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Bureau of Immigration–Continued.
Field Service Continued.

R. F. Bonham, Portland, Oreg.–Oregon.
Edward White, San Francisco, Cal.-North California and Nevada.
William G. Strench, Ketchikan, Alaska.-Alaska.
Lawson E. Evans, San Juan, P. R.-Porto Rico.
Richard L. Halsey, Honolulu, Hawaii.-Territory of Hawaii.
George J. Harris, El Paso, Tex.—Texas, except as above, New Mexico,

Arizona, and southern California.
Information and Education Service-

Roger W. Babson, Chief, Washington, D. C.


SIONS, BUREAUS, BOARDS, AND AGENCIES. A certificate of necessity for the heads of departments, and for the members of commissions, bureaus, boards, divisions, branches, and agencies (including their heads) which are not included under the heading “ I. Exempted Officials,” above shall be made by the Secretary of State.

The affidavits of necessity for the general staff and force of such departments, commissions, bureaus, boards and agencies shall be approved by the respective heads thereof.


[References are to sections. ]


Abbreviations :

A," 69B, 157B.
“Ies," 140 (12).
E. F.," 153.
G," 157B.

M." 157B.
“N," 157B.
“N! W. D.," 140 (12).
“R," 90.

S. S. R., 1 (b).
Absentees. See Induction calls: Mobiliza-

Accounts, disbursing officers :

Appropriation stated in, 241.
Appropriations treated separately, 218.
Auditing, appeal from, 245.
Auditing of. 245.
Bulances, 239.
Bank, deposits in, 259–261.
Cash account, 243.
Cash books, preparation and care, 244,
Cash books. secured how, 244.
Checks, 220-227.
Closing, 248-254.
Closing. check books, 253,
Closing, outstanding checks, 254.
Closing, outstanding debts, 250.
Closing, returning cash, 248.
Closing, statement, 252.
Closing, transfer of funds, 248, 249.
('opy retained, 240.
(urrent, 236-243.
Current, form, 315.
Debit and credit items, 242.
Duplicate, made in, 240.
Expense for returning deserter, 140.
Forwarding accounts current, 236.
Fractions of cent, 238.
Funds shown under appropriations,

Identification of persons submitting,

Inspection of, 246, 247.
Only one under each bond, 257.
Payment, when authorized, 230.
Property and equipment, 207; form,

Provost Marshal General, sent to, 236,

237, 240.
Receipt, blank prohibited, 256.
Rendered whether disbursements made

or not, 239.
Signature, verification of, 234.
Time of rendition, 237.
Transactions to be shown. 238.
Transfer to successor, 244, 248-253.

Vouchers, 230–233. See Vouchers.
Accounts, quotas. See Quotas.
Adjutant General, Army :

Cases of self-inflicted defects, 1283,

note 2.
Delinquents reported to. 136.
Deserters reported to, 140.

Deserters reported to, form, 290.
Adjutants General, States :

Appeals to President, examination of

record, 112.
Appeals 'to President, recommendation,

111 (c).
Application for discharge from camp,

to transmit, 79, Rule XII (J), note 1.
Assistants, assignment, 31 (a).

Adjutants General, States-Continued.

Assistants, how paid, 31 (a), 191.
Cancellation of registration, 61.
Certification of

serial numbers
boards, 67.
Circulars, issue of, when, 25, Rule F,

note 1.
Clerical force, 43 (a), 204.
Communication to be directed to, 25,

Rule A.
Correspondence, suggestions, 25, Rule

F, note 1.
Definition, 1 (i), 31.
Delinquent orders, how kept. 132.
Delinquents, induction of, into service,

Delinquents, notice to, forms, 286,

Delinquents ordered to report, 133, 134.
Delinquents, report of, 136.
Delinquents reported to, 131, 135.
Delinquents, rescission of induction,

Deserters, notice of board's action, to,

140 (XT).
Deserters, recommendation in certain

cases, 139.
Deserters, report to, 138, 140 (XI).
Deserters, report to Adjutant General,

Army, form, 290.
Double registration, duties in case of,

Grievances of individuals, disposition,

25, Rule F.
Induction of registrants by, 159E.
Information, duty to furnish, 25,

Rule D.
Office, organization and function, 31.
Questionnaires, mailing, reported to,

Registration cards, copies sent to, 54.
Registration cards, serial numbers as-

signed to, 54, 64, 66, 67.
Rejections at camp referred to, when,

Report of delinquent orders, 133.
Report of men inducted under each

call, 157D.
Rulings, requests for, 25, Rule D.
Rulings, uniformity suggested, 25, Rule

F, note 1.
Stay, can not issue, after delinquent

in military service, 133.
Stay of order of delinquents into sery-

ice, 134.
Stay of order of delinquents into sery.

ice, form, 289.
Term intends all persons performing

functions of, 31.
Where none existing, 1 (i), 31,
Withdrawal of deferred classification,

report to, 121, I.
Advertising See Publication.
Affidavits :

Additional, permitted. 268A.
Additional may be required. 95 (f).
After claim filed by industrial advis.

ers, 80.
Aliens withdrawing intention to be.

come citizens, 117).
Checks lost, 228.



Employees of United States, by de-

partment officer, 77, Rule 'X, Part

XIII, Part XIV; form, 353.
Expert in agricultural college, by ex-

ecutive head, 77, note 2.
Firemen and policemen, by employers,

77 (e); form, 353.
Manner and form of, 95.
Mariner, as to, 78, Rule XI, note 1.
Nonproductive occupations as

Pilots, as to, 79 (i).
Questionnaires, on, in general, 91 (c),

95, 268.
Red Cross employees, etc., for, 89,

note 1.
Age. See Military age.
Agriculture :

See also Industry, occupation or em-

ployment; Claims for deferred clas-

Appeal to President, when authorized,

111 (c, 1).
Assistant, associate, or hired man-

ager, 84.
Classification procedure. See Classi-

fication by district boards; Classifi-

cation by local boards.
Department of Agriculture, aid of, 80.
District board, claim forwarded to,

District board has original jurisdic-

tion, 36.
Endorsement and entries, 96, note 2,

103, note 1.
Evidence filed with local board, 107,

Farm furlough applications, 40, note

1; form, 319.
Industrial advisers, aid of, 80.
Local board to recommend as to claim,

101. Rule XXXII. *
Principles governing classification, 80.
Necessary, definition as to enterprise,

81, Rule XVII.
Necessary, definition as to individual,

81, Rule XVIII.
Necessary, individual must be, 81,

Rule XVI.
Necessary, particular enterprise must

be, 81, Rule XV.
Persons not necessary, 82.
Rules for determining classification, 81.
Skilled laborers, 83.

Sole head, 85.
Alien enemies :

As delinquents, 133, note.
Classification, 79, Rule XII (e).
Deserters, procedure, 140 (10).
Not to be accepted for service, 79,

Rule XII (e), note 1.
Questionnaire, failure to return, 129.
To be placed only in Class V, 79, Rule

XII (e), note 2.
Aliens :

Classification, 79, Rule XII (f), 1171.
Becoming citizens, 79, Rule XII (e),

note 3.
British and Canadian conventions,

Part XII (IV).
Co-belligerent countries of, 79, Rule

XII (k), notes.
Declaring intention, exemption on a ffi-

davit, 1173.
Delinquents, as, reported how, 133.
Discharged from Army, classification,

79, Rule XII (1).
Enlistment, 151.
Liability to service after first papers,

79 (f), note 3, 1171.
Liability to service, before first papers,

when, 79 (f), note 3.
Notice of right to withdraw intention,

form, 326.
Permission to leave country, 156.
Registration when, 53.
Scrutiny of cases of, 79 (f), notes 3, 5.
Statutes as to, Part XII (II),


Subjects of Great Britain, exemption,

79, Rule XII (m).
Waiver of exemption, 79 (f), notes

3, 5.
Withdrawing intention to become citi-

zens, method, 117), form 325.
Allotments :

See also Induction calls; Quotas.
Definitions, 1 (cc).

On calls for service, 158A-158E.
American Red Cross, classification of

workers, 89, Rule XXVI, note.
Appeal agents :

Appeals from reclassification, 119A.
Appeals to President, recommendation,

111 (c).
Appointment, 47.
Duties, in general, 47.
May file appeals at any time, 47, 104,

Investigation of registrants, 47, 118.
Notify adjutants general of erroneous

decisions, 112A.
Oath required of, 14.
Oaths administered by, 10.
Physical finding to be appealed, when,

Reopening of cases, to suggest, 47,

Report on cases to district board, 30,


Uncompensated, 203,
Appeals to district boards :

Appeal agents, duties, See Appcal

Claims and prior classifications consid-

ered, 107, Rule XL.
Claims forwarded to, 105.
Decision, entry of, 107, Rule XLII.
Decision, reasons to be entered on

questionnaire, 107, Rule XLII.
Decision, when final, 20, 35.
Delinquents recommended for discharge

from camp, 139.
Entry in docket, 106.
Evidence, additional, how secured, 107,

Evidence to be considered, 107, Rule

Expedite certain cases for quota, 106.
Failure to reclassify on ground

change of status, none, 117.
Filed, how and when, 104.
Governed by classification rules, 107,

Rule XXXV.
Government, may be filed at any time,

47, 104, 125.
Jurisdiction, 35.
May place registrant in less or more

deferred class, 107, Rule XL.
Nonproductive occupations, in cases of,

Permitted only where claimed, 101,

note 1.
Physical finding, notice of action to

registrant, 127,
Physical finding, procedure by board,

125, 126.
Precedence of cases in Class 1 over

others, 106, 107, Rule XXXIV.
Procedure, 104-107.
Reclassification for change of status,

Reclassification, on appeal, 107, Rule

Records sent up by local board, 105,
Records returned to local board, 107,

Reopening of cases, 119A.

Segregation of cases in Class 1, 106.
Appeals to medical advisory boards. See

Medical advisory boards.
Appeals to President:

Authority for, 20.
Claimed, how, 111 (e).
Claimed, when, 111 (a).
Classes of cases where allowed, 111 (e).
Dependency, requirements, 111 (c, 2).

Appeals to President-Continued.

Discussion by officials prohibited, 23.

111 (e), note 1.
Entries on classification list after, 115.
Examination of records by adjutants

general, 112.
Failure to reclassify for change of

status, none, 117.
Forwarded by local board, 112.
Induction before, notation of, 112.
Industry or agriculture, requirements,

111 (c, 1).
Local board determines compliance

with rules, 112.
Method prescribed must be followed, 21.
Noncompliance with rules, disposition,

Nonproductive-occupation cases, 121J.
Notice of final classification, 115.
Provost Marshal General may secure,

Reopening of cases by local boards,

Return of record after decision, 114.
Return of record, duty of local board,

Stay of induction into service, 113.
Time limit for filing, 111 (d).

Who may claim, 111 (b).
Appointments :

See also titles of various boards and

Governor, duties as to, 29–31, 33, 42,

43. 47.

President makes what, 29, 30, 32, 33.
Army field clerk, appointment of regis-

trant as, 151 (b).
Army. See Induction Calls, Officers.
Attendants, classification as nonproductive,

Bonds, disbursing officers, 189, 257.
Iiriiish and Canadian conventions, Part

British and Canadian subjects :

Certificate for, 79, Rule XII (m),

151 (g).
Registration cards, inspection, 11, note

6, 156B.

Suspension of induction, 156A.
Bureau of Naturalization :

Cancellation of declaration of inten-

tion, 117).
Information to local boards, 79 Rule

XII (f), note 3.
Calls for service. See Induction calls.
('all numbers, 157B.
Canada :

British and Canadian conventions, Part


Permits to go to, 156 ; forms, 299, 300.
Cards, registration. See Registration.
Cash books:

Disbursing officers, 244.

Quartermaster, form, 316.
Certificates :

Apprehension of deserter, 140; form,

Chief clerk, by, 17, 195.
Draft officials, for deferred classifica-

tion, 77, note 4.
Enlistment in expeditionary forces,

159G, note.
Enlistment in Navy or Marine Corps,

Federal officers who may make, for em-

ployees, Part XIV.
Final classification, 110, 115 ; form,

Induction into military service, 60.
Interpreters, need of, 43 (f).
Nonproductive occupation, form, 322,
Of commission in Army, etc., 151 (b).
Reenlistment in Navy or Marine Corps,

form, 359.
Religious objectors, for, 79, Rule XIV.
Religious objectors, form, 280.
Registration, 54, 55, 57; 'form, 276.
Registration, lost, copy furnished, 58.
Secretary of State, for certain officers,

77 (i).


Subject of co-belligerent country, for,

79, Rule XII (k), note 1, 151 (e).
Transportation, necessity, 215.

Vouchers, on, 17, 216.
Certifying officers, Part XIV.
Chambers of commerce, aid to boards, 48.
Change of status :

Aliens, after classification, 79, Rule

XII (f), note 3,
Aliens withdrawing first papers, 117).
Appeal agents investigating. 118.
Emergency fleet employees, 154.
Employers to report, on request, 118.
Local boards report to district boards,

Local boards to keep informed of, 118.
No appeal for failure to reclassify,

Police to report, 118.
Reclassification for, 116–121.
Report by registrant, 116.

Witnesses summoned, 118.
Checks :

Blank, obtained how, 220.
Canceled, 227.
Care of, 222.
Date on stubs, 226.
Delivery, care in, 233.
Drawn only after deposit of funds, 223.
Erasures, 225.
Lost, stolen, or destroyed, 228.
Object of expenditure stated, 229.
Official only to be used, 221.
Outstanding, report of, 247, 254,
Payment by, entered on voucher, 233.
Pigment to be used, 224.
Signature in blank, prohibited, 256.

Unused, disposition, 253.
Chief Clerk. See Clerical force.

As dependent. See Dependency.

Definition, 1 (p); 72, Rule III.
Citizens :

Complaints against boards, 25, Rule F.
Communications to draft officials, 23,

Duty to assist generally, 46.
Duty to report delinquents, 131, note 2.
Information from officials, 25.
Inspection of records, 12.

Report as to idlers, 121 A.
City Councils of Defense, 48,
Civic organizations, services of, accepted,

Claims for deferred classification :

Additional affidavits, 95 (f), 268A.
Affidavits for, manner and form, 95.
Affidavits for Red Cross, etc., 89, Rule

XXVI, note.
Affidavits of employer or official head,

when, 77, Rule X, 78 note, 1, 268,

26SA, Part XIII (II), Part XIV.
Agriculture. See Agriculture.
Aliens, 79, Rule XII, 1171, note.
Aliens withdrawing intention to be

come citizens, relief, 1171.
Appeal agents to investigate, 47.
Appeals. See Appeals to district

boards; Appeals to President.
By industrial advisers, 80.
By other person, how made, 97, 98.
By other person, not affected by fail-

ure to file questionnaire, 96.
Change of status, for, 117.
Consideration begun when, 100, 101,

Rule XXIX.
Correspondence concerning, 25.
Discussion by officials prohibited, 24.
Disqualitication to hear, 19.
Emergency Fleet employees, how made,

152, 153.
Entry of date on classification list, 94.
Extension of time for filing claims, 99,

Federal officers and employees, 77,

Rule X, 79, Rule XII, Part XIII (II).
Firemen and policemen, 77, 119A.
How made, 94.

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