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(1) The exact legal name of appli- and may be included in the application cant; its principal place of business; or filed separately. whether an individual, partnership, corporation, or otherwise; State under

(17 FR 7386, Aug. 14, 1952, as amended by

Order 196, 22 FR 2882, Apr. 24, 1957; Order the laws of which organized or author

217, 24 FR 9474, Nov. 25, 1959; Order 280, 29 ized; and the name, title, and mailing

FR 4876, Apr. 7, 1964; Order 317, 31 FR 432 address of the person or persons to Jan. 13, 1966) whom communications concerning the application are to be addressed.

§ 157.7 Abbreviated applications. (2) The facts relied upon by appli (a) General. When the operations cant to show that the proposed serv

sales, service, construction, extensions, ice, sale, operation, construction, ex acquisitions or abandonment proposed tension, or acquisition is or will be re

by an application do not require all quired by the present or future public

the data and information specified by convenience and necessity.

this part to disclose fully the nature (3) A concise description of appli and extent of the proposed undertakcant's existing operations.

ing, an abbreviated application may be (4) A concise description of the pro filed provided it contains all informaposed service, sale, operation, con tion and supporting data necessary to struction, extension, or acquisition, in explain fully the proposed project, its cluding the proposed dates for the be economic justification, its effect upon ginning and completion of construc

applicant's present and future opertion, the commencement of operations ations and upon the public proposed and of acquisition, where involved. to be served, and is otherwise in con

(5) A full statement as to whether formity with the applicable requireany other application to supplement ments of this part regarding form, or effectuate applicant's proposals manner of presentation, and filing. must be or is to be filed by applicant, Such an application shall (1) state any of applicant's customers, or any that it is an abbreviated application; other person, with any other Federal, (2) specify which of the data and inState, or other regulatory body; and if formation required by this part are so, the nature and status of each such omitted; and (3) relate the facts relied application.

upon to justify separately each such (6) A table of contents which shall omission. list all exhibits and documents filed in (b) Gas-purchase facilities-budgetcompliance with $$ 157.5 through type applications. An abbreviated ap157.18, as well as all other documents plication requesting a budget-type cerand exhibits otherwise filed, identify- tificate authorizing the construction ing them by their appropriate titles of gas-purchase facilities during a and alphabetical letter designations. given twelve-month period and operThe alphabetical letter designations ation. specified in $$ 157.14, 157.16, and (1)(i) The total estimated cost of the 157.18 must be strictly adhered to and

gas purchase facilities proposed in the extra exhibits submitted at the voli application does not exceed 2 percent tion of applicant shall be designated in of the applicant's gas plant (Account sequence under the letter Z (Z1, Z2, 101, Uniform System of Accounts PreZ3, etc.)

scribed for Natural Gas Companies) or (7) A form of notice suitable for pub $12 million, whichever is the lesser, lication in the FEDERAL REGISTER, as except that an applicant with less contemplated by § 157.9, which will than $7.5 million in such gas plant acbriefly summarize the facts contained count may have a total gas purchase in the application in such way as to ac budget amount of $150,000. quaint the public with its scope and (ii) The cost of gas-purchase facilipurpose.

ties for any single project to be in(c) Requests for shortened procedure. stalled during the authorized construcIf shortened procedure is desired a re tion period does not exceed 25 percent quest therefor shall be made in con of the total budget amount or $1.5 milformity with $ 1.32 (b) of this chapter lion, whichever is the lesser, except

that a single off-shore project, includ for the account of, or for the exchange ing any in the disputed zone, is limited of gas with, the gas purchaser, dependto $2,500,000, or the total budget ing upon which company or companies amount, whichever is the lesser.

will actually construct and operate the (2) Any application proposing the budget facilities. construction of facilities having an es (c) Miscellaneous rearrangements of timated total cost in excess of the facilities-budget-type application. An amounts specified in subparagraph (1) abbreviated application requesting a of this paragraph shall be accompa budget-type certificate authorizing the nied by a request for waiver of the construction during a given twelveprovisions of such paragraph and will

month period, and operation of gasbe granted only for good cause shown. sales or transportation facilities may

(3) The applicant agrees to file with be filed when: the Commission, within sixty days (1) The facilities proposed in the apafter expiration of the authorized con

plication are to be used for miscellastruction period, a statement showing

neous rearrangements not resulting in for each individual project:

any change of service rendered by (i) Description of the gas-purchase

means of the facilities involved, e.g., facilities installed, e.g., miles and size

changes in existing field operation or of pipelines, compressor horsepower,

relocation of existing sales or transmetering facilities.

portation facilities when required by (ii) Location of gas-purchase facili highway construction, dam constructies installed.

tion or other similar reasons. (iii) Actual installed cost of gas-pur (2)(i) The total estimated cost of the chase iacilities subdivided by size of

rearrangement of facilities proposed in pipelines, compressor horsepower, me

the application does not exceed tering facilities and appurtenant facili

$300,000 except where the applicant's ties.

gas plant (Account No. 101, Uniform (iv) Estimated recoverable gas re

System of Accounts Prescribed for serves in Mcf at 14.73 psia made avail

Natural Gas Companies) is $10,000,000 able to applicant by means of the fa

or less, in which case the total estimatcilities last installed.

ed cost of the gas-sales facilities pro(v) Names of fields connected.

posed in the application shall not (vi) The names of the independent

exceed $100,000. producers or other sellers from whom

(ii) Any application proposing the the gas is being purchased together

construction of facilities having an eswith the respective dates of their gas sales contracts, FPC gas rate schedule

timated cost in excess of the amounts designations, and related certificate

specified in subdivision (i) of this subdocket numbers.

paragraph shall be accompanied by a (4) “Gas-purchase facilities" means

request for waiver of the provisions of

such subdivision and will be granted those facilities, subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission, necessary to

only for good cause shown. connect the facilities of an independ

(3) The application contains a stateent producer or other similar seller,

ment indicating the maximum faciliauthorized by this Commission to

ties to be installed during the authormake a sale of gas to a gas purchaser

ized construction period, including the for resale in interstate commerce, with

maximum number of lateral or loop the system of the gas purchaser or the

lines to be installed and their maxisystem of another natural gas compa

mum length and diameter, the maxiny authorized to transport such gas

mum number of taps and meters to be for the account of, or for the exchange

installed, and the estimated cost of faof such gas with, the gas purchaser. cilities for each such type or project. Budget-type applications to construct (4) The applicant agrees to file with and operate “gas-purchase facilities” the Commission, within sixty days may be filed by either or both the gas after expiration of the authorized conpurchaser and another natural gas struction period, a statement showing company authorized to transport gas for each individual project:

(i) Description of the rearranged fa (6) Applicant agrees to submit cilities installed, e.g., location, miles within 60 days after the end of each and size of pipeline (including wall year of the three-year budget period a thickness and minimum yield point), statement, under oath, showing for taps, laterals, lateral loop lines, meter each project: ing and regulating facilities.

(i) A description of the facilities con(ii) Actual cost of facilities subdi- structed and the type of storage reservided by size of pipeline, taps, laterals, voir; i.e., gas expansion or dry gas, lateral loop lines, metering and regu water-drive or aquifer, lating facilities, and appurtenant fa (ii) The location of the facilities. cilities.

(iii) The cost of such facilities. (d) Underground gas storage facili (iv) The monthly volumes of gas inties-budget-type application. An ab jected into and withdrawn from each breviated application requesting a reservoir. tudget-type certificate authorizing the (v) An estimate of the storage capacconstruction and operation of natural ity and daily deliverability of each gas pipeline and compression facilities project. for the testing and development of un (7) If the reservoir to be tested and derground reservoirs for the possible developed is an aquifer-type reservoir, storage of gas for a three-year period applicant agrees to submit for each may be filed when:

such project quarterly reports, under (1) The volume of natural gas to be oath, containing the following inforinjected into the prospective storage mation in addition to the data refields does not exceed a total of quired by subparagraph (6) of this 10,000,000 Mcf, with no more than parag. aph: 2,000,000 Mfc being injected into any (i) T'he daily volumes of natural gas single field.

injected into and withdrawn from the (2) Gas will be injected for testing aquifer during the quarter and the purposes only during off-peak periods. volume of gas in the aquifer at the end

(3) No storage field developed pursu of each month. ant to this section will be utilized to (ii) The maximum daily injection or render service without further au withdrawal rate experienced during thorization by the Commission; except the quarter and the average working that gas may be withdrawn on occa pressure on such maximum days taken sion for testing purposes.

at a central measuring point where (4)(i) The total expenditures for the

the total volume injected or withthree-year period does not exceed drawn is measured. $3,000,000 or $1,000,000 for any one (iii) Results of any tracer program year period. These costs shall include by which leakage of gas may be deterexpenditures for leases, wells, pipeline, mined. compressor and related facilities, but (iv) Any pressure surveys of gas shall not include the cost of the gas to wells and water levels in observation be used for testing purposes.

wells conducted during the quarter by (ii) Any application proposing the individual well. Copies of any core construction of facilities having an es analyses, gamma ray, neutron or other timated cost in excess of the amounts electric log surveys and back-pressure specified in subdivision (i) of this sub tests taken during the quarter. paragraph shall be accompanied by a (v) A map of the storage project request for waiver of the provisions of showing the location of the wells, the such subdivision and will be granted latest revised structure contours, the only for good cause shown.

location and extent of the gas bubble. (5) The cost of any project ultimate This map need not be filed if there is ly determined to be infeasible for stor no material change from the map preage shall be charged to Account No. viously filed. 822 of Part 201, Underground Storage (vi) Such other data or reports Exploration and Development Ex which may aid the Commission in the penses.

evaluation of the project.

(vii) Reports shall continue to be the cost of property removed and salfiled quarterly through the three-year vaged together with the relevant inperiod and thereafter until the project formation required by paragraph (f) of is either certificated for regular serv. 157.18. ice or abandoned, unless otherwise or- (v) A geographic map or maps of dered by the Commission.

suitable scale and detail showing the (e) Direct sales measuring station location of the facilities abandoned. and related minor facilities-budget

(f) Applications to include exhibit Ftype abandonment application. An ab- IV. All applications filed in accordance breviated application requesting a with paragraphs (b), (c), (d), and (g) of budget-type authorization permitting

this section shall include and exhibit the cessation of service and removal of

F-IV as prescribed in § 157.14(a)(6-d). direct sales measuring, regulating, and

(g) Field gas compression facilitiesrelated minor facilities during a given

budget-type application. An abbreviat12-month period may be filed when:

ed application requesting budget-type (1) The deliveries to any one direct

authorization to permit (1) abandonsale customer through any one of the

ment of field corapression and related sales measuring facilities to be aban

metering and appurtenant facilities, doned have not exceeded 100,000 Mcf

(2) construction of new or additional annually during the last year of

field compression and related meterservice.

ing and appurtenant facilities, and (3) (2) The applicant will not abandon

removal and relocation of existing any service unless it has received a

field compression and related meterwritten request, or written permission,

ing and appurtenant facilities during a from tne direct sale customer to termi

given twelve-month period and opernate service. In the event such request or permission cannot be obtained, a

ation of said facilities may be filed

when: statement certifying that the customer has no further need for the service

(i) The proposed construction, relomust be filed.

cation, removal, and abandonment will (3) The applicant agrees to file with

not result in changing applicant's

system salable capacity or service from the Commission, within 60 days after expiration of the authorized abandon

that authorized prior to the date of ment period:

filing the budget application, but will (i) A statement showing for each in

permit the applicant more effectively dividual project a description of the

to utilize the facilities to take gas into facilities abandoned and the docket

its system from existing sources of numbers of the prior proceedings in

supply for use in meeting the requirewhich the facilities or services aban

ments of its customers. Existing doned were certificated.

sources of supply are those gas pro(ii) A statement indicating in each

ducing fields, reservoirs, wells, or forcase the reason why the service or fa

mations from which applicant was recilities were abandoned, together with ceiving gas at the date of filing the a copy of the written request or per budget application, except those promission, or statement in lieu thereof, ducing fields, reservoirs, wells, or forfor termination of service. In the event mations used exclusively for making a written request or permission cannot emergency sales under $8 2.68 and 2.70 be obtained from the customer, appli- of this chapter or 88 157.22 and 157.29. cant shall set forth in his statement a (ii) The facilities involved in the detailed explanation of how the aban- budget application are those used or donment is in the public interest.

to be used to transport natural gas (iii) A statement showing the effect into applicant's interstate system, purof the abandonment upon any rate suant to Commission authorization, schedules or tariffs on file with this from existing sources of natural gas Commission.

supply, as defined above, including its (iv) A concise description of the own producing fields, or purchase changes of property, indicating the from other producers or sellers or recost of property abandoned in place, ceipts of gas under exchange arrangetion when tendered for filing. Such ex- persons engaged in the construction or hibits may be attached to the applica- financing of such enterprises or opertion or furnished in a separate volume ations, a detailed explanation of each or separate volumes designated “Ex- such relationship, including the perhibits to Application.” Such separate centage of voting strength represented volume or volumes shall indicate on by such ownership of securities. If any the cover thereof applicant's name persons or organized group of persons, and bear Docket No. CP- --- directly or indirectly, owns, controls, (number designation to be left blank). or holds with power to vote, 10 percent

(1) Exhibit A-Articles of incorpora. or more of the outstanding voting setion and bylaws. If applicant is not an curities of applicant-give a detailed individual, a conformed copy of its ar explanation of each such relationship. ticles of incorporation and bylaws, or (5) Exhibit F-Location of facilities. other similar documents. One certified A geographical map of suitable scale copy shall be submitted with the origi. and detail showing all of the transmisnal application.

sion facilities proposed to be installed (2) Exhibit B-State and local au and operated by Applicant between thorizations. (i) A copy of any certifi. distribution systems of Applicant and cate of public convenience and necessi the transmission pipeline system of ty or similar authorization which ap- the proposed supplier (respondent), plicant has obtained from the State and include: commission or commissions of each of (i) Location, length, and size of apthe States in which applicant engages plicant's transmission pipelines. or proposes to engage in the local dis- (ii) Location and size (related horsetribution of natural gas; (ii) a copy of power) of applicant's transmission any franchise or similar authorization compressor stations. which applicant has obtained from (iii) Location and designation of each of the municipalities in which ap- each point of connection of applicant's plicant engages or proposes to engage proposed transmission facilities with in the local distribution of natural gas; (a) proposed pipeline supplier (responand (iii) a copy of any other authoriza dent) main line industrial customers, tion or form of consent which appli gas pipeline or distribution systems, cant has obtained from any State, showing towns and communities to be State commission, municipality or served, and (b) gas producing and storfrom any agency of the Federal gov. age filed, or other sources of supply. ernment necessary or incidental to ap (iv) Location, length and size of faplicant's proposal to engage in the cilities required to be installed by the local distribution of natural gas. One proposed supplier (respondent) necescertified copy of each of the docu- sary for the rendition of service rements specified in subdivisions (i), (ii), quested by the applicant. and (iii) of this paragraph shall be (6) Exhibit G-Flow diagram showsubmitted a3 exhibits to the original ing daily design capacity and reflectapplication.

ing operation with proposed transmis(3) Exhibit C-Officials. A list of the sion facilities. A flow diagram showing names and business addresses of appli- daily design capacity of all transmiscant's officers and directors, or similar sion facilities proposed to be installed officials if applicant is not a corpora and operated by applicant between tion.

distribution facilities of applicant and (4) Exhibit D-Subsidiaries and af the transmission pipeline system of filiation. If applicant or any of its offi- the proposed supplier (respondent) incers or directors, directly or indirectly, cluding the following: owns, controls, or holds with power to (i) Diameter, wall thickness, and vote, 10 percent or more of the out. length of pipe to be installed. standing voting securities of any other (ii) For each transmission compresperson or organized group of persons sor station, the size, type, and number engaged in production, transportation, of compressor units, horsepower redistribution, or sale of natural gas, or quired, horsepower to be installed, of any person or organized group of volume of gas to be used as fuel, suc

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