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Appendix C. Principal Advisory Committees on the 1997 Economic Census.


A public advisory committee is any group of personsnot composed wholly of officers or employees of the Federal Government-organized under Federal Governmental authority for the purpose of obtaining advice, recommendations, or other types of assistance. From April 1, 1994 to March 31, 2001 (the period in which the majority of the 1997 Economic Census operations took place), the U.S. Census Bureau had five public advisory committees that were responsible to the Director, the membership of which was made up entirely of non-Census Bureau persons. One of these committees, the Advisory Committee of Professional Associations, was concerned with one or more aspects of the economic census. The Committees' members were professional experts drawn from the business and academic associations that had earlier participated in four separate advisory committees. They made recommendations concerning the scope, content, and methodology, and proposed tabulations and publications for the censuses. They also made other recommendations to help the agency ensure that the censuses would provide accurate, meaningful data. Representation on these bodies changed during the census period.'

The Advisory Committee of Professional Associations operated under provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which went into effect on January 5, 1973. This act stipulated that the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) would prescribe administrative guidelines and management controls. In addition the Committees were governed by Executive Order 11769 (February 21, 1974) and by OMB Circular A-63, revised (March 27, 1974). All these public advisory Committees proposals or formal recommendations were reported to the Secretary of Commerce, together with appropriate responses by the Census Bureau indicating what actions, if any, would be taken as a result of these proposals.

The advisory committees were established on the presumption that they could make significant contributions to the Census Bureau's program and objectives. Only the Secretary of Commerce could establish a public advisory committee within the Department, and no such body could be

Presidential Executive Order 12838 (signed in February 1993) was implemented in 1994 transforming the American Statistical Association, American Economic Association, American Marketing Association, and Population Statistics Advisory Committees into one group called the Census Advisory Committee of Professional Associations. This single Advisory Committee is composed of the memberships from these professional associations and was organized into four individual subgroups.

History-1997 Economic Census

formed or used unless the Secretary formally determined that the establishment of such a committee was in the public interest and was connected with the performance of the Department's duties specified by law. Except where otherwise fixed by law, a public advisory committee terminated 2 years after its formation unless the Department of Commerce determined, in writing, not more than 60 days prior to the termination date that its continued existence was in the public interest. Until 1972, the Secretary was empowered to renew committee members' appointments as often as the Census Bureau might request; after that time, members of Census Bureau committees were generally limited to a maximum of 6 years of continuous service. None of the committee members received compensation, other than per diem and travel expenses, for attending meetings.

The Committee, composed of the three subgroups described below usually met every 6 months. Their membership is shown for the period April 1, 1995 to March 31, 2001.


In November 1918, Secretary of Commerce William C. Redfield invited the presidents of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and the American Economic Association (AEA) to appoint a joint public advisory committee to assist the Census Bureau in organizing and taking the 1920 Decennial Census. The joint committee met for the first time in February 1919. This so-called General Advi. sory Committee functioned until 1937 on a permanent basis, with its members drawn from the two associations. At that time, it was reconstituted, with all its members appointed by the ASA for 3-year terms.

This oldest standing advisory committee of the Census Bureau was designed to be representative of all statistical fields in which the Census Bureau operated. The committee's functions were defined in 1964 as “(a) critically observing and appraising the Census Bureau program as a whole, and the progress of its various segments, (b) considering priority issues that arise between and within fields, (c) examining formulations of guiding principles, (d) advising on questions of policy and procedure, especially alternative sources of data, and (e) responding to the Cen. sus Bureau's requests for opinions and judgements in the whole area of its operations."

2A fourth subgroup of the committee, the population Statistics Association, was not as directly concerned with the economic census as the other three subgroups.

Appendix C C-1

Members who served during the planning and conduct of the 1997 Economic Census were as follows:

• Robert Bell, to 2000 (Chairperson 1997)
• David Binder, to 2000
• G. David Faulkenberry, to 1997
Joseph Garrett, 1996 - 2000

Malay Ghosh, 1996 - 2000
• F. Thomas Juster, 1997 - 2000
• Richard Kulka, 1990 - 1995
• Nancy A. Mathiowetz, 2000 -
• William O'Hare, 1996 -
• Judith Rowe, to 1995
• Elizabeth Stasny, 1994 - 2000

Lynne Stokes, to 2000

Roger E. Tourangeau, to 1999 • Joseph Waksberg, 1991 - 1996 (Chairperson, 1995)

• Michael Gort, to 2000 • Bronwyn Hall, 1990 - 1995 • Lee Lillard, to 2000 • Rebecca A. Maynard, 1998 - 2000 • Walter Oi, to 1996 (Chairperson 1993) • Ariel Pakes, 1996 - 2001 • Frederic M. Scherer, 1997 - 1999 • Daniel T. Slesnick, 2000 • Philip L. Swann, 2000 • Robert Willis, to 2000



Various members of the American Economic Association (AEA), together with representatives of the ASA, served on a single Census Bureau advisory committee from 1919 to 1937. In 1960, when the Census Bureau was entering new areas of interest to economists and it appeared desirable to have a direct channel of contact with the principal professional organizations representing economists, a separate committee of AEA members was established. (From 1937 to 1960, the AEA was not represented by any particular committee).

The president of the AEA appointed all members who served for 3-year (4-year prior to 1972) terms. While most of the committee's attention was given to the economic censuses, it also reviewed and commented on plans for other censuses, evaluation studies, and program planning with the larger framework of the Census Bureau's functions.

Committee members who served during the planning and conduct of the 1997 Economic Census were as follows: • Ernst Berndt, 1996 - 2001

Roger R. Betancourt, 1997 • Lynn E. Browne, 1998 - 2000 • David Card, to 1996 (Chairperson, 1995) • Ellen R. Dulberger, 1992 · 1997 (Co-Chairperson 1997) • William C. Dunkelberg, 1992 - 1997 (Co-Chairperson

1997) • Gail Fosler, 1990 - 1995

In 1945, the American Marketing Association (AMA) passed a resolution emphasizing the need for marketing information to promote the Nation's economy and outlin. ing a suggested statistical program for the Census Bureau. The agency felt that a regular advisory committee provided the most efficient way to learn the needs for marketing statistics and to determine whether these needs could be met. Accordingly, in 1946, the Census Bureau requested that a committee be established for this purpose, and the president of the AMA appointed its members for 3-year terms.

Committee members who served during the planning and conduct of the 1997 Economic Census were as follows: • Tony Adams, 1996 - (Chairperson 1997) • Laurie Ashcraft, 1992-1998 • Kenneth Bernhardt, 1992-1997 • Dorothy Clark 1989-1995 • Keith Cox 1991-1996 • Michael Etzel, 1997 - 2000 • Beth Fischer 1993-1998 • Catherine Bock-jocz 1995 - 2001 • James Myers 1993-1995 • Connie Pechmann, 1998 - 2001 • Robert Peterson, 1998 - 2000 • Arthur Redmond, 1997 - 2000

Mary Lou Roberts 1992-1997 • Debra Semans 1993 - 1999 • Carol Shea, 1998 - 2000 • Rosann Spiro 2000 • Sybil Stershic, 1999 • David Stewart 1993 - 1998 (Chairperson, 1996) • Doris Walsh 1995 - 1997

C-2 Appendix C

History-1997 Economic Census

Appendix D.
Consultation on the Census Questionnaires

More than a thousand agencies, trade associations, trade journals, and other organizations, including companies reporting in the censuses, were requested to recommend questionnaire content for the 1997 Economic Census. The list below shows by major North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) economic sector those organizations that responded. To protect confidentiality, companies in the censuses are not listed.


WHOLESALE TRADE (Sector 42)-Con. Other Organizations-Con.

Other Organizations
American Public Power Association
American Water Works Association
Associated Gas Distributors
Association of Oil Pipelines
Edison Electric Institute
National Association of Water Companies

Quality Bakers of America Cooperative
Steel Manufacturers Association
Steel Service Center Institute
Tobacco Merchants Association of the United States
United Fresh Fruit and vegetable Association


Federal Agencies

U. S. Department of Commerce

Bureau of Economic Analysis U. S. Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics U. S. Department of Agriculture

Economic Research Service

Other Organizations

Federal Agencies
U. S. Department of Commerce

Bureau of Economic Analysis
United States Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics Other Organizations American Home Sewing and Craft Association American Petroleum Institute American Supply and Machinery Manufacturers'

Association Automotive Service Industry Association Beauty and Barber Supply Institute Business Technology Association Cleaning Equipment Trade Association Dental Dealers of America Fresh Produce Council International Association of Plastic Distributors International Sanitary Supply Association Material Handling Equipment Dealers Association National Association of Electrical Distributors, Inc. National Beer Wholesalers Association National Decorating Association National Electronic Distributors Association National Fisheries Institute National Food Distributors Association National Marine Manufacturers Association National Paint and Coatings Association National Wholesale Druggists' Association North American Equipment Dealers Association North American Wholesale Lumber Association Petroleum Marketers Association of America

American Booksellers Association
American Furniture Manufacturers Association
American Home Sewing and Craft Association
American Petroleum Institute
American Pharmaceutical Association
American Professional Needlework Retailers
American Professional Pet Distributors
American Specialty Toy Retail Association
Art Business News
Automotive Parts and Accessories Assocation
Automotive Service Industry Association
BMT Publications
Book Industry Study Group
Cahners Economics
Dairy Management Incorporated
Direct Selling Association
Electronic Industries Association
Flower News
Footwear Industries of America
Gift Association of America
Greater Blouse, Skirt, and Undergarment Association,

Hardware Age

History-1997 Economic Census

Appendix D D-1

(Sector 48-49)-Con.

Other Organizations-Con.

Transportation Brokers Conference of America
United Bus Owners of America
United States Tour Operators Association


Federal Agencies

U. S. Department of Commerce

Bureau of Economic Analysis
U. S. Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Other Organizations

RETAIL TRADE (Sector 44-45)-Con.
Other Organizations-Con.
Hearth Products Association Hobby Industry

Association of America
Home Improvement Research Institute
International Sewing Machine Association
International Sleep Products Association
Jewelers Circular
Jewelers of America
Manufactured Housing Institute
Market Statistics, Incorporated
Motor Age Magazine
National Association of Music Merchants
National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops
National Automatic Merchandising Association
National Automotive Dealers Association
National Coal Association
National Decorating Products Association
National Glass Association
National Home Center News
National Home Furnishings Association
National Marine Manufacturers Association
National Retail Federation
National Retail Hardware Association
National Sporting Goods Association
NonPrescription Drug Manufacturers Association
Opticians Association of America
Painting and Decorating Contractors of America
Photo Marketing Association International
Progressive Grocer
Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association
Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers
Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association
The American Institute of Food Distributors
United Dairy Industry Association
United Fresh Fruit and vegetable Association
World Floor Covering Association

Association of Telemessaging Services International, Inc.
Interactive Multimedia Association
National Association of Broadcasters
National Telephone Cooperative Association


Federal Agencies

Securities and Exchange Commission

Other Organizations

Alliance of American Insurers
America's Community Bankers
American Bankers Association
American Council of Life Insurance
Commercial Finance Association
Financial Institutions of Marketing Associations
Health Insurance Association of America
Independent Bankers Association of America
Investment Company Institute
Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association
Mortgage Bankers Association of America
National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations
National Association of Health Underwriters
National Association of Insurance Brokers
National Association of Life Underwriters
National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.
National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors
National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciary
National Credit Union Administration

(SECTOR 48-49)

Other Organizations

American Bus Association
American Public Transit Association
American Trucking Association
American Warehouse Association
Household Goods Forwarders Association

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