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in the simple idea of a seat upon wheels tire range of green and hot houses, accorddriven fo:ward by the feet acting upon the ing to the original projection.-Glasgow. ground The fore part (vorhandene aus. Internal Prosperity of the Highlands. Ashrung) in particular, consists of a riding It is calculated that the black cattle, wool, seat upon two double-shoed wheels running sheep, and herrings, sold and sent from the after each other, so that they can go upon Highland district of Scotland, north of the the footways, which, in summer, are al Spey, to the other quarters of the kingdom, most always good. To preserve the bal- within the last six months, amount in value ance, a little board, covered and stuffed, is to at least £500,000; a greater sum than placed before, on which the arms are laid, was perhaps ever before received in one and in front of which is the little guiding year, for the whole produce of this district. pole, which is held in the hand to direct the We are happy in being able to state, that

These machines will answer very these great branches of our provincial exwell for couriers and other purposes, and ports, have been at no period in more flour. even for long journies; they do not weigh ishing circumstances than at present. And 50 pounds, and can be had with travelling it gives us much pleasure also to mention, pockets, &c. in a very handsome and dure that the only extensive manufactories in this able form, for a mere trifle.

quarter, viz. those of hemp bagging, begin Botanic Garden. We have much plea to participate likewise in the rapidly returnsure in learning, that a Royal Charter has ing prosperity of the country.-Inverness been received, constituting the proprietors Courier. of our botanic garden into a body politic Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.and corporate, by the name and title of the The Fifth Anniversary Meeting of this PaRoyal Botanic Institution of Glasgow. It triotic Association, was held in the Society's is the first institution of the kind in Scot. New Museum, in Penzance, on Tuesday, land so honoured. The directors had con the 6th instant. The meeting was numeceived, that a seal of cause from the corpo- rously, and most respectably attended, and ration of the city would have given them a many very valuable and interesting papers sufficient “ Persona standi in judicis,” but were read; of which we are enabled to prethe property lying without the burgh, they sent our readers with a short account, through resolved, under the advice of their venerable the kindness of a member of the Society. and learned president, and other legal From this, we doubt not, it will appear, friends, on applying, by memorial, to the that this Institution continues to flourish, a Prince Regent for a royal charter. The proud monument of the liberality and public expense incurred in obtaining it has been spirit of the gentlemen of this county. On much less than usual, their agents in Edin- this occasion, the new and commodious aburgh and London having given, in the most partments of the Society were completely handsome and liberal manner, their valu- filled ; and it must have been particularly able professional services gratuitously. gratifying to the members, as affording a

The royal charter will give additional se proof of the general interest taken in their curity to the property, and increased effi- labours, to see so very numerous an assemciency to the laws and regulations, of the blage of ladies ; there being, we are informinstitution, besides other present advan- ed, not fewer than 60 of these fair auditors tages, and may lead the way to some of present. The Chair was taken at 12 o'clock, great importance.

by the President, Mr Gilbert, who was supIt is highly honourable to our city and ported and assisted by the Vice-Patron, university to have formed such an estab Lord De Dunstanville. Among the memlishment for the advancement of science as bers present, were, Sir Rose Price, Sir Chrisour botanic garden, which is daily visited as topher Hawkins, and most of the gentlemen a leading object of curiosity by the strangers of the neighbourhood, as well as from Truwho come to Glasgow. Hardly a ship now ro, Redruth, Helston, &c. &c. The sitting arrives in the Clyde from our foreign settle. lasted from twelve to half-past three, when ments that does not bring some rare seeds, the members retired to the Hotel, where or other donations, and were we allowed, they partook of an elegant dinner, and spent we could mention many very generous acts the evening in the greatest cordiality and in its favour, by individual proprietors, and harmony. An account of the papers read other friends of the science.

at the meeting will be given in our next. The directors have found it necessary to All the officers of the Society were reconstruct an additional hothouse for a con elected, and the following gentlemen cho. servatory and for stove-plants. It is in sen Vice-Presidents, and Members of the tended to have it heated by steam, which Council for the ensuing year: viz.will be introduced into the other houses, if Vice-Presidents. Sir C. Hawkins, Bart. found to answer the expectations enter W. Rashleigh, Esq. F. H. Rodd, Esq. Rev. tained.

John Rogers. The Directors, we understand, look for. Members of the Council. -Jos. Carne, L. ward to enrolling a number of new pro C. Daubuz, Ř. W. Fox, Jun. W. R. Hill, prietors next season, by which addition to H. Grylls, S. Davey, S. John, H. P. Trethe funds of the institution they will be en menheere, Esquires, Rev. W Hockin, and abled, when advisable, to complete the en. Captain E. Scobell, R. N.

A curious discovery has recently been quicklime, could readily be procured, solumade at Tarn, a small.commune near Va tions of these substances sprinkled into lence, in the department of the Drome. An wells, cavities, vats, &c. containing carboindividual, on digging rather deeply in the nic gas, would speedily absorb the deleteground, found a very curious object, which rious air, and thus prevent its destructive may ultimately figure in the galleries of the consequences upon persons, who, not aware Museum of Natural History. It is the of their danger, had incautiously ventured body of an elephant, which lay buried in into such places. But when accidents of the soil ; the head only has been exposed this kind occur, these substances can seldom The mayor of the commune has forbidden be obtained either quickly enough or in suffurther research until means can be adopted ficient quantity to answer the purpose in for raising the skeleton of the animal. Here view, so that, in general, life would be gone is a fresh subject for the discussion of geo- before we could avail ourselves of their chelogists.-Paris Paper,

mical properties. In these circumstances we Suffocation by Carbonic Acid Gas.--Se- beg to suggest, that probably the most effecveral instances have lately occurred of the tual remedy for the evil is to pour water from fatal effects of carbonic acid gas, upon per a common watering-pan into the place con. sons who had inhaled that pernicious air. taining the noxious air. This will produce The manner in which this gas operates, in a two-fold effect : the water dispersed in causing suffocation, has not been distinctly drops will be in the most favourable circum. ascertained ; but it is generally supposed to stances for absorbing the gas, while it will produce an instantaneous irritation of the carry down with it a large portion of pure larynx or wind-pipe, and, by shutting that air, upon the principle of the water-blowing organ, to suspend the power of respiration machine. The quantity of water necessary It is probable, however, that it has a more for the purpose will not be so great as to diffused influence over ghe system, and that endanger suffocation by drowning ; and at its action, as a şedative, extends to the lungs, any rate, the person exposed to it, would and even to the heart itself; as Bergman, have a greater chance of surviving, even if the celebrated Swedish chemist, ascertained, he were completely immersed in water, than that animals deprived of life by this subtile if he were to remain the same length of time poison, present no signs of irritability the surrounded by an atmosphere of carbonic moment they become lifeless,-a sufficient acid gas. Not a moment should be lost in proof of its paralyzing influence over the pouring in the water, and if no wateringnervous system. But in whatever manner pan

is at hand, the water should be laved in it produces its deadly effects, the instances expeditiously with the hand. To some of of these are so numerous, as to render it ex. our readers it may be necessary to state, that tremely desirable to be acquainted with the suffocating air extricated from fermentsome method. by which we may either check ing liquors, and burning charcoal, is the its operation, or counteract its destructive same as the air we have denominated carproperties. If the caustic alkalis, or slaked bonic acid gaş.




The Principles of Political Economy con

sidered, with a view to their Practical ApThe Life of the Right Hon. R. B. Sheri- plication ; by T. R. Malthus, A. M. 8vo. dan, from a variety of interesting Docų.

The Works of the Right Hon. Lord Byments, and original Communications; by

A new and uniform edition, very Thomas Moore, Esq. author of Lalla Rookh. handsomely printed in 3 vols 8vo. Ato.

History of the late War in Spain and The Works of the Right Hon. R. B. Portugal; by Robert Southey, Esq. 3 vols Sheridan, now first collected, comprising 4to. many hitherto unpublished Writings, and The Life.of Mary Queen of Scots; drawn printed from authentic and original Copies from the State Papers. With Six subsidi. communicated by his Friends. The whole ary Memoirs : L. Of the Calumnies concernarranged and edited, with an Essay on the ing the Scottish Queen ;-2. Memoirs of Life and Genius of the Author; by Thomas Francis II. ;—3. Of Lord Darnley :-- 4. Of Moore, Esq. 6 vols 8yo.

James, Earl Bothwell ;-5. Of the Earl of Specimens of the British Poets, with Bio- Murray i-6. Of Secretary Maitland. , By graphical and Critical Notices; to which is George Chalmers, F.R.S. S.A. Illustrated prefixed an Introduction to the Study of with ten plates of Medals, Portraits, and English Poetry ; by Thomas Campbell,

Views. 2 vols. 4to. Esq. author of the Pleasures of Hope. 7

Journal of an Expedition over part of the vols post 8vo. Will be published in a few chitherto) Terra Incognita ,of Australasia, days.

performed by command of the British Goy VOL. IV,

2 H

ernment of the Territory of New South Picturesque Delineation of the Southern Wales, in the Year 1817; by John Oxley, Coast of England; engraved by W. B. Cooke Esq. Surveyor-General of the Territory, and and G. Cooke, from Original Drawings by Lieutenant of the Royal Navy. With a

J. M. W. Turner, R.A. ; with appropriate large map, 4to.

Letter-press Descriptions. No X. 4to. Sermons, Doctrinal, Practical, and Criti. Delineations of the City of Pompeii ; en. cal; by Thomas Dunham Whitaker, LL. D. graved by W. B. Cooke, from accurate F.S.A. Vicar of Whalley, and Rector of Drawings made in the year 1817, by Major Heysham in Lancashire. 8vo.

Cockburn of the Royal Artillery. To be An Account of the Mission from Cape completed in Four Parts. Part II. Folio. Coast Castle to the Kingdom of Ashantee, The Thames, a picturesque Delineation in Africa; comprising its History, Laws, of the most beautiful Scenery on the Banks Superstitions, Customs, Architecture, Trade, of that noble River, from its Source to its &c. To which is added, a Translation, Confluence with the Sea ; engraved by W. from the Arabic, of an Account of Mr B. Cooke and George Cooke, from Original Park's Death, &c. By Thomas Edward Drawings, made expressly for the Work, by Bowdich, Esq. Conductor and Chief of the S. Owen, and other eminent Artists. No V. Embassy. With a Map, and several Plates Royal 4to. of Architecture, Costumes, Processions, &c. Muscum Criticum ; or, Cambridge Clas. In one 4to volume.

sical Researches, No VII. 8vo. Journey from Moscow to Constantinople, The Tragedy of Guilt, by Adolph Mul. in the Years 1817,1818 ; by William Mac ner, which has made so much noise in Germichael, M.D. F.R.S. one of Dr Radcliffe's many, is about to make its appearance in an

Travelling Fellows, from the University of English translation.
Oxford. With plates, 4to.

Mr Caulfield of Bath is preparing a voOn the Topography and Antiquities of lume for the press, which will contain every Athens ; by Lieut-Colonel W. M. Leake. important Transaction of the Regency from 8vo.

the year 1811, to the last Dissolution of Second Memoir on Babylon ; containing Parliament. an Enquiry into the Correspondence between A satirical Novel, entitled, the English. the ancient Descriptions of Babylon, and man in Paris, with Sketches of remarkable the Remains still visible on the Site. Sug. Characters, is nearly ready for publication. gested by the “ Remarks" of Major Ren. In the press, Remarks on the present nel, published in the Archæologia ; by Clau State of Musical Instruction, with the Pro. drius James Rich, Esq. 8vo.

spectus of an improved plan; in which the Narrative of the Expedition which sailed great need of a new order of musical desigfrom England in the Winter of 1817, under nation, and the important advantages rethe command of Colonels Campbell, Gil. sulting therefrom, are explicitly stated, by more, Wilson, and Hippesley, to join the John Relfe, musician in ordinary to his South American Patriots ; comprising an Majesty, &c. &c. Account of the delusive Engagements upon A Catalogue is now in preparation of the which it was fitted out ; the Proceedings, Library of the late M. Milan. It consists Distresses, and ultimate Fate of the Troops ; of 22,000 volumes. The Prussian Governwith Observations and authentic Informa- ment, it is said, has made proposals for the tion, elucidating the real Character of the purchase of this valuable collection for the Contest, as respects the Mode of Warfare, purpose of bestowing it on the University and present State of the Independent Ar. lately founded at Bonn. mies; including a Detail of the Difficulties Dr J. Carey has in the press a new edi. encountered by the Author, after his bri- tion of “ Dryden's Virgil,” with Remarks gade had been disbanded, and put ashore on on the Text, as corrected from Dryden's the Island of Saint Bartholomew; and of own folio edition. his ultimately being compelled to work his The same gentleman has also forthcoming Passage to England as'a Seaman on board a a new edition of his Latin Prosody made West Indiaman; by James Hackett, First easy, and Drakenborch's Livy. The ReLieutenant in the late Artillery Brigade. gent's pocket edition. Bvo.

Shortly will be published, a Graphic and Picturesque Views of the celebrated Anti Historical Description of the City of Edinquities of Pola; by Thomas Allason, Ar. burgh, comprising a Series of Views of its chitect. Engraved by W. B. Cooke, George most interesting Remains of Antiquity, Cooke, and Henry Moses. Handsomely Public Buildings, and Picturesque Scenery, printed in 1 vol. royal folio.

The Drawings have been made by J. and Monumental Effigies of Great Britain ; H. S. Storer, who will likewise engrave the consisting of Etchings from Figures execut- plates. ed by the Sculptor, and introduced into our Mr Thomas Faulkner, the very ingeniCathedrals and Churches as Memorials for ous author of the Histories of Chelsea and the Dead ; from the Norman Conquest to Fulham, announces, by subscription, an the Reign of Henry VIII. Drawn and Account of the History and Antiquities of etched by C. A. Stothard, jun. No IX. Kensington and its Environs ; interspersed

with Biographical Anecdotes of Royal and

Distinguished Persons ; deduced from anci- ral patron, Sir William Bennet, Bartof ent Records, state papers, manuscripts, pa. Marlefield ; a fac simile of Thomson's handrochial documents, and other original and writing ; and specimens of an unpublished authentic sources. The work will be illus- and autograph collection of Thomson's ear. trated with a map of the Manor and Parish, ly poems (twenty-nine in number), which interior views of the Palace and Holland- manuscript has been preserved nearly a cenhouse, the Town and Church, portraits of tury by the lineal descendants of the Duke eminent Persons, monuments, and other of Montrose, to whose sons, Mallet, the embellishments.

friend of Thomson, was preceptor. TogethDr Granville is preparing a Series of Me er with a compilation, including the critimoirs on the present State of Science and cisms and essays on Thomson's Works, by Scientific Institutions in France ; contain- Murdoch, Johnson, Cibber, Warton, Aikin, ing a Descriptive and Historical Account of Anna Seward, &c. The volume will be de the Royal Garden of Plants, the Royal In- dicated, by permission, to the Harl of Buchstitute, the Polytechnic School, the Faculty an, whose name, in many ways, has been of Sciences, the College of France, and the long associated with that of Thomson. Cabinet of Mineralogy, the Public Libraries, Mr Zachariah Jackson will soon publish, the Medical School, and the Hospitals, with in an octavo volume, a Restoration of 700 plans of the latter, never before published, passages to their pristine beauty, which, in &c. &a Interspersed with anecdotes and the Plays of Shakspeare have hitherto rebiographical sketches of all the eminent mained corrupt. characters who have appeared in France Essays on the Institutions, Government, during and since the Revolution, in the va and Manners of the - States of Ancient rious departments of Science.

Greece ; by Henry David Hill, D.D. ProA Prospectus is in circulation of a new fessor of Greek in the University of St Anweekly paper, to be entitled “ The Cale drews. 8vo. donian,” which is to appear in November, A Series of Chronological Tables of Hisat the cheap rate of 4d. each number, for tory and Literature, consisting of Twelve the purpose of diffusing more extensively a Tables of History and four of Literature ; knowledge of the progress of science, litera- translated from the German of Professor ture, manners, and political opinions in Bredow, of the University of Breslau, by Scotland.

Major Bell. royal folio. Messrs Treuttel and Wurtz, publishers Charenton; or, the Follies of the Age : of Schweighæuser's Herodotus, in 12 vols a Philosophical Romance ; translated from Svo, have felt it necessary to caution the the French of M. Lourdoueix. 8vo. public against a mutilated and imperfect re The Tour of Africa, containing a concise print of it; and, in their own defence, have Account of all the Countries in that Quarter reduced the price of the five-guinea edition of the Globe, hitherto visited by Europeans ; to four guineas, and the nine-guinea copy with the Manners and Customs of the Into eight guineas.

habitants ; by Catherine Hutton. 8vo. The Lexicon Herodoteum, upon which Occurrences during a Six Months' Resis Professor Schweighæuser has long been la. dence in the Province of Calabria Ulteriore bouring with indefatigable zeal, will be pub- in the Kingdom of Naples, containing a lished by them as soon as possible.

Description of the Country, Remarks on the The Iron Chest, a poem, is preparing for Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, publication, by the author of the Recluse of and Observations on the Conduct of the the Pyrenees.

French toward them ; by Lieut. Elmhirst. Mr Westall has, in a considerable state of Night; a descriptive Poem ; by É. Ellia forwardness, a Series of Illustrations to Mr ott, jun, foolscap 8vo. Campbell's Pleasures of Hope, and Ger The History of Raymond and Madame trude of Wyoming, which will be engraved Pyrreau. Two volumes. By the Author by Mr Charles Heath ; forming a union of of John De Castro, Elsmere and Rosa, &c. the talents of two of the most ingenious ar A Year and a Day; a Novel. Two votists of our age and nation, in combination lumes. By Madame Panache, Author of with the works of one of the best modern Manners. poets.

Castles in the Air, or the Whims of my In November will be published, Time's Aunt; a Novel. Three volumes. By Miss Telescope for 1819 ; serving as a complete Halliday. guide to the Almanack ; containing an ex The Bard of the West ; commonly called planation of saints' days and holidays, with Eman ac Knuck, or Ned of the Hüls; an sketches of comparative chronology, astro Irish Historical Romance, founded on facts nomical occurrences in every month, and a of the Seventh Century ; by Mrs Peck. naturalist's diary

Three volumes. Speedily will be published (introductory C. F. Wieles, Esq. has in the press, La. to a superb edition of the Seasons, &c. with mioli, a Novel, in three volumes. original illustrations and embellishments), a The Rev. Archdeacon Nares is printing, new Biographical Memoir of James Thom- in a 4to volume, Illustrations of difficult son ; which will contain many interesting Words and Phrases occurring in the Enga incidents of his early life, and that of his ru lish Writers of the age of Queen Elizabeth,


The Rev. Dr Chalmers of Glasgow will shortly publish a volume of Sermons, preached by him in the Tron Church Glasgow.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Origin The Edinburgh Encyclopædia ; or Dic. of Public Wealth, and into the Means and tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Causes of its Increase ; by the Earl of LauLiterature; conducted by David Brewster, derdale. Second Edition, with considerable LL. D. Fellow of the Royal Societies of Lond. additions. One vol. 8vo and Edin. &c. &c. 4to, and illustrated by Commentaries on the Laws of Scotland, maps and engravings from original drawings and on the Principles of Mercantile Jurisby Blore, Provis, P. Nicholson, Farey, gic. prudence; by George Joseph Bell, Esq Vol. XIH. Part I. 4to.

Advocate. Third edition. Vol. II. 4to. We understand that the Sermons proach Mr Elias Johnston, teacher of Mathemaed by the Rev. Drs Ranken and Campbell, tics in Edinburgh, announces a revised ediin the Outer High Church, Glasgow, on the tion of Professor Hamilton's Introduction to Sabbath after Dr Balfour's Funeral, are Merchandize ; containing Treatises on arspeedily to be published.

ithmetic, algebra, commerce, bills of exA Series of Essays and Dissertations, change, book-keeping, mercantile laws, and Historical and Literary ; by the Rev. Robert the public funds. Burns, Paisley.

An edition of Selden's Table Talk, very Elements of Chemistry ; by James Mil- elegantly printed by Ballantyne, and illuslar, M.D. Editor of the Encyclopædia Edin. trated with Notes, will speedily be publishensis. One vol. 8vo. This work will con ed. This publication resembles the curious tain,-1. Principles of Chemistry--2. Phe- and entertaining Collections of Ana, which nomena of Nature3. Arts and Manufac. are so numerous in French literature; and tures.

in the opinion of Dr Johnson, it is superior Facts and Observations towards forming to any book of that denomination: “ A few a New Theory of the Earth ; by William of their Ana,” he remarks, “ are good, but Knight, LL. D. Belfast. One vol. 8vo. we have one book of that kind better than

The Collected Works of the late W. C. any of them."-Boswell's Journal of a Tour Wells, M.D. F.R.S.L. and E. with a Me to the Hebrides, p. 321. moir of his Life, written by himself One Speedily will be published, First Latin vol. 8vo.

Lessons ; selected from the Classics (with Memorials ; or, The Memorable Things the authorities subjoined), arranged under that fell out within this Island of Britain, the respective Rules of Syntax, beginning from 1638 to 1684 ; by the Rev. Mr Robert with Exercises on the First Declension, and Law. Edited from the MS. by Charles advancing by gentle gradations. 'To which Kirkpatrick Sharpe, Esq. One vol. 4to, will be added English Exercises under each with a frontispiece.

Rule, with Notes, and a complete VocabuEdinburgh Monthly Review, No 1, price lary. By Thomas Macgowan, one of the 2s. 6d. to be published on the 1st of Janu. Masters of the Academy, 25 Sect Street, ary.

Liverpool. 18mo.



lished from the originals ; by his grandson, W. T'emple Franklin, Esq. Vol. III. 4to.



An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy, Observations Introductory to a Work on vol. II. containing Physical Astronomy; by English Etymology; by J. Thompson, Robert Woodhouse, A.M. F.R.S. 188.

M.A.S. 8vo. 3s. 6d.



Lives of Haydn and Mozart. Second Tableau Historique et Politique de Malte, edition, 8vo. 12s.

et de ses Habitans, depuis les temps les plus Memoirs of the late Lieut-gen. Sir James reculés jusqu'à la réunion de cette Isle à la Leith, G.C.B. with a Précis of some of the Grande Bretagne ; par F. A. de Christomost remarkable Events of the Peninsular phoro Davalos. Svo. 78. War ; by a British Officer. 8s.

Letters on French History, from the earMemoirs of the Life and Writings of liest period to the battle of Waterloo, and Benjamin Franklin, LL. D. F.R.S. : com re-establishment of the House of Bourbon ; prising, numerous political, philosophical, for the use of schools ; by J. Bigland. and miseellaneous papers, now first pub- 12mo. 6s.

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