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H. L. Runion, technical director

Mr. Runion is responsible for the development, analytical and quality control activities within the Erwin plant. Prior to joining Davison, Mr. Runion worked with Shell Development Research Center, Emeryville, Calif., for 6 years in analytical, physical testing, and development activities. Since 1957 Mr. Runion has been with Davison Erwin plant, and was responsible for setting up the analytical laboratories including equipment, and procedures and methods. He has been head of quality control which involved procedures for producing specification product by statistical methods.

Mr. Runion attended the University of Tennessee, the University of California, and Milligan College, Johnson City, Tenn., where he received a B.S. degree in chemistry.

L. E. Short, assistant production manager

Prior to joining Davison in 1958, Mr. Short was employed with the International Paper Co., at Georgetown, S.C., in technical development, and later with Kaiser Aluminum Chemical Corp., at Baton Rouge, La., in the production of special materials.

While at Davison, Mr. Short has worked as a process and control engineer in the uranium and thorium metals facility and with pellet development and production activities. He set up material control and improved accountability procedures for handling scrap. He has developed flowsheets and supervised the reprocessing of all types of scrap. He was the project engineer on the new cold

scrap facility.

Mr. Short was educated at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Va., where he was graduated in chemical engineering.

S. S. Stanton, plant engineer

Mr. Stanton is responsible for the engineering aspects of all construction and equipment modifications at the Erwin plant.

Before joining Davison, Mr. Stanton had a number of years' experience in petroleum, chemical, and nuclear engineering. His most recent assignment was chief project manager for Weinrich & Associates, in Washington, D.C. His overall activities have included preparation of complete working plant engineering designs; equipment rehabilitation and maintenance, cost estimating, and budgeting control.

Mr. Stanton was educated at Louisiana State University receiving a B.S. in electrical engineering and an M.S. in mechanical engineering.

Sherman Williams, office manager

Prior to becoming associated with Davison in 1957, Mr. Williams worked with A. T. Hull & Sons, a certified public accounting firm, where he did extensive accounting work with various types of accounting systems. His work at this firm included budgeting, municipal accounting, auditing, cost accounting, and tax accounting.

Since coming with Davison, Mr. Williams has been in charge of all financial activities including accounting, cost analysis, budgeting, and purchasing.

Mr. Williams was educated at East Tennessee State College, Johnson City, Tenn., where he received a bachelor's degree in accounting and business administration.


Frank Abrams, general foreman

Educated in Ontario technical schools.

Spent 10 years in mining, farm implement manufacturing, and toolroom production prior to joining Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Chalk River in 1946. Served 11 years with AECL as machine shop foreman and rod shop foreman ; directly responsible for fabrication of nuclear fuel for the Chalk River research reactors.

Joined the AMF, Fort Hope, plant in 1957 as general foreman in charge of all manufacturing and machine shop operations.

K. T. Bates, section head, fabrication and design development engineering department

Graduate of London University (United Kingdom) in electrical engineering. Mr. Bates was employed at Metropolitan Vickers Electric Co., Ltd., England, for 8 years. He was engaged as development engineer on the design and development of high voltage-high vacuum equipment.

Previous experience for 3 years with United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority on the development of nuclear fuel for gas-cooled reactors. Special knowledge was gained in the application of induction heating to heat treatment and vacuum casting of uranium metal.

Present position with AMF Atomic involves responsibility for the development of fabrication processes and design for UO, Zircaloy clad fuel. Special experience has been gained in resistance welding, resistance brazing, and induction brazing of Zircaloy components.

D. 8. Brearton, section head, ceramics development engineering department

Mr. Brearton has performed research and development work for 15 years in various ceramic and chemical materials and in the design and construction of furnaces. Such work includes: 3 years with Electrolux Ltd., as chemist on ceramic enamel coatings; 2 years as evening lecturer on ceramics at Luton Technical College, England; 2 years with Radiation Ltd., England, as a research assistant working on refractories, ceramic coatings, and glazes; 2 years with Magnesium Elektron Ltd., as research assistant doing pilot plant development for fine chemicals; 2 years as a laboratory assistant performing inorganic chemical analyses and 2 years of ceramic engineering on electronic ceramics.

Mr. Brearton has been with AMF Atomics for 4 years. He is presently responsible for research, development, and pilot production of uranium oxide fuel material. Author of two technical papers on ceramics and a patent on low temperature sintering of UO2. Membering of Chemical Institute of Canada. A. E. Dent, chief inspector


Educated in Toronto secondary and technical schools.

Engaged in aeronautical inspection with RCAF on inspection of tools, gages, and gun components, prior to joining Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. at the Chalk River project in 1948. Nine years experience with AECL on inspection of reactor fuel elements and components and inspection of metallic uranium and other raw products during processing.

Joined AMF as chief inspector in 1957 where he is responsible for inspection of nuclear fuel materials and components during all stages of fabrication. J. H. Ellis, section head, metallurgy development engineering department

Graduate of University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) in industrial metallurgy.

Two years development metallurgist for Plessey Co., England, in charge of pilotplant making cermet test components for gas turbine components.

Two years with Royal Canadian Air Force, Quality Control Laboratory, testing welds, swaged parts, and componets for certification of aircraft manufacturing processes and the inspection of approved testing facilities.

Mr. Ellis is currently responsible for the supervision of metallurgical development work on UO2-Zircaloy clad fuel. This activity includes evaporation coating of Zr-beryllium alloy, braze development, and corrosion testing.

G. G. McKenzie, manager, business affairs

Graduate of McGill University in commerce (honors in economics); member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario and Quebec.

Mr. McKenzie is currently responsible for corporate sales, proposals, and contract activities. In addition, he directs the accounting, personnel, industrial relations, purchasing, and uranium accountability functions for the Port Hope plant.

He previously held the position of chief internal auditor for Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd., at Chalk River. Mr. McKenzie was engaged in public accounting work for 5 years prior to this position.

Harrison S. Milne, works manager

Graduate of University of Saskatchewan in honor science. Member of Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Engineering Institute of Canada. and American Society of Metals.

Employed for 5 years in engineering and manufacture of small arms ammunition prior to entry into the nuclear field in 1945.

Spent 11 years with Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd., at the Chalk River project as superintendent of mechanical services in charge of shops, design, engineering planning, and reactor fuel fabrication.

Joined AMF in 1956 as works manager, responsible for all production, shop fabrication, inspection, and plant engineering services at the Port Hope facility. J. R. Naismith, project manager, development engineering department

Graduate of the University of Toronto in chemical engineering; registered professional engineer in Quebec and Ontario; member of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Mr. Naismith has had 12 years previous experience as a consulting engineer, with a broad background in design and production engineering for a variety of industries. During the past 3 years with AMF Atomics, he has been responsible for manufacturing development of UO, Zircaloy clad fuel.

E. O. Robertson, section head, quality control development engineering department

Graduate of Cambridge University (United Kingdom) with M.A. in engineering. Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and Canadian Aeronautical Institute.

Five years active war service as engineer officer with Royal Air Force. This was followed by 15 years in the aircraft industry in United Kingdom and North America. During this period, he held senior positions in design, development, research, administrative, and technical liaison work.

Since 1959 engaged in AMF Atomics on quality control of fabrication of nuclear fuel elements.

Dr. I. B. Roll, technical director

Graduate in metallurgy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with degrees of master of science and doctor of science.

Dr. Roll was employed for 9 years by Nuclear Metals, Inc., Concord, Mass. He held positions of group leader and assistant manager. He was largely responsible for the development of the coextruded fuel elements used in the Argonne CP-5 reactor, the Savannah River production reactors, and a prototype submarine reactor. Dr. Roll was concerned with the technical supervision of work in the physical metallurgy and plastic flow properties of the fuel element cladding materials; aluminum, Zircaloy, beryllium, and stainless steel over the fissionable metals uranium thorium and their alloys.

Dr. Roll's current prime responsibility is the technical supervision of a program to develop an advanced concept of a nuclear fuel element for the CAMDU power reactor; this fuel element consists of a cluster of Zircaloy tubes containing UO, pellets.

Dr. Roll has authored several technical papers and a chapter in a book on nuclear fuel elements.

W. J. Stirling, senior production engineer

Graduate of Queen's University in engineering physics.

Spent 11⁄2 years as junior engineer in electrical utilities, and 3 years as a sales engineer on the marketing of test equipment. Seven years with electrical connector manufacturer, latterly as engineering manager responsible for design, process, quality control, and industrial engineering.

Current responsibilities at AMF Atomics are cost estimating, plant engineering, project engineering, electrical maintenance, and production control.


AEC CONTRACt With Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., as Finally Negotiated


CONTRACT NO. AT(38-1)-344



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