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PREFACE TO THIRD EDITION This volume contains most of the legislation enacted by Congress of special interest to the Committee on Government Operations, U.S. House of Representatives. It supplements and updates the first revision, dated April 1969. The original compilation was issued in December 1966.

With some exceptions, the statutes herein fall within the committee's legislative jurisdiction as prescribed by law, or by House rule or precedent. This compilation is intended as a convenient reference tool in connection with consideration of future amendments to those statutes and in connection with the committee's duty to review and study, on a continuing basis, the application, administration, execution, and effectiveness of laws within its jurisdiction.

The format used is to print the original text of each basic or initial act and to add immediately thereafter acts which amend it or otherwise relate to it. Appearing before the text of each act are references and citations leading to quick identification of the chief legislative history material: Debates, reports, and hearings.

The numerous reorganization plans submitted by the President pursuant to various reorganization acts have been omitted.

An appendix has been added. Some of the statutes included therein were not considered by the committee or its predecessor. Appendixes A, B, C, and E show the legislation in a form which directly incorporates current amendments. The appendix uses a modified format. To have followed that used in the body would have proved unduly cumbersome.

The committee was aided in the preparation of this compilation by the Congressional Research Service. The committee greatly appreciates this help. Particular recognition for their contributions is due to Messrs. Grover S. Williams and Thomas Lyons of the American Law Division.


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61. UVOS

Page I. To provide for payment of annuities to widows and depend

ent children of Comptrollers General (July 13, 1959). 134 J. To permit the use of statistical sampling procedures in the

examination of vouchers (August 30, 1964)------------ 139 K. To make further provision for the retirement of the Comp

troller General (July 26, 1966) ----------
L. To amend the Budget and Accounting Act, 1921, to require

the advice and consent of the Senate for future appoint-
ments to the offices of Director and Deputy Director of
the Office of Management and Budget, and for other pur-
poses (March 2, 1974) -------------------------------

143 M. To extend the authority of agency heads to draw checks in

favor of financial organizations to other classes of recur-
ring payments (August 7, 1972) ------

146 N. To remove certain limitations on the granting of relief of

owners of lost or stolen bearer securities of the United
States (May 27, 1971) ---

148 (. To authorize any executive department or independent

establishment of the Government, or any bureau or office
thereof, to make appropriate accounting adjustment or
reimbursement between the respective appropriations
available to such departments and establishments, or

any bureau or office thereof (June 29, 1966) ----------- 150 P. To authorize checks to be drawn in favor of financial or

ganization for the credit of a person's account, under
certain conditions (August 28, 1965)-------

152 Q. General Accounting Office Act of 1974 (January 2, 1975) -- 154 III. Commissions, Committees, etc.---

161 A. Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the

Government (July 7, 1947) (Hoover Commission)------ 161
B. To extend for 60 days the time within which the Commis-

sion on Organization of the Executive Branch of the
Government may make a report of its findings and recom-
mendations, and for other purposes (December 31, 1948)
(Hoover Commission)-----

165 C. Relating to the extension and the final liquidation of the

Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of

the Government (May 23, 1955) (Hoover Commission). 167 D. For the establishment of a Commission on Governmental Operations (July 10, 1953) -

169 E. To provide for the continuation in office of certain mem

bers of the Commission on Governmental Operations

(January 20, 1955).-----
F. To establish a Commission on Population Growth and the

American Future (March 16, 1970)----
G. To establish a Commission on Government Procurement

(November 26, 1969) -----
H. To amend the Act of November 26, 1969, to provide for an

extension of the date on which the Commission on Govern-
ment Procurement shall submit its final report (July 9,

I. To establish the Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for

Spanish-speaking People (December 30, 1969) ---
J. To amend the Act uf December 30, 1969, establishing the

Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for Spanish-speaking
People, to authorize appropriations for two additional

years (August 16, 1971)---
K. To authorize appropriations for expenses of the Office of

Intergovernmental Relations (December 30, 1969)----- 192
L. To authorize the establishment of a system governing the

creation and operation of advisory Committees in the
Executive Branch of the Federal Government (October 6,

M. To establish a Commission on Federal Paperwork (De-
cember 27, 1974)..

202 IV. Department of Housing and Urban Development Act (September 9,

207 V. Department of Transportation Act (October 15, 1966) ------------ 215


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VI. Energy Organization Statutes.-

A. Federal Energy Administration Act of 1974 (May 7, 1974)

B. Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 (October 11, 1974)------
VII. Employment Act of 1946 and amendments---

A. Employment Act of 1946 (February 20, 1946) ---
B. To amend the Employment Act of 1946, as amended, with

respect to the Joint Committee on the Economic Report

(October 6, 1949) ----------------------------------C. To amend the Employment Act of 1946, as amended, with

respect to the name of the Joint Economic Committee

(June 18, 1956) -----
D. To amend the Employment Act of 1946, as amended, fixing

the representation of the majority and minority member-
ship of the Joint Committee on the Economic Report

(January 25, 1967)---
E. Extending the filing date of the 1974 Joint Economic

Committee report (March 16, 1974)--
VIII. Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 and

selected amendments, and related statutes.-
A. Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949—

see appendix E for text-------
B. To authorize direct assistance to the Inaugural Committee
(October 22, 1968)-------

C. To provide for the economic and efficient purchase, lease,

maintenance, operation, and utilization of automatic
data processing equipment by Federal departments and

agencies (October 30, 1965) ----
D. To extend for two years the period for which payments in

lieu of taxes may be made with respect to certain real
property transferred by the Reconstruction Finance
Corporation and its subsidiaries to other Government

departments (October 17, 1970).--.
E. To amend the Federal Property and Administrative Serv-

ices Act of 1949 to permit the rotation of certain property
whenever its remaining storage or shelf life is too short to

justify its retention (September 26, 1970) ---
F. To donate certain surplus railway equipment to the Hawaii

Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society,

Incorporated (December 26, 1974) --------
G. To amend section 3(f) of the Federal Property and Admin-

istrative Services Act of 1949, with respect to American
Samoa, Guam, and the Trust Territory of the Pacific

Islands (January 2, 1975)--------
H. To amend the Federal Property and Administrative Services

Act of 1949, to provide for the disposal of certain excess
and surplus Federal property to the Secretary of the
Interior for the benefit of any group, band, or tribe of

Indians (January 2, 1975) ----
IX. Federal Procurement and related statutes.---

A. Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act (August 30,

B. To provide for the use of simplified procedures in the

procurement of property and services by the Government
where the amount involved does not exceed $10,000

(July 25, 1974).-
C. To allow the purchase of additional systems and equipment

for passenger motor vehicles over and above the statutory

price limitation (September 26, 1970) ------X. Federal Reports and Records.--

A. An Act to discontinue certain reports now required by law

to be made to Congress (May 29, 1928) --
B. The Federal Reports Act of 1942 (December 24, 1942).---
C. To discontinue certain reports now required by law (August

30, 1954) -------
D. To repeal certain provisions of law requiring the submission

of certain reports to Congress, and for other purposes

(June 29, 1960)..
E. To discontinue or modify certain reporting requirements of

law (November 8, 1965)..



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