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Before me, Irene D. Stolman, a Notary Public in and for the District of Columbia, on this 16th day of December, 1966, personally appeared Michael Schwartz and gave oath that the foregoing anwers to the foregoing questions are true to the best of his knowledge. (SEAL]


Notary Public, District of Columbia. My commission expires June 30, 1971.

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Mr. TAYLER. May those exhibits be inserted at the appropriate place?

Mr. Hays. At the appropriate place. Do we have any other witnesses ?

Mr. O'CONNOR. That concludes the witness schedule. Miss Flores is not here. Mr. McCarthy, for who a subpena was issued is confined to a hospital in New York and we have directed a letter to him requesting that he appear at the hearing on December 29. At that time it had been our intention to recall Mr. Stone. We will recall Mr. Stone on the 29th of December.

Mr. Hays. Call Mr. Warren.

Whereupon JOHN E. WARREN was recalled and having been previously sworn, was examined and testified further as follows:

Mr. Hays. Mr. Warren, you have previously been sworn. We have excused you until we obtained this voucher. We now have the voucher.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Mr. Warren, I show you voucher No. 3337 dated September 30, 1965, in the amount of $69.80 and ask you if you recognize your signature on that voucher and whether or not you submitted it?

A. Yes, sir; this is my signature. Q: Do you recall now submitting that voucher for travel to New York?

A. I do recall it, but I cannot remember what was connected with it at the time. As I told you before, I did not even remember signing the voucher.

Mr. Hays. But you did go to New York and return and the claim is for a trip that you actually made.

Mr. O'CONNOR. Did you own an automobile in September 1965?

The WITNESS. No, I did not, sir. I have driven Mr. Clark's car be cause as I said, I have gone to New York with him on occasion. I did not own a car then.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Was Mr. Clark with you at all times when you made the trip by car? A. Yes, he was.

Q. You have no explanation, then, as to how that voucher was submitted by you for reimbursement of automobile travel when you did not own a car and Mr. Clark was in his own car whenever you went up with him?

A. No, truthfully, I cannot remember anything connected with that.

Mr. O'CONNOR. May that be marked "Warren Exhibit 4"'?


To be alled out and out

willed in triplicate.)

Do not with a liter)
H. of R.
Vo. No.





(Do not write this poca)

.., DR.

TO.... Jaha Warren.

Appropriathon Sci SCIAL
Address 2161 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515


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CESTITT that the above articles have been received in good conditionind in the quality and quantity above spocibind,

or the service performed as stated, and that they are in accordance with the orders therefore that the price barged ape jyot, reasonable, and in spoordance with greement.

I are

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hala dared


Paid by check No..............

19 , on the Trapurar a the United States at Washington, D. C., in favor of payo nanjord above.

Wapo poobercribed by a corporation company the mome of the union writing the corporio u pompaay nama, u well, the capacity to which bo os, met pun. Stample: "Oblongo Edison Company. per John Smith, Bocretary & Traure, or member of firm, the con may be.


(The document referred to was marked "Warren Exhibit 4,” and received in evidence.)

Mr. O'Connor. And admitted in the record at the appropriate place. I have no further questions. Mr. Hays. Are there any questions? Mr. Nedzi. I have a question, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Warren, you testified that you had made some personal trips to New York. How

How many did you make?

The WITNESS. I do not remember offhand how many personal trips I made to New York because at the times I have gone they were not in any way connected with the chairman or the committee. I have gone rather frequently on my own.

Mr. Nedzi. When you say rather frequently was this once a month, twice a month, once in 2 months?

The WITNESS. In all truthfulness, I could not remember how often it was because this has been over a 3-year period of time.

Mr. NEDZI. We are talking about a 2-year period of time; 1965 and 1966.

The WITNESS. I am talking about the trips that have been over a 3-year period. Although you are discussing 2, it has been over a 3-year period. I do not remember when and how often it was at the time.

Mr. NEDZI. Did you go more frequently on personal business than on committee business?

The WITNESS. To my knowledge, no, sir. I did not.

Mr. NEDZI. Can you compare the reasons for going whether you went approximately the same number of times on personal business or committee business?

The WITNESS. No; I could not compare them because I have never given it any thought.

Mr. NEDZI. Can you give it some thought now?
The WITNESS. I still couldn't say.

Mr. NEDZI. Did you go twice as many times on personal business than committee business or twice as many times on committee business as personal business, or the same number of times?

The WITNESS. As I just said, if I cannot remember well enough to put the two together, then I could not say whether or not I went twice as many times on one than the other.

Mr. NEDZI. When you went on a personal visit, did you go on a weekend or during the week?

The WITNESS. I think I went on the weekend.

Mr. NEDZI. How long would you stay if you went on personal business?

The WITNESS. I stayed a few days. How many days I couldn't say exactly. For instance, I remember one occasion I went to New York with some' friends. We just went up there for a weekend. We all stayed downtown'at one of the hotels on this particular occasion.

Mr. NEDZI. Did you ever go for a day?
The WITNESS. Go to New York just for a day?
Mr. NEDZI. Yes.
The WITNESS. Is this personal or business?
Mr. NEDZI. At any time.
The WITNESS. I might have. It is not clear to me right now. I
might have gone for a day.

Mr. NEDZI. I have no further questions.
Mr. DICKINSON. No questions.

Mr. Hays. Thank you, Mr. Warren, you may be excused. You are excused from the subpena.

(Witness excused.)

Mr. Hays. The committee will stand in recess until December 29, 1966, at 10 o'clock.

(Whereupon, at 11:45 a.m., the committee was recessed to reconvene at 10 o'clock, Thursday, December 29, 1966.)

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