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other particulars that might lead to make the Agricultural Reports, in time, more perfect than it was possible to do in the first attempt.

Sect. II.-Weights and Measures. In this county, as in other parts of the kingdom, the weights and measures are various, in various districts. At Inveraray the boll of meal is eight stone Scotch Troy, or Dutch; 17 i-half lb. avoirdupois to the stone. At Campbelton it is 10 stone, of the same weight; or 16 pecks of 10 lb. Scotch Troy, or to lb. 15 oz. avoirdupois, each.

In fome parts of Knapdale and Lorn, the boll is nine stone ; and dry measures vary in these parts nearly in the same proportion,

At Inveraray, oats, barley, and malt, are measured by a firlot of 3438.183 cubic inches; equal to one firlot, two pints, one mutchkin, Scotch standard measure; which makes the boll (of four firlots) 7.258 per cent. better than the Scotch standard measure, and equal to fix bushels one peck nine pints 10.2 cubic inches, English standard measure.

In Kintyre, oats, barley, or bear and malt, were for time immemorial fold by a heaped peck, of which the standard lay with the dean of guild in Campbelton. Of this measure 17 pecks made, and still make, the Kintyre boll from August to Patrickmas, and only 16 from that date to the new crop; and the divisions of the boll are regulated by the same proportions. As measuring by the heaped peck had been long considered as inconvenient and inaccurate, it was agreed on in the year 1782 by the heritors of the district, justices of the peace, and magistrates of the borough, that the heaped peek should be converted into a ftriked one, which should contain exactly the fame quantity. This was accordingly done with great care and attention, and the new

striked peck, corresponding to the old, was committed to the dean of guild, and has been since the standard of the district. The dimensions of it are 12 English inches diameter, equally wide throughout, and 10 1-tenth English inches deep. The contents of it in cubic inches are 1142.28576 *; which makes the Kintyre boll 19418.85792 cubic inches, before Patrickmas, and 18276.57216 after it t. The first is equal to nine Winchester bushels and 65.03112 cubic inches (about 's of a bushel), and equal to one boll eight pecks 1.61788 lippie, Linlithgow standard measure. The latter is equal to 8 1-half Winchester bushels I, excepting 2.0394 cubic inches, and to one boll 6 pecks, 3.5mg lippies, Linlithgow.

At Inveraray, the peck of potatoes contains 14 pints and que mutchkin, ale measure. At Campbelton, it contains about nine English wine gallons, and is given heaped ; and gene. rally weighs about 56 lb. avoirdupois.

Beans and pease are sold in Kintyre by the old peck ftriked, or by a measure one third less than that for oats and bear. Lineal, and liquid measures are the same with the Scotch standards. Butter, cheese, tallow, hay, wool, and lint, are sold by the stone of 24 lb. avoirdupois. Butcher meat by the pound of 24 ounces avoirdupois at Inveraray, and of 16 ounces at Campbelton. The herring barrel contains 32 English gallons of wine measure, or 67.28 customary ale pints of 109.866 cubic inches each.

The inconveniences, occasioned by such a diversity of weights and measures as prevail over all the kingdom, are so many and so great, that it is astonishing how they have been

* Equal to 11 Scotch pints, and a very little more than two thirds of a gill.

+ A lippie more, or 1-64th of a boll, for town dues, is given with every ball delivered in Campbelton.

# The Winchester bushel contains 2150.42 cubic inches. The Linlithgox boll standard measure, 12822.096

fo long endured. By one of the articles of the Union it is enacted, “ That the same weights and measures 'shall be “ used throughout the united kingdom as are now esta“ blished in England.” Might not the sheriffs, justices, and magistrates, of all counties, districts, and boroughs, convert the weights and measures of all places under their jurisdiction to a conformity with these standards, and take every legal measure to enforce the use of them ? Every person interested in giving and receiving by the old usages, would foon learn how much of the new would be equal to the old ; and in a short time all would be reconciled to a change which would be attended with such happy consequences. The wisdom of our legislature will not surely allow the present confusion in these matters to be of much longer continuance.

As several counties in Scotland have published lately their resolutions of applying for an act of parliament, for having all kinds of grain, potatoes, &c. sold by weight, as in Ireland; it is hoped that such an act will be obtained, and be'. productive of much good.

By act of parliament (31. Geo. III.), the Winchester bushel should weigh

Ib. avoird.
Of Oats,

- Barley, - - - - 49 :- Bigg, - . . 42

- Rye, - - - - 55
– Wheat, - - - - 57

In order to have a statistical view of the whole county, the following Table of the insular parts of it (which do not fall within the writer's particular province) is given along with the annexed Table for the continental part of it.



Valued rent. Real Population Increase Supposed PARISHES.

rent. in in 1 in 40 extent in

L. $. d. L. 1755. / 1795. years. fq. miles. 3 Of Mull (including Ico lmkill & II 10 7711 5281 8016

2729 425 Ulva, 1 Of Tyree and Coll, 280 10 3

755 52 1 Of Jura and Co-? 286 18 5 1656

761 lonsay,

125 Lismore (united i

II21 to Appin),

268 13 0 2850 5

227 3 Of Ilay, 739 18 2 8000


370 i Of Gigha and Cara, | 133 15

1614 100 Elan-muck, Rum,? and Cannay *, S 87 10 2

300 12541 17 9 24668 116482 125516 | 9028 | 1063


From this and the annexed table for the continent, the whole county will be found to be, Valued rent,

- - L. 12466 5 10 Real rent, - - . - 112752 0 0 Population in 1755,

61575 Population in 1795,

74471 Increase in 40 years, - 12906 Extent in square miles, - 3800

* These lie in the parish of Small Isles, but belong to this county. The population of that parish in 1755 was 943, of which 650 may be placed to these flands. In 1768 Elan-muck contained 172, Rum 302, and Canna 233; in all goy fouls. Stat. Acc. of Small Isles.

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Southend, - -
Killean and Kilchenzie,
Sadale and Skipness,
Kilcalmonel and Kilberry
South Knapdale,
North Knapdale,
Kilbrandon and Kilchatar
Kilninver and Kilmelfort
Kilmore and Kilbride,
Ardchatan and Muckair
Appin (united to Lismot
Morven, - ..
† Ardnamurchan (part 0
Kilmalie (part of), ...
Glenurchay and Inishail,
Kilchrenan and Dalavic
Lochgoilhead and Kilmo

Strachur and Stralachlai
| Inverchaolan, -
Kilmodan or Glendarue

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* Penny lands. † In Dr. Webster's Report, 4 corte geri da lies in ce county of Inverness

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