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facts in view, is it possible to get rid of the impression, that the masonic institution is a bloud-stained institution ?

I am, moreover, satisfied, from what I have lately seen of the history of the institution, and the history of its degrees, that it leads on step by step into infidelity. The distinction between ancient and modern Freemasonry is altogether without foundation. It is all modern. It is all directly calculated to promote the designs of infidelity. The three first degrees, it is true, are not so exceptionable as the higher; but still they are exceptionabile, especially as they pertain to a modern institution. Even in these degrees, the Master, if he proceeds according to rule, personities, and places himself instead of, the Deity, in a kind of mock imitation of the most august scene which was ever witnessed either by men or angels; and which God permitted to be witnessed only by the latter. It is here, (and masons will well understand me,) the Master of the Lodge, in representation of what he is about to do himself, cites that most sublime passage of Holy Writ, 66 And God said, Let there be light, and there was light.It is here, also, he stands, and professes to imitate the infinite and eternal God, who spake light into existence ! If the institution were of divine origin, as masons have pretended, and this work were never performed except by those who have a becoming reverence for the Deity, it would alter the case materially. But, being a mere human contrivance, fostered too, in an age of infidelity, and managed, as it frequently is, by men, who have the highest contempt for serious things; the institution must be directly calculated, even in the three lower degrees, to harden the heart, and banish from the mind the fear of God. What then should be thought of the higher degrees, in which the infinite God is still more strikingly

over again,” and he was suffered to retain his standing with the fraternity. Soon after this, A. B., who had thus violated his masonic obligations, happened to p*********, at the time the Grand Lodge was in session, which summoned him to appear before them. C. D. obeyed the summons, and was, by the Grand Lodge, "put out of the way," so secretly, that his friends thonght he had absconded, and this was the general report.--The same mason, who related to me these circumstances, expressed his regret that the " Morgan affair" had not been conducted as secrelly, and thereby prevented all this noise and commotion,


personified by mortal worms; where his sacred names and attributes are used as pass-words, and mock miracles are wrought as signs ; as every mason knows, who has taken these degrees? Here too, is another cause of delusion; that is, the pretence, that what pertains to the Royal Arch, and its preparatory degrees, is ancient masonry. It is capable of the most satisfactory proof, that nothing was known of what is called 6 Royal Arch Masonry, as early as 1730. It cannot be traced even to English origin. It has not been tolerated in England. In 1799, any thing higher than the three first degrees of masonry, was prohibited by law.* Upon the same stock has been graffed the Knights' degrees, which masons profess to trace to Jerusalem. But Protessor Robison,t speaking of a certain lodge, situate at Lyons, in France, says, “We know that this lodge stood, as it were, at the head of French Freemasonry, and that the fictitious order of Masonic Knights Templars was formed in this lodge, and was considered as the model of all the rest of this mimic chivalry." Here, then, it is evident, that the Knights' degrees originated in intidel France, at a time when infi. deli:y generally prevailed in that pation, and when infidels had the control of almost all the lodges on the continent of Europe. This will account for their horrid oaths, and for some of their ceremonies, too shocking to be nained on this occasion.I Connected in the same chain, are the

* See the work on Freemasonry, by " A Master Masun," + Proofs of Conspiracy.

# I have it on the best authority, that a part of one obligation, administered to an Ilustrious Knight, runs in the following manner:-- You further swrar that should you ever know a companion violate any essential part of this obligation, you will use your most decided endeavors, by the blessing of God, to bring such person to the strictest and most condişn punishment, agreeably to the rules and usages of our ancient fraternity; and this by pointing him out to the world as an unworthy and vicious vagabond, by opposing his interest, by deranging his ess, by transferring his character after him wherever he may go, by exposing him to the contempt of the whole fraternity and of the world, but of our ll. lustrious order more especially, during his whole natural life.”

In what is called the 5 Sealed Obligation,” the novitiate "drinks wine from a human skull," and swears, -- "As the sins of the whole world were laid upon the head of the Saviour, so inay all the sins committed by the person whose skull this was, be heaped upon

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« Ineffable Degrees,” in which, among other ceremonies, there is a mock celebration of the Lord's Supper! That these degrees are in the saine system of Freemasonry with the preceding, is evident, because the Freemason's Monitor prescribes the role for this shocking service, when “ the Most Perfect presents the candidate with bread and wine, saying, eat of this bread with nie, and drink of the same cup." Such is the shocking nature of these tegrees, that it is perfectly natural to pass on, from step to step, until the Knight adept of the Eagle or Sun says to the novitiate- Behold this monster which you must conquer- a serpent which WE detest as an idol that is adored by the idiot and vulgar under the name of RELIGION !!!"+ Such also has been the artful management in some of these degrees, that certain things, most exceptionable, have been with hollen from serious, conscientious men, while they have been exhibited to others of a different character; which has tended very much to deceive, and keep in ignorance, those, who would other wise have protested, and exposed the wickedness. I have satisfactory evidence, that something was withholden from me, even in the Royal Arch Degree, which has been communicated to others. I

my head, in addition to my own, should I ever knowingly or wilfully violate or transgress any obligation, that I have hertufore taken, take at this time, or shall al any future period takt, ir relation to any degree of masonry or order of Knighihooil. Co help me God."--Conversing with a minister of the gospel, of good standing, who had take this degree, concerning the ceremouy to which I here allude, he replied, “I can sincerely say, that I never drank wine out of a human skull; but we have our aliennalires ;" at the same time giving me tn understand, that although this was the legal ceremony, yet, when it was too ahhorrent to the novitiate, he was permitted to use a substitwie, which was intended to represent the same thing. The same clergymau told me, that one of the oaths was su ahhorrent, that he refused to subscribe to it, without including a condition, which he considered as destroying the force of the obligation. * Freemason's Monitor, 1902, p. 263.

† See Barruel's History of Jacobinism, and Professor Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy.

I A minister of the gospel informed me, not long since, that he took this degree, before he became a preacher; when an obligation was administered to him allogether as exceptionable as the one pertaining to this degree, revealed by the Le Roy Couvention. Ibis

Now, Christian brethren and friends, as I am in possession of these facts, and many more, which time would fail to mention, and convinced, as I am, that the institution of Freemasonry is Anti-Christian, is it not my duty, as a Christian and a minister of the gospel, to come out and leave it? Can masons blame me for coming out and leaving the institution ? But, it will be said, “Why did you not come out before ?" I answer; I was not in possession of these facts before, by which I might be convinced. It is not long since some of these facts first came before the public. For a very considerable time, I was so blinded, as sincerely to believe, and say, that the commotion in the western part of our country, was merely a political excitement. Others, perhaps, think so still. But, being undeceived with respect to these facts, I have very naturally been led to look at others; to examine, coolly and deliberately, the history of the institution, the history and nature of its degrees, and the nature of its secret principles. This deliberate examination has brought my mind, irresistibly, to the result, which I present before you this day.

But, - Why did you not withdraw secretly, and silently, from the institution, say nothing, either for or against it, and save the excitement, which must result from an open renunciation ?" Answer. Such a course, I once thought, and said, was the most ju licious. I lid not think it necessary, that any person should come out in this open manner, on the supposition that it was best to leave the institution. But, I have become convinced, that I could not pursue this course conscientiously. Believing, as I firmly and sincerely do, that the masonic institution is Anti-Christian, I could not discharge my duty by withdrawing in silence. Now, I ask, Christian brethren and friends, on the ground that the institution is what I have stated, and its secret principles of such a nature as have been pointed out, whether you can desire me to

clergyman further stated, that in the obligation adıninistered to him, the clause was inclurled, "murder and I reason NOT excepird." He recollected this, from the following circumstance; a Baptist brother, who was "exalted” at the same time with himself, stopped, when the High Priest came to this clause, and asked "If it was so ?"

leave to your sons my name and influence, as a minister of the gospel, in favor of the institution ? On the ground that the institution is what has been represented, do you desire, that your children may have to plead an excuse for becoming Freemasons, what thousands have done with respect to other ministers of the gospel, that “ your minister was a Freemason ?” But this must certainly be the case, were 1 to withdraw from the institution in silence. Should I do this, I must necessarily leave the weight of my name, example and influence, however light they might appear, in favor of the institution. But this I cannot do. In justice to my own conscience, in justice to the young and rising generation, and in justice to the cause of Christ, I must come out, openly and honestly, and declare my connexion with the masonic institution dissolved.



Boston, Nov. 11, 1829. To the President and Professors of the Theological Seminary, Andover, Mass.

Gentlemen,- In order to the acquisition and diffusion of light on the subject of Freemasonry-a subject deeply affecting the welfare of our country, the citizens of Boston, at a great public meeting, appointed the undersigned a committee to promote inquiries into the nature of its claims.

Iu pursuance of this duty the Committee found it to be expedient, in order to arrest the attention, and satisfy the diversity of opinions on the subject, to have recourse to different sources of information, because the testimony that would influence the opinions of some, would have little or no effect upon those of others.

The views the Committee have, gentlemen, in addressing you upon this subject, are not to elicit masonic signs, pass-words, or grips--for these are all known; but their

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