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5.907 Contract Clause. Insert the following clause in all cost-reimbursement type contracts under which the contractor may acquire supplies for the account of the Government. The last sentence of the clause shall be deleted in the case of facilities contracts.


The Contracting Officer may issue the Contractor an authorization to utilize General Services Administration supply sources for property to be used in the performance of this contract. Title to all property acquired under such an authorization shall be in the Government. All property acquired under such an authorization shall be subject to the provisions of the clause of this contract entitled “Government Property”, except paragraphs (a) and (b) thereof.

Subpart 10—Procurement From or Through the Military Departments

5.1000 Scope of Subpart. This Subpart sets forth policies and procedures, developed jointly by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Department of Defense, with reference to procurement of supplies or services by NASA from or through the Military Departments.

5.1001 Authorization and Policy.

(a) NASA is authorized by the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (42 U.S.C. 2451 et seq.) to use the procurement services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of the Military Departments with their consent, with or without reimbursement, and on a similar basis to cooperate with the Military Departments in the use of procurement services, equipment, and facilities.

(b) The Military Departments have agreed to cooperate fully with NASA in making their procurement services, equipment, personnel, and facilities available on the basis of mutual agreement.

(c) The Military Departments have agreed not to claim reimbursement for administrative costs incident to procurements for NASA, except as may be otherwise agreed prior to the time the services are performed.

(d) When procuring supplies or services for NASA or performing field service functions in support of NASA contracts, the Military Department concerned has agreed to use its own methods, except when otherwise required by the terms of the agreement involved.

(e) The Military Departments normally will use their own funds when procuring supplies or services for NASA, or performing services, and will not cite NASA funds on any Defense obligation or payment document.

5.1002 NASA-Defense Purchase Request and Acceptance.
5.1002-1 Preparation and Use of Form.

(a) The NASA-Defense Purchase Request (NASA Form 523) shall be used by NASA procurement offices for requesting procurement of supplies or services from all activities of the Military Departments. Individual NASADefense Purchase Requests shall be prepared in accordance with the instructions on the reverse of NASA Form 523 and shall be numbered in accordance with 50.303. The form shall not be used for requesting:

(i) block transfers of excess property between NASA and the Military

Departments; (ii) performance by the Military Departments of field service functions

related to NASA contracts; or (iii) items which the Military Departments normally purchase and

stock for military use or in-house services, except when a DOD activity is willing to accept the form for these purposes. Supplies and services of this nature may be requisitioned using appropriate DOD forms when they are provided by and are acceptable to or preferred by the Military Department supplying activity or as

otherwise mutually agreed upon by the parties. (b) To obtain materials from the Air Force Missile Procurement Fund the procedures of 5.701–1 will be followed.


(d) Instructions For Completing NASA Form 523. The NASA-Defense Purchase Request is to be used by NASA to request the procurement of supplies or services by any activity of the Department of Defense. These instructions pertain to preparation and use of the form by NASA activities.

Block 5: The original and 5 copies of the purchase request, each complete with all attachments, shall be forwarded to the DOD activity shown in this block.

Block 76: Describe the required services or supplies accurately and in sufficient detail to enable the purchasing activity to understand the require ment. When applicable, the particular NASA program and/or project to which the request or amendment pertains shall be indicated. Attachments may be used as required. For items of hardware stocked by the DOD, the item identification of the Army, Navy, or Air Force and the federal stock number shall be entered if known. When applicable, give the specification number, manufacturer's part number, and other descriptive data, such as the desired grade, style, type, color, size, rating, etc.

Block 8: Attachments should be prepared in sufficient quantity so that each copy of a request is complete with a copy of every attachment listad therein.

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: When names and addresses of consignees

of all supplies to be delivered are not contained herein, or otherwise furnished, request for the issuance of shipping instructions shall be made to the appropriate NASA originating office not less than 30 days prior to date on which any of the articles is to be ready for shipment. Three copies of shipping documents shall be forwarded to the NASA originating

office and each consignee. DISPOSITION OF PROPERTY: Include instructions for the disposition

of any non-expendable or other residual property purchased with NASA

funds. PRIORITY RATING: Include applicable priority rating and claimant

program identification (example: Priority Rating DO-A2). In procurement for DX programs, identification shall also include the un

classified program name.

Block 10: If this request or any part of the supplies or services covered by this request is subject to Section 305 of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (42 U.S.C. 2457), a copy of the New Technology or Property Rights in Inventions clause together with appropriate instructions for the inclusion of the clause in contracts shall be furnished the purchasing activity in accordance with 9.101-9

Block 12: Cite appropriation symbol, cost coding, or any other accounting data to be included in the ensuing documentation.

Security Classification: If the purchase request or any part thereof is classified, DD Form 254, “Security Requirements Check List,” or other written notice of security requirements shall be prepared.

Changes: All changes that affect the contents of the purchase request must be processed as a purchase request amendment. This includes such changes as a decrease in quantity, increase or decrease in funds, change in the specifica


tions or in the part, stock or drawing numbers, etc. Such changes may be made initially by expeditious means such as telegraph or telephone communication, but each change shall be confirmed by a purchase request amendment. The original and 5 copies of purchase request amendments shall be forwarded to the DOD recipient of the original purchase request. In preparing an amendment, Blocks 1 through 6 must always be completed. Only those remaining blocks of the form that are applicable to the change or revision of the data in the purchase request or prior amendments thereto need be filled in. The unused blocks, however, should have “N/C” inserted to reflect no change.

5.1002–2 Retention of Property. In preparing a NASA-Defense Purchase Request, consideration shall be given to NASA's subsequent need for any nonexpendable equipment items acquired by the Military Departments which are reimbursed from NASA funds. When it is determined that retention of such equipment would be to NASA's advantage, the following clause shall be incorporated in the purchase request:

Title to all nonexpendable equipment having a unit cost in excess of $100 acquired in connection with this purchase request and for which reimbursement is made from NASA funds shall remain in NASA. All such items shall be identified and marked as NASA property. Records shall be maintained to the extent that periodic inventory reports can be submitted to NASA upon request. Listings of all excess, residual, and termination inventories shall be submitted to the NASA originating

office for disposition instructions. (May 1961) 5.1002–3 Acceptance By Military Department.

(a) Except as provided in (c) below, within 30 days after receipt of a NASA-Defense Purchase Request, the Military Department concerned will forward to the initiator of the request an Acceptance of MIPR form, DD Form 448–2, in quadruplicate. Each DD Acceptance Form will show the action being taken or to be taken to fill the requirement and the name and complete address of the Department of Defense procurement activity for future direct contact by the initiator.

(b) To the extent feasible, all documents including acceptances, contracts, correspondence, shipping documents, work or project orders, and Standard Form 1080 (Voucher for Transfer between Appropriations and/or Funds) billings will reference the NASA-Defense Purchase Request number and the item number when appropriate.

(c) Acceptance by the Military Department is not required for NASADefense Purchase Requests covering deliveries of common-use standard stock items which the supplying department has on hand or on order for prompt delivery at published prices.

5.1003 Changes in Estimated Total Prices. When a Military Departo ment determines that the estimated total price (Block 9, NASA Form 523) of the items to be procured for NASA is not sufficient to cover the required reimbursement, or is in excess of the amount required, a request for an amendment will be forwarded to the NASA originating office. The request will indicate a specific dollar amount, rather than a percentage, and will include

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