance. 1873–International, Chicago; reinsured in Uni. 1876—Columbia, St. Louis; failed.

versal. 1894–Commercial Alliance, New York,, capital, 1872—International, Jersey City; capital $166,235; $200,000; failed; William T. Gilbert, re

reinsured in United States. ceiver.

1900—Iowa Life, Sioux City; capital, $100,000; con1873–Commonwealth, New York, capital $186,500;

solidated with National Life, ú. S. of A. reinsured in New Jersey Mutual.

1889-Iowa Mutual, Cedar Rapids; retired. 1887-Continental, Hartford; capital, $300,000; failed.

1876-Iron City, Pittsburg. 1876–Continental, New York; capital, $100,000; 1858–Jefferson, Cincinnati; reinsured in Ohio Life closed at suit of stockholders.

and Trust. 1888-Cotton States, Macon, retired.

1903—Kansas Mutual Life, Topeka; reinsured in 1900_Covenant Mutual, St. Louis; capital, $100,000;

Illinois Life. reinsured in Metropolitan of New York. 1903—Kansas Union Life, Topeka; capital, $100,000; 1872–Craftsmens, New York; reinsured in Hope

reinsured in National of U. S. of Á. Mutual; capital, $200,000.

1867-Kentucky Mutual, Covington; failed. 1850 Crescent Mutual, New Orleans; failed.

1856–Kentucky Mutual, Louisville. 1873–Delaware Mutual, Wilmington; reinsured in 1870-Keystone Mutual, Harrisburg; failed. National Life of the U. S.

1882—Knickerbocker, New York; capital $100,000; 1871—De Soto, St. Louis; reinsured in Republic.

failed. 1868–Diamond State Mutual, Wilmington;, dis- 1870–Laboringmans, Kewanee; failed.

solved by mutual consent of policyholders. 1878-Life Association of America, St. Louis; 1882_Eagle, Chicago; reinsured in Great Western,

failed. of Chicago.

1899-Life Insurance Clearing Company, St. Paul; 1858–Eagle Life and Health, Jersey City; rein

capital, $100,000; reinsured in Security T. sured in Knickerbocker.

and Li 1897—Eastern Mutual Life, Camden; retired. 1869–Lincoln, Chicago. 1873-Eclectic, New York; capital, $150,000; closed 1881-Louisiana Equitable Life, New Orleans; at suit of stockholders.

wound up.

When Retired.

NAME OF COXPANY. 1869_Masonic Orphans Home, Nashville; rein.

sured in Nashville Life. 1878—Massachusetts Hospital, Boston; retired. 1854-Merchants and Planters, New Orleans; failed. 1875—Merchants, New York; reinsured in Globe. 1875—Minnesota Mutual, St. Paul; reinsured in

Northwestern Mutual. 1872—Mississippi Valley, Louisville; reinsured in

St. Louis Mutual. 1874Missouri Mutual, St. Louis; reinsured in

Mound City. 1879—Missouri Valley, Leavenworth; capital, $100,

000; retired. 1889-Mobile, Mobile, Ala.; liquidated. 1876—Mound City, St. Louis; changed name to St.

Louis Life. 1857–Mutual, Baltimore; reinsured in Union Mut. 1876–Mutual, Chicago; failed. 1875—Mutual, Pittsburg; failed. 1873-Mutual Benefit, New Orleans; failed. 1876— Mutual Life and Accident, Williamsport, Pa. 1897—Mutual Life, Indianapolis, reinsured. 1904—Mutual Life and Trust, Des Moines; rein

sured in Central Life of Des Moines. 1902—Mutual Life, Louisville, Ky.;. capital, $100,

000; reinsured in Illinois Life. 1872—Mutual Protection, New York; capital, $100,

000; reinsured in Reserve. 1875—Mutual Protection, Philadelphia, Pa. 1876—Nashville, Nashville; reinsured in Globe

Mutual. 1855-Nashville Mutual Protection, Nashville;

failed. 1874-National, Chicago; failed. 1872—National Life, Elizabeth. 1873–National, New York; capital, $150,000; closed

at suit of stockholders. 1873–National Capital, Washington; capital, $150,

000; reinsured in Penn Mutual. 1866–National Life and Health, Kalamazoo; failed. 1903—National Life and Trust, Des Moines; capi

tal, $100,000; reinsured in National 'of U.

S. of A. 1896—National Life and Trust, New Haven. 1852—National Safety and Trust, Philadelphia;

failed. 1890—Natural Premium Life Society, New Orleans;

liquidated. 1877—New Jersey Mutual, Newark; capital, $100,

000; failed. 1813–New York Mechanics Life, New York. 1872– New York State, Syracuse; capital, $120,000;

reinsured in Guardian Mutual. 1874-North America, New York; failed. 1875—North America, Philadelphia; reinsured in

Penn Mutual Life. 1853–North American Mutual Life and Health,

Philadelphia; reinsured in Ætna. 1862–North Carolina Mutual, Raleigh; failed. 1882–North Carolina State; reinsured in Life In.

surance Company of Virginia. 1894—North Eastern Life, Manchester, N. H.;

capital, $25,000; retircd. 1903—Northern Central, Toledo, Ohio; reinsured

in Pittsburg Life_and Trust. Northern Central Life, Des Moines; reinsured in

Pittsburg Life and Trust, August, 1903. 1903—Northwestern Life and Savings, Des Moines,

capital $100,000; reinsured in Northwestern

National. 1865-Northwestern Mutual Life, Chicago. 1867–Odd Fellows Life and Trust, Philadelphia, Pa. 1857–Ohio Life and Trust, Cincinnati, O.; failed. 1875 Ohio Life, Cleveland, O. 1872—Peabody, New York; reinsured in Farmers

and Mechanics. 1866–Penninsular Mutual Life, Detroit, Mich. 1893–Peoples Industrial, Norwich, Conn.; capital,

$100,000; reinsured in Metropolitan. 1852—Philadelphia, Philadelphia; retired. 1851–Phænix, St. Louis; reinsured in New York

Life. 1880—Piedmont and Arlington, Richmond; capital,

$200,000; failed. 1873–Policyholders Life and Tontine, Charleston;

reinsured in Life Association. 1877–Protection, Chicago; failed.

When Retired. NAXE OF COXPANY. 1867—Provident, Chicago; reinsured in Eagle. 1887-Provident, Minneapolis; retired. 1868-Provident Fund Life and Trust, New York;

capital, $300,000; dissolved. 1867—Provident Life and Investment, Chicago, Ill. 1901—Provident Life, Wheeling, W. Va.; reinsured

in Metropolitan Life of New York. 1870Provident Mutual Life, Charleston, S. C. 1871- Putnam Life, Putnam, Conn. 1875—Republic, Chicago; capital, 8947,400; failed. 1872–Reserve, New York; capital, $136,260; failed. 1873—Safety. Deposit, Chicago; reinsured in Mutual

of Chicago. 1875—Security Life and Annuity, New York; capi.

tal, $110,000; failed. 1902-Security Life and Savings, Des Moines; capi

tal, $100,000; reinsured' in National Life

and Trust. 1895–Southern Industrial, New Orleans; capital

$100,000;, amalgamated with American L.

and A., New Orleans. 1856_Southern Mutual, Athens; reinsured in South

ern Mutual of Columbus, S. C. 1876—Southern, Memphis; failed. 1868–Southern Mutual, Columbia, S. C.; failed. 1853–Southern Mutual, New Orleans; reinsured in

U. S. Life and Trust, Philadelphia. 1869—Southern Mutual Life and Trust, Mobile;

reinsured in New York Life. 1853–Spring Garden, Philadelphia; reinsured in

New York Life. 1871—Standard, New York; capital, $125,000; rein.

sured in Government Security. 1875–St. Louis Life, St. Louis; reinsured in Co

lumbia. 1873–St. Louis, Mutual, St. Louis; capital, $100,

000; reinsured in Mound City. 1899—Star Life, Grafton, W. Va.; reinsured in

Provident Life. 1896—State, Philadelphia; capital, $100,000; ceased

life business. 1902–Sun Life, Louisville; capital, $200,000; rein.

sured in Metropolitan Life. 1856–Susquehanna Mutual, Harrisburgh; reinsured

in American of Philadelphia. 1876—Teutonia, Chicago; capital, $200,000; failed. 1875—Texas Mutual, Galveston; reinsured in Ala

bama Gold Life. 1884–Toledo Mutual, Toledo; capital, $120,000; re

tired. 1852—Trenton Mutual, Trenton; failed. 1840-Union Assurance, New York; failed. 1899—Union Life, Omaha, Neb.; reinsured in

Royal Union. 1870—United Fire, Life and Marine, Covington, Ky. 1871—United Security, Philadelphia; capital, $100,

000; reinsured in Penn Mutual. 1868–United States, Lafayette; failed, 1851–United States Annuity and Life, Hartford;

failed. 1897–United States Industrial Ins. Co., Newark,

N. J.; risks transferred to the Metropolitan

Life Ins. Co. of New York. 1862–United States Life and Trust, Philadelphia;

failed. 1869—United States Mutual Life and Casualty,

Trenton, N. J. 1877—Universal, New York; capital, $200,000;

failed. 1900–Vermont Life, Burlington, Vt;. capital, $100,

000; reinsured in Metropolitan of New

York. 1869–Western, Cincinnati; reinsured in Cincinnati

Mutual. 1869—Western Mutual, St. Louis; reinsured in

Commonwealth. 1881–Western New York, Batavia; capital, $125,

000; failed. 1868-Widows and Orphans, St. Louis; reinsured

in Life Association. 1876—Widows and Orphans Fund, Nashville;

failed. 1871—Widows and Orphans Benefit, New York;

capital, $200,000; failed. 1873—Wilmington, Wilmington; reinsured in Life

Insurance Company of Virginia. 1873–World Mutual, New York; failed.




1834-Ætna Live Stock, Cincinnati, O.
1868-Ætna Live Stock, Hartford.

1899- Metropolitan Accident, Chicago; absorbed by

ntinental Casualty. 1888-Ætna Mutual Accident, Streator, Ill.

1897–National Benefit and Casualty Insurance 1893— American Casualty Insurance and Security

Company, Milwaukee, Wis.
Company, Baltimore, Md.

1895-National Credit Insurance Company, Minne1896-American Employers 'Liability, Jersey City,

apolis. N. J. 1896-American Life and Accident, New Orleans.

1901—National Indemnity, & Investment, Balti. 1888-American Live Stock, St. Paul.

more; reinsured in General Accident of

Perth. 1891 - American Steam Boiler, New York. 1898–American Title and Insurance Company,

1897–National Surety, Kansas City. Baltimore.

1897—New England Burglary, Boston. 1888–Central Live Stock, Indianapolis.

1895–New Jersey Title and Abstract Company, 1898–Chicago Loan and Trust Company,, Chicago.

Jersey City. 1888–Colorado Live Stock, Loveland, Col.

1867-New York Accidental, New York. 1903—Delaware Surety Company, Dover, Delaware,

1895–Northwestern Live Stock, Des Moines, Ia. dissolved.

1889–Peoples Mutual Live Stock, Philadelphia, Pa. 1894–Equitable Accident, Denver, Col.

1902–Peoples Realty Company, New York, ab. 1895—Farmers Mutual Protective Association,

sorbed by United States Title Guarantee Plankinton,

and Trust Company. 1903-Federal Surety Company, Chicago; merged

1892—Pennsylvania Boiler Insurance Company, with Union Surety Company, Indianapolis.

Philadelphia. 1857–Fidelity, New York.

1895-Providence Mutual Steam Boiler, Providence, 1902–Frankfort-American, New York; retired.

1878—Railway Passenger, Hartford. 1895–Guarantee and Accident Lloyds, New York.

1899—Red River Valley Mutual Hail, Walpetor, 1901—Guarantee Bond and Accident Company,

N. D.

1894-Rhode Island Mutual Live Stock, Provi. 1897–Guarantors Liability Indemnity Company,

dence. Philadelphia.

1897–Rochester Title Insurance Company, Roches. 1894–Guarantors of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia;

ter. reinsured in Guarantors Liability Indem- 1902–St. Louis Trust Company and Union Trust nity Company.

Company of St. Louis, consolidated. 1876– Hartford Accident, Hartford.

1892–St. Paul German Accident, St. Paul. 1868-Hartford Live Stock, Hartford.

1899—Southern Live Stock, Atlanta, Ga. 1895–Home Plate Glass, Washington, D. C.

1867—Travelers, Providence. 1898-Interstate Casualty, New York.

1903—Union Accident Stock Company, Denver. 1897—Legal Surety Company, New York.

1903—Union Casualty and Surety, St. Louis. 1902–Long Island Title Guarantee Company, 1903—Union Surety and Guaranty, Philadelphia,

Brooklyn, absorbed by United States Title 1867–United States Accident, Syracuse.
Guarantee and Indemnity Company.

1869–United States Casualty, Trenton, N. J. 1897–Mercantile Credit Guarantee, New York. 1894—United States Credit System, Newark. 1892–Missouri, Kansas and Texas Trust Company, 1902–Universal Casualty, Milwaukee; failed.

Kansas City; reinsured in National Surety 1890–Western Horse and Cattle, Omaha.
of Kansas City.

1900–Western Insurance Company Aurora, Ill.

COMPANIES IN THE HANDS OF RECEIVERS. The following is a list of life insurance companies in the United States in process of winding up with the name of receiver or other persons in charge. ALABAMA.

Alabama Gold Life, Mobile; A. P. Bush, Receiver. Asbury Life, New York; A. V. Stout, Receiver, 271

Broadway (appointed October 1, 1874).

Commercial Alliance, New York; Wm. T. Gilbert, Mutual Life, Indianapolis; Union Trust Company Receiver, 32 Liberty street. of Indianapolis, Receiver.

Security Life, New York.
Missouri Valley Life, Leavenworth; E. W. Snider,


Globe Mutual Life, New York, U. S. A.; W. C.

Wells, Montreal, Assignee for Canadian pol New Jersey Mutual Life, Newark; Frederic W. icyholders.

Stevens, Attorney for Receiver.

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and 3 per cent on $350,000.

& On June 1, 1904, the capital stock was reduced to $500,000 and the par value of where company is less than twenty-five years old.

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