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1891 1896 1891 1893 1898 1882 1897 1879 1895 1879

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Kr. 25 (Austrian crowns) equal £l sterling.
Anker, Vienna..
Fonciere, Budapest...
Internationale, Vienna....
Nationale, Budapest.
Nied. Oesterr. Land. Unfal,, Vienna..
I Oesterrcichische, Vienna..
Providentia, Vienna..
Unger Franzosische, Budapest..
Vaterlandische Allg., Budapest.
Verein v. Industriellen, Vienna...
Wiener Ruck, Vienna......
Workmens Accident, Vienna
Workmens Accident, Salzburg
Workmens Accident, Prague..
Workmens Accident, Brunn..
Workmens Accident, Graz..
Workmens Accident, Trieste...
Workmens Accident, Lemberg..
Berusfsg : Austrian Railways, Vienna..




1889 1889 1889 1889 1889 1889 1889 1889

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23,300 308,755 78,460



6,055 32,269 21,082


9.590 29,665 257,837 50,787

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1897 1893 1824 1895 1878 1899 1887 1887 1898 1900 1887 1898 1897


25.25 francs equal £1 sterling.
Alliance Generale, Mons..
Amster. Matts on L L. & O., Amsterdam.
Assurances Generales, Brussels..
Assurance Liegeoise, Liege.
Belgique Industrielle, Liege.
Continentale, Brussels
Esperance, Brussels..
Flandre, Brussels.
Globe, Brussels..
Lion Belge, Brussels.
Patrons Reunis, Brussels.
Provinces Reunies, Brussels..
Royale Belge, Brussels...
Sucreries Reunies, Brussels..
Union d. Propriet. Belges, Brussels.
Union Nationale, Brussels...
I Nederlandsche Verz. M., The Hague..
I Rotterdamsche Mats. v VI., Rotterdam.

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1897 1898 1883 1896


11,304 172.385 16,434


11,304 145,914


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INSURANCE IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Compiled from consular reports specially furnished The Spectator Company by United States consuls

in the countries named.

ALGERIA. The New York Life, the Mutual Life of New York and the Equitable have representatives in Algeria. The Afrique Francaise, an Algerian company, does a fire and accident business, and the following French companies write fire, life and accident. L'Union, La Nationale, L'Abeille, La Paternelle, Le Phænix, L'Aigle, La France, La Confiance, La Fonciere, Le Soleil, L'Urbaine. La Caisse Paternelle transacts life only. One English company, The Gresham of London, writes fire, accident and life.

The Standard Life Assurance Company operates here.

ARGENTINE. The Equitativa del Plata, organized in 1896 at Buenos Ayres, has a capital of $1,000,000. S. Moralles is manager. La Positina, Buenos Ayres, Juan Esteban Anchorena and La Franco-Argentina. Buenos Ayres, E. Aubine, does both a fire and life insurance.

BAHAMA ISLANDS. New York life insurance companies doing business in Nassau, New Providence Island, are the Equitable and New York Life. Other companies in the field are the North American, Canada Life and Sun of Canada, and the Eagle Life of London.

BARBADOS. The Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society is the only local life company operating. On June 30, 1903, the company had in force 2271 policies for $3,834,143, to which is to be added $1,145,827 bonus additions. The directors' statement as of September 25, 1903, shows funds on hand June 30, 1903, $2,351,140; income for the half-year, December 31 to June 30, $129,736; paid for claims, $43,523. M. J. Bovell is chairman of the board of directors and H. J. Inniss, secretary.

BERMUDA. Bermuda has two small domestic life insurance companies. A list of foreign companies operating here, together with their agents, is as follows: Manufacturers Life Insurance Company of Canada ; The London Assurance Corporation ; Mutual Reserve Life Insurance Company, New York; North American Life Assurance Company of Toronto, Canada; Mutual Life Insurance Company, New York; New York Life Insurance Company, New York; Equitable Life Assurance Society, New York; Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada; Royal Fire and Life Insurance Company, Liverpool; Liverpool and London and Globe, Liverpool; Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada; Federal Life Assurance Company of Hamilton, Canada.

BOLIVIA. Aside from the New York Life, whose agency for this territory is at Lima, Peru, there is little life insurance business done in Bolivia. The official report declares: “There is no Insurance Department in the Government of Bolivia; no statistics and no interest taken in the matter by the Government, and very little by individuals.”

BRAZIL. The companies doing business in Brazil are The New York Life; Equitable Life; Equitativa dos E. U. do Brazil, Rio Janeiro; Cuixa Geral das Familias, Rio Janeiro; Garantia da Amazonia, Para; The Amazonense, Manaos, and Sul America, Rio Janeiro.

BRITISH GUIANA. The Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society, Limited, is a domestic company of British Guiana which was organized about seven years ago. The officers are: Robert Allan, chairman; E. Conyers, secretary. There is also the Sun Life of Canada, S. A. Culpeper, agent.

BRITISH HONDURAS. The Equitable has withdrawn its agency, but has considerable insurance in force, and is represented by Mutrie, Arthur & Currie as bankers. This firm also represents the New York Life and the Standard Life of Edinburgh.

CANARY ISLANDS. The New York Life operates a sub-agency at Las Palmas as a branch of its Madrid office.

CAPE COLONY. The following companies operate in Cape Colony: Alliance Assurance, fire and life, J. L. Owen, secretary; Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, Limited, C. Worroll, manager ; Economic Life Insurance Company, Ralph S. Price, G. M. ; English and Scottish Law Life Assurance Company, R. J. Riches; Equitable Life of New York, J. Bryant Lindley, manager; General Life Assurance Company, A. W. Kemp, manager ; Gresham Life Assurance Society, South African Association, secretary; Guardian Fire and Life Association, A. C. F. Gore, manager; Imperial Life and Accident Company; Law Union and Crown; London and Lancashire Life, S. A. Association, representatives; London Guarantee and Accident, W. H. Brown; Mutual Life of New York, A. MacCorkindale ; National Life Association of Australasia, J. W. Rail, G. M.; Norwich Union Life, J. A. Dockrill, manager; Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Limited, R. Y. Sketch, manager; Rock Life Assurance Company, W. H. Brown, manager; S. A. Mutual Life Assurance Society, J. Robb, secretary; Southern Life Association, William Elliott, G. M.; Standard Life Assurance Company, W. E. Kitson, secretary; Star Life Assurance Society, Bullen Brothers, managers; Employers Liability Assurance Corporation, Limited; Law Accident Insurance Company; Railway Passengers Assurance Company; Union Assurance Society; Industrial Life Assurance Company of South Africa.

CHILE. The following life companies operate in Chile. Salvadora of Santiago; Atlas of London; Northern of Aberdeen.

Considerable business is transacted in China by foreign companies. The China Mu-
tual Life is a domestic company doing life business, having headquarters at Shanghai.
The following are in the field: New York Life, Equitable, Pacific Mutual, Commercial
Union Life, Marine and General Life, Scottish Imperial, Scottish Metropolitan, Standard,
Sun Life of Canada, Whittington Life and Mutual Life of New York, Oriental Life
Insurance Company, Limited, London and Lancashire Life.

The New York Life and the Equitable Life have agencies.

Companies operating: Sun Life of Canada; New York Life; Dominion of Canada
Guarantee and Accident; Manufacturers Life of Canada.

CUBA. The following companies are operating in Cuba, all having their headquarters in Havana: New York Life, George Millington, agent; Equitable Life of New York, V. M. Julbe, agent; Mutual of New York, Jerry J. Warren, agent; Standard of Edinburgh, H. D. B. Edwards, agent; London Guardian and Life Assurance Association, Gustavo Boch, agent. Life, casualty, marine insurance and title guaranty and surety companies have to deposit security to the amount of $25,000.

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