A Manual of the Land and Fresh-water Shells of the British Islands

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Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1840 - Great Britain - 324 pages

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Page 184 - ... them. If its abode be upon the trunk of a tree covered with Lichens, then is the epidermis so constructed as to cause the shell to resemble a little knot on the bark covered with such substances. If on a smooth tree, from whose bark issue small sessile buds, as is frequently the case, it will pass off very well for one of them ; and on a dry bank, or the lower part of the body of a tree splashed with mud, its appearance will be that of a little misshapen pointed piece of dirt.
Page 72 - They are covered with a muscular coat, called a mantle, endued with a glairy humour, and are generally furnished with a calcareous envelope called a shell, which is secreted by this coat for the protection of the body or of the more vital organs of the animal. They are generally elongate, walking on a single central foot or disk, and furnished with one or more pairs of organs on the head...
Page 72 - Body soft, fleshy, destitute both of any bony skeleton supporting jointed limbs, and of a hard ringed skin, or external skeleton. Generally elongate, walking on a single central foot or disk, and furnished with one or more pairs of organs on the head and sides. The nervous system consists of a number of medullary masses distributed to different parts of the body ; one of the masses placed over the gullet, and enveloping it like a collar. The body is furnished with a muscular coat, called a mantle,...
Page 73 - Conchifera, having the mouth placed between the gills ; they and the body enclosed between the two leaves of the mantle, and the whole covered with two shelly valves united by a cartilage.
Page 137 - ... where the climate is much more rigorous than our own. Its great necessity is chalk, and where this substance prevails it is found. This snail is eaten in this country. Lister says, " They are boiled in spring-water, and, when seasoned with oil, salt, and pepper, make a dainty dish.
Page 184 - These snails, particularly in their young state, show great sagacity and ingenuity by covering themselves with a coat adapted to the different situations in which they are found, and when so covered it is almost impossible for any other than a conchological eye to discover them.
Page 73 - Mouth placed at the base of two spirally twisted ciliated arms, between the two leaves of the mantle, which are covered with two separate shelly valves. They live attached to other marine bodies. IV.
Page 75 - This deposition of mucus, and of mucus mixed with calcareous matter, goes on as the animal grows and feels the want of a larger shell for its protection : the shell is, in fact, moulded on the body of the animal itself, as the body grows; and for this reason any irregularity in the body is moulded in the shell.
Page 130 - ... mischief: a kind of broth is made from them, and used as a remedy for pulmonary complaints. This kind of snail is occasionally eaten by the French; but it is not held by them in the same estimation as the AppleSnail. Dr. Gray says that the glassmen at Newcastle, once a-year, have a snail-feast, and that they generally collect the snails themselves in the fields and hedges the Sunday before feast-day.
Page 74 - After the animal is hatched, it deposits, on the edge of the mouth of the little shell which covered its body in the egg, a small portion of this mucous secretion.

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