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"On Sunday, about eleven in the forenoon, his Lordship sent for me, and said he felt a great flurry, and wished to have a little conversation with me in order to divert it. He then proceeded to open the fountain of that heart, from whence goodness had so long flowed, as from a copious spring. 'Doctor,' said he, 'you shall be my confessor: when I first set out in the world, I had friends who endeavoured to shake my belief in the Christian religion. I saw difficulties which staggered me; but I kept my mind open to conviction. The evidences and doctrines of Christianity, studied with attention, made me a most firm and persuaded believer of the Christian religion, I have made it the rule of my life, and it is the ground of my future hopes. I have erred and sinned: but have repented, and never indulged any vicious habit. In politics, and public life, I have made public good the rule of my conduct. I never gave counsels which I did not at the time think best. I have seen that I was sometimes in the wrong, but I did not err designedly. I have endeavoured, in private life, to do all the good in my power, and never for a moment could indulge malicious or unjust designs upon any person whatsoever.'

"At another time he said, 'I must leave my soul in the same state it was in before this illness; I find this a very inconvenient time for solicitude about any thing.'


"On the evening, when the symptoms of death came on, he said, 'I shall die; but it will not be your fault.' Lord and Lady Valentia came to see his Lordship, he gave them his solemn benediction, and said, 'Be good, be virtuous, my Lord; you must come to this.' Thus he continued giving his dying benediction to all around him. On Monday morning a lucid interval gave some small hopes, but these vanished in the evening; and he continued dying, but with very little uneasiness, till Tuesday morning, August 22, when between seven and eight o'clock he expired, almost without a groan."

His Lordship was buried at Hagley; and the following inscription is cut on the side of his Lady's monument:

This unadorned stone was placed here
By the particular desire and express
Directions of the Right Honourable

Who died August 22, 1773, aged 64.

Lord Lyttelton's Poems are the works of an clie ture and judgment, devoting part of his time to versideation They have nothing to be despised, and little to be admired Of his "Progress of Love," it is sufficient blame to say that it is pastoral. His blank verse in "Blenheim" has neither much force nor much elegance. His little performances, whether songs or epigrams, are sometimes sprightly, and sometimes insipid. His epistolary pieces have a smooth equability, which cannot much tire, because they are short, but which seldom elevates or surprises. But from this censure ought to be excepted his "Advice to Belinda," which, though for the most part written when he was very young, contains much truth and much prudence, very elegantly and vigorously expressed, and shews a mind attentive to life, and a power of poetry which cultivation might have raised to excellence.






Sold by all the principal booksellers on the Continent.

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Each volume 1 Mark 60 Pf. or 2 Francs.

This Collection of British Authors, Tauchnitz Edition, will contain the new works of the most admired English and American Writers, immediately on their appearance, with copyright for continental circulation.


Collection of British Authors, vol. 1-2514 Page 2-14.

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A Lucky Young Woman. By F. C. Philips, I vol.
Balance of Military Power. By Colonel Maurice, I vol.
Hithersea Mere. By Lady Augusta Noel, 2 vols.
A Millionaire, etc. By Bret Harte, I vol.

On the Banks of the Ouse. By Emma Marshall, I vol.
A Daughter of the Tropics. By Florence Marryat, 2 v.
The Crusade of the "Excelsior." By Bret Harte, I vol.
A Prince of the Blood. By James Payn, 2 vols.
Katharine Regina. By Walter Besant, 1 vol.

Ben-Hur. A Tale of the Christ. By Lew. Wallace, 2 v.

Rev. W. Adams: Sacred Allegories I v.

Miss Aguilar: Home Influence

2 V.

I V.

The Mother's Recompense 2 v. Hamilton Aïdé: Rita I v. Carr of Carrlyon 2 v. The Marstons 2 v. In that State of Life 1 v. Morals and Mysteries 1 v. Penruddocke 2 v. "A nine Days' Wonder" Poet and Peer 2 v. Introduced to Society 1 v. W. Harrison Ainsworth: Windsor Castle iv. Saint James's I v. Jack Sheppard (w. portrait) I v. The Lancashire Witches 2 v. The StarChamber 2 v. The Flitch of Bacon I V. The Spendthrift 1 v. Mervyn Clitheroe 2 v. Ovingdean Grange I v. The Constable of the Tower 1 v. The Cardinal Lord Mayor of London 2 v. Pole 2 v. John Law 2 v. The Spanish Match 2 v. The Constable de Bourbon 2 v. Old Court 2 v. Myddleton Pomfret 2 v. The South-Sea Bubble 2 v. Hilary St. Ives 2 v. Talbot Harland 1 v. Tower Hill 1 v. Boscobel 2 v. The Good Old Times 2 v. Merry England 2 v. The Goldsmith's Wife 2 v. Preston Fight 2 v. Chetwynd Calverley 2 v. The Leaguer of Lathom 2v. The Fall of Somerset 2 v. Beatrice Tyldesley 2 v. Beau Nash 2 v. Stanley Brereton 2 v.

L. M. Alcott: Little Women 2 v. Little Men 1 v. An Old-Fashioned Girl 1 v. Jo's Boys 1 v.

Mrs. Alexander: A Second Life 3v. By Woman's Wit 1 v. Mona's Choice 2 v.

Alice, Grand Duchess Hesse (with Portrait) 2 v.


"All for Greed," Author ofAll for Greed I v. Love the Avenger 2 v. Thomas Bailey Aldrich: Marjorie Daw and other Tales 1 v. The Stillwater Tragedy 1 v.

L.Alldridge: By Love and Law

2 V. The World she Awoke in 2 v. F. Anstey: The Giant's Robe 2 v: A Fallen Idol 1 v.

Matthew Arnold: Essays in Criticism 2 V. Miss Austen: Sense and Sensibility 1 v. Mansfield Park 1 v.

Pride and Prejudice 1 v. Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion 1 v. Emma iv.

Lady Barker: Station Life in New Zealand 1 v. Station Amusements in New Zealand 1 v. A Year's Housekeeping in South Africa 1 v. Letters to Guy & A Distant Shore-Rodrigues I v. Miss Bayle's Romance 2 v. Rev. R. H. Baynes: Lyra Anglicana, Hymns & Sacred Songs I v. Lord Beaconsfield: vide


Averil Beaumont: Thornicroft's Model 2 v.

Currer Bell (Charlotte Brontë): Jane Eyre 2 v. Shirley 2 v. Villette 2 V. The Professor 1 v.

Ellis & Acton Bell: Wuthering Heights, and Agnes Grey 2 v. Frank Lee Benedict: St. Simon's Niece 2 v.

W. Besant: The Revolt of Man Children I v. Dorothy Forster 2 v. of Gibeon 2 v. The World went very well then 2 V. Katharine Regina 1 v. W. Besant and James Rice: The Golden Butterfly 2 v. ReadyMoney Mortiboy 2 v.

W. Black: A Daughter of Heth 2v. In Silk Attire 2 v. The strange Adventures of a Phaeton 2 v. A Princess of Thule 2 v. Kilmeny 1 v. The Maid of Killeena I v. Three Feathers 2 v. Lady Silverdale's Sweetheart I v. Madcap Violet 2 v. Green Pastures and Piccadilly 2 v. Macleod of Dare 2 v. White Wings 2 v. Sunrise 2 v. The Beautiful Wretch IV. Mr. Pisistratus Brown IV. Shandon Bells (w. portrait) 2 v. Judith Shakespeare 2 v. The Wise Women of Inverness I v. White Heather 2 V. Sabina Zembra 2 v.

R. D. Blackmore: Alice Lorraine 2 v. Mary Anerley 3 v. Christowell 2 v. Tommy Upmore 2 v. "Blackwood," Tales from

I V.

Second Series 1 v.

Isa Blagden: The Woman I loved, and the Woman who loved me; A Tuscan Wedding 1 v.

Lady Blessington: Meredith

IV. Strathern 2 v. Memoirs of a Femme

The price of each volume is 1 Mark 60 Pfennig.

de Chambre I v. Marmaduke Herbert 2 v. Country Quarters (w. portrait) 2 v.

Baroness Bloomfield: Reminiscences of Court & Diplomatic Life (w.Port. of Her Majesty the Queen) 2 v.

Miss Braddon: Lady Audley's Secret 2 v. Aurora Floyd 2 v. Eleanor's Victory 2 v. John Marchmont's Legacy 2 v. Henry Dunbar 2 v. The Doctor's Wife 2 v. Only a Clod 2 v. Sir Jasper's Tenant 2 v. The Lady's Mile 2 v. Rupert Godwin 2 v. Dead-Sea Fruit2v. Run to Earth 2 v. Fenton's Quest 2 v. The Lovels of Arden 2 v. Strangers and Pilgrims 2 v. Lucius Davoren 3 v. Taken at the Flood 3 v. Lost for Love 2 V. A Strange World 2 v. Hostages to Fortune 2 v. Dead Men's Shoes 2 v. Joshua Haggard's Daughter 2 v. Weavers and Weft 1 v. In Great Waters I v. An Open Verdict 3 v. Vixen 3 v. The Cloven Foot 3 v. The Story of Barbara 2 v. Just as I am 2 v. Asphodel 3 v. Mount Royal 2 v. The Golden Calf 2 v. Flower and Weed iv. Phantom Fortune 3v. Under the Red Flag 1 v. Ishmael 3 v. Wyllard's Weird 3 v. One Thing Needful 2 v. Cut by the County 1 v. Like and Unlike 2 v.

Lady Brassey: A Voyage in the "Sunbeam" 2v. Sunshine and Storm in the East 2 v. In the Trades, the Tropics, and the Roaring Forties 2 v.

The Bread-Winners 1 v. Rev. W. Brock: A BiographycalSketch of Sir H. Havelock K.C.B. I V. Shirley Brooks: The Silver Cord 3 v. Sooner or Later 3 v.

Miss Rhoda Broughton: Cometh up as a Flower 1 v. Not wisely, but too well 2 v. Red as a Rose is She 2 v. Tales for Christmas Eve Iv. Nancy 2 v. Joan 2 v. Second Thoughts 2 v. Belinda 2 v. Doctor Cupid 2 v. John Brown: Rab and

Friends, and other Tales 1 V.


Eliz. Barrett Browning: A Selection from her Poetry (w. portrait) Aurora Leigh I v.

I v.

Robert Browning: Poetical Works (with portrait) 4 v.

Bulwer (Lord Lytton): Pelham

(with portrait) 1 v. Eugene Aram 1 v. Paul Clifford 1 v. Zanoni I V. The Last Days of Pompeii 1 v. The Disowned 1 v. Ernest Maltravers IV. Alice I v. Eva, and the Pilgrims of the Rhine I v. Devereux 1 v. Godolphin, and Falkland I v. Rienzi 1 v.

Night and Morning 1 v. The Last of the Barons 2 v. Athens 2 v. The Poems and Ballads of Schiller 1 v. Lucretia 2 v. Harold 2 v. King Arthur 2 v. The new Timon; St Stephen's 1 v. The Caxtons 2 v. My Novel 4 v. What will he do with it? 4 v. The Dramatic Works 2 v. A Strange Story 2 v. Caxtoniana 2 v. The Lost Tales of Miletus 1 v. Miscellaneous Prose Works 4 v. The Odes and Epodes of Horace 2 v. Kenelm Chillingly 4 v. The Coming Race 1 v. The Parisians 4 v. Pausanias 1 v.

Henry Lytton Bulwer (Lord Dalling): Historical Characters 2 v. The Life of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston 3 v.

John Bunyan: The Pilgrim's Progress 1 v.

Buried Alone I v.

F. H. Burnett: Through one Administration 2 v. Little Lord Fauntleroy I v.

Miss Burney: Evelina I v. Burns: Poet. Works (w. port.) I v. Richard F. Burton: Mecca and Medina 3 v.

Mrs. B. H. Buxton: "Jennie of 'the Prince's'"2v. Won! 2 v. Great Grenfell Gardens 2 v. Nell-on and off the Stage 2 v. From the Wings 2 v. Lord Byron: Poetical Works (w. portrait) 5 v.

Cameron: Across Africa 2 v.
Mrs. Campbell-Praed: Zéro

IV. Affinities I v. The Head Station 2 v.

Thomas Carlyle: The French Revolution 3 V. Frederick the Great 13 v. Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches 4 v. The Life of Schiller IV. Alaric Carr: Treherne's Temptation 2 V.

Maria Louisa Charlesworth: Oliver of the Mill 1 v.

The price of each volume is 1 Mark 60 Pfennig.

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