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Hearings held in Washington, D.C.

March 30, 1971.-

April 1, 1971---

April 2, 1971.

April 6, 1971.-

May 5, 1971.---

Text of H.R. 6244.-
Analysis of H.R. 6244 and H.R. 6245_---
Statements of —

Ahart, Gregory, Deputy Director of Civil Division, General Account-

ing Office, accompanied by Henry Eschwege, Associate Director of
the Civil Division; Melvin Miller, Assistant General Counsel, Office

of the General Counsel -
Chiles, Hon. Lawton, a U.S. Senator from the State of Florida------
Connerton, Robert J., General Counsel and John T. Curran, Legisla-

tive Director, accompanied by David L. Jacobs, business manager,
Local 1057. Laborers International Union of North America, Laredo

Air Force Base, Tex., and James R. Sheets, research director ----

Curlee, Daniel, legislative counsel, International Brotherhood of

Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America;

and David Sweeney, legislative and political director, IBT.-------

Donahue, Thomas R., executive secretary, Service Employees Interna-

tional Union, and Richard E. Murphy-------
Franklin, Happy, president, A.B.C. Food Service, Inc., El Paso, Tex.,

accompanied by Mrs. Frances Franklin, also of A.B.C-----
Gruber, Stanley, general counsel, National Maritime Union of Amer-

ica, (AFL-CI0), accompanied by Talmage Simpkins, NMUA Wash-

ington representative. ----
McCart, John A., operations director, AFL-CIO Government Em-

ployees Council -----
McGahey, James C., president, United Plant Guard Workers of Amer-

ica, accompanied by Gordon A. Gregory, general counsel -----
Parrish, Chester W., president, National Federation of Post Office

Motor Vehicle Employees (AFL-CIO); and Leon S. Hawkins, na-
tional secretary-treasurer, National Federation of Post Office Motor

Vehicle Employees.

Silberman, Hon. Laurence H., Undersecretary of Labor, U.S. Depart-

ment of Labor, accompanied by Robert D. Moran, Workplace Stand-

ards Administrator, U.S. Department of Labor, and Peter Nash,

Solicitor of LaborI------

Webber, Clyde M., executive vice president, American Federation of

Government Employees, accompanied by Douglas H. Kershaw, na-
tional secretary-treasurer; Stephen A. Koczak, director, and James
Lynch, legislative representative, American Federation of Govern-

ment Employees...

Prepared statements, letters, supplemental material, etc. :

Ahart, Gregory J., deputy director, Civil Division, U.S. General AC-

counting Office:

Legal decision of September 19, 1969, rendered by the Comptroller

General to the Secretary of the Air Force -------

Provisions for wage escalation in wage rate determinations, an

article entitled -

- Service Contract Act violations reported to the General Account-

ing Office by the Department of Labor (tables) ------

Statement of.--

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