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Elinpa Elektrik
Ellis-Don Construction Ltd.
Engineered Support Systems
Engineering & Professional Services
Ensafe/Allen & Hoshall
Ensco, Inc.
Entwistle Co., The
Envirocare of Utah Inc.
Environmental Chemical Corp.
Environmental Research Institute of

Environmental Science & Engineering
Environmental Technologies Group
Enzian Technology Inc.
Epoch Engineering Inc.
Equa Industries, Inc.
Ericsson Inc.
Esterline Technologies Corp.
Exide Electronics Group, Inc.
Exxon Corp.
F & M Manufacturing, Inc.
FKW, Inc.
FMC Corp.
FMS Corp.
FN Moteurs SA
FRC International Inc.
Fairchild Aircraft, Inc.
Fairchild Industrial Inc.
Fairchild Space & Def Corp.
Federal Data Corp.
Federal Express Corp.
Federal Prison Industries
Federal Republic of Germany
Ferguson-Williams Inc.
Ficon Corp.
Figgie International Inc.
Finney Co., The
Firan USA, Corp.
First Aviation Services, Inc.
Firth Construction Co., Inc.
Fitzpatrick & Associates Inc.
Fletcher General, Inc.
Flightsafety International
Flintco Companies, Inc., The
Flir Systems Inc.
Florida Power & Light Co.
Fluor Corp.
Force 3 Inc.
Ford, H.J. Associates, Inc.
Foss Maritime Co.
Foster Wheeler USA Corp.
Foster-Miller Inc.
Four Seasons Environmental
Freedom Forge Corp.
Frequency Sources Inc.
Frito Lay, Inc.
Frontier Engineering, Inc.
Fru-Con Construction Corp.
Fuentez Systems Concepts Inc.

Fugro Consultants International
GDE Systems Inc.
GE American Communications
GEC Inc.
GEC Marconi Electric System Corp.
GTE Corp.
GTE Government Systems Corp.
Galaxy Scientific Corp.
Gaskins, L.C. Construction Co.
General Atomics
General Dynamics Corp.
General Dynamics Land Systems
General Electric Co.
General Engineering Corp.
General Foods Corp.
General Mills, Inc.
General Motors Corp.
General Physics Corp.
General Research Corp.
General Scientific Corp.
Gentex Corp.
Geo-Centers Inc.
Geo-Marine Inc.
Georgia Technology Research Corp.
Giant Industries Inc.
Gibbs & Cox Inc.
Gibraltar, P.R. Inc.
Gichner Systems Group Inc..
Gilbert Associates Inc.
Godot Enterprises Inc.
Gold Line Refining, Ltd.
Golden Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Goodrich, B.F. Co., The
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., The
Government Systems, Inc.
Government Technology Services
Granite Construction Co.
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp.
Greenland Contractors VS
Greenwich Air Services Inc.
Greg Construction Co.
Grimberg, John C. Co., Inc.
Group Technologies Corp.
Grumman Aerospace Corp.
Grumman Corp.
Grumman Data Systems Corp.
Grunley Construction Co., Inc.
Gulf Coast Trailing Co.
Halifax Engineering, Inc.
Halliburton Nus Corp.
Harbert Bill International Construc-

Harbert International, Inc.
Hardaway Co., Inc.
Hardaway Lawson Associates Inc.
Harper Construction Co.
Harper-Nielsen Construction Co.
Harris Corp.
Harsco Corp.

Harvard Industries Inc.
Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc.
Hazeltine Corp.
Head, Inc.
Healthstaffers, Inc.
Heavy Constructors Inc.
Henderson, Jospeh J. & Son Inc.
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
Hercules, Inc.
Hermes Consolidated, Inc.
Heroux Inc.
Hewett-Kier Construction Inc.
Kewlett-Packard Co.
High Technology Solutions
Holly Corp.
Honeywell, Inc.
Honolulu Shipyard Inc.
Hooks, Mike, Inc.
Horizons Technology, Inc.
Houston Associates Inc.
Howden Group America Inc.
Hughes Aircraft Co.
Hughes Associates, Inc.
Hughes Electronics Corp.
Hughes Missile Systems Co.
Hughes Training Inc.
Human Factors Applications
Hunt Building Corp.
Hunt-Wesson Inc.
Hutchinson Contracting Co.
Hydro-Mill Co.
Hyman George Construction Co.
I-Net, Inc.
IBP Inc.
ICI Americas Inc.
IDB Communications Group Inc.
IIDA, T Contracting Ltd.
IIT Research Institute
IMCO General Construction
IMO Industries Inc.
INCA Construction Co., Inc.
ISX Corp.
IT Corp.
ITT Corp.
ITT Federal Services Corp.
ITT Federal Services International
Ideker Inc.
Ilex Systems Inc.
Industrial Acoustics Co., Inc.
Industrial Data Link Corp.
Information Network Systems
Information Spectrum, Inc.
Information Technology Solutions
Infotec Development, Inc.
Innovative Logistics Techniques
Innovative Technologies Corp.
Institute for Defense Analyses
Integrated Systems Analysts

Inter-National Research Institute
Intergraph Corp.
Intermarine, USA
Intermec Corp.
Intermetrics, Inc.
International Bridge Corp.
International Business Machines Corp.
International Data Products
International Terminal Operation Co.
International Computers Tele-

Interop (JV)
Interstate Electronics Corp.
J&E Associates, Inc.
J&J Maintenance, Inc.
JA J Holding Corp.
JSA Healthcare Corp.
JWK International Corp.
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
James, T.L. & Co., Inc.
Jersey Central Power & Light Co.
Johns Hopkins University
Johnson Controls World Services Inc.
Johnson Controls Inc.
Johnson, Al Construction Co.
Jones, J.A. Construction Co.
Jones, J.A. Inc.
K&F Industries, Inc.
K&M Maintenance Services
KDI Corp.
KG Bominflot Bunkergesellschaf
KPMG Peat Marwick LLP
Kaiser Aerospace & Electronics Corp.
Kaiser Engineers International
Kaman Corp.
Kaman Diversified Technology Corp.
Kaman Sciences Corp.
Kay & Associates, Inc.
Kearfott Guidance Navigation Corp.
Keco Industries, Inc.
Keller Construction Co., Inc.
Kellogg Sales Co.
Kidde Industries Inc.
Kiewit Pacific Co.
Kilgallon Construction Co.
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Kirlin, John J.
Klee KG/Ske Maintenance/Klee E
Klewin, C.R., Inc.
Koch Refining Co., Inc.
Kohly Construction Inc.
Kollmorgen Corp.
Korea Electric Power Corp.
Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp.
Kraft Foods Inc.
Krause PC & Associates Inc.
Kremp Lumber Co.
Kuk Dong Construction Co., Ltd.

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Kuwait National Petroleum Co., K
Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.
LBM Inc.
LTV Aerospace & Defense, Co.
Laguna Industries, Inc.
Laidlaw Environmental Services
Lake Shore, Inc.
Lane Construction Corp.
Lanthier, R.J. Co., Inc.
Law Environmental, Inc.
Leland Electrosystems, Inc.
Libby Corporation
Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Co.
Little, Arthur D. Inc.
Litton Industries, Inc.
Litton Systems, Inc.
Lloyd-Lamont Design Inc.
Lobar, Inc.
Lockheed Corp.
Lockheed Engineering & Sciences Co.
Lokheed Martin Corp.
Lockheed Missiles & Space Co.
Lockheed Sanders, Inc.
Locot, Inc.
Logicon, Inc.
Logicon R & D Associates
Logistics Services International
Logistics Management Institute
Loral Aerospace Corp.
Loral Corp.
Loral Defense Systems Corp.
Loral Electro-Optical Systems
Loral Fairchild Corp.
Loral Federal Systems Co.
Loral Systems Co.
Loral Vought Systems Corp.
Loral/Rolm Mil-Spec Corp.
Lorall Aeronutronic
Lord Corp.
Louisiana Land Exploration, The
Lovering Johnson Inc.
Lucas Industries, Inc.
Lucky Goldstar International C.
Luhr Brothers, Inc.
Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc.
MDP Construction Inc.
MVP Joint Venture
MW Builders Inc.
MAR, Inc.
MCC Construction Corp.
MCI International Inc.
MCI Telecommunications Corp.
MEI Holdings, Inc.
MEI Technology Corp.
MacGregor (USA) Inc.
Maden Technology Consulting, Inc.
Maersk Inc.
Maersk Line, Ltd.
Magnavox Electronic Systems Co.

Malcolm Pirnie Inc.
Management Consulting & Research
Management Consulting Inc.
Manson Construction & Engineering

Mansour General Dynamics, Ltd.
Mantech International Corp.
Mantech Systems Engineering
Manufacturing Technology, Inc.
Marine Investment Co of Del
Marisco Ltd.
Mark Diversified Inc.
Martin Marietta Corp.
Martin Marietta Services, Inc.
Martin Marietta Technologies
Martin-Baker Aircraft Co., Ltd.
Marvin Engineering Co., Inc.
Mason Hanger-Silas Mason Co., WV
Mason Technologies Inc.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts University of
Maxwell Laboratories, Inc.
Mayer Oscar Foods Corp.
McDonnell Douglas Coml Delta
McDonnell Douglas Corporation
McDonnell Douglas Finance Corp.
McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co.
McKesson Corporation (Maryland)
McKnight Construction Co., Inc.
McLaughlin Research Corp.
McRae Industries Inc.
Meredith W.B. II., Inc.
Metcalf & Eddy, Inc.
Metric Systems Corporation
Metro Machine Corp.
Metroplex Corp.
Metters Industries, Inc.
Mevatec Corp.
Michelin Corp.
Micro Star Co., Inc.
Mid Eastern Builders
Midco Construction Corp.
Middleton Aerospace Corp.
Midsco, Inc.
Milcom Systems Corp.
Mills Manufacturing Corp.
Miltope Group, Inc.
Mine Safety Appliances Co.
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.
Mission Research Corp.
Mitre Corp.
Mobile Oil Corp.
Modern Technologies Corp.
Monarch Construction Co.
Montgomery Watson Americas
Moog, Inc.
Morrison Knudsen Corp., Del Corp.
Morrison Knudsen Corp., Ohio Corp.
Mortenson, M.A., Co.

Motor Oils Hellas Corinth Refinery Motorola Communications Elec

tronics, Inc. Motorola, Inc. Munro & Co., Inc. Mystech Associates Inc. NAI Technologies Inc. NACCO Materials Handling Group NASSCO Holdings Inc. NCI Information Systems Inc. Nabisco Holdings Corp. Natco Limited Partnership Nation, Inc. National Academy of Sciences, USA National Beef Packing Co., LP National Defense Co., LLC National Technologies Associates Nato Maintenance & Supply Agency Navcom Defense Electronics Needham Inc. Neosho, Inc. Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. New Mexico, State of Newimar, S.A. Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock

Co. Nichols Research Corp. Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. Norfolk Dredging Co. Norfolk Ship Repair Inc. Norfolk Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Corp. North American Mechanical Services North Carolina Department Human Re

North Florida Shipyards, Inc.
Northeast Construction Co.
Northern Telecom, Ltd.
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Northrop Worldwide Aircraft Services
Nova Group, Inc.
O'Gar-Hess Esnhrdt Armring Co.
OHM Remediation Services Corp.
OMI Corp.
OTC Tracor Aerospace, Inc.
OTC Tracor Applied Sciences
Oasis Aviation, Inc.
Ocean Shipholdings, Inc.
Oceaneering International Inc.
Oderbrecht SA
Ogden Allied Services GMBH
Ogden Environmental & nergy Sery-

ices Co.
Ogden Technology Services Corp.
Okinawa City Waterworks
Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc.
Oklahoma State University
Olin Corp.
Operational Technologies Corp.
Orbital Sciences Corp.

Oregon Iron Works, Inc.
Osborne Construction Co.
Oshkosh Truck Corp.
Otis Elevator Co.
Owl International, Inc.
PRB Associates Inc.
PW Construction, Inc.
PHP Healthcare Corp.
PRC Environmental Management, Inc.
PRC, Inc.
Pacer Systems, Inc.
Pacific Architects & Engineers, Inc.
Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication
Pacific Sierra Research Corp.
Pacific Telecom, Inc.
Pacifica Services, Inc.
Pacificorp Financial Services, Inc.
Paramount Petroleum Corp.
Park Construction Co.
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Parsons Engineering-Science
Parsons, Ralph M., Co., The
Patrol Ofisi A S Genel Mud
Pearse, Jack F.
Pease Construction Inc.
Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.
Pence, Howard W., Inc.
Pennsylvania State University Inc.
Pepsi-Cola Metro Btlg Co., Inc.
Perrow, Wade Construction Inc.
Peterson Builders, Inc.
Petro Star Inc.
Phibro Energy USA, Inc.
Philip Morris, Inc.
Phoenix Air Group, Inc.
Physics International Co.
Pilkington PLC
Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Co.
Pioneer U.A.V., Inc.
Fiquniq Management Corp.
Pizzagalli Construction Co.
Planning Systems, Inc.
Pneumo Abex Corp.
Post Telephone & Telegraph Ministry
Power Conversion Inc.
Praxair Inc.
Pride Companies LP
Pride Industries Inc.
Proctor & Gamble Co., The
Proctor & Gamble Distributing Co.,

Propper International Inc.
Pueblo of Lagunda
Pulau Electronics Corp.
Pulsar Data Systems, Inc.
QED Systems Inc.
Quaker Oats Co., The
Quality Research Inc.
Questech Service Co.

Questech, Inc.
Quintron Corp.
R&D Maintenance Services
RJO Enterprises, Inc.
RWE-DEA Aktiengesellschaft Fue
Racal Communications, Inc.
Radian Corp.
Radian Inc.
Rafael U.S.A.
Rail Co.
Ram Systems GMBH
Rand Corp.
Raytheon Aircraft Corp.
Raytheon Co.
Raytheon Engineers & Constructions
Raytheon Service Co.
Reflectone, Inc.
Reliable Mechanical Inc.
Research & Development Labs
Research Analysis & Maintenance
Reynolds, R.J., Co.
Richards, R.P., Inc.
Robbins-Gioia, Inc.
Rockwell International Corp.
Roe Enterprises Inc.
Roh Inc.
Rolls Royce PLC
Rooney Brothers Co.
Rosenblatt, M. & Son, Inc.
Roxco, Ltd.
Royal Maid Association for the Blind
Ruff, Thomas W. & Co.
Rust Engineering & Construction
Rust Environment & Infrastructure
Rutter-Rex, J.H., MFG. Co., Inc.
Ryan Co., Inc.
SFA, Inc.
SAAB Training Systems
SCI Technology, Inc.
SRA International Inc.
SRI International
SRS Technologies, Inc.
SSI Services, Inc.
STM Joint Venture
Sabreliner Corp.
Saco Defense, Inc.
Sacramento Coca-Cola Bottling Inc.
San Francisco Drydock, Inc.
Sanders Engineering Co., Inc.
Saudi Operations & Maintenance Co.
Sauer Inc.
Schafer, W.J. Associates Inc.
Science Applications International

Scientific Research Corp.
Sea Crest Construction Corp.
Sea Land Service, Inc.
Seaward Marine Services Inc.

Sechan Electronics, Inc.
Selco, Inc.
Selecttech Services Corp.
Selmon Enterprises, Inc.
Semcor, Inc.
Sencom Corp.
Sentel Corp.
Sequa Corp.
Serv-Air Inc.
Service Engineering Industries
Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.
Sharp, George G., Inc.
Shell Oil Co.
Shell Petroleum Co., Ltd, The
Sherikon, Inc.
Shin Cheon Co., Ltd.
Shinil Engineering Co. Ltd Choo
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Sierra Nevada Corp.
Sierra Technologies Inc.
Silicon Graphics Inc.
Silverton Construction Co.
Simtec Inc.
Slana Energy
Smiths Industries Aerospace Defense

Smiths Industries PLC
Snap Contracting Corp.
So-Pak-Co Inc.
Societe Herstalienne Pour LA F
Sollitt, George Constr Co., The
Soltek of San Diego
Sonalysts, Inc.
Source Diversified Inc.
South Carolina Research Authority
Southeastern Public Service Authority
Southern Air Transport, Inc.
Southfork Systems, Inc.
Southwest Airport Services
Southwest Marine, Inc.
Southwest Mobile Systems Corp.
Southwest Research Institute
Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
Space & Sensors Associates
Space Applications Corp.
Space Industries International
Sparta, Inc.
Sparton Electronics Florida, Inc.
Spaw Glass Holding Corp.
Specialty Group Inc.
Speedy Food Service, Inc.
Sperry Marine Inc.
Sprint Communications Co. Ltd. Part-

Ssangyong Oil Refining Co., Ltd.
Stackpole Corp.
Standard Oil Co., The
Stanford Telecommunications
Sterling Software Inc.

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