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Shut your books, readers all; ar- only miserable yourself, but the cause range your libraries by MS. catalogue; of misery to others during your entire see your studies decently dusted; en- tour. Most true it is, that Time was trust the key of the locked treasures to made for vulgar souls—but you are not no man of woman born, and

away a vulgar soul-very far from it—and with you into the country, forgetful of will prove yourself independent of the towns and turmoil, and like a bird Dial. from a cage, clapping your wings in Many people, immediately on their the air of liberty.

arrival at an inn, in a picturesque or Have you ever seen The Lakes ? romantic country, become fidgetty in Take Maga with you then, and she the extreme, and calling up the landwill be your guide through that region lord, commence an unmerciful system of beauty and grandeur. Encumber of cross-questioning respecting everyyourselves with no needless volumes thing visible in the neighbourhood. --Maga and a map are all-sufficient ; Beware of such weakness; and rest asbut trust to no man's eyes but your sured, that as the scenery can have no own; and above all things, carry with reason for concealing itself, you will you a good conscience.

behold it all in good time, without From Kendal proceed not impatient difficulty or trepidation. No fear of the ly, but in the pleasures of hope, to the wonderful hanging-bridge, built by village of Bowness, on the banks of the devil, tumbling down the very Windermere. You will see the Lake hour before you approach it. Although when you are about a mile from it, there has been some talk about drainand the view is a pleasant one ; buting the Lake, operations are not yet first impressions, although often strong, commenced. You may rery safely are seldom correct; so on this your take another cup of coffee before the first introduction to the Lady of the total cessation of the celebrated waIsles, admire her beauty without con, terfall ;-and as for the nountains, sidering its peculiar character, and they will wait, though perhaps not wait till it has won its way to your without murmuring, till you have heart in the light of a few sunsets. composedly wound up your breakfast.

We shall suppose that you reach Be not unduly alarmed at cloud, mist, the White Lion (one of the best inns or rain ; for they may come and go in England) before breakfast, that is, twenty times between first egg and last between eight and ten o'clock; for a ham ; and as you have a soul to be certain latitude in all things must be saved, neither hope nor fear in that allowed to travellers; and if you lay dull deceiver—the Barometer, down austere rules for your own guid- On your arrival, then, at the White ince, you may depend upon being not Lion, Bowness, walk with an amiabile


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