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8 706.404 Time for submission of state

with, or interest in, a professional sociments.

ety or a charitable, religious, social,

fraternal, recreational, public service, An employee required to submit a

civic, or political organization or a simstatement of employment and finan

ilar organization not conducted as a cial intersts by 8 706.401 shall submit

business enterprise. For the purpose of that statement no later than 30 days

this section, educational and other inafter the date of entrance on duty in

stitutions doing research and developthe position covered by $ 706.401.

ment or related work involving grants

of money from or contracts with the $ 706.405 Supplementary statements.

Government are deemed “business enChanges in, or additions to, the in- terprises” and are required to be information contained in an employee's cluded in an employee's statement of statement of employment and finan- employment and financial interests. cial interests shall be reported in a supplementary statement, in the $ 706.409 Opportunity for explanation of format prescribed by the Division of conflict or appearance of conflict. Management, as of June 30 each year.

When a statement submitted wrider If no changes or additions occur, a

$ 706.401 indicates a conflict or an apnegative report is required. Notwith

pearance of conflict, between the instanding the filing of the annual

terests of an employee and the perreport required by this section, each

formance of his services for the Goy. employee shall at all times avoid ac

ernment, the employee concerned quiring a financial interest that could

shall be given an opportunity to exresult, or taking an action that would

plain the conflict or appearance of result in a violation of the conflicts-of

conflict before remedial action is initiinterest provisions of section 18 U.S.C.

ated. 208, or Subpart B of this part.

$ 706.410 Confidentiality of statements. $ 706.406 Interests of employees' relatives.

Each statement of employment and The interests of a spouse, minor financial interests, and each supplechild, or other member of an employ

mentary statement, shall be held in ee's immediate household are consid

confidence and retained in limited ered to be interests of the employee.

access files of the reviewing official. For the purpose of this section,

The use of information on the state. “member of a employee's immediate

ments shall be limited to that neceshousehold” means those blood rela

sary to carry out the purposes of this tions who are residents of the employ

part. Information from a statement or ee's household.

a supplementary statement shall not

be disclosed except by decision of the $ 706.407 Information not known by em

Director for good cause shown: Proployees.

vided, that information from a stateIf any information required to be in- ment or a supplementary statement of cluded on a statement of employment the Director shall not be disclosed and financial interests or on a supple- except by decision of the Chairman mentary statement, including holdings for good cause shown. placed in trust, is not known to the employee but is known to another $ 706.411 Effect of statements on other reperson, the employee shall request quirements. that other person to submit the infor

The statements of employment and mation in his behalf.

financial interests and supplementary

statements required of employees are $ 706.408 Information not required.

in addition to, and not in substitution An employee is not required to for or in derogation of any similar resubmit on a statement of employment quirement imposed by law, order, or and financial interests, or on a supple- regulation. The submission of a statementary statement, any information ment or supplementary statement by relating to the employee's connection an employee does not permit him or

any other person to participate in a matter in which he or the other person's participation is prohibited by law, order, or regulation. $706.412 Submission of statements by

special Government employees. (a) Each special Government employee shall submit a statement of employment and financial interests not later than the time of his employment. Each special Government employee shall keep his statement current throughout his period of employment by the submission of supplementary statements.

(b) A special Government employee shall submit his statement of employment and financial interests in th format prescribed by the Division of Management. The statement will be filed with the Division of Management and is accorded the confidentiality prescribed in 706.410.

(c) The provisions of $$ 706.406 through 706.411 apply to special Government employees in the same manner as to employees.

(d) The Director may waive the requirement in paragraph (a) of this sec

tion for the submission of a statement of employment and financial interests in the case of a special Government employee who is not a consultant or an expert when he finds that the duties of the position held by that special Government employee are of a nature and at such a level of responsibility that the submission of the statement by the incumbent is not necessary to protect the integrity of the Government. For the purposes of this paragraph “consultant” and “expert” have the meanings given those terms by Chapter 304 of the Federal Personnel Manual.

§ 706.413 Submission of statements by

River Basin Coinmission Chairmen. A statement of employment and financial interest is not required under this part from Chairmen of River Basin Commissions created by the President pursuant to Title II of the U.S. Water Resources Planning Act. The Commission Chairmen are subject to Sec. 401 of Executive Order 11222, as amended, and are required to file a statement with the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission.




801 803

General policies ....
Review of projects .......

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Sec. 801.0 Introduction. 801.1 Standard definitions. 801.2 Coordination, cooperation, and inter

governmental relations. 801.3 Allocations, diversions, withdrawals,

and release. 801.4 Project review. 801.5 Comprehensive plan. 801.6 Water supply. 801.7 Water quality. 801.8 Flood plain management and protec

tion. 891.9 Watershed management. 801.10 Recreation. 801.11 Public values. 801.12 Electric power generation. 801.13 Proviso.

AUTHORITY: 3.1, 3.5(1) and 15.2 Public Law 91-575 (84 Stat. 1509 et seq.).

SOURCE: 38 FR 4662, Feb. 20, 1973, unless otherwise noted.

continuing promotion and conduct of appropriate research relating to water resources problems, (4) establish priorities for planning, financing subject to applicable laws, development and use of projects and facilities essential to effectively meet identified water resource needs, (5) and to maintain these resources in a viable state.

(d) The Commission shall employ a multiobjective approach recognizing national economy, regional development and environmental quality in planning for the use and development of the water resources of the basin.

(e) It is the purpose of this document to set forth the objectives of the Commission and to present certain basic policies that (1) have basinwide application, (2) are specifically pertinent to the formulation of a comprehensive plan, (3) will serve as guidelines for all agencies or individuals with planning responsibilities for the development and use of the water resources of the basin, (4) form the basis for working relationship between the Commission and other agencies having related responsibilities in the basin. This statement will be amended and updated from time to time.

$ 801.0 Introduction.

(a) The Governors of the States of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, and a representative of the Presi. dent of the United States are members of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission. The Commission is a regional governmental agency whose purpose is to effect comprehensive multiple purpose planning for the conservation, utilization, development, management, and control of the water and related natural resources of the basin, which includes part of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

(b) The Susquehanna River Basin Compact provides broad authority for the Commission to carry out basinwide planning programs and projects, and to take independent action as it determines essential to fulfill its statutory regional governmental role.

(c) The objectives of the Commission are to: (1) Develop cooperative and coordinated Federal, State, local, and private water and related natural resources planning within the basin, (2) formulate, adopt, effectuate, and keep current a comprehensive plan and a water resources program for the immediate and long-range use and development of the water resources of the basin, (3) provide for orderly collection and evaluation of data, and for the

$ 801.1 Standard definitions.

(a) Many terms that will be used in official Commission documents may have slightly different meanings to various groups. To avoid confusion and to increase the clarity of the meaning the Commission applies to frequently used terms standard defini. tions will be utilized.

(b) The Commission will use the standard definitions set forth for the terms shown in section 1.2 of the Compact, and will add terms and appropriate definitions as deemed necessary. $ 801.2 Coordination, cooperation, and in

tergovernmental relations. (a) The interstate nature of the Susquehanna River Basin and the broad regional authority of the Commission require clear and effective working relationships with the States, Federal Government, and local and private


'Filed as part of FR Doc. 72-17234, Oct. 7, 1972.

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