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(iii) Alternatives to the proposed the segment of applicant's system action,

under consideration are not being (iv) The relationship between local fully utilized due, e.g., to capacity limishort-term uses of man's environment tation of connecting facilities or beand the maintenance and enhance cause of the need for standby or spare ment of long-term productivity, and equipment, the reason for such nonu

(v) Any irreversible and irretrievable tilization shall be stated. commitments of resources which

(9) Exhibit G-IIFlow diagram would be involved in the proposed data. Exhibits G and G-I shall be acaction should it be implemented.

companied by a statement of engineer(7) Exhibit G-Flow diagrams show ing design data in explanation and ing daily design capacity and reflect. support of the diagrams and the proing operation with and without pro- posed project, setting forth: posed facilities added. A flow diagram (i) Assumptions, bases, formulae, showing daily design capacity and re and methods used in the development flecting operating conditions with only and preparation of such diagrams and existing facilities in operation. A accompanying data. second flow diagram showing daily (ii) A description of the pipe and fitdesign capacity and reflecting operat tings to be installed, specifying the di. ing conditions with both proposed and ameter, wall thickness, yield point, ul. existing facilities in operation. Both timate tensile strength, method of fabflow diagrams shall include the follow- rication, and methods of testing proing for the portion of the system af- posed. fected:

(iii) When lines are looped, the (i) Diameter, wall thickness, and length and size of the pipe in each length of pipe installed and proposed loop. to be installed and the diameter and (iv) Type, capacity, and location of wall thickness of the installed pipe to each natural gas storage field or faciliwhich connection is proposed.

ty, and of each dehydration, desul. (ii) For each proposed new compres- phurization, natural gas liquefaction, sor station and existing station, the hydrocarbon extraction, or other simisize, type and number of compressor lar plant or facility directly attached units, horsepower required, horsepow- to the applicant's system, indicating er installed and proposed to be in which of such plants are owned or opstalled, volume of gas to be used as erated by applicant, and which by fuel, suction and discharge pressures, others, giving their names and adand compression ratio.

dresses. (iii) Pressures and volumes of gas at (v) If the daily design capacity the main line inlet and outlet connec- shown in Exhibit G is predicated upon tions at each compressor station.

an ability to meet each customer's (iv) Pressures and volumes of gas at maximum contract quantity on the each intake and take-off point and at same day, explain the reason for such the beginning and terminus of the ex- coincidental peak-day design. If the isting and proposed facilities and at design day capacity shown in Exhibit the intake or take-off point of the ex G is predicated upon an assumed diisting facilities to which the proposed versity factor, state that factor and ex. facilities are to be connected.

plain its derivation. (8) Exhibit G-1-Flow diagrams re (vi) The maximum allowable operatflecting marimum capabilities. If Ex- ing pressure of each proposed facility hibit G does not reflect the maximum for which a certificate is requested, as deliveries which applicant's existing permitted by the Department of and proposed facilities would be capa Transportation's safety standards. ble of achieving under most favorable The applicant shall certify that it will operating conditions with utilization design, install, inspect, test, construct, of all facilities, include an additional operate, replace, and maintain the fa. diagram or diagrams to depict such cilities for which a certificate is remaximum capabilities. If the horse- quested in accordance with Federal power, pipelines, or other facilities on safety standards and plans for mainte

nance and inspection or shall certify proceeding. Any contract executed on that it has been granted a waiver of and after April 2, 1962, and filed in the requirements of the safety stand support of an applicant's gas supply ards by the Department of Transpor- showing will be given no consideration tation in accordance with the provi. in determining adequacy of gas supply sions of section 3(e) of the Natural if it contains any price-changing proviGas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968. Perti. sions other than those defined as pernent details concerning the waiver missible in 154.93 of this chapter. shall be set forth.

(vi) Pipeline companies which have (10) Exhibit H-Total gas supply filed annual reports in conformity data. A statement of total gas supply with $ 260.7 of this chapter will be recommitted to, controlled by, or pos quired to file additional information sessed by applicant which is available with regard to gas supply and deliverato it for the acts and services pro bility in support of applications for posed, together with:

certificates for authorization to in(i) The estimated remaining recover crease existing sales, facilities or caable salable gas reserves available to pacity; to construct new facilities to applicant submitted in the form and make new sales; to alter any type of containing all the data and informa- gas service; and to attach new sources tion required by FPC Form No. 15, of supply except budget-type applicaAnnual Report of Gas Supply. (See tions filed under paragraph (b) of 8 260.7 of this chapter.)

§ 157.7 of this chapter. In all other ap(ii) Deliverability studies showing plications the pipeline company may the volumes of natural gas which can rely on the information set forth in and are proposed to be obtained each said annual report, by reference thereyear submitted in the form and con to, unless otherwise ordered by the taining the data and information as Commission. When gas supply and derequired by FPC Form No. 15, Annual liverability information is required to Report of Gas Supply.

be in the application and is not per(iii) The names and addresses of per- mitted to be incorporated by refersons with whom applicant has gas-pur ence, such information need pertain chase contracts and the estimated vol only to the supply and deliverability umes of gas reserves applicant has for that phase of the company operavailable under each contract, segre- ations which would be affected by the gated by gas fields and reservoirs facility or sale for which authorization thereof with names and locations of is sought. In those instances, the pipefields (State, county or parish).

line company may file only those por(iv) The maps required by FPC tions of the annual report for which Form No. 15, Annual Report of Gas changes have been made or which are Supply.

supplemental to the annual report (v) A conformed copy of each gas- then currently on file with the Compurchase contract upon which appli- mission. Total system supply and delicant proposes to rely. Only three of verability information shall be includthe total number of copies of Exhibit ed in all applications for authorization H filed need include a copy of such to serve major new markets or to serve contract. Contracts already on file major existing markets from new with the Commission may be incorpo sources of gas supply over new routes. rated by reference without supplying The receipt, maintenance, and considadditional copies, provided such con eration of any information received by tracts are identified with particularity

the Commission staff for review under by stating the exact pages of the con- this section is subject to the require. tracts to be incorporated by reference ments of paragraph (f) of $ 1.36 and and the file or docket number designa- $ 2.72 of this chapter and the laws of tion to which reference is made. The the United States. Commission or the presiding officer (vii) A study of each proposed gas may direct that additional copies of storage field showing: Location; geolosuch contracts be furnished to the gy; original and present reserves for Commission or to other parties to the each reservoir; original and present pressure of each reservoir; proposed Peak-day and annual degree-day defitop and base storage pressures; pro- ciencies, annual load factors of appliposed top and base gas volumes to be cant's system and of its deliveries to stored; a deliverability study, including its proposed customers; individual condaily and annual injection and with sumer peak-day and annual consumpdrawal rates and pressures; and maxi- tion factors for each class of consummum daily deliverability and maxi ers, with supporting historical data; mum storage capacity under the pro forecasted saturation of space-heating posed plan of development.

as related to past experience; and full (11) Exhibit K-Market data. A detail as to all other sources of gas system-wide estimate of the volumes supply available to applicant and to of gas to be delivered during each of each of its customers, including manuthe first 3 full years of operation of facturing facilities and liquid petrothe proposed service, sale, or facilities leum gas. and during the years when the pro

(v) Conformed copy of each conposed facilities are under construction, tract, letter of intent or other agreeand actual data of like import for each

ment for sale or transportation of natof the 3 years next preceding the

ural gas proposed by the application. filing of the application, together

Indicate the rate to be charged. If no with:

agreements have been made, indicate (i) Names and locations of customer

the basis for assuming that contracts companies and municipalities, showing

will be consummated and that service the number of residential, commercial,

will be rendered under the terms confirm industrial, interruptible industri

templated in the application. al, residential space-heating, commer

(vi) A full description of all facilities, cial space-heating, and other types of

other than those covered by the appli. customers for each distribution system to be served at retail or wholesale; and

cation, necessary to provide service in the names and locations of each firm

the communities to be served, the estiand interruptible direct industrial cus

mated cost of such facilities, by whom tomer whose estimated consumption

they are to be constructed, and evitotals 10,000 Mcf or more in any calen

dence of economic feasibility. dar month or 100,000 Mcf or more per

(vii) A copy of each market survey year together with an explanation of

made within the past three years for the end use to which each of these in

such markets as are to receive new or dustrial customers will put the gas.

increased service from the project ap(ii) Applicant's total annual and plied for. peak day gas requirements by classifi- (viii) A statement showing the francation of service in subdivision (i) of chise rights of applicant or other this subparagraph. divided as follows: person to distribute gas in each comGas requirements (a) for each distri- munity in which service is proposed. bution area where gas is sold by appli- (ix) When an application requires a cant at retail; (b) for each wholesale statement of total peak-day or anni customer; (c) for all main line direct market requirements of affiliates, industrial customers; and (d) company whose operations are integrated with use and unaccounted-for gas, for both those of applicant, to demonstrate apthe applicant and each wholesale cus- plicant's ability to provide the service tomer.

proposed or to establish a gas supply, (iii) Total past and expected curtail estimates and data required by this ments of service by the applicant and subparagraph shall also be stated in each wholesale customer proposing to like detail for such affiliates. receive new or additional supplies of (x) When the proposed project is for gas from the project, all to be listed by service which would not decrease the the classifications of service in subdivi life index of the total system gas sion (i) of this subparagraph.

supply by more than one year, the (iv) Explanation and derivation of data required in subdivisions (i) to (ix), basic factors used in estimating future inclusive, of this subparagraph need requirements, including, for example: be submitted only as to the particular


market to receive new or additional whom they will be sold or issued toservice.

gether with letters of intent, if any, (12) Exhibit J-Conversion to natu- and if not known, the class or classes ral gas. If it is assumed that proposed of such persons. customers in new areas or firm and in- (iii) A statement showing for each terruptible direct industrial customers proposed issue, by total amount and whose estimated consumption totals by unit, the estimated sale price and 10,000 Mcf or more in any calendar estimated net proceeds to the applimonth or 100,000 Mcf or more in any cant. calendar year will convert from other (iv) An itemized statement of estifuels to natural gas, state the basis formated expenses, fees, and commissions such assumption and include a study to be paid by applicant in connection showing estimated cost of converting with each proposed issue. customers' facilities to natural gas. (v) A statement showing whether The study should indicate the number the consent of any holder of any secuof customers of each of the other fuels rity is necessary to permit the issuance who applicant anticipates will convert of the additional securities proposed, to natural gas and the current cost of and whether, as to the proposed issue fuel to be displaced compared to the of securities, a like restriction is to be cost of natural gas on an equivalent made applicable to any securities Btu basis.

issued thereafter. (13) Exhibit K-Cost of facilities. A (vi) Statement of anticipated cash detailed estimate of total capital cost flow, including provision during the of the proposed facilities for which ap period of construction and the first 3 plicatiun is made, showing cost of con- full years of operation of proposed fastruction by operating units such as cilities for interest requirements, divicompressor stations, main pipelines, dends, and capital retirements. laterals, measuring and regulating sta- (vii) Statement showing, over the tions, and separately stating the cost life of each issue, the annual amount of right-of-way, damages, surveys, ma of securities which applicant expects terials, labor, engineering and inspec- to retire through operation of a sinktion, administrative overhead, fees for ing fund or other extinguishment of legal and other services, allowance for the obligation. funds used during construction, and (viii) A balance sheet and income contingencies. Include a brief state statement (12 months) of most recent ment indicating the source of informa

date available. tion used as the basis for the above es- (ix) Comparative pro forma balance timate. If not otherwise set forth,

sheets and income statements for the submit data on preliminary bids, if period of construction and each of the any, for the proposed facilities and

first 3 full years of operation, giving recent experienced cost data for facili- effect to the proposed construction ties of similar character.

and proposed financing of the project. (14) Exhibit L-Financing. Plans for (x) Conformed copies of all agreefinancing the proposed facilities for

ments, contracts, mortgages, deeds of which the application is filed, together trust, indentures, agreements to adwith:

vance materials or supplies or render (i) A detailed description of appli- services in return for applicant's secucant's outstanding and proposed secu- rities, underwriting agreements, and rities and liabilities, showing amount any other agreements or documents of (face value and number), interest or a similar nature. dividend rate, dates of issue and matu (xi) Conformed copies of all reports, rity, voting privileges, and principal letters, or other documents, submitted terms and conditions applicable to by applicant to underwriters, insureach.

ance companies, or others regarding fi(ii) The manner in which applicant nancing, including business studies, proposes to dispose of securities by forecasts of earnings, and other simiprivate sale, competitive bidding or lar financial or accounting reports, otherwise; the persons, if known, to statements, or documents.

(xii) Conformed copies of all applica- demands, volumes, heat-content adtions and supporting exhibits, registra- justment or other determinants. In adtion statements, or other similar sub- dition, if enlargement or extension of mittals, if any, to the Securities and facilities is involved, the revenues atExchange Commission, including all tributable solely to the proposed facilisupplements, changes or modifications ties shall be stated separately, and the of the above.

basis and data used in such computa(xiii) Any additional data and infor- tion shall be clearly shown. mation upon which applicant proposes (ii) Gas system annual operating exto rely in showing the adequacy and penses classified in accordance with availability to it of resources for fi the Commission's Uniform System of nancing its proposed project.

Accounts for Natural Gas Companies; (15) Exhibit M-Construction, oper- the annual depreciation, depletion, ation, and management. A concise taxes, utility income, and resulting statement setting forth arrangements

rate of return on net investment in gas for supervision, management, engi

plant including working capital. In adneering, accounting, legal, or other

dition if enlargement or extension of similar service to be rendered in con

facilities is involved, the cost of service nection with the construction or oper

attributable solely to the proposed faation of the project, if not to be per

cilities shall be stated separately with formed by employees of applicant,

supporting data. including reference to any existing or

(iii) When the data required in subcontemplated agreements therefor, to

divisions (i) and (ii) of this subpara. gether with:

graph is not submitted, applicant shall (i) A statement showing affiliation

provided in lieu thereof a statement in between applicant and any parties to

sufficient detail to show clearly the such agreements or arrangements. See

effect on the operating revenues and Exhibit D, paragraph (a)(4) of this

operating expenses of the estimated section,

revenues and expenses related to the (ii) Conformed copies of all construc

proposed facility. tion, engineering, management, and

(17) Exhibit 0Depreciation and de. other similar service agreements or contracts in any way operative with

pletion. Depreciation and depletion

rates to be established, the method of respect to construction, operation, or financing of facilities which are the

determination and the justification subject of the application or will be

therefor. applicable under system operations.

(18) Exhibit P-Tariff. (i) A state(16) Exhibit N-Revenues-Ex

ment of the rates to be charged for penses-Income. When the estimated

the proposed sales or service, includrevenues and expenses related to a

ing: (a) Identification of the applicable proposed facility will significantly

presently effective rate schedules, affect the operating revenues or oper

when no additional tariff filings will ating expenses of an applicant, there be required, or (b) when changes are shall be submitted a system-wide

required in applicant's presently effecstatement for the last year preceding tive tariff, or if applicant has no tariff, the proposed construction or service pro forma copies of appropriate and pro forma system-wide and incre

changes in or additions to the effective mental statements for each of the first tariff or a pro forma copy of the new three full vears of operation of the gas tariff proposed, or (c) when a new proposed facilities, showing:

rate is proposed, a statement explain(i) Gas system annual revenues and ing the basis used in arriving at the volumes of natural gas related thereto, proposed rate. Such statement shall subdivided by classes of service, and clearly show whether such rate results further subdivided by sales to direct from negotiation, cost-of-service deterindustrial customers, sales to other gas mination, competitive factors or utilities, and other sales, indicating others, and shall give the nature of billing quantities used for computing any studies which have been made in charges, e. g., actual demands, billing connection therewith.

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