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managers and general agents, $2.50 for all others.

President, Joseph J. Tillinghast; vice-president, Lee C. Robens and George W. Delamater; secre tary, William M. Wood; treasurer, F. C. Brown.

Executive Committee-Graham 'c. Wells, Chas. W. Scovel, James C. Biggert, Russell A. Clark and Wm. H. McManus. Annual meeting in March.

Stephen F. Woodman, Boston, Mass.; prize essays, Charles E. Ady, Omaha, Neb.; credentials, Dr. S. L. Fuller, Chicago, Ill.; transportation, J. W. Fitzpatrick, Portland, Me.; the press, George A. Can. tine, Newburgh, N. Y. Next convention October, 1904, at Indianapolis. NATIONAL CONVENTION OF INSURANCE

COMMISSIONERS. Organized 1871. Meets at Indianapolis in 1904; annual dues, such amount as assessed by each convention for necessary expenses.

President, John L. Bacon, White River Junction, Vt.; vice-president, James V. Barry, Lansing, Mich.; secretary, J. J. Brinkerhoff, Springfield, Ill.

Executive Committee-David E. Sherrick, Indiana; Lloyd Wilkinson, Maryland; Henry D. Appleton, New York; Elmer H. Dearth, Minne. sota; Rean E. Folk, Tennessee. Next annual meeting in September at Indianapolis.


SOCIATION, PORT HURON, MICH. Organized March 14, 1904. Membership 15; annual dues $2.

President, R. S. Campbell; vice-president, Fred. Weston; secretary, J. McLeay; treasurer, H. W. Becker.

Executive Committee-The officers. Annual meeting last Saturday in January.


ASSOCIATION. 133 St. Peter Street, Quebec City. Organized April 26, 1902. Membership 35; annual ques $3.

President, J. B. Morissette; vice-presidents, F. Glass and J. F. Belleau; secretary, M. Monaghan; treasurer, J. T. Lachance.

Executive Committee-J. G. Bruneau and C. H. Carpenter. Annual meeting first Tuesday of May.


UNDERWRITERS (INC.), PORTLAND. Organized October 24, 1896. Membership 110; annual dues $1.

President, F. H. Hazelton; vice-president, T. S. Burns; secretary, F. B. Fish; treasurer, M. H. Neale.

Executive Committee-F. Brunel, George P. Dewey and N. L. Hildreth. Annual meeting second Monday in January. SURETY UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION

OF CHICAGO, ILL. Organized January 1, 1904. Territory, Cook county, Ill.

President, Perry L. Wicks; secretary, Edwin M. McKinney, 164 La Salle street.

Executive Committee--C. M. Hoven, George D. Webb, Bruce Ritchie, George K. Thomas.

NATIONAL FRATERNAL CONGRESS. Organized November 16, 1886. Membership 60 societies, with membership of 4,000,000; annual dues $50 for society of 5,000 members or less, and $7.50 for each additional 5,000.

President, Edwin O. Wood, Flint, Mich.; vicepresident, F. A. Falkenburg, Denver, Col.; secretary and treasurer, M. W. Sackett, Meadville, Pa.

Executive Committee-J. A. Langfitt, past presi. dent; Edwin O; Wood, president; F. A. Falkenburg, vice-president, and M. W. Sackett, secretarytreasurer. Next meeting September 27, 1904. NEW ENGLAND WOMEN'S LIFE UNDER

WRITERS ASSOCIATION, BOSTON. Organized November 28, 1898. Membership 25; annual dues $2.

President, Emily A. Ransom; vice-presidents, Mrs. Florence A. Shaal and Julia A. Sprague; sec. retary, Mrs. Stella E. P. Drake; treasurer, Lucy E. Morrill.

Executive Committee-Mrs. V. B. Peakes, Dr. Sarah M. Crawford, Mrs. M. W. Lawrence, Imo. gene Burnham and Helen M. Folger. Annual meeting in November. NEW HAMPSHIRE LIFE UNDERWRITERS

CLUB, MANCHESTER. Organized November 13, 1899. Membership 22; annual dues $5.

President, John J. Donohue; vice-president, E. Scott Owen; secretary and treasurer, A. W. Childs, Marchester

Executive Committee-R. W. Cheney, David Fos. ter and James A. Wellman. Annual meeting in October PHILADELPHIA ASSOCIATION OF LIFE

UNDERWRITERS. Organized December 15, 1887. Membership 76; initiation fee $5; annual dues, active $10, associate $5.

President, J. Edward Dunham; vice-presidents, Geo. F. Schilling, James H. Glenn, H. O. Hilderbrand; secretary, F. H. Garrigues, 923 Chestnut street; assistant secretary, R. R. Dearden, Jr., 413 Walnut street; treasurer, Henry W. Littlefield.

Executive Committee-Frank Read, Joseph Ashbrook, C. A. Wray, D. A. Keyes, J. A. Fowler, F. E. Hammer, H. c. Lippincott, Harold Pierce, I. L. Register, E. H. Plummer, W. M. Scott, H. 0. Chapman, Amos Wakelin, H. A. Bray, W. A. Higinbotham, A. C. Otis, W. H. Lambert, Wm. G. Carroll, Richard Fisher. PITTSBURG LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSO.

CIATION. Organized March 2, 1886. Membership, active 82, honorary 2; initiation fee $5; annual dues $10 for


CIATION. Organized June, 1900.

President, Edwin Chamberlain; vice-presidents, A. A. Green and A. J. Brown; secretary-treasurer, T. M. Waller, Dallas. TOLEDO ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDER

WRITERS. Organized May 1, 1902. Membership 16; annual dues, general agents and managers $5, solicitors

President, J. J. Stewart; vice-presidents, J. J. Mooney and C. 'E. Holt; secretary and treasurer, R. E. Ferguson.

Executive Committee-G. W. Farley, W. C. Longenecker and J. S. Atkins. Annual meeting in February


WRITERS OF MONTPELIER. Organized June 30, 1890. Membership 35; annual dues $2.

President, Earle S. Kinsley; vice-presidents, F. W. Putnam and G. F. North; secretary, F. L. North, Burlington; treasurer, Thomas Magner.

Executive Committee-W. H. S. Whitcomb, John Carney and N. B. Ballard. Annual meeting Wednesday following first Tuesday in June.

DIRECTORS AND TRUSTEES OF LIFE COMPANIES. ÆTNA, Hartford, Conn.-M. G. Bulkeley, J: 0. beck, Jos. D. Bedle, W. G. Bumsted, Robert Davis, Enders, G. W. Russell, M. D., W. E. A. Bulkeley, F. L. Sheppard, G. F. Perkins, Lawr. Fagan, E. P. M. B. Brainerd, A. R. Hillyer, S. G. Dunham. Meany, Ernest J. Heppenheimer, Dr. John Nevin. The company (life department) operates in Cal- E. L. Young, P. F. Wanser, J. E. hulshizer, Will. ifornia, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District iam Murray, John Mullins. of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Does business in New Jersey, New York and Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Pennsylvania, Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, Rhode Island, Maine, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oregon, West Virginia,

COLUMBIA LIFE, Cincinnati, 0.-Bradford South Dakota, New Hampshire, Iowa, Kentucky,

Shinkle, Major Frank J. Jones, A. Howard Hinkle, Maryland, Illinois, Kansas, New York, Ohio,

Gen. J. Warren Keifer Col. James Kilbourne, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, North Caro- August Hermann, Henry Muhlhauser, William lina North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia,

Cooper Proctor, Maurice J. Freiberg, Dr. J. c. Washington, Wyoming, Utah and in Canada.

Culbertson, Capt. Robert Wilson, Col. F. W.

Whitaker, Samuel Hunt, W. F. Robertson, Felix AMERICAN CENTRAL Indianapolis, Ind.- G. Cross, L. J. Crawford, Charles Weber, James M. A. Woollen, Charles E. Dark, W. W. Dark, C. Green Augustin Boice, Addison H. Nordyke, Geo. E. Company operates in Ohio only. Hume, David A. Coulter. The company operates in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois,

COLUMBIAN NATIONAL, Boston, Mass.Missouri, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania and

Frederick Ayer, Josenh Balch, M. E. Bannin, New York.

David H. Carroll, Arthur E. Childs, Henry D.

Cooper, George W. Crawford, Charles V. Fornes, AMERICAN LIFE, Des Moines, Ia.-M. H. Thomas J. Gargan, Henry Heide, N. W. Jordan, Brinton, E. D. Samson, J. E. Himmel, W. B. Percy Parker, Alexander S. Paton, Gardner Perry, Hanes, A. D. Hindman, J. C. Griffith, T. F. Kelle- Edward A. Presbrey, Alfred Rodman, John S. her, E. P. Barringer,

Sculley, Francis P. Sears, Frank C. Travers, Does business in Iowa only.

Thomas M. Turner, Winslow Warren, Frederick

N. Wier, Wm. B. Woodbridge, Charles F. Borden, BALTIMORE LIFE, Baltimore, Md.-Frank S.

Alfred Clark, John J. Mitchell, Phineas W. Strobridge, R. E. Bromwell, W. O. MacGill, A, S. Niles, H. H. Goodman.

Sprague, James R. Wood, Louis F. Swift, Edward

P. Chapin, Geo. W. Bright, A. B. Daniels, Geo. The company operates in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

T. Dewey, Arthur W. Eaton, R. M. Hotaling, John

Martin, E G. Tillotson, H. R. McCullough, Calvin BANKERS LIFE, Lincoln, Neb.-Hon. John H.

Durand, John V. Farwell, Jr., H. A. Haugan. Ames, W. C. Wilson, W. B. Wilson, E. A. Ames,

Company operates in Maryland, Massachusetts, U. W. Cook, A. L. McPherson, J. H. Harley, Dr.

New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode A. R. Mitchell.

Island, Vermont, New Jersey, Ohio, California, The company operates in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, West Virginia. Nebraska, Oregon, Washington.

CONNECTICUT GENERAL, Hartford, Conn. BANKERS LIFE, New York.-Charles H. Fan

-Chas. A. Goodwin, W. M. Storrs, R. W. Hunt. cher, Alvah Trowbridge, William Sherer, William

ington, Jr., P. H. Woodward, J. B. Talcott, Theo. B. Reed, Edward J. Baldwin, Edward T. Hulst,

dore Lyman, Henry E. Taintor, Henry S. Robin. John H. Carr, Jacob C. Parsons, Andrew T. Sulli

son, Chas. P. Cooley. van, Foster M. Voorhees, Geo. S. Bacon, Frank O.

The company operates in Connecticut, Massa. Briggs, Wm. C. Demorest, Steward Flagler, Chas.

chusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, PennN. Fowler, John C. Hanrahan, Richard Morgan,

sylvania, Rhode Island, Illinois, Vermont, Maine Edward C. Stokes.

and New Jersey. The company operates in Illinois, Maryland,

CONNECTICUT MUTUAL, Hartford, Conn.Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Caro

Thomas Sisson, Jacob L. Greene, Frank W.

Cheney, Jas. J. Goodwin, Chas. M. Beach, John M. lina, Vermont, Missouri, Wisconsin.

Taylor,' w. C. Skinner, Charles Hopkins Clark, BANKERS RESERVE LIFE,-Omaha, Neb.

Charles E. Chase, Herbert H. White, Lucius F. B. H. Robison, R. C. Wagner, J. P. Latta, R. L.

Robinson, J. Humphrey Green. Robison, W. G. Preston, T. W. Blackburn.

The company operates in California, Connecti. Company operates in Colorado, Idaho, Indian

cut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, IlliTerritory, Michigan, Oklahoma, North Dakota,

nois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Oregon, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Da

Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, kota, Texas, Utah, Washington.

Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jer.

sey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, BERKSHIRE, Pittsfield, Mass.-George T.

Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Plunkett, James M. Barker, James W. Hull, J. F.

Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
A. Adams, Henry W. Taft, Wellington Smith, W.
B. Plunkett, George H. Tucker, A. C. Houghton,

CONSERVATIVE LIFE INS. CO., Los Angeles, Theodore L. Pomeroy, W. Murray Crane, Walter

Cal.-Fred H. Rindge, J. R. Haynes, Wilbur S. F. Hawkins, Frank W. Russell, Franklin Weston,

Tupper, H. G. Brainerd, Geo. I. Cochran, Joseph Frank H. Wright, W. W. Gamewell, W. H. Swift,

H. Clark, W. W. Beckett. D. A. Kimball.

Operates in Arizona, California, Colorado, The company operates in Massachusetts, Con.

Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, necticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey,

Washington, Oregon and New Mexico. Pennsylvania, Maryland, District of Columbia, CONTINENTAL LIFE INSURANCE AND Ohio, 'Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

INVESTMENT COMPANY, Salt Lake City, BOSTON MUTUAL, Boston, Mass.-John W.

Utah.-H. Tyree, W. S. McCornick, Heber M. Wheeles, Samuel G. Lyman, Stephen W. Holmes,

Wells, J. P. Wood, N. W. Clayton, W. H. Dick Benjamin W. Rowell, Edward A. Lyman, Frank

son, W. v. Rice, B. F. White, A. L. Babcock, J. E. Allard, Henry M. Billings, George E. Rogers,

H. Calderhead, R. D. Steele, James Reid, T. M. Frederick E. Pierce, Frank S. Richardson, Edward

Hodgens, James P. Murray, H. E. Neal, C. C.
Wylie, C. W. Moore, W. J. Halloran, T. R. Cut.

ler, John Dorn, Fred J. Keisel, Samuel Newhouse, CENTRAL LIFE ASSUR. SOCY. OF THE Moses Thatcher, Frank R. Gooding, F. C. Jensen. U. S., Des Moines, Ia.-Geo. B. Peak, H. G. Ev. erett. George H. Carr, Dr. D. W. Smouse, Wm. DES MOINES LIFE, Des Moines, Ia.-W. A.

Harbach, F. E. Watkins, C. E. Rawson, L. C. Does business in Iowa, Colorado, South Da- Rawson, W. E. Hamilton, Wm. Foster, C. A. kota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Rawson, Dr. Chas. Woodhull Eaton, Homer A.
Miller, R. M. Merritt, S. T. Meservey, J. B. But.

Young, E. W. Kingsland, W. C. Heppenheimer,
COLONIAL LIFE Jersey City, NJ.-E.F..C.
Bird W. Spencer, John A. Walker, Henry Lem.

The company operates in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa,
Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Utah,

H. Lounsbury.

L. Shepard.


Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Idaho, Indiana, West Vir. ginia, South Dakota, Washington, Michigan, Indiana.

EASTERN LIFE INSURANCE CO., Washington, N. C.-T. J. Hackney, D. T. Tayloe, R. H. Wright, A. M. Dumay, N. S. Fulford, Geo. T. Leach, M. H. White, S. C. Bragaw, H. Susman, Ashly Horne.

Company operates in North Carolina and is preparing to enter South Carolina.

EQUITABLE, Des Moines, Ia.- Trustees: Fred. M. Hubbell Fullerton, F. C. Hubbell, Cyrus Kirk, Homer A. Miller, J. C. Cummins, H. Ď. Thomp

The company is authorized to transact business in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas. Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Washington and Michigan.

EQUITABLE, New York.-Louis Fitzgerald, James J. Hill, Henry C. Frick, Alfred G. Vander bur, Henry C. Deming, John Jacob Astor, Wm. A. Wheelock, M. Hartley Dodge, H. M. Alexander, Chauncey M. Depew, Cornelius N. Bliss, Thos. D. Jordan, Charles S. Smith, John Sloane, Levi P. Morton, Gage E. Tarbell, Marvin Hughitt, George J. Gould, Samuel M. Inman, Sir W. C. Van Horne, Chas. B. Alexander, Edward W. Lambert, John J. McCook, Wm. Alexander, James H. Hyde, T. Jef. ferson Coolidge, John A. Stewart, Jacob H. Schiff, Wm. A. Tower, Melville E. Ingalls, James B. Forgan, David H. Moffatt, T. De Witt Cuyler, Jo. seph T. Low, James W. Alexander, August Bel. mont, Thos. T. Eckert, Robert T. Lincoln, Bradish Johnson, Brayton Ives, Sidney D. Ripley, J. F. de Navarro, A. I. Cassatt, George H. Squire, Geo. T. Wilson, D. O. Mills, H. C. Haarstick, C. Led. yard Blair, V. P. Snyder, E. H. Harriman, Wm. H. Baldwin, Jr., Wm. H. McIntyre.

The company operates in all the States and Ter. ritories of the United States and in nearly all the civilized countries of the world.

EQUITABLE INDUSTRIAL LIFE INS. CO., Washington, D. C.-Wm. A. Bennett, Henry P. Blair, Geo. W. Casilear, Allen C. Clark, J. A. Lut. trell, N. H. Shea, Augustus Burgdorf, George ). Bessler, A. P. Clark, Jr., H. S. Cummings. Á. Nailor, Jr., J. S. Swormstedt, T, E. Roessle, E. E. Rapley.

Company operates in District of Columbia and West Virginia.

FEDERAL LIFE, Chicago, Ill.-Isaac Miller Hamilton, J. C. Denison, Charles A. Atkinson, H. W. Norton, George Fabyan, William Kaspar, C. S. Crary, M. A. Donohue, F. P. Morris, B. 0. Smith Fred W. Norwood, John W. Wegner, Daniel B. Ainger, John L. Hamilton, R. B. Fort, J. C. Gleason, W. H. Snyder, Wm. Moore, J. Beatty, Tunis Young, George M. Bard, R. P. Marks, R. M. Wilbur, Joseph P. Mahoney, C. C. Williams, Wm. L. Rohrer, B. L. Evans, Oliver L. Brown, Seymour H. Levy, F. L. B. Jenney..

Operates in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin.

FIDELITY MUTUAL. Philadelphia, Pa.-L. G. Fouse,

O. C. Bosbyshell, Alexander McKnight, Geo. W. Kendrick. Jr., A. P. Flint, G. Fisher, Geo. W. Roydhouse, Hon. Levi B. Kaier, J. P. Hale Jenkins, Nathan T. Folwell, W. Le Mar Talbot, Howard M. Van Court.

The company operates in all the States with the exception of Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Porto Rico, Wyoming, Cuba and Philippine Islands.

FRANKLIN LIFE, Springfield, Ill.- Hon. J. 0. Humphrey, H. W. Clendenin, Edgar S. Scott, James C. Jones, H. M. Merriam, Horace L. Wig. gins, Charles G. Brown, John H. Sikes, Henry Abels.

The company does business in Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee. Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky and Nebraska.

GERMANIA, New York.-Thomas Achelis, Albrecht Pagenstecher, Alfred Roelker, Hermann Rose, Casimir Tag, F. von Bernuth, Max A. Wesendonck, Karl von Wesendonk, Cornelius Doremus, Hubert Cillis, Henry A. Caesar, Ewald

Fleitmann, Albert F. D'Oench, Hugo Schumann, Heinrich Rose, Carl Goepel, Carl Kloenne, Julius A. Stursberg, Wm. Stewart Tod.

The company operates in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Mon. tana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Massachusetts. Oregon, South Carolina, Mexico, Hawaii and Europe.

GERMAN MUTUAL, St. Louis, Mo.-Trustees: F. W. Biebinger, Dr. E. F. Hauck, R. H. Follen. ius, Nicholas Guerdan, Dr. Hugo Kinner, Hugo Muench, Chris. A. Stifel, Caspar Stolle, Chas. J. Doerr, Edwin H. Conrades, Anthony J. Nulsen, Wm. C. Uhri, Otto J. Wilhelm, Edwin J. Meyer, L. E. Walther, H. Morell. The company operates in Missouri only.

GUARANTY MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE Co., Davenport, Ia.-August E. Steffen, James F. 'Casey, L. J: Dougherty, Otto Eckhardt.

Operates in Iowa only.

HARTFORD LIFE, Hartford, Conn.-Andrew Gordon, Hon. Lewis Sperry, James H. Knight, E. C. Hilliard, Lewis E. Gordon, Hon. Arthur F. Eggleston, Hon. George E. Keeney, R. B. Parker, R. G. Keeney, E. C. Linn, Charles H. Bacall.

Operates in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Con. necticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming and Mississippi.

HOME LIFE, New York.-Wm. G. Low, Thos. H. Messenger, J. Warren Greene, Henry E. Pierrepont, Lemuel H. Arnold, Thos. T. Barr, Geo. E. Ide, Wm. A. Nash, John F. Praeger, Ellis W. Gladwin, John E. Borne, John S. Frothingham, Martin Joost, Wm. M. St. John, E. Le Grand Beers, Cortlandt P. Dixon, A. A. Raven, Francis L. Hine, James McGovern, Robert B. Woodward.

The company operates in all States and Territories, with the exception of Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Porto Rico, Cuba, Philippine Islands, Canada, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming

ILLINOIS LIFE, Chicago, Ill.–Ralph E. Pratt, Oswald J. Arnold, James W. Stevens, Orr Sang, Clarence E. Moore, John A. Gauger, Caesar Samuels, Thomas B. Ackers, Alonzo Wygant, Milton J. Palmer, Joseph E. Otis, Walter H. Wilson, Raymond W. Stevens, John R. Mitchell, Theo. K. Long.

The company operates in Illinois, Iowa, Michi. gan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kan. sas, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, Indiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

IMMEDIATE BENEFIT LIFE INS. CO., Bal. timore, Md.-M. Rothschild, M. H. Iseman, s. Rothschild, Charles F. Diehl and Charles Burke, The company operates in Maryland only.

INTERSTATE LIFE, Indianapolis, Ind.Thomas H. Spann, Wm. E. Kurtz, Cortland VanCamp, Harry J. Milligan, Dr. E. F. Hodges, M. B. Wilson, Mortimer Levering, Chas. E Coffin, 4. A. Barnes, Joseph C. Schaf, John B. Cockrum, Geo. -rown, J. S. Holiday, Wm. Fortune, E. I. Fisher, August M. Kuhn, Dr. O. S. Runnels, Fletcher E. Marsh, Judge John C. Nelson, John R. Johnson, Frederick Bimel, Capt. Marland R. Gardner, Col. D. N. Foster, Henry I. Park, Adam L. Beck, James P. Goodrich, Chas. M. Crawford, Hiram W. Moore, Wm. McCullough, M. L Finckel, Edwin W. Gearhart, Chas. H. Gibson, Chas. A. Sudlow, Harry I. Miller, Thos. L. Jefferson, Albert J. Logan, Geo. W. Richards, Har. vey E. Roberts, Chas. E. Succop, Henry C. Scott, Francis J. Torrance.

The company operates in Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

INTER-STATE, Cincinnati, Ohio.-A. G. Turnipseed, Charles E. Prior, Herman Brockman, Arthur Russell Morgan, Bradford Shinkle, Tilden R.

French, Henry Burkhold, Wm. G. Hill, O. H. L. Wernicke, Wm. Wallace Burch, Wm. H. Boeh, Wm. Scully, Sr., W. B. Carpenter, Dr. S. A. Hawes, Wm. Scully, Jr., C. P. Cole, Edwin McFarland.

Operates in Ohio and Kentucky. JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL, Boston, Mass.Chas, A. Campbell, Edwin B. Holmes, Arnold A. Rand, S. H. Rhodes, Wm. S. Smith, Chas. E. Lauriat, Albert H. Higgins, John Carr, Roland O. Lamb, H. 0. Houghton, Thomas F. Temple, Wm. 0. Blaney.

The company operates in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Min. nesota, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Mis. souri and Míchigan.

KANSAS CITY LIFE, Kansas City, Mo.-Oper. ates in Kansas and Missouri. LIBERAL LIFE, Anderson, Ind.-Hon. John H. Terhune, Robert P. Grimes, Geo. W. Shreeve, M. V. Hunt, Hon. W. A. Kittinger, Robert F. Schenck, Daniel Goehler, S. L. Van Petten, T. T. Nichoi, James Wellington, Carroll K. McCullough.

Company operates in Indiana only. LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF VIR. GINIA, Richmond, Va.-T. William Pemberton, Tohn G. Walker, James W. Pegram, Everett Waddey, Fairley P. Cooke, Jno. A. Coke, Jr., L. C. Rose.

The company operates in Virginia, West Vir. ginia, District of Columbia, Indiana, North Caro lina, South Carolina and Louisiana.

MANHATTAN, New York.-Henry B. Stokes, Olin G. Walbridge, W. B. Lane, M. D., E. A. Walton, George W. Quintard, Artemus H. Holmes, Emil F. Del Bondio, Edward H. Schell, Simeon Ford, Simeon J. Drake, Eugene Van Schaick, A. P. W. Kinnan, James Stokes, Jacob L. Halsey, N. F. Palmer, Spencer H. Smith, Joseph Bird, John Landers, Walter C. Stokes, Cornelius D. Wood, George H. McLean, Benjamin Griffen, David H. Rowland, Andrew Mills, Alfred B. Maclay, Benjamin F. Tracy, Edward v. 2. Lane, Benjamin Perkins, Edward S. Rapallo, Robert M. Gallaway, Alfred Skitt, Z. T. Emery M. D., John Sherman Hoyt, Albert C. Bostwick, G. W. McGarrah, E. S. Schenck.

The company operates in Alabama, Arizona, Cali. fornia, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Illinois, Georgia, Indiana, Indian Territory, lowa, Kentucky, Maine, Marylana, Massachusetts, Nichigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wis. consin, Tennessee and Hawaiian Islands.

MARYLAND, Baltimore, Md.-Douglas H. Thomas, John Gill, William H. Blackford, James Potter, Geo. c. Jenkins, John A. Whitridge, Eu. gene Levering, W. C. Bruce, Blanchard Randall. The company operates in District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia.

MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL, Springfield, Mass.-Julius H. Appleton, Lewis J. Powers, N. C. Newell, Henry S. Hyde, Henry M. Phillips, Edwin D. Metcalf, John A. Hall, John Redfield, George B. Chandler, John K. Marshall, J. S. Til. ney, W. W. McClench, C. $. Warburton, E. A. Groesbeck, Albert E. F. White, Chas. S. Mellen, John F. Anderson, Jr., Marcus P. Knowlton, Wm. Whiting and F. W. Chapin. The company operates in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Colorado, District of Col. umbia, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, South Carolina and Wisconsin. MERIDIAN LIFE AND TRUST, Indianapolis, Ind.-Arthur Jordan, Wm. P. Herron, Everett Wagner, Orlando B. Íles, Arthur R. Baxter, Wm. C. Hall.' Wm. L. De Vol. Operates in Indiana.

METROPOLITAN, New York.-John R. Hege. man, Silas B. Dutcher, Thomas L. James, John M. Crane, Edward C. Wallace, Joseph P. Knapp, Haley Fiske, George H. Gaston, Stewart L. Woodford, Benjamin DeF. Curtiss, Frank H. Major, Jobn A. McCall, Geo. B. Woodward, James M. Craig, Sam. uel S. Beard, John R. Hegeman, Jr., Thomas G. Ritch.

The company operates in Arkansas, Alabama, California, Connecticut Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wash ington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and North Caro. lina, also in Canada. MICHIGAN MUTUAL, Detroit, Mich.-0. R. Looker, A. F. Moore, Charles A. Kent, Hoyt Post, A. H. Wilkinson, C. A. Devendorf, Wm. A. Moore, D. M. Ferry, Geo. Peck, R. P. Williams, W. S. Green, L. . Chamberlin, W. H. Brace, 1hos. A. Wadsworth, E. H. Elwell, W. H. Martin, M. J. Mooney, J. J. Mooney, Theron F. Giddings, M. L. Williams, Claud H. Candler.

The company operates in Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan,. Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsyl. vania, New Jersey, Tennessee, District of Co. lumbia, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Min. nesota, Wisconsin and New York.

MINNESOTA MUTUAL, St. Paul, Minn.Charles H. Bigelow, Maurice Auerbach, John B. Sanborn, Crawford Livingston, James F. R. Foss, Kenneth Clark, Albert H. Lindeke.

Operates in California, innois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Minne. sota, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, Indian Terri. tory, Utah, Wyoming.

MISSOURI STATE, St. Louis, Mo.-Edmund P. Melson, W. L. McDonald, C. A. Goodale, J. C. Roberts, Hon. A. D. Brown, L. S. Parker, J. I. Epstein, A. McRae, C. R. Dudley, M. D., Hon. R F. Walker, H. B. Wardin, B. R. Burroughs, Thomas H. Wagner.

Operates in Illinois, Indian Territory, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington, Michigan, Nebraska, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, North Dakota.

MUTUAL BENEFIT, Newark, N. J.-Fred. erick M. Sheparu, Edward H. Wright, Amzi Dodu, Edward L. Dobbins, John O. H. Pitney, Marcus L. Ward, Fred'k Frelinghuysen, Bloomfield J. Miller, Albert B. Carlton, Robt. F. Ballantine, Franklin Murphy, J. William Clark.

The company operates in all States and Terri. tories of the United States except Philippine Is. lands, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Hawaii, Porto Rico, Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico.

MUTUAL, New York.-Cornelius Vanderbilt, Richard A. McCurdy, James C. Holden, Hermann C. Von Post, Robert Olyphant, George E. Baker, Dudley Olcott, Frederic Cromwell, Julien T. Davies, Chas. R. Henderson, Rufus W. Peckham, Robert H. McCurdy, William P. Dixon, Robert A. Granniss, Henry H. Rogers, John W. Auchincloss, Theodore Morford, William Babcock, Stuyvesant Fish, Augustus D. Juilliard, Chas. E. Miller, Wal. ter R. Gillette, M. 'D., George G. Haven, Geo. S. Bowdoin, Adrian Iselin, Jr., William Rockefeller, James N. Jarvie, Charles D. Dickey, Jr., Elbridge T. Gerry, 'Effingham B. Morris, Charles Lanier, James Speyer. H. McK. Twombley, W. H. Truesdale and Dumont Clarke.

The company operates in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australasia and Africa.

MUTUAL, Baltimore, Md.-Henry M. Wilson, M. D., Edw. J. Codd, Thos. W. Jenkins, Chas. Hildebrand, John F. Harris, M. S. Brenan, Paul M. Burnett, John K. Wilson, James H. Fitzgerald, Dr. James D. Inglehart. The company operates only in Maryland.

MUTUAL LIFE, Illinois.-John McLaren, E. C. Brainard, E. B. Blinn, E. L. Hamilton, R. M. Wells, Laverne W. Noyes, J. F. Taylor, T. E. Roberts, H. S. Duncombe, Ø. S. Pate, Richard


Deutsch, E. G. Pauling, F. T. Boles, Dr. F. H. Martin, G. W. Riggs, $. W. McMunn, L. A. Busby, G. W. Caldwell, R. C. Bialy, P. C. Crenshaw, F. H. Ueberrhein, James R. Chapman, H. H. Porter, Jr., A. E. Freer, Roy M. Marsh.

Company operates in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota,. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ten. nessee, Texas, West Virginia.

MUTUAL RESERVE LIFE, New York.Frederick A. Burnham, Chas. W. Camp, Horace H. Brockway, George Burnham, Jr., Richard Deeves, Edward M. L. Ehlers, George D. Eldridge, George W. Harper, Elmer A. Miller, W. T. B. Millikin, Henry L. Lamb, James W. Bowden, M.

The company, operates in Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Indian Territory, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn. sylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, Canada and other foreign countries.

NATIONAL LIFE, U. S. OF. A., Chicago, Ill. -P. M. Starnes, Robert E. Sackett, Edward A. Shedd, Charles B. Shedd, Albert M. Johnson, Stuart Goodrell, Jas. H. Stowell, M. D., Abner Smith, A. T. Parish, J. C. Harvey, R. W. Bishop, M. D., Geo. A. Gilbert.

Operates in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arkansas, Kentucky.

NATIONAL, Montpelier, Vt.-Charles Dewey, Dudley C. Denison, Fred E. Smith, Geo. Briggs, Geo. G. Benedict, Wm. P. Dillingham, W. Seward Webb, Joseph A. De Boer, John G. McCullough, Harry M. Cutler, James B. Estee, Wm. W. Stickney, James T. Phelps. The company operates in Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL, Boston, Mass.Warren Sawyer, Wallace L. Pierce, Alfred D. Foster, Thomas Sherwin, Benj. F. Stevens, Nathaniel J. Rust, Henry Parkman, T. Jefferson Coolidge, Jr., Charles E. Cotting, Gordon Abbott.

The company operates in Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Co. lumbia Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Rhode Island, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

NEW YORK, New York.-Trustees: James A. Blair, Thomas A. Buckner, John Claflin, Charles S. Fairchild, Thomas P. Fowler, William B. Hornblower, W. E. Ingersoll, John S. Kennedy, Darwin P. Kingsley, Woodbury Langdon, Robert J. Lowry, John A. McCall, George Austin Mor. rison, Henry C. Mortimer, Alexander E. Orr, Augustus G. Paine, George W. Perkins, William B. Plunkett, Edmund D. Randolph, Norman B. Ream, Hiram R. Steele, James Stillman, Oscar S. Straus, Henry Tuck, Clarence H. Mackay.

The company operates throughout the civilized world.

NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL. Milwaukee, Wis.-Trustees: H. L. Palmer, J. H. Van Dyke, Edwin Hyde, David J. Brewer, Willard Merrill, Samuel C. Lawrence, Charles Ray, Charles E. Dyer, A. K. Hamilton, F. C. Winkler, F. F. Adams, John S. Ellett, Fred Vogel, Jr., Thos. C. Lawler, F. G. Bigelow, John Field, Charles Allis, C. A. Loveland, H. C. Urner, E. S. Pike, E. P. Matthews, Charles G. Stark, Joseph H. Millard, George C. Markham, G. Stanley Mitchell, H. F.

Whitcomb, Titus Sheard, John Johnson, E. J. Lindsay, Ira B. Smith, Otis 'W. Johnson, William D..Van Dyke, J. H. Van Dyke, B. K. Miller, J. W. Skinner, A. H. Wiggin, A. K. Hamilton.

The company operates in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Con. necticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Indian Territory, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Ne. braska, North and South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Montana, Utah, Idaho, California, Oklahoma Oregon, Washington and District of Columbia.

ORIENTAL LIFE, Honolulu.-Directors: Frank Halstead, W. R. Castle, Jr., W. W. Hall, W. R. Castle, Sr., R. C. Brown, Wong Chow, Wong Leong, H. Ah Heen, C. Winam, I. P. McCoy, C. P. Grimwood.

Company operates in Hawaii, China and Japan. PACIFIC MUTUAL, San Francisco. Cal.Wakefield Baker, P. N. Lilienthal, William R. Sherwood, W. H. Crocker, W. R. Cluness, George A. Moore, M. R. Higgins, Hugh M. LaRue, D. W. Earl, Charles N. Fox, James Carolan, Henry T. Scott, Henry J. Crocker, Geo. W. Scott, James Irvine.

The company operates in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

PENN MUTUAL, Philadelphia, Pa.-Trustees : Ellwood Johnson, Atwood Smith, John H. Watt. N. Parker Shortridge, Richard S. Brock, Robert Dornan, R. Allison Miller, Noah A. Plympton, Frank Markoe, Lincoln K. Passmore, Joseph Bosler, Benjamin Rowland, Aaron Fries, Harry Rogers, Samuel B. Stinson, W. Beaumont Whitney, Tattnall Paulding, James Butterworth, Chas. D. Barney, Robert C. Drayton, Edward T. Stotesbury, Arthur Brock, John B. Morgan, Henry L. Davis, J. Albert Caldwell, Charles S. W. Packard, Joseph G. Dar. lington.

The company operates in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Dis. trict of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, In. diana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Da. kota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Canada.

PHENIX MUTUAL, Hartford, Conn.- Jonathan B. Bunce, James Nichols, Nathaniel Shipman, John M. Holcombe, Isaac W. Brooks, Fran. cis B. Cooley, George H. Day, Silas W. Robbins, Charles H. Lawrence, Charles E. Gross, Wm. A. Moore, John D. Browne, Edward D. Robbins, David S. Plume, Morris F. Tyler.

The comnany operates in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mary. land, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania,

Rhode Island, South Caro lina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington and Wyoming.

PITTSBURG LIFE AND TRUST, Pittsburg, Pa.--Geo. M. Laughlin, M. W. Acheson, Jr., T. H. B. McKnight, Robert Pitcairn, V. Q. Hickman, Wm. Berryman, Robert Garland, John B. Jackson, James Carothers, W. C. McCausland, Henry R. Rea, William H. Seif, James J. Donnell, F. C. Parsons, F. T. F. Lovejoy, W. W. Blackburn, William C. Baldwin, W. Howard Nimick, John H. Murdoch, Hon. E. F. Acheson, Hon. Nathaniel Ewing, Richard Coutler, Joseph Seep.

Company operates in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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