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A Book of Facts Concerning the

United States Army

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The Stackpole Company

Harrisburg, Pa.

Second Edition January 1959




The Army almanac; a book of facts concerning the United

States Army. 2d ed. Harrisburg, Pa., Stackpole Co.

p. illus., maps. 22 cm.
Edited by Gordon R. Young.

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THE ARMY ALMANAC is a new commercial edition of the book first published by the Department of the Army in 1950 as a Government publication. Now extensively revised and brought up to date, The Army Almanac is republished in response to popular demand.

The need for an authentic reference book of useful facts about the United States Army has been voiced by many. Here is an enormous collection of pertinent, up-to-date reference data of interest to all who are concerned with the Army and its personnel-newspaper and magazine editors and reporters, radio and TV commentators, high school and college librarians, public libraries, defense industries, and all others who need specific information about the Army. Also interested are military personnel and members of their families: Regular Army officers and men, both active and retired; and National Guard and Army Reserve personnel. Young men about to be drafted and their parents, as well as veterans of past wars, will find much useful information directly pertaining to them.

The scope of the new edition has been broadened. Current information has been revised and brought up to date. Historical data have been condensed where appropriate and expanded as necessary for adequate perspective.

Particular care has been taken by the Army and all other agencies concerned to verify the accuracy of the facts presented.

Readers are invited to submit corrections to the publisher; in so doing, please indicate the source of the information on which the correction is based.


The publishers consider themselves fortunate in securing the services of Brig. Gen. GORDON R. YOUNG to edit this edition of The Army Almanac. His broad vision, his skill in writing, his passion for accuracy, his uncanny talent for research and his comprehensive knowledge of the Army acquired first hand through 40 years' service in all grades from USMA cadet to general officer have especially well fitted him for the task.

Grateful appreciation is expressed to the Office of the Chief of Information, Department of the Army, and to all other agencies and individuals, in and out of the Army Establishment, who generously assisted in the preparation of this edition. By thus helping to make available in ready reference form information which is often sought by many people, it is hoped that each individual who has assisted in this project will find that he may henceforth answer many questions simply by a specific reference to this new edition of the Army Almanac. Our particular thanks go to each of the following official agencies

Department of the Army
Office of the Chief of Staff
Office of the Comptroller of the Army

Office of the Chief of Finance
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

Ofce of the Surgeon General
Office of the Chief of Ordnance
Office of the Chief of Engineers
Office of the Quartermaster General
Office of the Chief of Transportation
Omce of the Chief Signal omcer

Office of the Chief Chemical Officer
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations

Office of the Chief of Special Warfare
Office of the Chief of Civil Affairs & Military Government

Office of the Chief of Military History
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel

Office of The Adjutant General
Office of the Chief of Chaplains
Omce of the Provost Marshal General

Office of the Director, Womens Army Corps
Office of the Chief of Research and Development
Office of the Chief of Information
Office of the Inspector General
Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence
Office of the Judge Advocate General
Office of the Chief of Army Reserve and ROTC Affairs

Office of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau
U.S. Continental Army Command

General Staff
Information Ofice
First U.S. Army Information Office
Second U.S. Army Information Office
Third U.S. Army Information Office
Fourth U.S. Army Information Office
Fifth U.S. Army Information Office
Sixth U.S. Army Information Office

Military District of Washington
U.S. Army Air Defense Command
U.S. Army, Europe

Seventh U.S. Army Information Office

Southern European Task Force
U.S. Army, Pacific

Eighth U.S. Army Information Office
U.S. Army, Caribbean

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