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It is essential that a representative of the contractor carefully review the nonprivileged (open) portion of the form for completeness and accuracy. Further, he shall assure that the employer, or his designated representative, has signed Part II. He shall ask the employee whether each question in the privileged section has been answered. Before the form is mailed, both the employee and the witness shall be asked whether they have signed and witnessed the form. By following this simple procedure, the return of the forms for correction can be prevented, thereby reducing unnecessary lost time in processing.

Changes in the procedures for requesting personnel security clearances will require rather significant modification of the procedures currently used by contractors in processing and preparing clearance applications. In order to assist industry during the transition period, the Department of Defense is planning a series of conferences throughout the country for the purpose of providing more detailed guidance. These conferences will also provide industry with an opportunity to resolve questions which they may have regarding the new PSQ procedure. Additional subjects will be presented at these conferences relative to the new "Contract Security Classification Specification" (DD Form 254) and the administrative termination of personnel security clearances. By the middle of March, each contractor will receive a notification from his cognizant security office advising of the date, time and place of the conferences in his Defense Contract Administration Services Region (DCASR). A team from HQ DSA CAS will conduct at least one conference in each metropolitan area in which the DCASR headquarters is located. The DCASRs will schedule additional conferences when needed in other locations throughout the region. These presentations will be given by DCASR personnel. Contractors may elect to attend the HQ DSA CAS or DCASR presentation, whichever is more convenient for them.

The changes to the Industrial Security Manual necessary to implement these new procedures will be published and distributed on or about 1 April 1968.

The anticipated effective date for these new procedures is 1 May 1968.

It is emphasized that the partnership presently enjoyed and being 'effectively implemented by both industry and Government in the Industrial Security Program will continue undisturbed. With the cooperation of all concerned, the new PSQ can be placed into use without materially disrupting the industrial security clearance processing system. At the same time, the individual employee who requires access to classified information will be assured that his constitutional right to enjoy privacy on privileged or personal matters remains inviolate.

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Contractors are advised that the Department of Defense, during the balance of FY68, will hold 5 Industrial Security Management Courses according to the schedule given below:


Convening Date

Closing Date

18 March 1968
8 April 1968

22 March 1968
12 April 1968

Contractors interested in attending the Industrial Security Management Course at Fort Holabird should contact their cognizant security offices for reservations.

DENVER, COLORADO (Field Extension)

The course will be held 6-10 May 1968 at the Sheraton-Malibu Motor Inn, 6160 Smith Road, Denver, Colorado 80216. Contractors desiring reservations should address their requests to Mr. Homer A. Grove, Defense Contract Administration Services Area Office, Denver, Room 392, New Customs House, 19th and Stout Street, Denver, Colorado 80202. Telephone: Area Code 303, 297-3707.


The course will be held 13-17 May 1968 at the Santa Barbara U.S. Army Reserve Center, 3227 State Street, Santa Barbara, California, 93105. Contractors desiring reservations should address their requests to Mr. Philip W. Jolin, Defense Contract Administration Services Region, Los Angeles, 11099 s. LaCienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90045. Telephone: Area Code 213, 643-0192, 643-1086.

NOTE: Because of limited accommodations at the Santa Barbara U.S. Army Reserve Center, contractors in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Maria and Lompoc areas will be given priority consideration.


The course wil be held 20-24 May 1968 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90028. Contractors desiring reservations should address their request to Mr. Philip W. Jolin, DCASR Los Angeles, 11099 S. LaCienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90045. Telephone: Area Code 213, 643-0192, 643-1086.

The above information supersedes Industrial Security Letter No. 67L-7, 30 November 1967, Item 4, subject: Industrial Security Management Course Field Extensions.


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Jenief, Office of Industrial Security

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