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Subpart 7-Procurement From or Through Another Federal Agency

5.700 Scope of Subpart. This Subpart established policies and procedures for the procurement of special items of supplies from other Federal agencies.

5.701 Procuring Materials from the Department of the Air Force Missile Procurement Fund. The Department of the Air Force has assigned the operational authority and responsibility for the procurement and distribution of missile propellants and related items to the San Antonio Air Materiel Area (SAAMA), Kelly Air Force Base, Texas. Propellants, oxidizers, fuels, prossurants, and related materials are financed under a single Air Force appropriation designated the “Missile Procurement Fund” (MPF). Supplies are obtained by SAAMA from Government-owned contractor-operated plants and by consolidated procurements from industry. NASA, other Government agencies, and contractors (where materials are Government-furnished) may acquire from SAAMA the items listed in 52.508 of this Regulation on a reimbursable basis. The Air Force MPF shall be utilized as a supply source for propellants whenever there are economic or other advantages to the Government. Field installations and offices obtaining supplies from the Missile Procurement Fund shall comply with the reporting requirements of 52.500.

5.701–1 Requests for Procurement. To obtain the materials listed in 52.508 from the Air Force MPF, NASA procurement offices will execute a NASA-Defense Purchase Request (NASA Form 523) in accordance with 5.1002 and forward it to Headquarters, San Antonio Air Materiel Area, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, Attention: SAOS. The following additional information hould also be provided on the form:

(i) contract number (when material is required for use by a NASA

(ü) delivery address; and

(ü) mode of transportation (rail, trailer, barge, etc.) When the purchase request covers requirements for materials which have not been previously forecast, as provided by Part 52, Subpart 5 of this Regulation, or covers significant changes to previously reported requirements, the SAAMA should be notified immediately of such requirements.

5.701–2 Delivery Requests.

(a) A delivery request is a call on the Air Force, made against a purchase request (NASA Form 523), which specifies the time and place of delivery. On the basis of the estimated requirements (See Part 52, Subpart 5), the Air Force will notify NASA field installations and contractors of the name and address of the Air Force office or producing contractor's plant to which requests for delivery of materials shall be made. Delivery requests may be placed by any means of communication that time justifies; however, all verbal requests for delivery must be confirmed by a written request within 24 hours. The delivery request, both oral and written, must cite the NASA-Defense Purchase Request number under which the material is being ordered and contain the following information:

(i) nomenclature and Federal Stock Number;
(ü) quantity;
(ii) program, project, and task;


(iv) contract number (when the material is required for use by a

NASA contractor); (v) delivery address; (vi) dates of delivery; (vii) mode of transportation; and (viii) location of weighing stations and scales (if weighing of the prod

ucts prior to delivery is required). (b) Each delivery request shall be numbered in the following manner to simplify identification and control. The number shall consist of the last two digits of the calendar year (i.e. 70) followed by a dash ) and a numerical designator of the month submitted (i.e. 8 for August) and a dash (-) and a consecutive running system beginning with 1. For example, a request number would appear as follows: 70–8–1. The next request would be written 70–8–2, etc. Changes to a request would be identified by adding an alphabetical designator beginning with A to the number. For example, the first change to request number 70-8-2 would be written 70-8-2A, etc. The above numbering system is not intended to replace or to interfere with existing NASA purchase order numbering or internal budget or accounting numbering procedures.

5.701–3 Receiving Procedures.
(a) Receiving Documents. Receipt of materials will be evidenced by the

( signature of an individual authorized by NASA to receive materials from the Air Force on:

(i) USAF Propellant Sale/Return Slip (AF Form 857)—when materials

are received directly from the Air Force inventory. (ii) Materiel Inspection and Receiving Report (DD Form 250)—when

materials are received directly from a commercial producer's

plant; or (iii) other receiving forms—when materials are received from or through

other Government agencies. Every effort should be made to ensure that the NASA-Defense Purchase Request number is recorded on the receiving document prior to signing.

(b) Weighing Facilities. Local weighing facilities (NASA-owned, contractor-owned, commercial or state operated) may be used to determine quantities of product received. If a discrepancy exists between the quantities shown on receiving documents and the quantities actually received:

(i) a certified weighing ticket evidencing actual weight at destination

will be obtained; and (ii) a copy of the receiving document (AF Sale/Return Slip or DD Form

250) and the original weighing ticket will be forwarded to Headquarters, San Antonio Air Materiel Area, Kelly Air Base, Texas,

Attention: SACAOM, identifying the discrepancy. (c) Distribution of Receipts. Copies of all receiving documents except the USAF Propellant Sale/Return Slip (Form 857) shall be transmitted to the Headquarters, San Antonio Air Materiel Area, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, Attention: SACAOM. Receiving documents may be accumulated and submitted on the 10th, 20th, and last day of each month.


5.701-4 Billing. The costs for materials obtained through the Air Force Missile Procurement Fund are reimbursable. After delivery, a Standard Form 1080 (Voucher for Transfers Between Appropriations and/or Funds (Disbursement)), supported by documentary evidence of delivery, will be submitted by Headquarters, CAAMA to the NASA installation designated in the NASADefense Purchase Request (NASA Form 523).

5.702 Procurement of Jewel Bearings. See 1.315. 5.703 Procurement of Helium.

(a) NASA is required under the provisions of P.L. 86–777 (50 U.S.C. 167a et seq.) to obtain its major requirements for helium from the Secretary of Interior.

(b) Each procurement office shall attempt to obtain its requirements for helium (gaseous or liquid) from the Secretary of the Interior (Bureau of Mines) prior to placing contracts with a private contractor for supply of helium.

(c) Questions regarding the application of this policy should be directed to the Procurement Office, NASA Headquarters (Code KDP-3).

5.704 Acquisition of Mercury.

(a) NASA is prohibited from purchasing mercury in quantities of 76 pounds or more from commercial sources without prior clearance from the General Services Administration.

(b) Mercury, minimum 99.9 percent pure (not triple distilled), in 76-pound flasks, is available for transfer from General Services Administration stocks at fair market value.

(1) Requests for mercury by NASA installations for their use or for use by their cost-reimbursement type contractors shall be made to the Project Manager, Mineral and Ores, Property Management and Disposal Services, General Services Administration, Washington, D.C. 20405. The Project manager will furnish the current fair market value to NASA. The unit of issue is a 76-pound flask.

(2) Requests for clearance to purchase quantities of 76 pounds or more from sources other than the General Services Administration shall be submitted to the office referred to in (1) above and must be accompanied by a statement of reasons that make the available excess mercury unsuitable for use by the requesting field installation.

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