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trant in relation to the various matters, things, and circumstances constituting ground for exemption of deferred classification. The Questionnaire shall also contain, as an integral part thereof, affidavits in support of claims for exemption or deferred classification in certain cases hereinafter specified. It shall also contain particular and specific regulations and instructions to registrants concerning each series of questions and the procuring and filing of certificates and affidavits in certain cases. On the first page of the Questionnaire there shall be printed a notification and instruction requiring the registrant (whose name, together with the date of notice, shall be inserted) to fill out and return the Questionnaire in accordance with the regulations. (See sec. 268.)

(6) The first page of the Questionnaire shall also contain a place for the registrant or other person to claim exemption or deferred classification and a place for a waiver by the registrant or other person of such claim.

(c) The answers and affidavits must be signed and sworn to in strict accordance with these regulations, and in strict conformity with the particular rules and instructions relating to the several series of questions in the Questionnaire itself.

Section 92. Mailing the Questionnaire and posting notice.

Beginning on a day and within a period of time to be designated by the Provost Marshal General, each Local Board shall send to the last known address of each registrant whose name appears on the Classification List, a Questionnaire. Before mailing any such Questionnaire, the name, address, telephone number (where procurable), serial number, order number, and the stamp of the Local Board shall be entered on the first page of the Questionnaire and on the Cover Sheet (Form 1001-B, sec. 270, p. 212) of the Questionnaire. The date of mailing shall then be entered on the first page of the Questionnaire, on the Cover Sheet (see sec. 270) of the Questionnaire, and in column 5 of the Classification List opposite the name of the registrant to whom the Questionnaire is mailed. The notice to the registrant on the first page of the Questionnaire shall then be signed by a member of the Local Board, and the Questionnaire shall be mailed and the Cover Sheet inserted in the files of the Local Board in its alphabetical order.

Immediately upon the mailing of the Questionnaires the Local Board shall each day post in its office, accessible to the public view, a notice (Form 1002, sec. 272, p. 216) requiring registrants to whom Questionnaires have been mailed to file their return within seven days after the date of posting of such notice, and advising the public that thereafter the Classification Lists of the Local Board will be open for public inspection, and shall furnish to the press, with a request for publication, a copy of such notice (Form 1002, p. 216).

In mailing Questionnaires and posting notices on Form 1002 as herein provided, Local Boards shall proceed according to the order number of such registrants, or in accordance with instructions of the Provost Marshal General.

Immediately upon completion of the mailing of the Questionnaires and the posting of the notice in respect of registrants within its jurisdiction in accordance with the instructions of the Provost Marshal

General, the Local Board shall report such fact to the Adjutant General of the State by mail.

Note 1.-Registrants who change their places of abode and post-office addresses must communicate the same to the Local Boards with which they are registered. Since registrants are bound by law to keep themselves advised of all proceedings in respect to themselves, failure so to do may result in their losing rights to claim exemption or discharge or in subjecting them to

penalties. (Telegram 10948, Nov. 29, 1917.) Section 93. Notice to registrants and to all interested persons

and effect of such notice. The posting, at the time of the mailing of a Questionnaire, of the notice by a Local Board prescribed in section 92 shall constitute full notice to all concerned that the process of examination and selection has begun in respect of any registrant whose order number is inlude in such notice. See secs. 6 and 7.)

Section 94. Claiming deferred classification.

A claim of deferred classification shall be made by a registrant by placing a cross mark (x) on the first page of the Questionnaire, in the space opposite the division that states the ground of claim and by specifically claiming such deferred classification by his answer to the question at the bottom of such first page. Claims for deferred classification in respect of a registrant by another person (see secs. 97, 98) shall be made in the same manner, either on the first page of the registrant's Questionnaire or by submitting to the Local Board a specific claim on a duplicate of such first page (Form 1001-A, sec. 269, p. 210, within seven days after the mailing of the Questionnaire to the registrant, as provided in section 92 hereof unless the time is extended. Claims of deferred classification must be made before the Local Board, regardless of whether the claim is to be decided by the Local or District Board. Local Boards shall enter, in column 7 of the Classification List, the date of filing of a claim for deferred classification by another person in respect of a registrant.

Note 1.-See Form 1001 E, section 268A (p. 208). Section 95. Manner and form of answers to Questionnaires, affi

davits, and other proof. The answering, making, executing, and filing of the Questionnaire (see sec. 91). and affidavits (not only the concurring and supporting affidavits printed in the Questionnaire, but also the additional aflidavits voluntarily filed by the registrant or claimant, or required by the Local or District Board) shall be in strict conformity with the following:

(a) None of the printed portions of any of the questions shall be struck out or erased.

(6) If the registrant can not read, and the questions are read to him and filled out by some other person, all said questions and his answers thereto shall be read over to him by the officer who admin

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isters the oath to him before he signs and swears to the same, and if the registrant can not write, his cross-mark signature to his answers and to his affidavit must all be witnessed by the same officer.

(c) Every person making a supporting affidavit must read every question and every answer of the particular series of questions which he is supporting,

(d) None of the printed matter in the body of the affidavits may be added to, erased, or struck out, except that the word " affirm shall be struck out by those who swear to the affidavits, and the word “swear” shall be struck out by those who affirm, on account of religious or conscientious scruple against taking an oath.

(e) The person making a supporting affidavit must insert in the proper blank spaces the number of every answer which he swears to be true, and the number of every answer which he swears he believes to be true.

(f) Every registrant who claims exemption or deferred classification, and every person who claims exemption or deferred classification for him, may (and if the Local or District Board shall require it, he or they must file with the Local Board additional affidavits in support of his or their claim or claims.

Note 1.–Local Boards should not take too technical a view of the perfection to be required in returned Questionnaires, since the Questionnaire is to be regarded as a convenient method of assembling evidence upon which boards are to make classification. Registrants should, of course, be required to comply with the Regulations in all essentials, but the inadvertent failure to sign the registrant's name to any series should not be regarded as a fatal defect unless the circumstances of the failure are such as to put the board on suspicion. Since the board can in certain cases classify a registrant on no Questionnaire at all, it can also classify him on a defective Questionnaire. Common sense and not extreme technicality should control. The end aimed at by the Questionnaire is not securing grounds for charges of perjury, but the obtaining of a complete and accurate classification. This warning is not to be taken as an abrogation of any Regulation; it is intended merely to emphasize the spirit of the Selective Service Regulations and to encourage the boards to do away with as much technicality as possible. (Telegram A-2142, Jan. 3, 1918.)

Section 96. Duty of registrants to return Questionnaire.

The Questionnaire, answered and sworn to in strict accordance with these rules and regulations and in strict conformity with the specific instructions governing each series of answers, and each separate answer) must be filed with the Local Board on or before the seventh day after the date of mailing of the Questionnaire. (See seç. 8.) It shall be the duty of every registrant to whom a Questionnaire has been mailed, but who, for some reason, has not personally received said Questionnaire, to apply to his Local Board for a copy thereof. Failure to receive the notice and Questionnaire will not excuse the registrant from responding within the time limit, nor shall it be ground for extension of time. (See secs. 7, 129, 130.) .

When any Questionnaire is returned, the Local Board shall insert in Column 6 of the Classification List, opposite the name of the registrant and on the Cover Sheet the date of the return of the Questionnaire.

In all cases where the Questionnaire has not been returned within the seven-day period prescribed by these regulations, the registrant shall be treated as provided in Sections 129 and 130 of these regulations, but the failure of a registrant to submit a Questionnaire shall not destroy the right of any person to claim deferred classification in respect of him and to support such claim by evidence as prescribed in sections 97 and 98 hereof.

Note 1.-See last paragraph of section 99.

Note 2.-Attention of all Local Boards is directed to the importance of insuring that registrants in filing Questionnaires enter the key number and letter of their occupations in answer 5, series 1, page 3 of the Questionnaire. This key number device serves to dispense hereafter with all transcribing of occupational cards. Boards are hereby notified that no cards are to be transcribed for the new registrants. The cards were necessitated by the absence of the key number system on a sufficient scale in the former Questionnaire. Boards are also directed, upon the receipt of each Questionnaire and at the time of filling out column 6 of the Classification List to enter in red ink in column 29 of the Classification List the key numbers and letters given by the registrant in answer 5, page 3, of the Questionnaire. At some later time, after all Questionnaires have been filed the board will be called upon to make a return to the Provost Marshal General of the occupational key numbers and letters of each registrant as thus shown on the Classification List. This simple system will take the place of the former method of transcription of occupational cards. Boards are urged to observe carefully the foregoing directions, so that the new method may be reliable and effective. (Telegram, E. 1765, July 9, 1918.)

Note 3.—Respecting compliance with these regulations by registrants in the military service, the Adjutant General of the Army, on December 24, 1917, informed all departments and camp commanders as follows: "Whenever practicable Questionnaires and supporting affidavits provided therein (section 92) should be executed under supervision of commanding officer, but if, for any reason, this is impracticable, Questionnaires may be executed in behalf of such men by an officer having knowledge of facts and promptly returned to proper local boards.” (Tele

gram A-2007, Dec. 31, 1917.) Section 97. Limit of time within which persons other than regis

trant may claim registrant's deferred classification. Every person other than the registrant who claims exemption or deferred classification of a registrant must make the claim or claims on the first page of the registrant's Questionnaire or on a duplicate of the same (Form 1001-A, p. 210), and must file the same, with all supporting proof, within seven days after notice to the registrant to answer and file his Questionnaire, unless the time is extended or except as otherwise provided in these Rules.

(See secs. 80, 96.) In the matter of making claims and other applications, filing the proof in support thereof and noting appeals, every person shall be governed by the same rules as to time limits as the registrant himself, except as otherwise provided in these Rules. Section 98. Proof in claims made by claimant other than regis

trant. In any case where a registrant has made no claim for exemption or deferred classification, or has failed to prove by his answers and supporting affidavits the facts upon the basis of which some other authorized person claims exemption or deferred classification, or has failed to submit a Questionnaire, the supporting proof to be filed by such other person must embody all the facts in relation to the particular claim which are called for and required by the Questionnaire and these regulations and instructions. (See sec. 91.)

Section 99. Extension of time for filing claims.

Local and District Boards shall consider claims for deferred classification by or in respect of a registrant only when such claims are submitted within the time limits prescribed by these regulations, except that the Local and District Boards may, as to cases within their respective jurisdictions, extend the time for filing claims and proof upon a showing satisfactory to the Local or District Board, as the case may be. All applications for extension of time and proof in support thereof must be filed with the Local Board and, in cases within the original jurisdiction of the District Board, transmitted by the Local to the District Board, together with any recommendations or finding of fact which the Local Board may desire to submit.

A minute of the reasons for action of a Local or District Board in extending or refusing to extend time shall be entered in the place provided in the Questionnaire (p. 16) and the date to which time was extended shall be entered on the Cover Sheet.

In mailing Questionnaires to persons whose last known address shows them to be abroad or to be distant from the Local Board at a place where three days or more are required for the transmission of the mail one way, Local Boards shall extend the time for the return of the Questionnaire enough to allow for the transmission of mail to and from such place and shall note such extension on the notice to registrants on the first sheet of the Questionnaire and by noting on Form 1002 in respect of such persons, specifying the date to which time has been extended as to them.

Note 1.- Local Boards will not forward to mobilization camps as wilful or nonwilful deserters experienced mariners who by reason of their absence at sea, have become delinquent in complying with the requirements of the Selective Service Regulations. Where Local Boards are advised that such mariners are at sea, the time for filing Questionnaires should be extended as provided in the foregoing section. In case of bona fide mariners who have become deserters under the Selective Service Regulations and whose desertion the Local Board finds to be nonwilful, entrainment should be stayed and the cases handled as provided in section 139. (Telegram B-2288, July 26, 1918.)

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