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Accepted Description of
Value of | Ins. Business for
Deposit. Which Licensed.


Accepted Description of
Value of Ins. Business for
Deposit. Which Licensed.

Acc. and Guar, of Canada... $35,177 | Acc., Sickness.
Ætna, Hartford..

152,758 Fire, Inla'd Mar.
Ætna Life, Hartford. 3,900,073 | Life.
Alliance Assurance Co. 209,582 Fire.
American and Foreign Mar. 25,000 Transit.
American Surety, New York 97,883 Guar, & Cont.
Anglo-American, Toronto.. 50,583
Atlas Assurance Company.. 202,940 Fire.
Boiler Insp. & Ins. Co., Can. 52,869 St. Boil., etc.
British America, Toronto... 58,900 Fire, Inla'd Mar.
British Empire Mut., Lon 1,642,023 Life.
British and Foreign Marine. 111,150 In. Ma. & Trans.

283,521 Fire. Canada Accident.

36,366 Acc., Sick.,Pl.GI.
Canada Life, Hamilton.... 57,950 Life.
Canadian Fire.....

70,000 Fire.
Canadian Railway Accident 30,158 Acc., Sickness.
Commercial Union, London. 5.5,867 Fire, In. Ma., L.
Confederation Life.

80,275 Life. Connecticut Fire, Hartford 100,000 Fire. Continental Life..

52,250 Life. Crown Life..

67,158 Life. Dominion Burg. Guar, Co.. 26,600 Burglary. Dominion Life

58,614 Life. Dominion of Canada Guar. and Acc..

104,694 | Acc., Sick., Guar. Dominion Plate Glass

15,450 Plate Glass. Employers Liability.

142,545 Acc., Guar., Sick. Equitable Life

5,887,089 Life. Equity Fire


Excelsior Life

52,800 Life.
Federal Life, Ontario.. 71,748 Cife.
Foresters, Independent Ord. 100,000 L., Dis., S., Ass't.
Foresters, Ancient Order...

Germania Life..

168,583 Life. Great West Life.

53,200 Life. Guarantee Co. of North Am. 55,600 Guarantee. Guardian, London..

338,713 Fire. Hartford Fire, Hartford.. 159,835 Fire. Home Life Association

57,918 Life. Home, New York..... 100,000 Fire, Inla'd Mar. Imperial Life..


Ins. Co. of North America. 125,403 Fire, Iola'd Mar.
Law Union and Crown.

165,186 Fire,
Liv. and Lon. and Globe 483,724 Fire Life.
Lloyds Plate Glass, N. Y... 57,298 Plate Glass.
London Assurance

158,650 F., L., In. Ma.
London Guarantee and Acc. 80,582 Guar. Ac., Sick.
London and Lancashire Fire 212,356 Fire.
London and Lancashire Life 2,205, 105 Life.
London Mutual Fire, Ont.. 54,910 Fire.

London Life
Manchester Fire
Manufacturers Life
Marine Insurance
Maryland Casualty..
Mercantile Fire
Metropolitan Life, N. Y.
Montreal-Canada Fire.
Mutual Life, New York
Mutual Life of Canada...
Mutual Reserve Life.
National Assur. Co., Ireland
National Life, Canada...
New York Life.
New York Plate Glass..
North American Life
North Brit, and Mercantile.
Northern Assurance Co...
Northern Life, Canada
Norwich Union Fire, Eng.
Norwich Union Life.
Ocean Accident and Guar
Ocean Marine Ins. Co...
Ontario Accident..
Ottawa Fire.
Pelican and British Empire.
Phenix, Brooklyn, N. Y..
Phønix Assurance Co..
Phoenix Ins. Co., Hartford.
Provident Savings Life, N.Y
Quebec Fire.
Railways Passengers..
Reliance Mutual Life.
Royal Victoria
Scottish Union
Sovereign Life.
Standard Life.
Star Life...
State Life, Ind'polis, Ind.
Sun, London
Sun Life of Canada
Travelers, Hartford..
Union Mutual Life.
Union Assurance Society...
Union Life, Toronto..
United States Fid. and Guar.
United States Life
Western Assur. Co., Toronto

$57,000 Life.
171,933 Fire.
177,680 Life,
109,717 Reg. M..In. Mar
89,313 Ac., Sk., St. B.

98,588 Fire.
1,724,612 | Life.

57,000 Fire. 5,789 710 Life. 103,075 Life. 257.922 Life. 180,421 | Fire.

53,500 Life. 5,452,583 Life.

10,010 Plate Glass. 57,320 Life. 932,830 Fire, Life. 280,869 Fire.

53,200 Life. 281,577

Fire. 68,888 Life, 139,597 Acc., Sickness. 121,667 In, Mar. Trans. 31,130 Acc., Sickness. 53,200

Fire. 100,107

Life. 118,140 Fire. 487 906 Fire. 141,800 Fire. 216,700 Life.

77,675 Fire. 352,355 Fire.

84 680 Guar. Ac., Sick. 123,821 Life. 981, 315 Fire, Life. 179,941 Life. 230,520 Fire.

50,000 Life.
5,655,632 Life.

194,667 Life.
50,000 | Life.
229,545 Fire.

60,800 | Life.
1,621,863 Life, Acc.
1,011, 282 | Life.
240,810 Fire.
51,800 Life.
90,250 Guar. & Cont.
282,600 Life.
55,717 | Fire, In. Mar.

The following life insurance companies, having ceased to transact new business in Canada, are entitled under section 32 of “The Insurance Act" to transact all business connected with policies existing on March 31, 1878, and their deposits are applicable to those policies subject to the provisions of the statutes in that behalf.

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The following insurance companies are registered under the insurance act, and are permitted to transact the business of life insurance in Canada upon the assessment plan.


Chief Agent to Receive Process.

*The Canadian Order of the Woodmen of the World
The Commercial Travelers Mutual Benefit Society....
The Grand Council of the Catholic Mut, Ben. Ass'n of Can

W. C. Fitzgerald, Chief Agent, London, Ont.
Etta M. Rowley Secretary, Toronto.
John J.
nan, Chief gent

gston, Ont.

* This order is also authorized to transact the business of sickness insurance.


low Russell, Fred c. Sanborn. Annual meeting TREAL AND TORONTO.

second Tuesday in January. Organized November 5, 1903. Membership 11;

BUREAU OF annual dues $10; annual meeting in November.

LIABILITY INSURANCE President, David Murphy, Esq.; secretary,

STATISTICS. Charles H. Neely, Esq.

Whitehall Building, Battery. Place, N. Y. City.

Organized 1896. Membership 5; annual dues, asACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, 32 sessments are made to meet current expenses. NASSAU STREET, NEW YORK.

Chairman-George F. Sewald; secretary, Stewart Organized April 25, 1889. Membership 152; an.

Marks. No stated meetings. nual dues $10. President, Israel C. Pierson; first vice-president,

CANADIAN LIFE INSURANCE OFFICERS Rufus W. Weeks; second vice-president, D. H.

ASSOCIATION, TORONTO, ONT. Wells; secretary, John Tatlock, Jr.; treasurer, Organized May, 1894. Membership 18; annual Archibald A. Welch.

dues $25. Council—The officers and David Parks Fackler, President, D. Dexter, Federal Life; first viceOscar B. Ireland, Charles A. Loveland, Sydney president, T. Hilliard, Dominion Life; second N. Ogden, Howell W. St. John, David G. Alsop, vice-president, D. Burke, Royal Victoria Life; W. s. Smith, Emory McClintock, Bloomfield J: secretary-treasurer, T. Bradshaw, Imperial Life, Miller, Thomas B. Macaulay, J. G. Van Cise and Toronto. Frank Sanderson. Annual meeting first Thursday Executive Committee-F. Sanderson, George after May 14.

Wegenest, E. W. Coa, J. F. Junkin, J. K. Mac

donald, B. Hal. Brown. Annual meeting third ASSOCIATED FRATERNITIES OF Thursday in November.

AMERICA. President, Lee W. Squire; vice-president, W. R.

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA ASSOCIATION Eidson; secretary-treasurer, Edmund Jackson.

OF LIFE UNDERWRITERS. Executive Committee-George A. Scott, C. H.

Harrisburg, Pa. Robinson and J. F. Taake, chairman, Bureau of Organized June 1, 1901. Membership 15 active, Information.

5 associate; annual dues $5.

President, W. H. Bushnell; vice-president, ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN LIFE IN. Chester Buck; secretary, W. K. Schick; treasurer, SURANCE EXAMINING SURGEONS.

H. C. Orth. Organized 1900.

Executive Committee-John A. Marshall, H. W. President, Charles Lyman Greene; vice-presi

Bulsbargh, E. A. Leavenworth. Annual meeting dents, William B. De Garmon, James T. Priestly,

second Tuesday of January. P. Maxwell Foshay, Williams A. Adams; secretary and treasurer, Dr. J. J. Morrissey, New York. CHICAGO MEDICAL EXAMINERS ASSO


Organized 1897. Membership 105; annual dues MEDICAL DIRECTORS OF AMERICA. 32 Nassau street, New York.

President, Walter Allen Jaqueth, M. D.; viceOrganized December 6, 1889. Membership 81;

president, David J. Doherty, M. D.; secretary, annual dues $2.50.

Morton Snow, M. D.; treasurer, Ulysses J. Grim. President, Edward H. Hamill; vice-presidents,

Annual meeting fourth Tuesday in December. John W. Fisher and Thomas H, Willard; secretary, Brandreth Symonds, New York; treasurer,


CIATION Executive Committee-Edward H. Hamill, John Organized in May, 1890. Membership 45; annual W. Fisher, Brandreth Symonds, Oscar H. Rogers dues $2; assessments for expenses when necessary. and A. H. Knight. Annual meeting first Wednes- President, M. W. Mack; vice-president, W. Ď. day in June.

Yerger; secretary and treasurer, Frank B. Mead.

Trustees-H. McNulty, Isaac Bloom, G. C. ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDERWRITERS Dieterly, E. W. Jewell and N. Morgan. 'Annual OF WESTERN ARKANSAS,

meeting in February. Fort Smith, Ark.

CINCINNATI ACCIDENT UNDERWRITERS Organized October 12, 1903. Membership 10;

ASSOCIATION. annual dues $2; membership fee $2; date of annual meeting, second Saturday in October.

Organized April 14, 1903. Membership 20; anPresident, John R. McBride; vice-president, W.

nual dues $4. B. Morrow; secretary, J. E. Weaver.

President, Isaac Bloom; vice-president, H. N. Executive Committee-F. G. Van Valkenberg,

Reno; secretary and treasurer, A. C. Morrison. A. L. Peacher, Zack Taylor and the president and Executive Committee-Isaac Bloom, H. N. secretary.

Reno, J. R. Millikan. Annual meeting second

Tuesday in January.


UNDERWRITERS. Organized November 27, 1900. Membership 37;

Organized April 19, 1889. Membership 117; anannual dues $5.

nual dues, general agents and principal reprePresident, Ernest Judson Clark; vice-president,

sentatives, $5; other members $2. Marcellus 'H. Goodrich; secretary, Eawin W.

President, E. Miller France; vice-presidents, Heisse; treasurer, Munroe Snell. Executive Committee-J. Herman Ireland, W.

Herman Fellinger and Wm. Claude Rhodes; sec

retary, J. W. Crook; treasurer, O. N. Olmstead. W. McIntire, .M. S. Brenan, Gilbert R. Walter, Executive Committee-O. W. Carpenter, chair. George W. Kimberley. Annual meeting second

man; Lewis Hall, Edward H. Smith, I. M. Koch, Tuesday in February.

E. M. Comstock and president and secretary exBOSTON LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSO.

officio. Annual meeting first Saturday in Febru

ary. SOCIATION. Organized April 18, 1883. Membership 118; in

COLUMBUS ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNitiation fee, active, $10; associate $5; annual dues


Organized January 24, 1903. Membership 60; President, John S. Cranston; vice-presidents, annual dues, managers $5; agents $1. Louis L. Hopkins and Charles E. Townsend; sec. President, James B. Day; vice-president, Edretary, James F. Chase; treasurer, Francis Marsh. wards C. Paine; secretary, Paul Karger; treasurer,

Executive Committee-Percy V. Baldwin, chair- Albert Speaks.

Executive Committee-J. M. Allen, W. Dorney, G. Wolfley, L. A. Croy, E. E. Redman, L. H. Brown. Annual meeting in February. CONNECTICUT LIFE UNDERWRITERS

ASSOCIATION, HARTFORD. Organized October 27, 1890. Membreship 65; annual dues $2.

President, George W. Staples; first vice-president, F. Wilson Rogers; second vice-president, Eli D. Weeks; secretary and treasurer, W. Miller Scott, Provident Life and Trust, Hartford.

Executive Committee-L. C. Slayton, chairman; B. L. Lewis, Rodney Kellogg, James P. Campbell, E. Sheppard Gordy. Annual meeting second Tuesday in February, held alternately in New Haven and Hartford. DAYTON ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDER

WRITERS, DAYTON, OHIO. Organized March 26, 1904. Membership 25; annual dues $2.

President, C. H. Cord; vice-presidents, John M. Kramer and Victor J. A. Obenauer; secretary, William O. Cord; treasurer, Victor P. Van Horne.

Executive Committee-Sidney, Eckley, F. M. Thomas, George B. Smith, A. F. Burdoin, Wm. T. Nuttal, and president, secretary and treasurer ex officio. Annual meeting third Monday in March. DELAWARE ASSOCIATION OF LIFE

UNDERWRITERS. Organized April 5, 1901. Membership 16; annual dues $5.

President, Col. Lewis B. Morrow; vice-president, James F. Price; secretary and treasurer, Philip Burnet, Jr.

Executive Committee-B. F. Hamilton, G. T.
Zibley and G. J. Wink. Annual meeting second
Friday in Mav.

President, Thomas F. Daly; vice-president, H.
J. Newman; secretary, A. E. Liverman; treasurer,
W. E. Nordsieck.

Executive Committee-G. A. Newkirk, F. A.
Busby and Ira B. Jackson.

Organized 1903. Membership 30; annual dues $2.
President, J. W. A. Standt; secretary and treas-
urer, W. A. Strayer, Canton.

The executive committee is composed of the president and secretary and W. A. Alexander, Canton, chairman; W. A. Lytle and J. W. Bierly. ERIE ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDER.

WRITERS, ERIE, PA. Organized June 13, 1903. Membership 29; annual dues, general agents $5, sub-agents $2 annually,

President, James M. Dickey; first vice-president, C. De Witt Brown; second vice-president, C. F. Schlaudecker; secretary and treasurer, George L. Davenport.

Executive Committee-William M. Nash, chairman; W. K. Dickey, Reginald H. Howell, Edward J. Crowell, George E. Fry, James M. Dickey and George L. Davenport. Annual meeting first Saturday in February. GEORGIA ASSOCIATION OF LIFE

Organized September 20, 1892. Membership 15;
annual dues $5.

President, W. W. White; vice-president, W. E.
Hawkins; secretary and treasurer, J. R. Nutting.

Executive Committee-H. C. Bagley, Living. ston Mims, J. M. Green, C. S. Arrall and R. F.

Annual meeting third Tuesday in

Executive Committee-A. B. Donaldson, T. H. Ten Broeck, L. B. Hall, A. D. Swain, c. H. Perkins. HUDSON VALLEY LIFE UNDERWRITERS

ASSOCIATION, NEWBURGH. Organized August 6, 1900. Membership 38; annual dues $2.

President, F. M. Cantine; vice-presidents, C. P. Sadlier and W. B. Quinlan; secretary, H. W. Shonewolf; treasurer, F. A. Hoyt.

Executive Committee-J. H. Quinlan, M. H. Linnell and G. A. Cantine. Annual meeting first Monday on or after January 15. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDER

WRITERS, INDIANAPOLIS. Organized May, 1893. Membership 72; initiation $2; annual dues, general agents and managers, $5; special and local agents $2.

President, J. J. Price; vice-president, E. M. Post; secretary, Norman Peck; treasurer, John F. Habbe.

Executive Committee-J. N. Shockney, E. G. Ritchie, D. F. Swain and the officers. Annual meeting second Monday in February. INSURANCE INSTITUTE OF MONTREAL.

2381 St. Catherine Street, Membership 275. Annual dues $5.

President, T. L. Morrisey; vice-presidents, C. R. G. Johnson and T. H. Hudson; secretary, Geo. Lyman; treasurer, Chas. C. Hole.

Executive Committee-Fifteen executive members and 5 associate members. Annual meeting May 6. INSURANCE INSTITUTE OF TORONTO.

27-29 Wellington Street, East. Organized October 26, 1899. Membership 394; annual dues, fellow $5, active $2.50, associate $1.25.

President, F. Sanderson, M. A., F. F. A.; vicepresident, C. C. Foster; curator, J. K. Pickett; secretary S. R. Tarr, M. A. address, Canada Life Assurance Company, Toronto; treasurer, D. K. Kilgour, B.A., A. I.'A.

Executive Committee-A. E. Blogg, J. B. Laidlaw, P. H. Sims, T. Bradshaw, F. I. A.; P. C. H. Papps, A. 1. A.; J. K. Macdonald, E. T. Lightbourn. Annual meeting in May. INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF


TION, DES MOINES. Organized July 17, 1893; reorganized April 13, 1901. Membership, active 40; annual dues $8.

President, F. D. Jackson; vice-president, Geo. H. Shaw; secretary, A. H. Huling; treasurer, Geo. R. Griswold.

Entertainment Committee-W. S. Donahey, F. L. Miner, I. M. Treynor and president and secretary ex officio. Annual meeting second Saturday in January. KANSAS CITY (MO.) LIFE UNDERWRITERS

ASSOCIATION. Organized November 2, 1888; reorganized April, 1902. Membership, active $20, associate $10; initiation fee $5; annual dues $5.

President, Charles D. Mill; vice-president, E. C Courtney and Eli Potter; secretary, E. G. Sutton, 316 American Bank Building; treasurer, L. B. Bailey.

Executive Committee-A. A. Alberti, Chas. M. Seidlitz, S. $. Simpson, W. P. Motley. Annual meeting third Monday in January. LIABILITY INSURANCE ASSOCIATION

OF CHICAGO. Organized in 1897. Membership 5; being general agents, also about 40 associate members, being special agents. Annual dues $10; date of annual meeting, second Monday, in May.

President, Chas. A. King; vice-president, Geo. A. Gilbert; secretary-treasurer, Geo. D. Webb, of Conkling, Price & Webb.

Executive Committee-Charles H. Eldredge, H. W. Overman, Geo, D. Webb.

Shedden. January


ASSOCIATION. Reorganized March, 1904. Membership 22; annual dues $5.

President, A. B. Donaldson; vice-presidents, T. H. Ten Broeck and L. B. Hall; secretary, A. T. Swift; treasurer, E. G. Squires.


CENTRAL KENTUCKY. Organized October 21, 1899. Membership 37; annual dues $2.

President, Joseph A. Humphreys; vice-president, P. G. Powell, Jr.; secretary and treasurer, F. E. Francisco.

Executive Committee-A. G. Sharp, D. A. Chenault, W. L. Smith, S. R. Sadler, E. H. Alexander. Annual meeting first Thursday in January. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS,

WORCESTER, Organized October 14, 1899. Membership 44; annual dues $2.50.

President, Geo. H. Vars; vice-presidents. F. F. Hopkins and John E. Mahar; secretary, Herbert R. Cummings, 314 Main Street, Worcester; treasurer, Herbert P. Hopkins.

Executive Committee-Henry L. Trafford, Joshua O'Leary, Lester V. Bailev, Ludwig Johnson, P. J. Brown; ex officio, S. Hamilton Coe, J. Perley Kilgore. Annual meeting fourth Thursday in February. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

CENTRAL NEW YORK, ROCHESTER. Organized April 2, 1904. Membership 37; annual dues $5 for managers, $2 for solicitors.

President, F. E. McMullen; first vice-president, P. B. Van Deusen; second vice-president, M. R. Miller; secretary, Clay Babcock; treasurer, J. V. Alexander.

Executive Committee-B. G. Bennett. C. M. Henderson, E. R. Putnam, Sherwood Wheaton, S. L. Crabbe. Date of annual meeting second Saturday in January, LIFE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION OF

CHATTANOOGA. President, H. L. McFarland; vice-president. H. D. Huffaker; secretary and treasurer, C. W. Biese, of the Prudential.

Executive Committee-A. S. Glover, chairman; T. C. Thompson and A. N. Sloan. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

CHICAGO. Organized December 7, 1888. Membership, act. ing 117; annual dues $6.

President. D. M. Baker; vice-presidents, W. Jackson and H. M. Curtis: secretary, J. L. Ferguson; treasurer, Harvey S. Dale.

Executive Committee-L. Brackett Bishop. chairman: E. H. Carmack, H. S. Candee, R. D. Bocum and Franklin Wyman. THE LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION

OF DULUTH, MINN. Organized 1898. Membership 15; annual dues $5. President, V. G. Segog; first vice-president, F. W. Paine; second vice-president, T. J. Monahan; secretary and treasurer, I. E. Pineo.

Executive Committee-William McMullen, W. P. Lardner and George Pruden. Annual meeting in October. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

EASTERN NEW YORK. Organized July 14, 1891. Membership 27; annual dues $2.

President, E. B. Cantine; first vice-president, E. H. O'Neil; second vice-president, Chas. E. Merriam; secretary, W. P. Dayton, Aivany; treasurer, C. A. Wardle.

Executive Committee-F. A. McNamee, E. J. Bonney, H. Brockbank, Geo. F. Hadley, A. F. Barrett and E. L. Post. Annual meeting in March. Has not held any meetings in two years. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION,

FORT SMITH, KAN. President, John R. McBride; secretary, J. E. Weaver. LIFE INSURANCE GENERAL AGENTS AS


Louisville, Ky., 55-58 Todd Building. Organized November 24, 1903. Membership about 35, only general agents being eligible; annual dues $5.

President, John C. Davidson, of Ætna Life; vicepresident, J. S. Carpenter; secretary and treasurer, Toren B. Williamson.

Executive Committee-Biscoe Hindman, chair. man; T. C. Smith, F. L. McKeonon; president, secretary and treasurer ex officio. Annual meeting third Tuesday in January. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

MAINE, PORTLAND, ME. Organized June 22, 1887. Membership 55; initiation fee $1; annual dues, general agents $3, all others $1.

President, S. D. Bartlett; vice-presidents, I. E. Hayes and H. S. Dyer; secretary, Milton A. Jewell; treasurer, J. P. Stevens.

Executive Committee-J. W. Fitzpatrick, M. A. Jewell, W. Noyes, B. J. March, S. D. Bartlett.

Legislative Committee-H. L. Shepard, A. L.
Talbot, J. P. Stevens, J. W. Fitzpatrick, J. M.
Gooding, C. F. Dunlap. Annual meeting first
Monday in February.

President, R. P. Dexter, Sr.; vice-president, E.
J. Meyer; secretary-treasurer, W. E. Dow.

Executive Committee-A. Uhlselder, George G. Miles, E. G. Branch, B. J. Weil and J. M. Carr. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

NEBRASKA, OMAHA. Organized February 14, 1890. Membership 50; annual dues $2.

President, C. Z. Gould; vice-presidents, A. R. Edmiston and G. W. Noble; secretary, I. E. Frederick; treasurer, Chas. W. Ramey.

Executive Committee-J. Sylvan Brown, chairman; F. W. Foster, George M. Cooper, J. M. Gillan and the officers ex officio. Annual meeting first Monday after January 1. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

NEW JERSEY, NEWARK. Organized January 30, 1892. Membership 61; annual dues $3.

President, Theo. T. Johnson; vice-president, Robert B.' Cornish; secretary, L. B. Osborne; treasurer, Clark P. Williams.

Executive Committee-C. F. McCord, O. L.
Gooding, George H. Simons and J. C. Greene.
Annual meeting January.

Organized January 10, 1887; incorporated 1896.
Membership, active 130; initiation fee $5; annual
dues, active $5, associate $2.50.

President, Maurice E. Goulden; vice-presidents, Wm. Dutcher, Julius F. Gerow and Charles Wake; secretary, Albert G. Shepard, 220 Broadway; treasurer, Archibald Arthur.

Executive Committee-J. Carlton Ward, chair.
man; W. A. Nicolay, Ş. B. Whitton, John H.
Robinson, D. H. Millard and Wm. T. Ferris, and
ex-Presidents Chas. H. Raymond, L. Spencer
Goble, Tilden Blodgett, Geo. F. Hadley, John F.
Makley, Richard €. Cochran, James Yereance,
Thomas P. Goodrich, Joseph A. Goulden, Phili?
H. Farley, Frank K. Kohler, Geo. A. Brinkerhoff
and John W. Vrooman. Annual meeting fourth
Tuesday in February.

Office of the President, Raleigh, N. C.
Organized January 22, 1904. Membership 25;
annual dues $10.

President, R. B. Raney, Raleigh, N. C.; vicepresident, Harris R. Willcox; secretary and treas. urer, P. D. Gold, Jr., Provident Savings, Greens. boro, N. C.

Executive Committee-W. B. Allen, J. C.
Drewry, R. Y. McPherson, J. D. Boushall, W. H.
McCabe. Vice-president and treasurer members
ex officio. Annual meeting January 2.

Organized October 20, 1900. Membership, active
23, associate 13; annual dues $3.

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President, Wm. Goldman; first vice-president, E L Harmon; second vice-president, W. L. Mor. gan; secretary, Arthur P. Johnson; treasurer, T. H. McAllis.

Executive Committee-A. S. Rothwell, chair. man; S. P. Lockwood, Geo. W. Hazen, F. M. Mathena, P. F. Leavy. Date of annual meeting first Saturday in February. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

PEORIA. Organized June 17, 1902. Membership 30; an. nual dues $2; annual meeting third Saturday in May.

President, J. B. Aimer; vice-president, G. H. Schelp; secretary, Harry W. Keith; treasurer, E J. B. Hayward.

Executive Committee-G. C. Goodfellow, A. W. Jamison, J. W. Gourdy, E. D. Monroe, J. B. Aimer, E. J. B. Hayward, H. W. Keith. LIFE UNDERWHITERS CLUB OF PROVI.

DENCE, R. I. Organized May 31, 1901. Membership 25; annual dues $5.

President, J. D. E. Jones; vice-president, Frederick H. Jackson; secretary, Mark L. Dunning, of the John Hancock Mutual Life; treasurer, Glover S. Hastney.

The officers and J. F. Huntsman constitute the executive committee. Date of annual meeting first Monday in June. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

READING, PA. Organized October, 1897. Membership 10; annual dues $5.

President, S. S. Davis; vice-presidents, Joseph W. Essick and E. I. Barnett; secretary, George W. Billman; treasurer, S. M. Helms.

Executive Committee-W. W. Light, S. M. Helms and J. E. Hess. Annual meeting October. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

ST. LOUIS. Organized January 25, 1902. Membership 30; annual dues $5.

President, J. S. Kendrick; vice-presidents, W. A. Galentine and James E. Baker; secretary, c. W. Darby; treasurer, J. C. Lee.

Executive Committee-George Benham, W. H, Herrick, Edgar M. Wooley, M. W. Leet and Philip Becker. Annual meeting third Tuesday in January. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS,

SPRINGFIELD. Organized October 6, 1894. Membership, active 43, associate 4, honorary 3; initiation fee $5; annual dues $5.

President, Edward 0. Sutton; first vice-presi. dent, William L. Richards; second vice-president, Alfred B. Cowles; treasurer, William S. Clark; secretary, Harley Lacket.

Executive Committee-George P. Mitchell, chairman; E. O. Hibbard, C. D. Munroe, W. P. Draper and Edward Tolman. Annual meeting first Friday in February. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

WESTERN NEW YORK, BUFFALO. Organized November 9, 1886. Membership 51; annual dues, for general agents and managers $5, for agents $2.

President, William J. Robinson; first vice-presi. dent, H. E. Crouch; second vice-president, F. B. Steele; secretary-treasurer, E. G. Hatch, 88 White Building:

Executive Committee-Frank M. Wheaton, chair. man, 40 Erie

County Bank Building; D. W. Cher-
rier, C. N. Weber, F. A. G. Merrill, D. C. Ralph.
Annual meeting first Saturday in February.

Organized February 22, 1893. Membership 18;
annual dues $10.

President, R. S. Tuck; vice-president, Oscar
Swineford;' secretary and treasurer, H. G. Free-

Executive Committee-W. B. Freeman, T. A. Cary and Fred. Pleasants. Annual meeting first Monday in May. LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION OF

WISCONSIN, MILWAUKEE. President, James S. Norris; first vice-president, James G. Albright; second vice-president, Joseph Herzberg; secretary, A. L. Saltzstein, New Eng. land Mutual; treasurer, Thomas G. Bugg.

Executive Committee-Bruce Whitney, Harry Fuller and E. E. White. MACON LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIA

TION, MACON, GA. Organized March 16, 1904. Membership 24; annual dues $1.

President, T. S. Lowery; vice-presidents, Thad. E. Murphy, J. L. Jessup; secretary and treasurer, E, H. Holland.

Executive Committee-B. H. Seay, chairman; J. L., Jessup, A. L. Cummings, J. F. Cone, C. M. Adams. "Annual meeting in January. MICHIGAN LIFE UNDERWRITERS ASSO

CIATION, DETROIT. Organized October 2, 1886. Membership 72; annual dues $6.

President, C. A. Stringer; vice-presidents, Col. Will A. Waite and Geo. M. Robinson; secretary and treasurer, N. J. Dixon.

Executive Committee-Wm. Van Sickle, chair. man; C. L. Vieman, 0. C. Seelye, Fred. O. Paige and A. R. Thomson. Annual meeting first Monday in February. MINNEAPOLIS LIFE UNDERWRITERS

ASSOCIATION. Organized July 6, 1896; incorporated June, 1898. Membership 25; annual dues $5.

President, w. M. Horner; vice-president, V. H. Van Slyker; secretary, Nelson W. Clark; treasurer, J. J. Ahern.

Executive Committee-W. H. Cobban, chairman; S. A. Stockwell and Frank R. Smith. Annual meeting third Saturday in October. MINNESOTA ASSOCIATION OF LIFE

UNDERWRITERS, ST. PAUL. Organized November 6, 1886; reorganized June 1, 1898. Membership 15; annual dues $3.

President, W. F. Peet; vice-president, T. R. Palmer; secretary and treasurer, J. W. Smith.

Executive Committee-L. D.' Wilkes, Ruckard Hurd, F. F. Loomis, E. N. Peet and F. F. Parlin. Annual meeting in January. MONTGOMERY LIFE UNDERWRITERS


Montgomery, Ala. Organized February 9, 1904. Membership 11; annual dues $5

President, Richard P. Dexter, Sr.; vice-presi. dent, E. J. Mayer; secretary and treasurer, W. E. Dow of the Phoenix Mutual Life.

Executive Committee-A. Uhlfelder, G. G. Miles, E. G. Branch, B. J. Weil, L. M. Carr. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIFE

UNDERWRITERS. Organized June 18, 1890. Includes thirty-seven local associations; annual dues $25, or $1 per capita for local associations with a membership of more than 25.

President, Hubert H. Ward, 503 New England Building, Cleveland, Ohio; first vice-president, J. Herman Ireland, 12 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md.; second vice-president, Danford M. Baker, 608 Marquette Building, Chicago, Ill.; third vice-president, John H. Quinlan, Newburgh, N. Y.; secretary, Fred. B." Mason, 840 Tribune Building, Chicago, Ill.; treasurer,'Eli D. Weeks, Litchfield, Conn.

Executive Committee-William G. Carroll, chair, man, 504-505 Commonwealth Trust Building, Philadelphia, Pa.

Chairmen of standing committees, 1903-1904: Speakers: Hubert H. Ward, Cleveland, O.; finance, Edward 0. Sutton, Springfield, Mass.; member: ship, W. H. S. Whitcomb, Burlington, Vt.; statistics, J. W. Iredell, Jr., Cincinnati, O.; topics,


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