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Pease & Beans,
Ist,...... 41s. 6d. 1st,......44s. Od. 1st,......26s. Od. 1st,......31s. Od.
2d, ......378. 6d. 2d,

......-S. Od.


......--. Od. 3d,

3d,... .35s. Od. 3d, ......21s. Od. 3d,

Average of Wheat, £1 : 18 : 6.

....... Od.

......33s. Od.

......21s. 6d.


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Ditto per


Tuesday, January 5. Beef (17} oz. per lb.) Os. 5d. to Os. 8d. Quartern Loaf Os. 11d. to Os. Od. Mutton

Os. 6dto Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.) Os. 10d. to Os. Od. Lamb, per quarter

2s. 6d. to 3s. 6d. Butter, per lb. 1s. 4d. to Os. Od. Veal Os. 8d. to 1s.' Od. Salt ditto, per stone

23s. Od. to Os. Od. Pork Os. 6d. to Os. 8d.


1s. 6d. to Os. Od. Tallow, per stone 145. Od. to 15s. Od.

Eggs, per dozen ls. Od. to Os. Od.



Ist.......39s. Od. 1st,......41s. Od. 1st,......25s. Od. 1st,...... 24s. 6d. 1st,

.37s. Od. | 2d, ......37s. Od. | 2d, ......22s. Od. | 2d, .21s. Od. 2d,......22s. Od. 3d,.. ......35s. Od. 3d,...... .33s. Od. | 3d, ......19s. Od. 3d, ....18s. Od. 3d,......19s. Od

Average, £1:17:0:2-12ths. Note.-The boll of wheat, beans, and pease, is about 4 per cent. more than half a quarter,

or 4 Winchester bushels ; that of barley and oats nearly 6 Winchester bushels.

..... 255. Od.


[blocks in formation]

1 F. G.


12 Life G. Cornet and Sub-Lieut. A. M'Innes to be Lieut.

24 Nov. 1818 F. Chatfield to be Cornet and Sub-Lt. vice M‘Innes

do. 2 Dr. Capt. G. James to be Major by pur. vice Elphinstone

3 Dec. Lieut. C. James to be Capt. by purch. vice James

do. Cornet T. Walker to be Lieut, by pur. vice James

do. G. H. Lindsey to be Comet by purch. vice Walker

do. 4

Lieut. F. D. Daly to be Adjutant, vice

Chantry res. Adj. only 19 Nov.
Capt. W. Blundell, froin 22 Dr. to be

Capt. vice Schreiber, ret. on h. p.
22 Dr.

26 do.
Cornet W. Clarke to be Lieut. by pur.
vice James, ret.

9 do. Lieut. Charles Wetherall, from 22 Dr. to be Lieut.

14 do. F. Blundell, from 22 Dr. to be Lieut. vice Schrieber, ret. on h. p. 22 Dr.

25 do. G. Williamson, from h. p. 12 Dr. to be Lieut.

26 do. C. J. J. Arbuthnot, from 1 F. G. to be Lieut.

3 Dec. Hon. H. D. Shore to be Cornet by pur. vice Edgell, ret.

10 do. 13

Bt. Lt. Col. S. Boyse to be Lt. Col.

vice Colonel Doherty, ret. 8 do. Capt. J. Doherty to be Major, vice Boyse

do. Lieut. c. R. Bowers to be Capt. vice Doherty

do. T. B. Tristram, from 22 Dr. to be Lieut.

26 Nov. Cornet W. A. Brown to be Lieut. by purch. vice Nisbett

9 Dec.

Cornet W. T. Cockburne to be Lieut.

by purch. vice Bowers 10 Nov. Lieut. R. Coote to be Capt. by purch. vice Lloyd, ret.

26 Nov. Cornet F. Nisbett to be Lieut. by pur. vice Coote

do. T. Hunter to be Lieut. by pur. vice Cruickshanks, ret. 27 do. G. H. Earl of Belfast to be Cornet by purch. vice Nisbett

do. Lieut. R. Nisbett, from 13 Dr. to be Capt. by purch, vice Synge, 25 Dr.

19 do. T. Irwin to be Capt. by purch. vice Joerres, ret.

3 Dec. Cornet R. Douglass to be Lieut. by purch. vice Irwin

do. Gent. Cadet Charles Wilson to be Cor. by purch. vice Dudley, 11 Dr.

19 Nov. G. W. Eyres to be Ensign and Lieut. vice Cradock

3 Dec. Capt. G. Ramsay, from W. I. Rang. to be Capt. vice Kirwan, h. p. W. I. Rang:

26 Nov. Lieut. W. H. Dutton, from 85 F. to be Lieut. vice Richardson, ret. on h. p. 85 F.

19 do. Ensign F. A. Robinson, from 4 W. J. R. to be Ensign, vice Making, pret.

hp4 R. 2d Lieut. A. J. Pictet, from Rifle Brig.

to be Ensign, vice Pickering, ret. on h. p. Rifle Brig.

2 do. Lieut. G. Stirling to be Capt. by pur. vice Light, ret.

3 do. Ensigu T. Scott to be Lieut. by purch. vice Stirling

do. C. H. Mills, from York Rang. to be Ensign, vice Elves, ret. on h. p. York Rang.

10 do. Lt. Col. J. P. Hunt, from h. p. 60. F. to be Lt. Col. vice Cayler, dead.

19 Nov. Lieut. J. Jones, from 51 F. to be Lt. vice Walsh, ret. on h. p.51 F.

26 do. Capt. R. Power, from 38 F. to be Capt. vice Lewis, ret. on h. p. 38 F.

27 do. C. Campbell, from 60 F. to be Capt. vice Bt. Major M'Haffie, ret. on h. p. 60 F.

26 do.






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h. Po



Capt. W. Brownson, from 74 F. to be Brev. Major Morris, from 55 F. with Capt. Herbert,
Capt. vice Tripp, h. p. 74 F. 25 do. h. p. 25 F.

C. Chambers, from 1 F. G. to Capt. Broughton, from 9 F. with Capt. St Clair, be Capt. vice Bt. Major Billie, dism. h.p.

26 do.

Bateman, from 5 F. with Capt. Bent, h. p. ! Lieut. G. F. Pasehal, from 61 F. to be Spearman, from 5 F. with Capt. Johnson, Lieut. vice Hamilton, h. p. 61 F. h. p.

25 do.

Macdonald, from 92 F. with Capt. Donald41

W. Watson to be Capt. by pur. son, h. p. 44 F. vice Bt. Major Muir, ret. 26 Nov,

White, from 2 Ceylon Reg. with Brev. Maj. Ensign R. Butterfield to be Lieut. by Bayley, h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt. purch. vice Watson


Burn, from 3 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Goff, 45

Bt. Major P. O. Shaughnessy, from

25 F. to be Capt. vice Hardwick, ret. Brookes, from 32 F. rec. diff. with Capt. on h. p. 2 F.

do, Williams, h. p. 100 F. 50

Capt. J. Bishop, from 95 F. to be Bt. Lieut. Bulloch, from 13 Dr. with Lieut, Chambre,
Lt. Col. vice Gordon, ret. on h. p. h. p. 23 Dr.
95 F.


Watkins, from 9 F, with Lieut. M'Dermott, Lieut. J. Nunn, from 58 F. to bę Lt. vice Heatley, ret. on h. p. 58 F.

Mackay, from 21 . with Lieut. Spottis

3 Dec. wood, h. p. 54

J. Pilton, from h. p. to be Pay. Brooke, from 4_F. rec. diff. with Lieut. master, vice Irwin, ret. on h. p.

Cartan, h. p. 6 W. I. R. 26 Nov.

Hilliard, from 5 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. R. Myddleton, from 90. F. to Armstrong, h. p be Capt. by purch. vice Warren, ret.

Bennett, from 5 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Pol19 do.

lock, h p. 13 F. 66

Paym. J. Kerr, from h. p. 3 Ceylon Allan, from 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Reg. to be Paym. vice Lediard, res. George, h. p. 7 F.

3 Dec.

Webb, from 35 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 75

Ensign 1. Townsend, from 96 F. to Tompkins, h. p.

be Ens. vice Wright, ret. on h. p. 96 Mason, from 82 F. with Lt. Harman, h. p. F.

26 Nov.

Bowlby, from 4 F. with Lieut. Clarke, hip 82 Lieut. R. Elliott to be Adjutant, vicc

Haggup, from 7 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Stuart,
Holdsworth, res. Adj. only 19 do. h. p.
Richard Collis to be Ensign, vice Mac-

Rawlins, from 13 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Mahon, dead

26 do. Meredith, h. p. 85 Gent. Cadet W. Kerr to be Ensign by

Toovey, from 20 F. with Lt. Oakley, h. p. purch. vice Fox, W. I. Rang. 19 do.

Knight, from 44 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Short, 92

Lieut. N. Wilson, from 58 F. to be h. p. 28 F.
Lieut, vice M‘Donell, ret. on h. p. Cornet Lord G. Bentinck, from 10 Dr. with Lieut.
58 F.

10 Dec. Lord J. Bentinck, 1 F. G.
H. W.s. Stewart to be Ensign by pur.

Schneider, from 6 Dr. with Ensign Pickvice Macpherson, prom 22 Oct.

ford, 92 F. 94

Lieut. P. Pratt to be Capt. by purch. Ensign Meyrick, from 4 F. with Ensign Shipton,

vice Kingdom, ret. 26 Nov. Ensign T. R. Tin brell to be Lieut. by Surgcon Job, from 5 Dr. Gds. with Surgeon Logan, purch. vice Pratt


13 Dr. J. A. Kingdom to be Ensign by purch.

Burton, from 4 F. with Surgeon M'Device Timbrell


mott, h. p. 60 F. 96

Lieut. S. Biddulph to be Capt. by pur.
vice Nash, ret.

Ź Dec.

Resignations and Retirements.
Ensign A. S. H. Mountain to be Lieut.
by purch. vice Biddulph

do. Major Muir, 41 P.
J. Riddell to be Ensign by purch. viee

Martin, 99 F.

do. Capt. Lloyd, 18 Dr.
Capt. E. T. Poe, from Rifle Brig. to

Joerres, 20 Dr. be Major by purch. vice Martin, ret. Light, 9 F.

1 Nov.

Warren, 56 F. Rifle Brig. Lieut. A. Stewart to be Capt. by pur. Kingdom, 94 F. vice Poe

3 Dec. Lieut. James, il Dr. 1 W. I. R. Capt. C. L. Appelius, from 4 W. I. R.

Cruickshanks, 18 Dr. to be (apt. vice Thornhill, ret. on

Cornet Edgell, 11 Dr. h. p. 1 W. I. R.

19 Nov. Ensign Robinson, 2 W. I. R.
A. Grant, from African Corps,

Marshall, 3 do.
to be Capt. vice Lt Col. Evans, ret.
on h. p. Afric n Corps


Appointments Cancelled.
Gent. Cadet W. Spence to be Ensign,
vice Robinson, res.

10 Dec.

Lieut. Edgell, 11 Dr. 3 W. Frederick to be Ensign by purch.

Assistant Surgeon M'Grigor, 13 Dr. vice Varshall, ret.


Hart, h. p. 22 Dr.
Medical Staff

Bt. Dep. Inspec. A. L Emerson, M. D.

Dep. Commissioner Gen. Rawlins.
from h. p. to be Physician to the

Dep. Purveyor J: Croft, from h.


Quarter-Master Howsman, 60 F.
be Dep. Purveyor to the Forces

23 Oct.
Dep. Inspec. J. Robb, M. D. to be

Insp. of Hosp. by Brevet, to the Colonel Braddyll, 3 Lancaster Mil.

26 Nov. Lieut. Col. Duke, 3 Gar. Bn. Dep. Adjut. Goa. Physician T. Gordon, to be Dep. In:p. Nova Scotia

4 Dec. 1818 of l'osp. by Brevet, to the Forces do. Major ('aulfield, h. p. 32 F. Staff Surg. 1. Inglis to be Dep. Insp. Capt. Kearney, 22 Dr.

26 April 1818 of Hosp. by Brevet, to the Forc. do.

Watson, 22 F.

19 Aug. Lieut. Robinson, 43 F.

6 Dec. 1818 Exchanges.

Powell, h. p. 90 F.

15 do.

Ensign M‘Mahon, 82 F. Brev. Lt. Col. Macdonald, from 92 F. with Brey.

Jenks, 1 V. I. R.

3 Nov. Lt. Col. Blainey, h. p. Malta Regt.

Quar. Mast. Helm,
h. p. Roxburgh F.

5 do. Proctor, from 82 F. with Major Ra Staff-G, Young, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. at Nova bertson, h. p. 6 F.


h. p.


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Rob. Bruce

H. V.Huntley
W. B. Dashwood
Alex. Borthwick

John Carnac
Martin White
Wm Richardson

Leon. C. Rooke
John Cookesley
Wm Grint

Hon. Charles Legge
James Murray
Wm Jardine Puchas

Marcus Worsley
Chas. G. R. Phillott
Robert Boyle

Frank Ramsden
George M. Jones
Michael Stackpoole

Edward H. Thorpe
Wm Wolrige
Francis Brace

John L. Clayton
James K. White
Hon. Geo. Barrington

W. B. Greene
John Ross

Geo. Young
James Stirling

Superannuated Commanders. Samuel Kneeshawe
Amos F. Westropp
Charles Woodger

John M. Laws
George Brine
Harry Dawe

John Watt
Right Hon. Lord John Hay Wm Mules

Henry H. Johnstone
Const. R. Moorsom
Owen Williams

Right Hon. George Viscount
Hon. Geo. John Perceval



Thomas Boteler
Wm D. Evance
James L. Parkin

Sam. Sparshott
Francis Witham

John Runciman
Rich. Grant
Chas. Fleetwood

Wm Anderson

Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas F. Freemantle, to be Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean. Flag-Lieut.

John Branford.
Rear-Admiral Edward Griffith, to be Commander-in-Chief at 'Halifax.-Flag-Lieut. Ed. A. Houghton.
Ships. Il


Wm Oldrey

W.B. Dashwood

N. G, Corbett

Chas, Simeon

Joseph Soady

Wm Popham

John F. Dawson

W.J. Mingay

Geo. C. Oliver

W. N. Glasscock

Francis Blair

Hon. V. Gardner

John Forster

C. B. Strong

G. V. Jackson

Arthur Fanshawe

Richard Barton

B. M. Kelly

H. C. Collins

Supern. ditto
A. P Hollis

E. R. P. Mainwaring

Ditto ditto
W. D. Evance

B. Andrews

Sir C. Rowley

John Read


ditto Hon. Fred Noel

James rasier

Sir T. M. Hardy, Bt.

Henry Sheridan

Hon. J. Gordon

John Reeve

F. L. Maitland

Wm Chasman

Tho. W. Carter

H. C. Goldsmith

Tho. G. Caulfeild
Windsor Castle Henry S. Wilson

Barnard Yeoman

Jod. Leigh

Geo. W. Willes

Edw. Colman


Richard Saumarez

Charles Gordon
R. Weatherley


Henry Sankey
R. S. Gibson


John Lapslie
Hon. F. Spencer

Samuel Drewry

John Carnac


Henry M'Clintoch
R. J. Nash

G. W. St. J. Mildmay

Thos Boteler

Henry Pryce

Windsor Castle
Chr. Wyvill

R. M. Teed

Fred. Chamier

George Pierce

Leo. C. Rooke

Joseph Pearse

Henry King

James Bulkeley

Wm Hicks

David Harrop

Chas Witham


John Bendyshe
Chas Fleetwood

Andrew Drew

Thos J. J. W. Davis

Thomas Townsend

Fancy, rev. cut
S. Jervois

Francis Little

Rutland, ditto
R.H. Coekerell


Royal Marines.
Geo. Baker

Capt. Gilbert Elliot

Nich. Chapman

Capt. Thos H. Morice

God. Brereton

Capt. J. Bartleman

Francis Witham

Capt. Wm Rowe

Geo. Vevers

Capt. Wm Ramsay

H. V. Huntley

Capt. Geo. Gray

Robt Tait

1st Lt. Dun. Campbell

Geo. H. Jenkin
Grasshopper 1st Lt. D. Marley

J. S. Williams

Ist Lt. J. P. Pleydell

Rt. Hon. G Viscount Man-

Ist Lt. Wm Lawrie


1st Lt. Thos Appleton

J. W. 0. Ricketts

1st Lt. Thos Wearing

Thos Penberthy

2d Lt. James Clarke

Wm Mudge

2d Lt. Wm White

Geo. F. Ryves

2d Lt. J. F. Elliot

Hugh S. Head

John P. Baker

Wm Millar

Henry Walker

Rich. Johns

John S. Brisbane

F. P. Bentley

John A. Mouat

Geo. Millard

Ed. A. Haughton, F. L. Ditto

Thos Read

Jos. C. Cory
Northumberland Jas Allan

Thos Marriot

F. P. Lurchen

Ed. H. Jacob

R. Holmes


[graphic][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][merged small]

a son.

a son.

Nov. 8. At Quebec, the lady of William Scott,
Esq. younger of Wooll, a son.

13. In France, the lady of David S. Ronaldson Dickson, Esg. of Blairhall, a son.

19. At Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh, Mrs Robert Cairns, S. S. C. a son.

21. At Freeland House, the Honourable Mrs Hore, a daughter. 28. ' In Parliament-street, London, Mrs Mundell,

Dec. 1. Mrs William Burn, George-street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

2. At Knowie Farm, in the county of Sussex, the lady of Major-General Beatson, a daughter. 3. Mrs Couper, Hart-street, Edinburgh, a son.

At Mormond House, Mrs Gordon of Cairnbulg, a son.

4. At Largs, the lady of David Montgomery Craig,

Esq. a son. 5. The lady of Sir Thomas Troubridge, Bart. a son.

7. In Frederick-street, Edinburgh, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Wauchope, a son.

At No 35, Albany-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Brunton, a still-born son.

8. At No 27, St Andrew's-square, Edinburgh, the lady of Thomas Boswall, Esq. of Blackadder, a daughter. 9. At Marionville, Mrs Dudgeon, a son. 12. At Minto, Lady Minto, a son. 13. At Castle-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Alexander,

At Nottingham Place, London, the lady of Hugh Rose, Esq. a son..

At his Grace's seat, Belvoir Castle, the Duchess of Rutland, a son.

14. At Argyll House, the Right Honourable the Countess of Aberdeen, a daughter.

- At Dubton, the lady of Major Colin C. Mackay, a son.

In James's-square, London, her Grace the Duchess of St Albans, a son.

15. Mrs Duff of Muirtown, a daughter.

21. At_Touch House, the lady of Ranald Mao Donald, Esq. of Staffa, a son.

- At Lennoxlove, the Right Honourable Lady Blantyre, a son.


22. At his house, Woodslee, Dumfriesshire, the 24. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Welsh, second lady of G. S. Elliot, Esq. of Larristoun, a son and son of William Welsh, Esq. of Mossfennan, to heir.

Mary, eldest daughter now in life of Mr Alexander At Edinburgh, Mrs Lockhart of Castlehill, a Tweedie, late in Dreva.

Lately At the palace of Corfu, Lieut.-Colonel 26. At General Stirling's, Musselburgh, Mrs Hankey, private secretary to his Excellency Sir T. Home, a son.

Maitland, to Mrs Caterina Vaslamo, of the island Lately-The lady of Luke Bray, Esq. of Bally of Corfu. carane, county of Tipperary, of twins-a son and a daughter. It is remarkable, that about a year back this lady had the same good fortune.


April 6. At Bombay, Lieut. George Strachan of

the rifle corps, son of the Rev. William Strachar Nov. 17. At Barmuckity, near Elgin, Patrick of Coulter. Sellar, Esq. of Westfield, to Ann, second daughter May 18. Killed in action, at the siege of Maleof Thomas Craig, Esq.

gaum, in Kandeish, Lieutenant Thomas Davies, 26. At Brussels, at the hotel of his Excellency late commanding engineer of the army of the the British Ambassador, Ann Blayney, daughter of Deckan, to the inexpressible regret of his family the Right Honourable Lord Blayney, to Captain and friends. Charles Gordon, R. N.

June 2. At Cannanore, Captain John Scott, AsAt Inverness, John Jameson, Esq. agent for sistant-Adjutant-General of the Madras army, and the British Linen Company, to Mary, second son of the late Francis Scott, Esq. daughter of the late Rev. David Denoon, minister 4. At Salem, Madras Presidency, after a short of Killearnan, Ross-shire.

illness, Charles Carpenter, Esq. commercial re27. George Reid, senior, Esq. farmer, Bonny sident there. Mr Carpenter exercised his importrigg, to Christian, second daughter of the late An ant office for many years, with the greatest advandrew Cowper, Esq. engineer, of that place.

tage to the Company; and died universally reDec. 4. At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Glen, mi. gretted, as a man of the highest honour and intenister of the Chapel of Ease, Portobello, to Sarah grity. Isabella Whyt, daughter of the late John Whyt, Sept. 26. At sea, on his passage from Savannah, Esq. of Kingston, Jamaica.

where he had caught a fever, Mr James Forbes, At Catherington, Hampshire, Steuart Boone merchant in New York. On the 8th Oct. his son, Inglis, Esq. formerly of the King's late German William; and, on the 10th October, another son, Legion, to Sholto Charlotte, widow of Major-Gen. John; both having taken the infection, by dutiful James Pringle, East India Company's Service, attendance upon their father, who was the youngdaughter of the late Sir John Halkett of Pitfirrane, est son of the late Dr James Forbes, physician in Bart.

Aberdeen, 7. At Kelso, Alexander Macdouall, Esq. Stran Oct. 11. At Urafirth, Shetland, Margaret Bruce raer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of William Gil Watson, third daughter of the Rev. William Watlespie, Esq. collector of excise.

son, minister of Northmavine. At Montrose, by the Rev. John Dodgson, Nov. 5. At Zurich, aged 92, the widow of the James Leighton, Esq. town-clerk of Montrose, to celebrated Solomon Gessner. Isabella, second daughter of Colin Alison, Esq. 14. At Aberdeen, Miss Elizabeth Ramsay, daughwriter there.

ter of the late John Ramsay, Esq, of Barra, aged 8. At Cheltenham, George Barclay, Esq. son of Colonel Barclay, his Majesty's Commissioner for 16. At his house, near Kirkwall, Malcolm Laing, the American boundary, to Matilda, only daughter Esq. of Strynzie. of Anthony Aufrere, Esq. of Hoveton Hall, Nor 21. At Edinburgh, Captain and Adjutant George folk, and grand-daughter of the late General Count Hume, 1st Mid Lothian local militia. Lockhart of Lee and Carnwath.

22. At Perth, after a short illness, Mr Thomas 9. At Bonnington-place, Edinburgh, William Whitson, writer there. Craig, Esq. writer to the signet, to Margaret Ann, 23. At Brooklyn, after a short illness of typhus youngest daughter of the deceased Gillion M.Laine, fever, Mr John Williams, long better known, both Esq. of Scalasdle, Mull.

in England and Ireland, by the name of Anthony 10. At House of Hill, Mr Alexander Binnie, Pasquin. Drylaw, to Jessie, eldest daughter of Mr Archibald At Leith, James Dennison, Esq. St Giles Wilson, House of Hill.

street, aged 85 years. 11. At her father's house, Nicolson's-square, - At Hatfield, James Penrose, Esq. M. D. surEdinburgh, Mr John Mann, jeweller, to Miss Eli geon extraordinary to the King, and surgeon to his zabeth, second daughter of Dr John Borthwick Majesty's household. Gilchrist.

At Errol Manse, the Rev. David Dow, minisAt Collingtou, Mr William Young, to Miss ter of Errol. Marion Waugh, the only surviving daughter of the 24. Mrs Jane Heriot, wife of Mr John Young, late Mr James Waugh, victual dealer, Collington. grocer, Candlemaker-row, Edinburgh.

At Rossie, George Ballingall, Esq. of Bain - At Edinburgh, Mr James Dow, surveyor of Kirk, to Grace, second daughter of Mr David Dun, taxes. Rossie.

25. Georgiana Susan, daughter of Sir James 14. At Braidwood, Henry P. Palmer, Esq. of Graham of Netherby, Bart. Grenada, member of the Royal College of Sur At Allan, Ross-shire, Charles Monro, Esq. of geons, London, to Mary, fourth daughter of George Allan. Ferme, Esq. Braidwood.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Anne Cleghorn, wife of At Crail, Matthew Forster Conolly, town. Mr James Muirhead, printer. clerk, Anstruther, to Catharine, second daughter - At Elgin, the Honourable George Duff of Milof Robert Murray, Esq. Crail.

ton, third son of William, Earl of Fife, in the 830 15. At Dumfries, Walter Ferrier, Esq. writer to year of his age. the signet, to Miss Henrietta Gordon, only daugh 26. At Shavington, Viscountess Killmore, of ter of the late Thomas Gordon, Esq. wine mer Shavington Hall, in the county

of Salop, and eldest chant.

sister of Lord Combermere of Combermere Abbey, 16. At Edinburgh, Henry Meredyth Jervis in the county of Chester. White Jervis, Esq. eldest son of Sir John Jervis At his house in Abercromby-place, EdinWhite Jervis, of Bally Ellis, county of Wexford, burgh, Alexander Anderson, Esq. of Fingask. Bart. to Marion, third daughter of the late William At Rosshill, near Queensferry, Mrs Ross of Campbell, Esq. of Fairfield, Ayrshire.

Rosshill. 17. At Edinburgh, Mr George Elliot, Jedburgh, - At Tours, in France, after a very long and to Miss Jean, daughter of William Bell, Esq. of painful illness, Elizabeth, the wife of G. Vanbrugh Menslaws Lanton.

Brown, Esq. of Knockmarloch, and daughter of 18. At Edinburgh, John Jameson, writer iu Ed the late Robert Reid Cuninghame, Esq. of Auchin. inburgh, to Cecilia, daughter of the late John Bett, harvie, Ayrshire. Esq. of Denhead, merchant, Cupar Angus.

28. At Holme-street, Kilmarnock, Mrs Bruce, 22. At Harrow, near London, Lachlan Mackin who bore a long indisposition with cheerful and non, Esq. younger of Letterfearn, to Catharine, Christian patience, from the 16th Oct. 1816, to the daughter of the late Duncan Macdougall, Esq. of day of her death. She was tapred 42 times, and Ardintruie.

500 Scots pints of water drawn off, a quantity al.

26 years.

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