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Part 5A-73

Federal supply schedule program

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Sec. 5A-73.000 Scope of part.

Subpart 5A-73.1-General

5A-73.100 Scope of subpart. 5A-73.101 General. 5A-73.102 Coordination requirements. 5A-73.103 Criteria for establishing/con

tinuing a schedule. 5A-73.104 Selecting items for schedules. 5A-73.104-1 Selection criteria. 5A-73.104-2 Retention criteria. 5A-73.105 Timely development of sched

ules. 5A-73.105-1 Workload distribution. 5A-73.105-2 Production plans. 5A-73.105-3 Status report. 5A-73.106 Service contracts.

Sec. 5A-73.216 Procurement of items using

jewel bearings. 5A-73.217 Negotiated multiple award Fed

eral Supply Schedules. 5A-73.217-1 Time for acceptance of offers. 5A-73.217-2 Multiple Awards clauses. 5A-73.217-3 Basis for Price Negotiation

clause. 5A-73.217-4 Catalogs and pricelist clauses. 5A-73.217-5 Price Reductions clause. 5A-73.217-6 Additions, deletions, or reduc

tions in prices of Federal Supply Sched

ule contract items. 5A-73.217-7 Preference for Small Business

Concerns and Labor Surplus Area Con

cerns clause. 5A-73.217-8 Foreign Products clause. 5A-73.217-9 Renewal of Contracts clause. 5A-73.217-10 Cancellation clause. 5A-73.217-11 Rental, maintenance, and/or

repair parts. 5A-73.217-12 Brand name information. 5A-73.218 Payments clause.

Subpart 5A-73.2—Preparation and Issuance of


Subpart 5A-73.3—Evaluation of Offers and

Award of Contracts

5A-73.301 General. 5 A-73.302 Notice to contractor of contract

awards. 5A-73.303 Other notifications of contract

awards. 5A-73.304 Distribution of contract docu.

ments. 5A-73.305 Multiple award schedules. 5A-73.305-1 Criteria for catalogs/pricelists. 5A-73.305-2 Timely awards.

Subpart 5A-73.4—Composition of Federal

Supply Schedules

5A-73.200 Scope of subpart. 5A-73.201 General. 5A-73.202 Solicitation provisions. 5A-73.203 Contract period. 5A-73.204 Assignment of stock numbers. 5A-73.205 Scope of Contract and related

clauses. 5A-73.205-1 Scope of Contract clause. 5A-73.205-2 Non-mandatory use of sched

ules. 5A-73.205-3 Urgent Requirements clause. 5A-73.205-4 Small requirements. 5A-73.205-5 Maximum order limitation. 5A-73.205-6 Requirements in excess of

Maximum Order Limitations clause. 5A-73.205-7 Procurement of similar arti

cles or services. 5A-73.206 Price escalation clauses. 5A-73.207 Quantity discounts. 5A-73.208 Basis of award. 5A-73.208-1 Progressive awards. 5A-73.208-2 Aggregate awards. 5A-73.208-3 Multiple awards. 5A-73.209 Delivery provisions. 5A-73.210 Sales volume determination. 5A-73.210-1 Contractor's report of orders

received. 5A-73.210-2 Estimated requirements. 5A-73.211 Special packing. 5A-73.212 Inspection. 5A-73.213 Blanket purchase arrangements. 5A-73.214 Contractor's payment address. 5A-73.215 Dissemination of information by


5A-73.400 Scope of subpart.
5A-73.401 Composition of schedules.
5A-73.402 Schedule cover page.
5A-73.403 Table of contents.
5A-73.404 Schedule provisions and order-

ing instructions.
5A-73.404-1 General provisions.
5A-73.404-2 Special provisions.
5A-73.404-3 Ordering instructions.
5A-73.405 List of supplies or services.
5A-73.405-1 Forms.
5A-73.405-2 Index-numbering.
5A-73.405-3 Listing of prices.
5A-73.405-4 Listing removed and non-

awarded items.
5A-73.406 List of Contractors.
5A-73.407 Cross-reference index.

Subpart 5A-73.1-General

Sec. 5A-73.408 Index of contents. 5A-73.409 Use of official mail by commer

cial firms.

Subpart 5A-73.5—Administration of Foderal

Supply Schedule/Contracts

8 5A-73.100 Scope of subpart.

This subpart sets forth instructions pertaining to the establishment and management of Federal Supply Schedules.


5A-73.500 Scope of subpart. 5A-73.501 Distribution of Federal Supply

Schedules and related catalogs/price

lists. 5A-73.502 Review of contractor's catalogs/

pricelists. 5A-73.503 Amending Federal Supply

Schedule contracts. 5A-73.504 Changes Federal Supply

Schedules. 5A-73.505 Performance and default. 5A-73.505-1 Processing agency complaints

regarding car rental schedule. 5A-73.505-2 Processing contractor's com

plaints concerning non-payment of in

voices. 5A-73.506 Requests for waivers. 5A-73.507 Contracts with renewal provi

sions. 5A-73.507-1 Factors to be considered prior

to renewal. 5A-73.507-2 Notice of intent to renew. 5A-73.507-3 Notice of intent not to renew a

New Item Introductory Schedule (NIIS)

contract. 5A-73.507-4 Processing of contracts being

renewed. 5A-73.508 Processing of requirements in

excess, or below, Maximum Order Limi

tations (MOL). 5A-73.509 Administration of Price Reduc

tions clause. 5A-73.510 Suspected violations of manda

tory use provisions. AUTHORITY: Sec. 250(c), 63 Stat. 390 (40 U.S.C. 486(c)), unless otherwise noted.

SOURCE: 41 FR 27059, July 1, 1976 unless otherwise noted.

8 5A-73.101 General.

The requirements-type contract, as defined in FPR 1-3.409(b), is the usual method of contracting used under the Federal Supply Schedule Program. GSA regulations governing the use of Federal Supply Schedule contracts by executive agencies are set forth in FPMR 101-26.4. Each Federal Supply Schedule sets forth specific require ments as to mandatory or non-mandatory use and minimum and maximum order limitations. (NOTE: The minimum and maximum order limitations for multiple award schedules appear in the contractor's pricelist.) Federal Supply Schedule procurement assignments are set forth in Subpart 5A76.4.

8 5A-73.102 Coordination requirements. (a)

The entire Federal Supply Schedule Program is continuously monitored by the Federal Supply Schedule Management Division (FPS). Prior written coordination with FPS is required for:

(1) Establishment of new schedules.

(2) Discontinuance of existing schedules.

(3) Changes (i.e., additions, deletions, or description revisions) to special item numbers or NSNs, and changes to the scope of agency or geographic coverage of an existing schedule.

(b) Coordination shall be accomplished by use of GSA Form 1649, Recommendation for Improvement of Federal Supply Schedules (illustrated in 5A-16.950-1649). This form should be submitted to FPS, in duplicate, well in advance of solicitation preparation. The GSA-DOD agreement provides 90 days for obtaining concurrences. A similar leadtime is required for civilian agency coordination.

8 5A-73.000 Scope of part.

This part prescribes policies and procedures having special application to the Federal Supply Schedule program (including nonstock term contracts for direct use by agencies in placing orders with contractor). Other policies and procedures relating to contracts in general, as set forth in the Federal Procurement Regulations and elsewhere in this Chapter 5A, shall also be observed.

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