Enacting Certain Provisions Included in Naval Appropriation Act for 1946, and Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing[s] Before the Committee on Naval Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-ninth Congress, Second Session, on S. 473, Relating to Pay and Allowances of Officers on the Retired List of the Regular Navy and Coast Guard Performing Active Duty in the Rank of Rear Admiral; S. 1256, to Correct the Military Record of Robert J. Clark; S. 1854, to Establish the Civilian Position of Academic Dean of the Postgraduate School of the Naval Academy and Compensation Therefor; S. 1917, to Enact Certain Provisions Now Included in the Naval Appropriations Act, 1946, and for Other Purposes; and S. 1978, to Authorize the Restoration of Philip Niekum, Jr., to the Active List of the United States Navy with Appropriate Rank and Restoration of Pay and Allowances. March 27 and 28, 1946

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1946 - 66 pages

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Page 13 - Act, when traveling under competent orders without troops, shall receive a mileage allowance at the rate of 8 cents per mile, distance to be computed by the shortest usually traveled route and existing laws providing for the issue of transportation requests to officers of the Army traveling under competent orders, and for deduction to be made from mileage accounts when transportation is furnished by the United States, are hereby made applicable...
Page 46 - A cash award shall be in addition to the regular compensation of the recipient and the acceptance of such cash award shall constitute an agreement that the use by the United States of the suggestion for which the award is made shall not form the basis of a further claim of any nature upon the United States by him, his heirs or assigns.
Page 12 - That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized, in his discretion and under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe...
Page 10 - Secretary to meet emergency conditions, including officers and men on sea duty at such times as they may be deprived of their quarters on board ship due to repairs or other conditions which may render them uninhabitable : Provided, That under this authorization no funds may be expended for the hire of quarters for occupancy by the dependents of officers or enlisted personnel...
Page 60 - Corps) of the services mentioned in the title of this Act, and of the legally constituted Reserves of said services while on active duty, and of the National Guard while in Federal service, or while participating in exercises, or performing duties under sections 92, 94, 97, or 99 of the National Defense Act, shall, in lieu of mileage or other travel allowances, be allowed and paid their actual and necessary traveling expenses not to exceed $8 per day, or, in lieu thereof, per diem allowances at rates...
Page 14 - Unless otherwise expressly provided by law, no officer of the services mentioned in the title of this Act shall be allowed or paid any sum in excess of expenses actually incurred for subsistence while traveling on duty away from his designated post of duty, nor any sum for such expenses actually incurred in excess of $7 per day.
Page 13 - Enlisted men entitled to receive allowances for quarters or subsistence shall continue, while their permanent stations remain unchanged, to receive such allowances while sick in hospital or absent from their permanent-duty stations in a pay status: Provided, That allowances for subsistence shall not accrue to such an enlisted man while he is in fact being subsisted at Government expense.
Page 11 - Academy. 477. Equipment to prevent accidents The Coast Guard may make such expenditures as are deemed appropriate for promotion and maintenance of the safety and occupational health of, and the prevention of accidents affecting, personnel of the Coast Guard, including the purchase of clothing, equipment, and other materials necessary thereto.
Page 23 - CONTINGENT, NAVY For all emergencies and extraordinary expenses, exclusive of personal services in the Navy Department or any of its subordinate bureaus or offices at Washington, District of Columbia, arising at home or abroad, but impossible to be anticipated or classified, to be expended on the approval and authority of the Secretary of the Navy, and for such purposes as he may deem proper...
Page 13 - July first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, no officer or employee of the United States shall be allowed or paid any sum in excess of expenses actually incurred for subsistence while traveling on duty outside of the District of Columbia and away from his designated post of duty, nor any sum for such expenses actually incurred in excess of $5 per day...

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