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8 505.4 Credits against cost and repay. 8 505.5 Title to property. ments to the Government.

(a) Title to property purchased with (a) Incidental income resulting from Federal funds allotted to institutes operation: (1) Income resulting from pursuant to section 100 of the Act the work financed by allotments, shall be in the name of the institute grants, contracts, and other arrange and not that of the State or the colments under the Act may be added to lege or university with which the instithe funds in the hands of the allottee, tute is identified. However, in ingrantee, or contractor and used for ex stances in which a formal document penses of water resources research ac evidencing title is prepared, and State tivities. Examples of such income are: law precludes its issuance in the name Proceeds from the sale of scrap, water of the institute, titles such as the foland other material produced as a by lowing will be satisfactory: product of, or remaining after use in,

University (or research activities; sale of, or royalties

State) for the use and benefit of the on, publications, etc. It is a responsibil

-Water Resources Research Instiity of those receiving Federal Funds tute. under the Act to realize such incidental income to the maximum extent

(b) Title to property purchased with

funds from non-Federal sources used possible consistent with the purposes

to match grants under section 101 of of the Act.

the Act, shall, similarly, be vested in, (2) In instances in which such inci

or held for the use and benefit of, the dental income results from joint ex

institute. In the case of property purpenditures of funds provided by the

chased with non-Federal funds that is Act and of funds from other sources,

applied to meet matching requiresuch income shall be credited to their

ments for grants under section 200 of various sources in the ratio in which

the Act, title shall be vested in the each contributed to the generation of

grantee. the incidental income.

(c) In the case of reimbursement(b) Any interest earned on any funds

type contracts, the title of property received as allotments or grants under

shall pass to and vest in the Governthe Act shall accrue to the benefit of

ment. the United States and each institute

(1) Upon its delivery to the contracor grantee shall submit as a part of its

tor if its purchase is paid for with annual report a statement showing

funds supplied under the Act or the the amount of such interest earned

cost is reimbursable to the contractor during the period covered by the

from such funds, or report.

(2) Upon issuance of such property (c) In the event an institute is dis

for use in the performance of the consolved or a research project conducted

tract, or commencement of processing under a grant is completed or termi- or use of such property in the pernated prior to completion, all funds formance of the contract, or reimprovided under the Act that remain in bursement of the cost thereof by the the hands of the allottee or grantee Government, whichever first occurs. after liquidation of the costs chargea (d) Title to property purchased with ble to the allotment or grant will be grant funds made available either returned to the Director.

under section 101 or under section 200 (d) Similarly, any supplies and of the Act shall vest in the Governequipment or other assets that were ment when acquired by the grantee, purchased with funds provided under unless the grantee is a non-profit insti. the Act as allotments may be disposed tution of higher education or a nonof by the Director at his discretion profit organization whose primary upon dissolution of an institute or, if purpose is the conduct of scientific repurchased with grant funds, upon search and the Director determines completion or termination of the proj- that vesting title in such grantee ect for which the funds were fur would further the objectives of the nished.


§ 505.6 Accounting records.

ing $2,500 from funds furnished under (a) The officers of institutes ap- match such Federal funds:

the Act or non-Federal funds used to pointed in compliance with section 102 of the Act, and appropriate officials of Representatives of the Director of the entities other than institutes, that re

Office of Water Resources Research or of ceive funds under the Act, shall be re

the Comptroller General of the United sponsible for maintaining books of ac

States shall, until the expiration of three

years after final payment under this concount that clearly, accurately, and cur

tract, have access to and the right to examrently reflect the financial transac ine any directly pertinent books, documents, tions involving allotments, grants, con papers, and records relating to this contract. tracts, and other arrangements financed under the Act and also trans

For the purposes of this requirement, actions financed with matching funds

contracts or subcontracts for public from sources other than the Federal utility services at rates established for Government. In addition, they shall

uniform applicability to the general maintain files of all papers necessary

public are excluded. to explain and prove the validity of the transactions recorded.

PART 506—PROGRESS AND (b) Such records, with all supporting ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORTS and related documents shall, at all reasonable times, be made available, upon Sec. request, for inspection and audit by 506.1 Project completion or termination rerepresentatives of the Director and of ports. the Comptroller General of the 506.2 Annual reports by institutes. United States.

506.3 Annual reports by entities other than (c) Records relating to each allot

institutes. ment and each grant shall be retained

506.4 Special reports. and made available until the expira

506.5 Annual reports to the Congress.

506.6 Acknowledgement of Federal Govtion of three years after the allottee's

ernment participation. or grantee's last disbursement of such funds. Records with respect to con AUTHORITY: Sec. 104, 78 Stat. 331; 42 tracts shall be retained and made

U.S.C. 1961a-4. available until the expiration of three SOURCE: 29 FR 16192, Dec. 3, 1964, unless years after the last payment thereun otherwise noted. der was received by the contractor.

(d) The books and records main $ 506.1 Project completion or termination tained shall include a record of all reports. property:

(a) Recipients of funds under the (1) Received from the Federal Gov provisions of sections 100, 101, and 200 ernment,

of the Act are encouraged to publish, (2) Charged as a cost of activities fi as technical literature, the findings, nanced with funds provided by the results, and conclusions relating to Act,

separately identifiable research pro(3) Included in costs paid with non jects undertaken pursuant to the Act. Federal funds to match grant funds, Fifty copies of such documents shall and

be furnished to the Director, together (4) Included in reimbursable costs with supplementary information suitunder cost-reimbursement-type con able for project documentation purtracts.

poses. (e) An accountability record shall be (b) If a publication such as is demaintained for all items of such prop scribed in paragraph (a) of this section erty that are nonexpendable and have has not been prepared with respect to an acquisition cost of $100 or more. a specific research project, recipients

(f) Institutes, grantees, and contrac of funds under the provisions of sectors shall include the following provi tions 100, 101, and 200 of the Act shall, sion in any contract or subcontract for in conjunction with the completion or services, equipment, or supplies they termination of the project, prepare a make that requires payments exceed report which sets forth the findings,

results, and conclusions relating to other institutes and research organizasuch project. Fifty copies of the report tions. shall be furnished to the Director, to (c) Relating to projects carried on gether with supplementary informa pursuant to matching-fund grants and tion suitable for project documenta section 101 of the Act, the report shall tion purposes.

provide, separately, for each project

(1) Information similar to that pre$ 506.2 Annual reports by institutes.

scribed in paragraph (b) of this sec(a) On or before September 1 of tion, and each year, each institute shall make (2) Other information relating to the an annual report relating to its pro project, as deemed appropriate by the gram and activities conducted pursu institute. ant to sections 100 and 101 of the Act,

(d) Relating to funds, the report for the year ending June 30, to the Di

shall provide detailed statements of rector, in fifteen copies, which pro

the amounts received under the Act, vides information as indicated in para

and the disbursements thereof, on graph (b), (c), and (d) of this section.

schedules prescribed by the Director(b) Relating to the institute's pro

(1) For the institute's annual program conducted pursuant to an allot

gram carried on pursuant to an allotmert of funds and section 100 of the Act, the report shall provide

ment of funds under section 100 of the

Act, and (1) For each separately identified re

(2) For each project carried on pursearch project that was included as a

suant to a matching-fund grant under part of the institute's annual pro

section 101 of the Act. gram(i) A description of research per

(e) In addition to information proformed and any findings, results, or

vided in their annual reports as pre

scribed above, institutes are encourconclusions relating thereto, (ii) Supplementary information suit

aged to add a report section which able for project documentation pur

provides general accounts of other sig

nificant or interesting water resources poses,

research developments and prospects, (iii) A listing of any project-related publications or reports issued and

and analyses of local, State, regional papers prepared (with copies of such

or national water needs in relation to publications, reports, or papers being

the program of the institute. attached to each copy of the annual

$ 506.3 Annual reports by entities other report),

than institutes. (iv) In lieu of the information requested in subdivisions (i), (ii), and (iii) (a) On or before September 1 of of this subparagraph (1), an appropri each year each entity that has reate reference to a project completion ceived funds under section 200 of the or termination report which contains Act shall make a report relating to its similar information and which was activity for the year ending June 30 submitted to the Director in accord and submit such report to the Direcance with the provisions of $ 506.1, and tor, in fifteen copies. If there was

(v) Statements of project work re more than one grant, contract, matchmaining to be accomplished,

ing, or other arrangement in effect (2) A description of any other activi with the entity during the year coverties or work accomplished or remain ing more than one specific research ing to be accomplished by the insti project, the annual report shall be tute, including reports or publications made up of separate sections, one for issued and presented but not previous each such project, which providely covered in subparagraph (1) of this (1) A description of research accomparagraph (b),

plished and the findings, results, and (3) A record of training of scientists, conclusions relating thereto, and

(2) Supplementary information suit(4) The nature and extent of activi able for project documentation purties conducted in cooperation with poses,

(3) A listing of project-related publi- advice relative to the overall program cations or reports issued and papers secured by the Director from a special presented (with copies of such publica- panel constituted by the Director for tions being attached to each copy of that purpose, which panel shall be the annual report),

composed of outstanding scientists, en(4) Statements of project work re gineers, and laymen experienced in maining to be accomplished,

public affairs related to water re(5) The nature and extent of activi sources. ties conducted in cooperation with institutes or other research organiza

$ 506.6 Acknowledgement of Federal Gov. tions, and

ernment participation. (6) A detailed statement of the Appropriate acknowledgement shall amounts received during the year be given by institutes, grantees, and under grant, contract, matching, or contractors to the Department of the other arrangement, and disbursements Interior's participation in financing rethereof, on schedules prescribed by search carried out under provisions of the Director.

the Act. Such acknowledgement shall (b) If the entity has submitted to be included in publications, news rethe Director a project completion or leases, and other information media termination report in accordance with developed by institutes and others to the provisions of section 506.1 of this publicize, describe or report upon rechapter, the entity may make, in lieu search activities and accomplishments of providing the information request carried out in whole or in part with ed in subparagraphs (1), (2), and (3) of funds received under provisions of the paragraph (a) of this section, an ap Act. propriate reference to such project completion or termination report.


COORDINATION $ 506.4 Special reports.

All organizations and individuals re Sec. ceiving funds under grants, contracts, 507.1 Cooperation. or other arrangements pursuant to the 507.2 Advice, assistance, and coordination. Act shall submit such reasonable spe

507.3 Consultations. cial or interim reports as may from

507.4 Cooperation with cataloging center. time to time be specifically requested AUTHORITY: Sec. 104, 78 Stat. 331; 42 by the Director.

U.S.C. 1961a-4.

SOURCE: 29 FR 16193, Dec. 3, 1964, unless $ 506.5 Annual reports to the Congress.

otherwise noted. Each year the Director shall prepare a recommended report suitable for

$ 507.1 Cooperation. transmission by the Secretary to the The Director shall encourage and Congress, which report shall

assist in the establishment and main(a) Summarize the receipts and ex tenance of cooperation by and bependitures and work of the institutes tween the institutes and between them in all States and of others that have and other research organizations, the received funds under the provisions of United States Department of the Intethe Act,

rior, and other Federal establish(b) Indicate whether any portion of ments. an appropriation available for allotment to any State has been withheld $ 507.2 Advice, assistance, and coordinaand, if so, the reasons therefor, and

tion. (c) Summarize the advice and com The Director shall furnish such ments relative to needs and problems advice and assistance as will best proof the program authorized by the Act mote the purposes of the Act, particias such advice and comments may pation in coordinating research initiathave been expressed by institutes and ed under the Act by the institutes, and in the consultations described in Part indicate to them such lines of inquiry 507 of this chapter, together with as to him seem most important.

8 507.3 Consultations.

$ 508.1 Introduction. The Director shall consult with and Representatives of the Director and obtain the continuing advice and coop of the Comptroller General of the eration of all agencies of the Federal United States may conduct on-site Government concerned with water audits and inspections of institutes problems, of State and local govern and other entities which have received ments, and of private institutions and Federal funds pursuant to the Act. individuals, to(a) Assure that the programs au

$ 5082 Audits. thorized by the Act will not duplicate Audits conducted at the direction or established water research programs, on behalf of the Director will extend

(b) Stimulate research in otherwise to a determination and appropriate neglected areas,

finding of fact concerning compliance (c) Contribute to a comprehensive, with the provisions of the Act, the regnationwide program of water and re ularity and accuracy of financial lated resources research, and

transactions and recording, adequacy (d) Obtain assistance in evaluating of property accountability and interprograms of the institutes, proposals nal control, and reliability of financial for grants, contracts or other arrange reporting. As a part of such audits, exments, reports of work, and the activi aminations will be made on a selective ties carried on pursuant to the Act. basis to determine that matching

funds (as defined in section 503.1 of $ 507.4 Cooperation with cataloging this chapter) have been received and center.

properly expended by recipients of The Director will cooperate with the matching-fund grants under the Act cataloging center (established in such and that grantees maintain a proper agency and location as the President relationship between costs paid with determines to be desirable) by provid. funds from non-Federal sources and ing information to the center on work

with matching grant funds provided underway or scheduled pursuant to under the Act. Professional audit techprovisions of the Act, and otherwise as niques will be applied and accepted appropriate for the purpose of improv- principles of business administration ing communication of information on

will be the governing criteria. water resources research. Such information will be used for cataloging cur

$ 508.3 Inspections. rent and projected scientific research

In relation to the substantive scienin all fields of water resources.

tific research operations of allottees,

grantees, contractors and others, the PART 508-AUDITS AND

Director may, with such personnel as INSPECTIONS

he considers qualified and with such procedures as he determines to be suit

able, perform inspections of activities Sec.

authorized and financed pursuant to 508.1 Introduction.

the Act. Such inspections will cover ac508.2 Audits. 508.3 Inspections.

ceptability of progress, consistency

with approved plans, and other factors AUTHORITY: Sec. 104, 78 Stat. 331; 42 the Director deems important to U.S.C. 1961a-4.

enable him to discharge his responsiSOURCE: 29 FR 16194, Dec. 3, 1964, unless bilities for achievements consistent otherwise noted.

with purposes of the Act.

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