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THE following work is from the second London edition, published under the direction of the 'Committee of General Literature and Education, appointed by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge;' which, of itself, is sufficient to recommend it to the attention of a Christian community. The following preface from the work, gives a better idea of its design than could otherwise be done, and we extract it without further remark.

'The chief object of the Author of the following pages has been to exhibit the Evidences of Christianity, as they must have appeared to a Jew, in our Saviour's days. In order that this might be clearly done, it was necessary to point out the prevailing prejudices to which they were opposed: the Pharisee would not believe, because he had concealed his own private selfishness and ambition under the cloak of religion: the Sadducee was unconvinced, because his worldly-mindedness and love of earthly enjoyments called him away from all religious thoughts.

"The introduction of these points into a story, seemed more likely to attract the reader, than

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