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Title 14—Civil Aviation

CHAPTER 1—Civil Aeronautics Board (Continued)


(This book contains Parts 40 to 399)


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Scheduled interstate air carrier certification and operation rules.
Certification and operation rules for scheduled air carrier operations outsi

the continental limits of the United States.
Irregular air carrier and off-route rules.
General operation rules.
Foreign air carrier regulations.
Commercial operator certification and operation rules.
Operation of moored balloons and large kites.
Transportation of explosives and other dangerous articles.
Airman agency certificates.
Ground instructor rating.
Repair station certificates.
Mechanic school certificates.
Parachute loft certificates and ratings.
Air traffic rules.
Notification and reporting of aircraft accidents and overdue aircraft.
Authorization of navigation of foreign civil aircraft within the United State


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Definitions and instructions.
Applications for certificates of public convenience and necessity.
Terms, conditions and limitations of certificates of public convenience an

necessity; interstate and overseas air transportation.
Terms, conditions and limitations of certificates of public convenience an

necessity; foreign air transportation. Temporary suspension of service authorized by certficates of public con

venience and necessity.
Certificates of public convenience and necessity; temporary interruption

service or change of route.
Charter trips and special services.
Applications for permits to foreign air carriers.


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Construction, publication, filing and posting of tariffs of air carriers and of

foreign air carriers. Tariffs of air carriers; free and reduced rate transportation. Access to aircraft for safety purposes; free transportation for certain CAA

Tariffs of certain certificated airlines; trade agreements.
Tariffs of air carriers; reduced rates to furloughed military personnel in

overseas or foreign air transportation.
Transportation of mail; mail schedules.
Transportation of mail; review of orders of Postmaster General.
Transportation of mail; free travel for postal employees.
Inspection of accounts and property.
Uniform system of accounts and reports for certificated air carriers.
Filing of reports by supplemental air carriers and large irregular air carriers.
Filing of reports by Alaskan air carriers.
Filing of reports by air freight forwarders.
Reports of ownership of stock and other interests.
Reports of stock ownership of affiliates of air carriers.
Direct airport-to-airport mileage records.
Submission of audit and reconciliation reports.
Preservation of air carrier accounts, records and memoranda.
Prohibited interests; interlocking relationships.
Filing of agreements.
Agreements between air carriers and foreign countries.
Operations pursuant to exemption authority.
Classification and continued exemption of large irregular air carriers.
Classification and exemption of Alaskan air carriers.
Classification and exemption of carriers; omission of stop at route junction

Classification and exemption of air carriers while conducting certain opera-

tions for the military establishment.
Classification and exemption of indirect air carriers.
International air freight forwarders.
Classification and exemption of air taxi operators.


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